What's new in modded minecraft today?


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Jul 29, 2019
I hear @Zandorum is working on a small mod, as seen on reddit.
Doesn't have a name yet, but it has to do with duping dusts as well as dungeon loot.
-Crystal Ore, 50/50 chance of 1 Spawning per Chunk. Yields 1-6 Crystal Dust.

-Crystal Dust, Can be crafted with any Dust to turn into 3 of that Dust (Example: 1 Crystal Dust + 1 Gold Dust = 3 Gold Dust), This has Botania, Hardcore Ender Expansion and Industrialcraft support for Pixie Dust, Star Dust and Energium Dust.

-Crystal Scryring Chest, A locked chest that can be opened with a Key, yields Dungeon Loot with a 15% higher chance of better loot than a normal dungeon chest each time it's opened. Can only be opened by using a Crystal Key. Tile Entity's cannot be touching the chest or it will explode (This is to prevent automation, This is due to how good this is in my opinion).

-Crystal Key, This is made from 2 Key Parts; The tooth half and loop half of the key. When used to open a Crystal Scrying Chest you can get 1-5 Crystal Dust however the key is destroyed.

-Crystal Key (Tooth Half)/(Loop Half), These key parts are a 1 in 650 chance to drop from any mob if killed by a player (This detect's fake players, it wont drop it for a fake player), If the mob was a Boss it has a 1 in 115 chance to drop and lastly if it was killed by a non-player it has a 1 in 3200 chance. These chances are configurable.
NOTE: I have nothing to do with the mod, I just thought it looked cool.


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Jul 29, 2019
If you hate the floaty physics of 1.8+ as much as I do, I already made a mod for the 1.9 snapshot to get rid of it. It's a primary tweak class, and it's a complete manual install. I put instructions in the JAR though.

I have no idea if the falling-through-the-floor bug from vanilla 1.8 still exists in 1.9 yet, since it was tricky to find a scenario to recreate it. Only the shadow disappeared without this patch in 1.8, so it wasn't very noticeable, but with the patch it made mobs occasionally drop half-way into the block. But even if that still exists in 1.9, I can live with that more than the floating. You might not feel the same.

EDIT: Forget all of this, I made a loader that will make loading other mods much simpler.

MORE EDITS: I added an equivalent of FastLeafDecay for use with 15w31a + Meddle.
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @pau101 with Fairy Lights
pau101 said:
Fairy Lights adds decorative string lights that can have any combination of six light variants each with one of the sixteen dye colors.

In order to craft Fairy Lights you first must craft the lights. Lights come in six variants, fairy light, paper lantern, orb lantern, flower light, ornate lantern, and oil lantern. Fairy lights are crafted by a horizontal combination of iron ingot, string or stick, iron ingot, along with any combination of lights to specify a pattern (top-down, left-right). If glowstone is included the fairy lights will twinkle. If string is used there will be slack in the connection and if a stick is used the connection will be straight. The fairy lights item will only show the first four light colors, but the most lights that can be crafted is eight by placing a fairy lights in a crafting table with eight lights.

Fairy Lights Usage:
Right click on the side of a block, or an existing fastener, to place a fastener, now there will be a connection from the fastener to you. From then you right click on another side of a block, or an existing fastener, to complete the connection.

and @sky01 with Extra Golems
sky01 said:
Ever get tired of plain old Iron Golems? So difficult to make, always look the same . . . Well, Extra Golems for 1.7.10 is here for you!

Now introducing 17 golems made from vanilla blocks, ranging from wood and glass to diamond and nether brick. Each golem has unique properties (as described below). Have fun!

How to Use:

Make a Golem Spell by combining 1 Feather, 1 Redstone, 1 Ink Sack, and 1 Paper in a crafting grid.

To make a Golem Head, combine a Golem Spell and a pumpkin -- the block looks the same because all you did is stuff a magical paper inside.

Golems will not spawn on their own. You must build them by placing blocks in a 'T' formation, similar to the Iron Golem, and placing a Golem Head on top. Once created, golems act like vanilla Iron Golems, killing monsters and defending your fort / base / testificate prison.

Extra Golems adds the following to the minecraft universe:

  • Diamond Golem (220 health, 20 attack)
  • Emerald Golem (190 health, 18 attack)
  • Gold Golem (80 health, 8 attack)
  • Lapis Lazuli Golem (50 health, 6 attack, gives targeted entities a negative potion effect)
  • Sandstone Golem (15 health, 4 attack)
  • Wool Golem (10 health, 1 attack, right click to change color)
  • Hardened Clay Golem (22 health, 4 attack)
  • Obsidian Golem (120 health, 18 attack)
  • Librarian (Bookshelf) Golem (28 health, 4 attack, grants itself a beneficial potion effect)
  • Glass Golem (8 health, 14 attack)
  • Log Golem (20 health, 3 attack, right click to change texture)
  • Clay Golem (20 health, 2 attack)
  • Straw (Hay Bale) Golem (10 health, 1 attack)
  • Nether Brick Golem (25 health, 7 attack, lights target entity on fire)
  • Glowstone Golem (8 health, 12 attack, will light up area in future releases)
  • Endstone Golem (50 health, 8 attack, teleporting ability)
  • Packed Ice Golem (18 health, 7 attack, walks over water and lava by cooling/freezing blocks)
Requirements: Forge for 1.7.10 (this mod was built and tested with release

Please report any bugs or mod conflicts -- this mod should be compatible with all other mods, but you never know.

In the idea box: Quartz golems, Piston golems, TNT golems, Cobblestone Wall golems, and so on.

and @rikmuld with World Sync
rikmuld said:
What is World Sync?
The World Sync mod allows for easy syncing of worlds between computers and storing your worlds online from in-game. With World Sync you will never again lose another world, and will you be able to play your worlds everywhere, given there is an internet connection available.

How does it work?
World Sync uses Dropbox to store and sync your worlds. Upon installing World Sync you are required to link your Dropbox account (no worries, the mod only has access to one directory created in the app folder in Dropbox), this can be done by pressing the Dropbox icon in the main menu. After linking your Dropbox you will be able to upload, download and sync worlds, all from within Minecraft (a GUI can be found if the button: "WSync" is pressed in the "Select World" GUI).

The Logic
World Sync works with a client and server world data file containing the filename of the world and the time when the world was last played. Upon entering the WSync GUI the server file is downloaded and will be compared with the client file, based on this new server worlds will be downloadable new client worlds can be uploaded and unsynced worlds can be synced.

During these operations, the worlds are being zipped, when uploaded to the server, and unzipped, when downloaded. This is to make sure the operations

will be executed as fast as possible (about 3 seconds) and the worlds will take up the least space in your Dropbox.

Furthermore when you link your Dropbox, it is linked to the currently logged user, so when you login with a different Minecraft account 'your' Dropbox will not be linked and your online worlds are inaccessible. It is of course, possible to link more Minecraft usernames to the same DropBox but even then worlds uploaded with one account will not be accessible when logged in with a different account linked to the same Dropbox.

Is it safe?
Are my worlds safe from other people? Yes they are! As long as your PC or Dropbox isn't hacked nothing will happen. So I think you are fine :).

Is it safe, won't my words disappear? I can't even fathom how that would happen, but still computers are wired sometimes... Though I think it is nearly impossible for your local and server worlds to disappear, I can't give you a 100% guarantee on it, since neither I nor this mod is perfect.


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Jul 29, 2019
New LMT update on this fine morning. Worked on it all night~
-Cleaned up some code

-Fixed: Removed recipe for Heart of Aphrodite

-New: Broken Souls
-Found in dungeon chests. Used for crafting dream alloys

-New: Bloodmoon Armour
-Shiny new armour that all red and cool

-New: Icarium Amour
-Shiny new armour that is less red and more white and 0.9999% less cool

-New: Nightmarium Ingots
-New Dream Alloy

- New: Dreamium Ingots
-New Dream Alloy.. If the name wasn't obvious of what it was, than I must be more stupid than I though.

-New: Nothingmorite
-This isn't an actual thing.. there is just nothing else that is new.
Can be found here: http://minecraft.curseforge.com/mc-mods/232840-lyras-magnificent-trinkets/files/2249806


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Jul 29, 2019
This is kind of news.. sort of...

No I didn't tamper with this screenshot. This is just one of those times were something perfect happens and not many people notice. Maybe you all noticed, or it is just a glitch, but I thought it was screenshot worthy


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Jul 29, 2019
*snort* herpderp it counted tu seekstynyne lulz *gigglesnort* derp.

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May 13, 2014
A tripple release. RFTools got updated to 3.21, McJtyLib got updated to 1.1.0 and here is also the first release of Deep Resonance 0.1.0 (oregen only for now!)

McJtyLib 1.1.0:
  • Fixed McJtyLib so that it is actually possible to use McJtyLib in multiple mods (oops!) which was the entire point of having this in the first place.
  • Refactored a few things in the code to make the above possible.

RFTools 3.21:
  • RFTools will now give a proper error screen if the right version of McJtyLib could not be found.
  • Updated RFTools to the latest McJtyLib (version 1.1.0). RFTools 3.21 will not work with McJtyLib 1.0.0!
  • Fixed a bug with parsing of the IMC configure_dimlet message. It would fail to parse dimlet names that had more dots in them.

Deep Resonance 0.1.0:
  • First release. This version is only about oregen. Both for the resonating ore as well as the crystals. Nothing else can be done with this mod. As such this mod is not useful unless you want to make a new world that already contains the ores for later.
  • Deep Resonance also requires McJtyLib 1.1.0 (this implies that if you have RFTools and wants to add Deep Resonance you must upgrade RFTools to 3.21).
  • Note the ore is relatively rare (a bit more common then diamond but spawns between 2 and 30 so might be harder to find). The crystals are very rare. They only spawn in caves and you will be lucky if you find one :)
  • Implemented retrogen. I have tested this and it appears to work but use at your own risk! Don't come complaining to me if your base is suddenly replaced with resonating ore. Make backups first in any case. Retrogen is disabled by default. You can enable it in the config (config/deepresonance/main.cfg).
  • Made sure RFTools adds a dimlet for resonating ore and also configures it to rarity 5.

McJtyLib: http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/Minecraft/233105-mcjtylib#t1:description
RFTools: http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/Minecraft/224641-rftools#t1:other-downloads
Deep Resonance: http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/Minecraft/233398-deep-resonance#t1:other-downloads

Have fun! And remember Deep Resonance is new. Make backups!
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Jul 29, 2019
ProjectE 1.8.0 "Dat New API" for Minecraft 1.7 is now live on the Curse Client and at: http://minecraft.curseforge.com/mc-mods/226410-projecte/files

###Version 1.7.10-PE1.8.0
* NOTICE: A new and proper API has been introduced with this update, addon authors will need to update to this new API.
* NEW: Philosophers Stone world transmutations are now shown in NEI if it is installed
* NEW: A optional pulse has been added to the Philosophers Stone world transmutation highlight
* NEW: The new API lives
* FIXED: Vein mining ignoring ores with metadata
* FIXED: A siding issue with the matter furnaces
* FIXED: A rare but possible Mind Stone crash
* FIXED: Corrupt pregen files will now cause a crash instead of being silently overwritten
* FIXED: A ConcurrentModificationException that was missed in 1.7.2
* FIXED: Right click dragging in the player inventory section of the transmutation GUI


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Jul 29, 2019
@Ipsis Dyetopia

This is the first actual release and I've rolled in the changelog for B4 and B5.
The main things this mod gives you are:

A way to create any dye from 4 basic colors.
Ability to swap in-world blocks through their color options with a dye gun.


Ipsis said:

* Add support for AE2, Bilbiocraft, Buildcraft, Harvestcraft, OpenBlocks, ProjectRed, Thaumcraft
* Moved to Forge
* Changed DyeGun handling to allow more block types
* Fixup all the Fluid changes and add a new Gui fluid sync
* Add colored block of coal from Extra Utilities
* Add hex plating from Chisel 2
* Move to Forge
* XXXXXX - Fix dye tree space check where x and y were swapped
* XXXXXX - Change non-master multiblocks to be non-ticking
* XXXXXX - Check chunk is loaded before accessing blocks in the multiblocks
* XXXXXX - Fix the Railcraft mappings
* XXXXXX - No longer need to shift-click to place multiblocks against each other
* XXXXXX - TE ducts now reconnect on load or struture form - dont know when I broke this :(
* XXXXXX - Only add elements to GUIs once!
* XXXXXX - Add a tank tab icon


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Jul 29, 2019
New Flaxbeard's Steam Power update- 0.28.8

  • NEW: Welcome Strikingwolf to the main dev team, and Kingbudderjr to the mobile dev team!
  • NEW: New config option that will register the ore blocks even if the generation of them is disabled. Disabling these options will disable the generation of the according block in all dimensions (#284)
  • NEW: Damage done by flintlock weapons can now be configured
  • NEW: World Generation Manager mod support (hurr1k4ne)
  • FIX: Florel Laurel shows Mana on Botania items (#273)
  • FIX: Iron Ingots are no longer the input for the creation of Gilded Ingots; the OreDict entry for ingotIron is.
  • FIX: Update Fluid stuff to use FluidStack.getFluid().getID() rather than the no longer existing FluidStack.getFluidID().
  • TWEAK/FIX: Major refactor of all mod support to interact with mods in a more direct way, making it easier to add future integration and test/use current integration.
  • TWEAK: Add CodeChickenCore and NotEnoughItems as dependencies to prepare for future integration


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @MineMaarten with PneumaticCraft
MineMaarten said:
PneumaticCraft 1.9.13-101
  • Added basic achievements to help with progression through the mod.
  • The Plastic Mixer now creates one plastic at a time instead of as much as it can create.
  • Added fr_FR localization for item/block names (Thanks to Mazdallier).
  • Added option to the Universal Sensor to measure multiple coordinates at once.
  • Added 1x Redstone -> 5x Rose Red as drill recipe for the Assembly line to provide an easy source of red dye, used in the Plastic Mixer.
  • The Laser&Drill Assembly program now actually can do any program, rather than just recipes that require drilling _and_ lasering.
  • The Assembly system will now only start when all items required are provided (instead of some amount).
  • Added tooltips to about all blocks/items.
  • Manometer now gives information about heat blocks.
  • Finished up the NEI plugins for the Thermopneumatic Processing Plant and Refinery.
  • The Vortex Tube now connects the cold and hot side with eathother with a high resistance, meaning that it works better when you vent the cold side to produce more heat. Let me know about the balance of this change :).
  • Added hard limits to temperature (max 2000C, min -273C).
  • Added Logistic Drone + PCB = Drone recipe, to allow upgrading of Logistic Drones.
  • Adjusted the ISidedness of the UV Light Box, Charging Station, (Advanced) Air Compressor and Air Cannon to not allow upgrades to be interfaced through the bottom, allowing other items to be interfaced.
  • Added redstone configuration of machines to Waila.
  • Bugfix: Crash with Lycanite's Mob's and Entity Tracker.
  • Bugfix: You can't use upgrades in Logistic Drones.

and @thehippomaster21 with Mutant Creatures Mod
thehippomaster21 said:
Mutant Creatures Mod 1.4.9
  • fixed mutant enderman crashing when picking up blocks
  • increased mutant skeleton's health to 80 hearts
  • slightly increased mutant skeleton's attack damage
  • fixed creeper minion still griefing even with "Destroy Blocks" set as OFF
  • added spider pig
  • 25 hearts
  • can climb walls
  • unaffected by poison
  • not slowed down by webs
  • transforms any killed pigs and spiders into spider pigs
  • can trap enemies in spider webs
  • deal 2 more hearts of damage to enemies trapped in webs
  • tameable: becomes tamed to a player whose creeper minion is killed by the spider pig (while it has 4 hearts or less)
  • tamed ridden spider pigs can use a charge attack when the player jumps
  • can be healed 2-4 hearts by feeding porkchops or spider eyes

and @EXTER7 with Foundry
EXTER7 said:
  • Added 2 gun items:
    • Revolver:
    • Can holds 8 rounds.
    • Right click to shoot (functions like bows).
    • Sneak+right click to open reload GUI.
  • Shotgun:
    • Can hold 5 shells.
    • Shoots 6 pellets in a spread pattern.
    • Right click to shoot (functions like bows).
    • Sneak+right click to open reload GUI.
  • Added ammo:
    • Standard Round (Revolver): Medium damage, medium range.
    • Hollow Point Round (Revolver): Higher damage, lower range.
    • jacketed Round (Revolver): Lower damage, higher range.
    • Incendiary Round (Revolver): lower damage, medium range, sets mobs, players, and block on fire.
    • Poison Round (Revolver): lower damage, medium range, inflicts poison on mobs, players.
    • Standard Shell (Shotgun): Medium damage, lower range.
  • Added Gun Skeleton Mob.
    • Looks and acts like a vanilla skeleton but and uses a revolver instead of a bow.
    • has a rare chance to spawn.
    • 10% chance of spawning with a shotgun instead of a revolver.
    • Has a chance of dropping gun and ammo parts when killed.
  • Added Gun Parts with thier respective molds.
    • Used to craft guns.
    • Can be found in villages, dungeons, and mineshafts.
    • Dropped when killing a Gun Skeleton.
  • Added ProjectRed integration:
    • Added Wire mold for casting Red Alloy Wires.
    • Added Alloy Furnace and Alloy Mixer recipes for Red Alloy.
    • Added Melting Recipes for Thermal Foundation Aerotheum, and Petrotheum.


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Jul 29, 2019
I updated Meddle to v1.1, as well as updated all of the mods. Those particular mods now work on anything from 1.8 to the latest 1.9 snapshot due to a dynamic mappings system I've started implementing in them. I can't be bothered to update them every time Mojang releases a new snapshot (we just had three in one week), so this will hopefully let them ride several snapshots into the future until they make some significant change that breaks class/method detection. It'll also let me focus on making slightly more complex mods, as well as implementing server-side support, since I'm hopefully not chasing updates anymore.

It's all open-source now too, by the way.

Blood Asp

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Jul 29, 2019
Little GT5 Update:

Update to 5.08.26:

*Disabled IC2 replictor by default.
*Steel achievement can now be done by picking up a nugget after researching the Thaumcraft steel research.
*New Magic Generator recipes using infusion when Thaumcraft is installed.
*Fixed Distillation Tower outputs correctly to height.
*Fixed Large Heat Exchanger getting Stuck.
*Expanded Turbine Item Tooltips.
*Large Gas Turbine now needs a Muffler Hatch.
*Changed internal calculation of all Large Turbines (but not the math). How average the input over the last 256 ticks.
*Made Coolant Cells not interchangeable between electric and fluid IC2 reactor.
*Added missing metallurgy metals.
*Change corium crop texture to the original one.
*Fixed Processing Array fluid output with small hatches.


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Jul 29, 2019
XCW has updated Mystcraft:
[Trading]New Villager trading system implemented
[Trading]Villagers start with a collection of three types of cards (3 of each)
[Trading]Villagers start with 5 booster packs
[Trading]Booster packs cost 20 emeralds
[Trading]Villagers will sell their individual cards for emeralds
[Trading]Emeralds are deducted directly from the main inventory
[Trading]Villagers will restock their cards and boosters over time (chance to restock one of something every 5 mins)
[Trading]Restocking will happen even if the villager is unloaded
[Trading]Restocking will happen even if the villager GUI is currently open
[Trading]Villagers will never "forget" the three kinds of cards they started with

[Symbols]Moves Star Fissure to small features category
[Symbols]Moves large structures to medium features category
[Symbols]Reduces frequency of spheres generation (1 in 20 chunks will have a sphere, rather than 1 in 2.5)
[Symbols]Lowers max sphere generation height slightly (range is now [32-223])

[Interface]Adds indicator for missing link panel (with tooltip) to book binder

Villager trading system: Each villager gets three symbols. One is tier 1 or higher; one is tier 2 or higher; one is tier 3 or higher. This guarantees at least one renewable rare per villager (up to three if you are lucky), so even without a writing desk for copying stuff you can do fun things.