What's new in modded minecraft today?

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Mar 11, 2014
Survival Tweaks updated to v1.0.1 to fix a couple of things I overlooked... I really good at this >_>
- Fixed a crash that happens when a Eye of Ender is used in a world that don't generate Strongholds

- The step assist granted by a Jump Boost effect should be able stack with items such as the Boots of the Traveler and Sojourners Sash now

- /tpd refinement, it should have a higher change of finding a safe place for you to spawn now. Still no guarantee.

- /tpd will properly remove itself when Mystcraft of RFTools are loaded.

- The burn time of when you or other mobs step on Netherrack now depends on the current difficulty (Easy = 1 seconds, Normal = 5 seconds, Hard = 10 seconds)


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Jul 29, 2019
A large update quite a long time since the last release:
@Vic with Integrated Circuits 0.9r35
README (Don't complain at me if you don't read me)
If you are planning to update to this build, keep in mind that your circuits will inevitably break.
Your blueprints are relatively safe, given that you haven't used the 0.9 dev builds from the Jenkins.

If you were using a 0.9 dev build from the Jenkins, you have to change the config setting "enableLegacyLoader" to false! Make sure to enable it again after loading up the old world for the first time!
Note that some of the gates might break either ways.

Either ways, make sure to backup your worlds before updating to this release!

This is almost an entire rewrite, so I'm only going to mention the most important points that affect the gameplay.
  • Gates (Circuits and 7Segs) are now soldered onto Sockets
  • Added a new item "Soldering Iron" to solder gates onto Sockets
  • Added various tooltips
  • Changes to the CAD
    • The CAD now fills the entire screen, makes editing more convenient on bigger resolutions
    • Added comments, those allow you to document your blueprints
    • Added a setting to pause and step the simulation
    • Added a selection mode; Allows copy, cut, paste and fill actions
    • Enhanced zoom and drag for a more fluid UI
    • General changes to the appearance
    • Disabled NEI overlay
  • Changes to gates
    • Added a new gate, the Tunnel, which allows to connect to arbitrary points on the circuit with a wire on the backside
    • Fixed wire loops, gates powering themselves and various inconsistencies
  • Circuits should now interact better with the outside world
  • Two new languages: Russian and Portuguese
  • Localized config, and support for the Forge config GUI
  • Various bug-fixes

  • Introduced an API, in early stages, have a look at https://github.com/Victorious3/Inte...java/moe/nightfall/vic/integratedcircuits/api

  • Said API should allow to make ICs compatible with any form of transmission system without having to modify my classes


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Jul 29, 2019
New version of Equivalent Energistics (V0.5) released:

  • Fixed issue where invalid items were being added to the transmutation list
  • Rewrote crystal calculations to prevent "recipes" that required more than 9 stacks of crystals
  • Added checks for EE3 and ProjectE to stop Minecraft loading if neither is found.
  • Updated to use the ProjectE 1.8.0 API
  • API update means automatic detection of new transmutations and EMC changes for ProjectE!
  • A quick fix for errors about trying to load classes it shouldn't. Sorry about that!


If used with ProjectE, this release REQUIRES ProjectE 1.8.0 or higher. Please make sure to update your ProjectE!
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Jul 29, 2019
Avaritia got a pre-release!!! Ik this isn't my mod to show off, but I'm just excited! I'll let @SpitefulFox do the actual release since it's their mod!

It's only a small pre-release. It only contains the dire crafting table and Minetweaker support so people can use it to add 9x9 recipes to their modpacks. The rest of the mod will be in the actual release.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @gigaherz with Ender-Rift
gigaherz said:
What happens when you trap an in-flight ender pearl in a redstone field, and then send a redstone flux to it? Someone found the answer during what seemed like a catastrophic failure of an experiment.

The ender pearl shatters and in its place a rift is opened into the between-space used by the endermen to teleport. Harnessing this rift, you are able to keep an unlimited amount of items in a seemingly tiny space.

WARNING: Although the ender field is self-sustaining, if the ender field is destroyed, the rift closes, and it has been proven impossible to reach the same between-space ever again!

Ender-Rift provides a virtually unlimited storage solution. This storage has no default way of accessing it (no GUI), and instead relies on external blocks providing inventory access. It can be used blindly with hoppers and pipes, or accessed with an inventory aggregator such as EnderIO's Inventory Panel.

and @sky01 with Extra Golems
sky01 said:
Extra Golems 1.13
  • Fixed an error when ticking Clay Golems.
  • Added 2 new entities: TNT Golems and Quartz Golems!

and @Mordenkainen3141 with Technomancy
Mordenkainen3141 said:
Technomancy 0.11.2
  • Added support for Automagy Alchemical Boiler to the Galvanized Bellows
  • Added support for Thaumic Pipes to most Essentia using/producing/storage blocks
  • Technoturges Scepter now displays MFR machine ranges when held
  • Added the ability to use Warded Jars with Quantum Jars in a similar way to Essentia Phials

and @CovertJaguar with Railcraft
CovertJaguar said:
  • NEW: Steam Locomotives can now pull fuel and water from attached carts.
  • NEW: Rewrote the entire system for moving items and fluids around within Trains. It should be more compatible and less buggy than the previous system.
  • INFO: The way the system works is that push and pull requests can only pass through carts that allow them to be passed. For example Chest Carts can pass item requests, but not fluid request. And Tank Carts can pass fluid requests but not item requests.
  • INFO: Because of the way the system works, you can either attach a Chest Cart to your Steam Locomotive to supply fuel or a Tank Cart to supply water, but not both. Choices are good.
  • NEW: Sneak-clicking with a Surveyor or Tuner will now clear the current pairing operation.
  • NEW: Redesign Tuning Aura and add Surveying Aura for the Goggles. Should be more visible now.
  • NEW: Add Signalling Goggle Aura, a combination of the Tuning and Surveying Aura.
  • FIX: Rock Crusher can now crush Entities again.
  • FIX: Disabled Tile Entity caching on Bukkit. Bukkit doesn't seem to invalidate Tile Entities correctly. This is likely the cause of most issues with Multi-blocks on Cauldron. Sadly, caching is a significant performance booster when it works.
  • FIX: Detector and Directional Detector Track should wait a few ticks before turning off the redstone. Helps prevents pulsing while trains pass over, which often led to glitchy railway logic.
  • FIX: Make Receiver Boxes occasionally update their neighbors to prevent situations where the Receiver says one thing and attached blocks another. Could happen when the Receiver was in a different chunk from the adjacent block.
  • FIX: Have Block Signals save the last known position of track end positions to NBT. Should prevent Signals from returning Yellow if the chunk on the opposite end isn't loaded. May cause traffic jams and collision if your trains don't have Anchor Carts.
  • FIX: Increase the area that Anchor Carts keep chunkloaded from 3x3 chunks to 5x5 chunks in order to help reduce chunkloading derived issues for moving Trains.
  • FIX: Boilers and Hobbyist Engines should defer water triggered explosions until their own update tick. Should prevent other mods from crashing when their block randomly disappears mid-update.
  • FIX: Disabling any blocks or items used in Rock Crusher recipes should no longer crash. Issue #602
  • FIX: Prevent Locking Tracks from reseting in the middle of a Train by searching for nearby carts that are 'almost' on the track.
  • FIX: Fix various issues with Signal and Controller/Receiver pairing that could result in dropped links and other random bugs.
  • FIX: Fix NPE in the Signal debug statements.
  • FIX: Fix minor issue with Energy Loader's IC2 integration.

and @CrowsOfWar with Increase Particle Distance
CrowsOfWar said:
The Particle View Distance Increasinator, as the name may suggest, makes it possible to see particles from farther away. Why would you want this!? For minecraft servers and maps!

In 1.8, developers and mapmakers can force particles to be viewed from whatever distance, but in 1.7.10, this is not possible - with vanilla. The Particle View Distance Increasinator fixes this!

This mod is only, and will be only, for 1.7.10. It is not useful in 1.8, where developers and mapmakers can make particles work for any distance.

and @RiskyKen with Armourer's Workshop
RiskyKen said:
Armourer's Workshop
  • Added bow skins.
  • Added arrow skin.
  • Added block marked tool. (used by bow skins)
  • Added wobble to mannequin first person render.
  • Added config option serverModelSendRate.
  • Added config option allowClientsToUploadSkins.
  • Added config option mannequinsCallPlayerRenders.
  • Added Arbalest bow skin by VermillionX.
  • Added arrow skin.
  • Fixed config option clientModelCacheTime not doing anything.
  • Fixed give and set skin commands needing the .armour file extension.
  • Fixed give and set skin commands not adding the skin to the server cache.
  • Fixed dedicated server crash when getting/setting the colour on a painting tools.
  • Fixed colour picker not working on armourer models.
  • Fixed issues with skin now working when switching single player worlds.
  • Changed skins are now unpacked from the jar instead of being downloaded.
  • Changed renamed most of the items in the config.
  • Changed the way old skirts work, they will now show up as leg skins.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @MineMaarten with PneumaticCraft
MineMaarten said:
PneumaticCraft 1.10.0-111
  • Added Amadron Tablet, used to order items that used to have 'temporary' recipes.
  • Added Applied Energistics 2 compatibility for the Logistics system. More info:

and @Modbder with EssentialCraft 3
Modbder said:
EssentialCraft 3 4.6.1710.42
  • I think that I can call this version stable enough to be treated as a release of 4.6. As long as I haven't messed the files up again ofc.
  • Added: HEE compatibility it's angry endermen should now be grabbed by the ender generator aswell
  • Added: Magmatic Smeltery and the Magmatic Furnaces now have all their slots correctly assigned with the outputs and inputs
  • Changed: The Book of Knowledge's line wrapping switched to vanilla's way makes the book better and more readable. Also adds support for localization
  • Changed: The Spawner collector will now collect spawners correctly
  • Fixed: Mismatching slots in the magical activator.
  • Fixed: The dupe bug with hotkeys while in the Magical Filter's gui
  • Fixed: A dupe bug with JABBA barrels and inventories like those
  • Fixed: A dupe issue with Magical Inventory Manager Export nodes
  • Fixed: The flight ability being carried over servers
  • Fixed: HEE crash
  • Fixed: Book of Knowledge saying wrong information about the weapon bench
  • Fixed: Moon well not producing MRU


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Jul 29, 2019


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Codasylph with TransportCraft
Codasylph said:
TransportCraft 1.0.5
  • Bugfixes
    • Corrected spelling of Receiver in just about every class.
    • Fixed a bug where breaking an Access Point that was receiving power but didn't have a linked pearl in it would break everything.
    • Fixed a bug where it was freaking possible for an Access Point to receive power without a linked pearl in it.
    • Cleaned up proxy code.
  • Additions
    • Added 6 new baubles!
    • Added a config file
    • Added the ability to turn off baubles in config
    • Added EnderIO integrated recipes as an option in config
    • Added the Anti-Incursion-Field Generator
    • Added capability for the Linkable Block to mimic the appearance of other blocks

and @lumien with Custom Main Menu
Lumien said:
Custom Main Menu 1.7
  • Added: openFolder Action
  • Added: synced Property to Panoramas , Slideshows & Splash Text. Allows Synchronisation of these things to the main menu.
  • Fixed: Splash Texts no longer change everytime a gui is reopened
  • Fixed: Panoramas animationSpeed not working

and @bdew with AE2 Stuff
bdew said:
AE2 Stuff
  • bdew: Force US locale on all upper/lower case conversions + normalized icon registration across all mods
  • bdew: Added visualiser item (WIP)


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @MineMaarten with PneumaticCraft
MineMaarten said:
PneumaticCraft 1.10.5-118
  • Added Logistics Module.
  • Added Default Storage Frame.
  • Bugfix: Pressure Tube multipart visually disconnects on world load.

and @gigaherz with Ender-Rift
gigaherz said:
Ender-Rift 0.5
WARNING: This release BREAKS COMPATIBILITY with old rifts. The blocks will remain but any items inside will be LOST FOREVER.

New stuff:

  • The rift is now a 3x3x3 multiblock structure.
  • The crafting recipe for the casing does not use a rift item anymore.
    • To complete the structure formation, right-click with a rift item (Bound or Unbound).
    • Right-clicking with an unbound rift, will create a fully new rift.
  • The non-empty rift items can be duplicated, meaning you can access the same rift from two places.
    • To duplicate a rift, right-click on a fully formed rift block with an unbound rift item, which will return a bound item with the same rift ID.
    • A recipe exists, but is not as fun.
Future planns:

  • Remove the recipes and make rift creation and duplication exclusively an in-world ritual.

and @hilburn with Advanced Systems Manager
hilburn said:
This is a ground-up rewrite of VSWE's Steve's Factory Manager with a heavier emphasis on flexible and optimized design and operation and rolling in all the changes from Steve's Addons and more

It is very WIP but under active development - a few new sets of command are in development as well as a complete gui rewrite away from the SFM style it has now

Features in development or on the list:

  1. GUI rewrite - I aim for it to be much more intuitive and akin to an actual piece of software - right click something to get a menu of options to do with stuff, open multiple tabs and be able to move between them easily, scroll and zoom in the manager window, open a window to edit a command rather than have the little on screen expansion etc
  2. Adding missing conditions for eg. RF and Aspects
  3. Mekanism gas handling
  4. Electricraft energy transfer
  5. Comparator condition
  6. Re-adding the last couple of SFM commands (eg Autocrafting)
  7. Improved config with the ability to turn things off
  8. More and better recipes
  9. ComputerCraft/OpenComputer cable block and command
  10. Improved variable handling
  11. In-game Help fuctionality

and @jotato with QuantumFlux
jotato said:
QuantumFlux 1.3.0
  • Updated German Translation
  • Updated Russian Translation
  • Added Titanium. It can be found between Y7-11. It is more rare than Diamond
  • Fixes the Battlesuit Helm causing flickering due to nightvision
  • Added a Titanium Sword
  • Added Titanium Armor
  • Added the Item Fabricator
  • Added the Storehouse
  • Added a handful of new items used for crafting things
  • Added Decorative Darkstone
  • Added a Creative Mode Quibit Cluster. (No recipe and hidden from NEI)
  • Removes some redundant items. If Forge complains of missing items, it is expected
  • General perf improvements
  • Tweaked some recipes for balance
  • Fixed the Quibit Cluster stats being reported wrong
  • Fixed the Quibit Cluster energy buffer from appear to drain when nothing was pulling power
  • Big thanks to Fantasy Teddy for his help in finding (and fixing!) bugs

and @OreCruncher with Thermal Recycling
OreCruncher said:
Thermal Recycling
Release Summary


  • Changed internal workings of the extraction process so that it can be extended
  • Minetweaker 3 support so that other extraction recipes can be added
  • Added ability to extract Soulsand, Netherrack, End Stone, Pumpkins, Melon blocks, and Wheat into other resources
  • Thaumcraft infused stone can now be extracted to obtain 3 shards of the applicable type. Can extract amber and cinnibar ore as well.
  • Can white/black list dimensions for Pile of Rubble generation by changing configuration settings. Defaults for these settings essentially match current world gen behavior.
  • Soylent Green can now drop as a result of PvP player death (i.e. one player killing another).

  • Process Vanilla recipes *first* before modded recipes. A Vanilla Recipe is one that has a Vanilla result and uses Vanilla components to construct. This should eliminate strange things like an Iron Pickaxe giving Wither Iron if Progressive Automation is installed. Note that Minetweaker scripts will have first crack at inserting recipes before the internal automated recipe processing.

  • Minor error in weight table selection logic. Prior to the change the statistical selection would have been slightly off.
  • Fixed issue with Thermal Expansion machine recipes. It was possible to have an incorrect decomp recipe if the recipe scanning logic encountered an upgrade or security recipe first before the machine recipe.

and @Shnupbups100 with Easy Config Button
Shnupbups100 said:
Ever see that Mod Options button in the world pause menu, then click it only to realize it does nothing, was never finished and is completely useless?

Well, now it isn't! With this mod installed, the button will now lead to the Mod List GUI normally only accessible from the Main Menu, allowing you to change configs without leaving your world, allowing for easier and more convenient testing and debugging of config options. (as long as they don't require a world or minecraft restart)

A very small tweak mod, but very useful for modders and modpack creators testing and debugging.

For a small overview, look no further than here!


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Jul 29, 2019
New Flaxbeard's Steam Power version- 0.28.10(-butt, depending on who you talk to)

  • FIX: Did all that can be done on our end to fix crash bug with WorldGenerationManager, which also improves ore generation performance slightly (If the bug is still present, bug the WGM developer(s)) (#296)
  • FIX: Fatal crash and prevention of world load when Botania is installed and an Exo piece is installed before/without the chestplate (#297, #299, #300, and#301)
  • FIX/TWEAK: Musket shots can now go through Tall Grass and other air-like blocks (#295)
  • FIX: Fixed a fatal NullPointerException bug related to packet handling (#268)
  • REMOVE: some legacy cross-mod code (#293) (dev only)
  • FIX: IC2 building issue (dev only)
  • FIX: WAILA building issue (dev only)


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Animeniac7 with Enhanced Inventories
Enhanced Inventories 1.1.0
  • complete rewrite of the back end of the mod
  • there are now 8 tiers of inventories labled as MKI-MKVIII
  • core texture now takes it's texture from the block
  • frames are now configurable via json
  • recipes are now configurable via json
  • added Cabinet
  • added Worktable
  • added Added Auto Assembler
  • added Schematic
  • added Painter and Paint Brush
  • Allows you to paint inventories with any block, frame and color
  • changes the way sorting inventories work
  • you can no longer uncraft a sorting inventory
  • you can now upgrade sorting inventories
  • sorting inventories now share a filter
  • bug fixes
  • and more

and @FusionLord with Cabinets Reloaded
FusionLord said:
This is a complete rewrite of my very first mod for Minecraft. It adds cabinets to show off and secure your precious items that you find while out in your Minecraft world. They have 9 slots for storage and and can be set to public or private. They are blast resistant. You can now customize your cabinets individually to appear, function and troll the way you like. Certain skins give cabinets special abilities. Can you find them all?


Placing a crafted cabinet into a crafting table will cycle through the three door types.

Door types are: Left, Right and Double.

Updates coming soon:
More Cabinet Abilities.
Make a suggestion.


Want to make a video that will go right here? Record it, upload to youtube, and post a link in the comments. Thanks in advanced!
Videos of older versions:

By: acboy21 - Thank you!

By: drackiseries - Thank you!

and @GotoLink with Ancient Warfare 2
GotoLink said:
Ancient Warfare 2 2.4.110
  • Fixed Research Book and other items use crash on server Close #364
  • Improved Research Station with tooltips and Info book usage Close #201
  • Work on sword support for NPCs
  • Fixed some NPC values not being saved Close #363
  • Made Couriers obey inventory owning Close #368
  • Improved hammer and block rotation handling
  • Added custom fish loot support in Fish farm
  • Made NPCs automatically pickup better weapon/armors on the ground
  • Properly apply armor protection and damage on NPCs
  • Added ability to define a player skin on a NPC by adding 'Player:' before the NPC skin name
  • Accurately display warehouse amount of space

and @BlayTheNinth with Cooking for Blockheads
BlayTheNinth said:
Cooking for Blockheads 1.0.54
  • Hotfixed breaking speed of Cooking Table and Cooking Oven
  • Hotifxed crash with recipes using wildcard metadata
  • Added Cooking Table (block version of the book, uses ingredients from adjacent inventories)
  • Added Cooking Oven (smelts food items only, nine at a time, can be placed next to Cooking Table for cross-block interaction)
  • Added Tier 0 #NoFilter book (shows ALL food recipes)
  • Fixed crash when sorting with non-food items
  • Fixed tiny scrollbar not being draggable
  • Fixed some slots in the craft matrix not being synced correctly
  • Fixed smelting recipe flame position
  • Fixed crash when scrolling to the bottom of a really long list and clicking an item
  • Updated zh_CN.lang (thanks to bakaxyf)

and @Dr_Schnauzer with Alchemy Craft
Dr_Schnauzer said:
Alchemy Craft 1.8-0.4
  • A whole load of internal code rewriting
  • Added a Config-Folder with a new Materials.cfg file to allow adding every Ingot you like (look into the file to see how to add Ingots)
  • Reworked Anvil to allow shape based smithing (I put some shapes below)
  • Plate: press nonenone
  • Chain: squeeze squeeze bend
  • Rod: squeeze squeeze none
  • Pick-Head: squeeze curve bevel
  • Axe-Head: press bevel none
  • Shovel-Head: press squeeze bevel
  • Added Tools in a way, that for my knowledge, no other mod ever did it (explaination in the forum post)
  • Added Tool Worktable, that has (for now) no gui only slots, because I'm not creative enough
  • Added Grindstone (currently only creative) to increase tool speed in exchange for durability
  • Added Forge Brick Slabs with special placing behavior ...

and @Zixxl with ModTweaker
Zixxl said:
ModTweaker 0.9.2
  • Forestry
    • Ore dictionary support for Forestry Carpenter
    • Fermenter fuel support
    • Moistener fuel support
  • Railcraft
    • Support for BlastFurnace fuels
  • Thaumcraft:
    • Add aspect bracket handler (e.g. <aspect:Vitreus> * 5)
  • Bugfixes:
    • Handler for AE2 Inscriber always returns error messages about missing parameters.
    • Wrong map reference for Mekanism Chemical Infuser
    • Annotation missing in Mekanism Sawmill handler
    • ExNihilo heat sources can't be removed


Mod Developer
May 13, 2014
Another tripple release:

New version of McJtyLib 1.3.0 (required for RFTools and Deep Resonance).

New version of RFTools 3.31:

  • Needs McJtyLib 1.3.0!
  • Fixed a cheaty bug where the crafter would repair or recharge items based on previous recipes that were made with the fully repaired item but then supplied with lower quality/charge items.
  • Various improvements to the shield system:
    • Shield improvements. By doing ctrl-click on the shield projector it will also scan for template blocks that are only connected on corners (i.e. the template blocks don't have to touch anymore). Also added support for this for OC and CC (composeShieldDsc command)
    • The tier 3 shield can now hold 3 times as much RF in its internal buffer, can accept 2 times as much RF/t per side (10000 now) and can make shields 4 times as big (4096 blocks).
    • It is now possible to make four types of shield templates (put a template in a crafting grid to switch it to the next type) which makes it possible to have adjacant shields that are controlled by different shield projectors:
    • 687474703a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f54334b4c4241742e706e67
  • Added 'autofocusSearch' option to disable the auto focus on the search bar in the modular storage GUI. Also fixed the bug where clearing the text with RMB would not be remembered (requires new mcjtylib).
  • Added a new 'preventInterdimensionalTeleports' option to prevent teleportation within the same dimension for the charged porter as well as the transmitter/receiver combo (disabled by default of course).
  • Added a new 'voidOnly' config option to automatically blacklist all terrain dimlets except for 'void'. This is an easy option for server owners that are worried about RFTools dimensions taking too many resources but still want to allow efficient dimensions.
  • Improved the matter beamer lasers using code stolen from Deep Resonance.

New version of Deep Resonance (0.2.0 beta):

  • Needs McJtyLib 1.3.0.
  • Needs ElecCore 1.4.130.
  • The first usable release of Deep Resonance. In this version the powergen works but you can only use naturally spawned crystals since it is not yet possible to make your own crystals. So do not expect a lot of power with this right now (about 104 RF/tick maximum with a naturally spawned crystal).
  • Warning: all powergen, radiation, and explosion strength values in this version of Deep Resonance are not guaranteed to remain as they are now. This is still work in progress and things may be rebalanced in various directions.
  • Note that if you had crystals of DR 0.1.0 then these will be upgraded because I made the power level too small. This is done automatically for all crystals that are on the ground. If you have a mined crystal in a chest then putting it down will upgrade it.
  • Crystals explode (violently) when another explosion triggers near them. This depends on the strength and power of a crystal. Naturally spawned crystals are not as bad.
  • Exploding crystals as well as generating power from dirty crystals (which includes the naturally spawned crystals) will generate radiation. This radiation will cause various bad effects like hunger, poison and so on. The radiation of natural crystals is limited in radius and strength. There are no ways yet to counter this radiation. Turning off a generator will slowly remove the radiation (can take a while).
  • Implemented a radiation meter. This is capped to radiation of strength 200000 which you will normally never encounter with the crystals you can get right now.
  • Implemented the generator multiblock. This multiblock needs one or more generators, one energy collector (only one will work correctly, in the future it will be made sure that you can only use one), and one generator controller to turn the generator on (with redstone). A generator block can handle up to two crystals as well as up to 10000RF/tick. For more crystals you need more generators.
  • Internally Elec332 did a lot of work on the fluid system and the smelter. Since this is not ready yet these blocks have not been enabled. That's for a future release.
  • 'nanakisan' contributed a better looking crystal model.

McJtyLib 1.3.0: http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/Minecraft/233105-mcjtylib#t1:other-downloads
RFTools 3.31: http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/Minecraft/224641-rftools#t1:other-downloads
Deep Resonance 0.2.0: http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/Minecraft/233398-deep-resonance#t1:other-downloads

Note that Deep Resonance also requires ElecCore (in addition to McJtyLib):
ElecCore 1.4.130: http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/Minecraft/227391-eleccore-dimensionapi#t1:other-downloads

Have fun!
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Mod Developer
May 13, 2014
New version of RFTools (3.32) to fix a problem introduced in 3.31:

  • Hot fix for shields. Right clicking them with a wrench would crash servers (single player is fine). Fixed this by no longer checking for ctrl to compose a disconnected shield but instead you have to left click the shield block (don't do this in creative!) for this new functionality. In future releases I will come up with a better mechanic that also works in creative.

Download (as soon as it gets approved): http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/224641-rftools#other-downloads;t1:other-downloads

Have fun