What's new in modded minecraft today?


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Vazkii with Botania
Vazkii said:
Botania r1.7-212
  • Added the Greater Ring of Magnetization with a larger range. Big magnet!
  • Fixed giving another player a relic ring crashing their client.
  • Fixed the Rod of the Depths not showing infinite cobblestone when used with the Rod of the Shifting Crust, but rather, infinite dirt.
  • Fixed the Rod of the Shifting Crust placing fake blocks in the client side.
  • Mana Lenses can now be made with Glass as well as Glass Panes, because if you're low enough that you can't make panes it becomes a pain. Ha, I made a funny.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Lothrazar with Search Commands
Lothrazar said:
New commands: /searchitem, /searchtrade, /enderchest, /home, /gethome, /worldhome. (Not every command searches for something, but thats just the name of the mod).

Search nearby containers and villagers to help you find out if certain items or villagers are nearby.

So "/searchitem piston" will direct you to nearby containers with pistons by saying something like (4 west 2 north), or displaying coordinates if the config file allows it.

Home will send you to your bed (if set and if you are in the overworld only). Gethome will just display your bed location, and worldhome sends you to the map spawn point.

I suggest turning 'enderchest' to OP only, since the command is overpowered a little in survival.

Each command can be turned off in the config file (in case it conflicts with a command added by another mod with the same name)

Also, you can set for each command whether it requires OP or not, and sometimes the search radius.

and @WildBamaBoy with Minecraft Comes Alive
WildBamaBoy said:
Minecraft Comes Alive 5.0.7
  • MAJOR: RadixCore 2.0.4 is now required.
  • Feature: Added a recipe to convert rose gold blocks back into ingots.
  • Feature: You can now change a villager's clothes by crafting the "New Outfit".
  • Feature: Guard spawning is less intrusive and more natural.
  • Change: Villagers now seek shelter from rain.
  • Change: Villagers' height and girth will now appear more natural.
  • Fix: A guard's texture did not appropriately transition to sleeping.
  • Fix: Guards will only attack creatures close to them, not all creatures in the area.
  • Fix: Male childrens' ages were not appearing correctly.
  • Fix: Sleeping issues such as invalid home points, suffocation, etc. have been fixed.
  • Fix: Overridden villagers did not have the max health set in config.
  • Fix: MCA villagers did not accept cut diamonds as gifts.
  • Fix: MCA villagers would not move if riding a horse.
  • Fix: Villagers no longer have the chance of dying when overwriting originals.
  • Fix: Guards no longer try to move indoors at night time.
  • Fix: A potential crash when a villager follows a player no longer occurs.
  • Fix: Children would not harvest crops and/or other oddities occurred while performing chores.
  • Fix: The "sleep.invalid" error message will no longer appear.
  • Fix: Missing textures have been completely resolved.
  • Technical: Server-side configuration settings are now sent to all connecting clients. This resolves issues such as giant children on servers.
  • Technical: MCA will only send a crash report to us if it is actively the cause of the problem.

and @maxanier with Second Screen
maxanier said:
This mod allows you to use your mobile device as a "Second Screen" or a "Companion app", your device can show informations from the Minecraft instance. Currently there is a native Android (4.0+) app and a universal webapp which can be used on any device with a modern internet browser, but the universal app is currently lacking a few features.
The mod is designed to be installed on the server only, but you can also install it on your Minecraft client and show informations while playing in a singleplayer world. It works in single and multiplayer.

The corresponding app can display serverinformation, like online players or motd, live player infomation, like health and foodlevel, worldinformation, like weather or time.
The most interestings parts are probably the following two:
The mod allows you to mark blocks with a label, then the app tells you whether this block is powered by redstone or not. So you can for example see on your phone if there are items in your mob farm or if your quarry (Buildcraft) is finished or whatever you can think of. You are also able to control marked levers in the world via your device.
The second most interesting feature is the inventory viewer, which allows you to view your inventory on your mobile device (At the moment it only shows your items in textform, and Android only).
There also will be support for other mods, as soon as more mods update to 1.8, suggestions welcome), currently there is only support for Thaumcraft, you can observe the aspect amount in nodes.

So all in all this app can be used in two situations:
1. While playing to show additional informations or to allow you to disable the ingame HUD.
2. While beeing not on the server to show informations about the world or other players.

I´m still working on the mod and the app, which doesn´t look great yet.
I would love to get some feedback or suggestions what I could improve or implement.

More information on the Minecraft Forum Thread:

Minecraft Forum

Android App:
Google Play
Amazon Store

Universal App:




More informations might be found on my twitter page:

and @EXTER7 with Foundry
EXTER7 said:
  • Added 2 gun items:
  • Revolver:
    • Can holds 8 rounds.
    • Right click to shoot (functions like bows).
    • Sneak+right click to open reload GUI.
  • Shotgun:
    • Can hold 5 shells.
    • Shoots 6 pellets in a spread pattern.
    • Right click to shoot (functions like bows).
    • Sneak+right click to open reload GUI.
  • Added ammo:
    • Standard Round (Revolver): Medium damage, medium range.
    • Hollow Point Round (Revolver): Higher damage, lower range.
    • jacketed Round (Revolver): Lower damage, higher range.
    • Incendiary Round (Revolver): lower damage, medium range, sets mobs, players, and block on fire.
    • Poison Round (Revolver): lower damage, medium range, inflicts poison on mobs, players.
    • Standard Shell (Shotgun): Medium damage, lower range.
  • Added Gun Skeleton Mob.
    • Looks and acts like a vanilla skeleton but and uses a revolver instead of a bow.
    • has a rare chance to spawn.
    • 10% chance of spawning with a shotgun instead of a revolver.
    • Has a chance of dropping gun and ammo parts when killed.
  • Added Gun Parts with their respective molds.
    • Used to craft guns.
    • Can be found in villages, dungeons, and mineshafts.
    • Can drop when killing a Gun Skeleton.
  • Added ProjectRed integration:
  • Added Wire mold for casting Red Alloy Wires.
  • Added Alloy Furnace and Alloy Mixer recipes for Red Alloy.
  • Added Melting Recipes for Thermal Foundation Aerotheum, and Petrotheum.
  • Added Zinc, Brass, and Cupronickel dust for mod integration.
  • Added TE Induction Smelter recipes for Brass, and Cupronickel ingots.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @tterrag1098 with Chisel
tterrag1098 said:
This mod was originally created by AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN, ported to 1.7.2 by asie, then maintained by Pokefenn and Cricket. It is currently maintained by tterrag, Drullkus, and minecreatr.

What does this mod do?
Chisel adds a huge variety of static, decorative blocks to the game. The mod is very useful for people who like the construction aspect of Minecraft.

Access to new blocks is provided mostly through one tool, the chisel. The iron chisel is created with a iron ingot and a stick in a diagonal pattern.

Right clicking opens the chiseling interface.


Place a block in the chiseling slot (top left) and you may turn it in the same group.

Chisel also adds two new other items, the Ball O' Moss, and the Cloud In a Bottle. Right clicking these items will throw them, in the same way as how snowballs are thrown. On impact these blocks will do a variety of different things.

The Ball O' Moss will change all the nearby blocks into their moss variants, for example, turning Stone Brick into Mossy Stone Brick, likewise with Cobblestone.

The Cloud in the Bottle with create a large amount of clouds on impact.

Smashing rock will decay the blocks it hits in a splash area of affect.

Other Information
Legacy Downloads and other information is available on http://minecraft.curseforge.com/mc-mods/224329-chisel-1-7

Please report bugs on the issue tracker!

Chisel is licensed under GPL2.

Chisel is free to use in any modpacks, without permission.

The source code is available here: https://github.com/Chisel-Team/Chisel

Braham Lincoln




A lot of textures are from the Painterly pack: http://painterlypack.net/

AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN: The original author, Pokefenn the maintainer for 1.7.10

Asie: Porting the mod to 1.7.2

Cricket: Maintaining mod for 1.7.10.

All the people who helped with code, or donated textures


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Dec 31, 2014
Can you add this to Botania?

Oh the arrogance...

Pneumaticcraft got another update:
-Compressed IGW images.
-Added Redstone control to the Plastic Mixer.
-You can now breathe indefinately under water when having an Aerial Interface connected (at a high air cost).
-You can now show the area of a Right Click Entity piece.
-Bugfix: Various puzzle pieces show a 'Accessing Sides:' in the tooltip even though they aren't using sides.
-Bugfix: Logistic Frames disappear client-side and cause a crash when tried to be interacted with.

Nova Sol

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Jul 29, 2019
Oh the arrogance...
Fair enough, I'll fix it in a bit. Anyway, I don't know how many of you use Extra Utilities' compressed blocks, but Void Compression might be a mod for those that do. It lets you compress any block you specify in the configs. That's it.

And let's not forget Botania.
R1.7 213
  • Added a config option to disable the 1.9 ender blocks for if you're using Et Futurum.
  • Added the ability to use a Cacophonium on a Note Block to make a Cacophonium Block.
  • Fixed the Mana Fluxfield not calculating the mana value properly. (LethalRes)
  • Patreon supports now have their head flower on flowers named after them.
  • Strengthened the ranks of the potato army. Nobody expects the potato inquisition!
  • Updated recipes to use the newer ore dictionary keys. (Adaptivity)
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @MrDimkas_Studio with Thaumic Additions
MrDimkas_Studio said:
Thaumic Additions 0.20
  • New:
    • Added new seal (Teleportation).
    • Dislocation amulet - Activate it on teleportation seal, wear it, and SHIFT-click on it in Baubles inventory. Doesn't work between dimensions right now...
    • Recipes for infusion books (a book in the top) and some magic.
  • Bugs:
    • Bugfixes.. Yet again, more bugs are there..

and @Lythom with Capsule
Lythom said:
Capsule mod for Minecraft 1.8
for use with Forge 1.8- or compatible

This mod allows you to capture a region containing any blocks or machines, then deploy and undeploy it at will. It is inspired by Dragon Ball capsules.

Items and blocks
Capture Base

Used for the initial capture. You'll be able to capture the region on the top of it. Place it somewhere under what you want to capture, or in a free space and build on top of it.


"Capture Base" recipe

Empty Capsule

Capture the zone defined by the capture base, the capture zone will be visualized when holding the Empty Capsule.

Usage : throw the activated capsule against the zone to capture.

  • Right click : activate
  • Right click (or drop button) while activated : throw the capsule.

"Iron Empty Capsule" recipe, capture size : 3x3x3


"Gold Empty Capsule" recipe, capture size : 5x5x5


"Diamond Empty Capsule" recipe, capture size : 7x7x7

Unlabeled Capsule
Once the content is captured, the capsule can be deployed or undeployed at will.
Note that all the capsule can be died (affect the label color).
Usages :

  • Deploy : Right click once to activate, right click again (or "drop") to throw the capsule and deploy where is collides.
  • Undeploy : Right click the "Deployed" capsule and the content will be stored again into the capsule.
  • Label : Sneak + Right click to open the label editing screen.
Recovery Capsule
One-use capsule that can retrieve the content of a referenced capsule.

Can be used to backup a capsule and retrieve the content in case of lost.

The content of the original capsule will be emptied.


"Recovery Capsule" recipe


This mod adds a unique enchantment : Recall.
Cost : 1 level.
Max : Recall I.
Effect : Whenever a recall enchanted item is dropped and touches the ground, it come back into the thrower inventory after a last update.

Immediate recall when in contact of water or lava (prevent burning).

This enchant is of courses intended to be used on capsules. Without this enchantment you have to pick up the thrown capsule manually.
It can as well be applied by default (configurable) on any enchantable item. Can be usefull to fight against inventory dropping monsters of to prevent unintentional drop.


Safety first
If you lose your capsule, the content might be lost forever.

To avoid this, here are a few safety tips for you :

  1. create a recevory capsule and keep it in a safe place;
  2. enchant your capsule with Recall I to avoid to fall into lava or in an unaccessible pit;
  3. as a final workaround, you can use in creative mode the "Creative player2capsule teleporter". Right click to TP to the capsule special dimension, Right clic kagain to come back.
Modpack makers
I got a few things for you :

  1. The mod is shipped with 3 sizes of capsules (3x3x3, 5x5x5, 7x7x7) but you can create custom capsule recipes using you favorite recipe injection mod by configuring it's meta + NBTCompoundTag.
  2. This includes a special "Reward" mode, wich is basically a one-use capsule that duplicate source content. The content will not be teleported but duplicated : several identicial reward caspules can be used by players to retrieve the reward.
How to - quick customization
Create a custom capsule by exemple
Tip: you can convert RGB color hexa using http://www.binaryhexconverter.com/hex-to-decimal-converter. ex: FF0000 will give you the decimal value for red (16711680).

# 17x17x17 black Empty Capsule with Recall I
/give @p capsule:capsule 1 0 {color:0, size:17, ench:{id:101,lvl:1}}

# 9x9x9 green labeled, black Empty Capsule, named "Redstone Capsule". Label and name will appear once some content is captured.
/give @p capsule:capsule 1 0 {color:16711680, size:9, label:"Redstone", display:{color:65280}}

# 69x69x69 black labeled, white Empty Capsule with Recall I. Label will appear once some content is captured.
/give @p capsule:capsule 1 0 {color:16777215, size:69, ench:{id:101,lvl:1}, display:{color:0}}

Create a reward capsule
  1. Spawn or craft an empty capsule (exemples of custom empty capsule in the previous paragraph)
  2. Capture content on a capture base
  3. Craft a Recovery capsule using your capsule and a glass_bottle
  4. With the Recovery capsule in hand, use the command /capsule isReward true
If it worked, the capsule should be name "One Use <label> Capsule". Use this item as reward.

Capsule item full documentation
Capsule item id : "capsule:capsule"
Capsule item Meta:

  • 0 - Empty capsule (The state you want to use in the first place for a custom capsule with standard behaviour)
  • 5 - One-Use Empty capsule (The state you want to use in the first place while creating for a custom recovery or reward capsule with one-use behaviour)
Capsule item other Meta, for information :

  • 1 - Empty-Activated capsule (internal state, do not create capsule with this state)
  • 2 - Linked capsule (means that the capsule has a content, use only if you know what you are doing)
  • 3 - Deployed capsule (means that the capsule has a deployed content, use only if you know what you are doing)
  • 4 - Linked-Activated capsule (internal state, do not create capsule with this state)
  • 6 - One-Use-Activated capsule (internal state, do not create capsule with this state)
Capsule NBTTagCompound :
color, #Color of the capsule material. Will affect capsule item color and capture preview wireframes color. RGB 24 bits integer. Ex: 16711680.
size, #Size of the capsule, must be an odd number between 1 and 69 included. There is a hard limit to prevent numbers higher than 69 and even numbers. ex: 17.
label, #Label of the capsule. The capsule will indicate "Unlabeled" in the name if not existing, or will use the value otherwise. Ex: "AnytimeLadder".
ench: { # Vanilla enchant format for items (compound tag with id and lvl). 101 is the Recall enchant and it has only one level.
id: 101,
lvl: 1
display: { # Vanilla way of indicating a died item. Color of the label. Will affect capsule item label color only. RGB 24 bits integer. Ex: 16711680.
oneUse, # If the capsule should be destroyed once deployed. If true, the capsule will be considered as a Recovery capsule. 0 or ommited for false, 1 for true.
isReward # If the capsule should deploy a duplicated content. If true, the capsule will be considered as a Reward capsule. Won't work if the capsule is not oneUse as well. 0 or ommited for false, 1 for true.
Other Tags are used as internal state. To have them properly created on your item, you should simply always spawn an empty capsule, then have it in the state you want by using it (capturing, deploying, etc.).

Can I use in my modpack ?

Yes, please simply give a link to this page and mention Lythom as the mod author.

Is this open source ?

Yes, there : https://bitbucket.org/Lythom/mccapsule.

License : http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/.

License TLDR : No guarranties, for legal use only, give proper credit, indicate if and what changes were made.

Pull request are welcome if it fits the capsule feature, but please notify me by PM before coding so that I give you a direct feedback on the PR acception chances.

Will there be new features ?

I plan to add more configuration options (ie. overridables and forbidden are currently hard coded).

You can make suggestions, be aware that I intend to keep the mod as simple and essential as possible.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @EXTER7 with FluxPads
EXTER7 said:
FluxPads add pads that charge RF powered items and armor when the player stands on them. The pads come in four tiers: Basic, Hardened, Reinforced, and Resonant. Each tier has higher charge rate than the previous tier.

This mod requires Thermal Foundation.

and @dmf444 with Skype4MC
dmf444 said:
This mod adds in compatibility for Skype in MC.


  • /ans - answer an incoming call
  • /scall <SkypeUser> - calls specified user if not in a call, else hangs up on specified user
  • /smsg <SkypeUser> <message> - Message a specific user
All chat messages will also be displayed in your chat.

This work via the skype API for java.


User must also allow for "javaw.exe" to use api in Skype, message should pop up at first use of mod.

and @glasspelican with Login Shield
Glasspelican said:
Login Shield 1.2-5-g59d68ff
  • Adding protection for dimension change
  • Adding descriptions to config file, recommend recreating config
  • improving tick handler


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Jul 29, 2019
Updated Grue to 1.2.0:
  • Grues no longer spawn in deep water (like ocean floors) at low light levels
  • The spawn timer for the Grue is now configurable (can change spawn frequency from 10 to 30 seconds)
  • Added wimp-mode, which reduces the Grue's damage to 3 hearts
  • Added a dimension whitelist (can be toggled, allows you to choose which dimensions the Grue and Daylight Grue should spawn in)


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Jul 29, 2019
And Extra Utilities just got an update!

Extra Utilities 1.2.11 (by RWTema)
+ Added Mini-chests (smaller chests with only one slot)

+ Added Slightly-larger chests (standard 27-slot chests that are full blocks and don't connect to neighbours)

- Fixed Builders wand eternally right-clicking the same location.

Oh yeah, this thing about Chisel 3


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Jul 29, 2019
New Lyra's Magnificent Trinkets Update is live
V0.7 - The 'Did Someone Call The Exterminator?' Update
FIX: Dupe bug when crafting Sinister Stones
CHANGE: Buffed Bloodmoon Armour
INFO: Now gives strength 3 instead of just strength 1.
CHANGE: Icarium Armour no longer gives flight. Instead gives jump boost
INFO: This is due to flight derps. This will be moved to a later item or armour set. Enjoy jumping, you crazy rabbit.
CHANGE: Now uses conventional naming for updates instead of calling each update the 'blank' update in the program
NOTE: As it turns out, it should work fine on servers. I am just a dunce and forgot to check the EULA when testing on a server >.>


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @WeasleNinja with Helpful Villagers
WeasleNinja said:

Chopping down trees too tedious for you? Keep getting lost in your own mines? Tired of farming crops for ungrateful pigs? Why not let those lazy villagers do the work while you sit back and reap the rewards? With Helpful Villagers you get to do just that and more!

Visit the Minecraft Forum Page for more details: Helpful Villagers Forum


  • Better Models - Villager models now resemble player models, no more crossed arms and big noses.
  • More Interaction - Villagers are no longer walking trading posts. Now clicking on a villager will bring up a set of commands that will make the villager follow the player, trade with the player, or change its profession.
  • Villager Inventory - Villagers can now carry as many items as a small chest which the player can access at any time. Also, villagers can now equip functional armor and a held item which they use to perform certain tasks.
  • Working Professions - Unlike in vanilla Minecraft, a villager's profession does more than just determine what type of items he can trade. Now not only do villagers perform complicated tasks based on their profession but they do them almost completely autonomously, just give them the tools to get the job done and leave the hard work to them!
  • Guild Halls - When a villager isn't working he will return to his guild hall to resupply and store any items he has collected for you to pick up at your leisure.


  • More Professions - Look forward to your villagers doing a lot more interesting and useful things.
  • More Interactivity - Players and villagers will be able to interact and communicate with each other easily and more naturally.
  • Much more with your support!

and @Vazkii with Botania
Vazkii said:
Botania r1.7-215
  • Added the Flare Chakram, a fire version of the Thorn Chakram.
  • Added the Thundercaller, a new Terra Blade sidegrade that calls upon chain lightning.
  • Botania slab recipes are now revertable.
  • Changed the way the gaia guardian counts players to try to fix the bug where it would scale for more players than those present.
  • Fixed the Slime in a Bottle not detecting slime chunks properly as it was ticking in the client where it doesn't know the world seed.
  • Petal and Rune recipe pages now animate a lot smoother.
  • Pixies (friendly and hostile) are now forced to despawn if they exist for more than 10 seconds.
  • The Head Creation page now links to the player head database to give you ideas on what cool stuff you can do with heads.
  • The high council of Elven Garde, after having received countless unintended "gifts" of unenchanted Iron Ingots, Diamonds and Ender Pearls from unskilled skim-reading botanists are now returning those back to the senders.
  • Tweaked the Elven Portal's render a bit. The lighting on it doesn't spazz out and it renders properly when you're in it now.

and @lumien with SimpleDimensions
Lumien said:
This mod allows you to create custom dimensions using the vanilla create world gui. Therefore you can use the vast customization options available there for new dimensions.

This mod does not add any content to the game but is entirely command based (Besides the creation of dimensions).

The following commands are added to the game:

  • "/simpledimensions create" : Opens the GUI to create a dimension. If you are finished customizing press "Create New Dimension" to create your dimension.
  • "/simpledimensions delete <dimensionID>" : Deletes the dimension with the id dimensionID. This only works on dimensions from this mod. Be careful as the command immediately deletes the dimension & the dimension folder.
  • "/simpledimensions teleport <dimensionID> [x] [y] [z]" : Teleports the player using this command to the specified dimension and the specified position. (Position is optional)
  • "/simpledimensions list" : Lists all dimensions from this mod with their respective ids.
  • "/weatherd <dimension> <clear|rain|thunder> [duration in seconds]" : A dimension sensitive version of /weather. The vanilla command only sets the weather for the overworld.
  • "/timed <dimension> <set|add|query> <value>" : A dimension sensitive version of /time. The vanilla command sets the time in ALL dimensions.
By default SimpleDimensions starts to search for free dimension ids at 30.000, however this can be configured in the config file if you desire a different range of ids.





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Jul 29, 2019
ProjectE 1.9.1 Beta for Minecraft 1.7 is now live on the Curse Client and at: http://minecraft.curseforge.com/mc-mods/226410-projecte/files

###Version 1.7.10-PE1.9.1B
* NOTICE: The primary thing to try to break in this beta is once again the Transmutation GUI
* CHANGE: Further transmutation GUI backend improvements
* CHANGE: PE item recipe backend improvements
* CHANGE: Void Ring backend improvements
* CHANGE: Flight changes. Double jump for creative. Hold for jetpack style
* FIXED: A flight conflict with other mods
* FIXED: Book of the Alchemist offset issues at certain resolutions
* FIXED: Transmutation search box rendering over tooltips
* FIXED: A issue causing the Life Stone to void fuel

###Version 1.7.10-PE1.9.0B
* NOTICE: The primary features of this alpha that need testing are related to the Transmutation Table and Tablet
* NOTICE: If a item such as the ExtraUtils QED was causing desync for you in the past try the item again and open a issue report if the issue is not fixed for it
* NOTICE: Also in need of testing is using NEI filter terms in the Transmutation search bar
* NOTICE: Please report any issues pulling items out of the Transmutation Table and Tablet, including receiving the wrong item or no item

* NEW: ProjectE items should now respect server protection
* NEW: NEI search filters can be used in the Transmutation search bar
* NEW: Book of the Alchemist partially added
* NEW: Talisman of Repair can repair items in Bauble slots
* NEW: Further API additions
* NEW: x items equal y can be defined using custom conversion configs
* CHANGE: Slight Condenser and Alchemical Chest texture improvements
* FIXED: Some items such as the ExtraUtils QED causing Transmutation GUI desync
* FIXED: A issue causing items to stop working on dimension change
* FIXED: Condenser Mk2 burning items when its output is full
* FIXED: A issue with GUIs when being moved too far from a block
* FIXED: IAlchChestItems crashing
* FIXED: Possible issues with the Turkish locale
* FIXED: A possible NullPointerException on login
* FIXED: A EMC tooltip stack overflow
* FIXED: Matter furnace GUI issues
* FIXED: Talisman of Repair issues with Chisel items


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Vazkii with Botania
Vazkii said:
Botania r1.7-216
  • Added Manweave Cloth and Armor. Manaweave Armor's set bonus gives a 35% discount on tools and rods and makes rods be more powerful or have larger range.
  • Added the Manatide Bellows, a block that increases the speed of Mana Pools' mana output and Furnaces' smelting.
  • Bifrost Blocks are now craftable using a Rod of the Bifrost and Alfglass (you don't lose the rod). They also have a smoother animation now thanks to the interpolated icon (same as the one used for prismarine) and emit light.
  • Fixed Mana Pools leaving sometimes a tiny sliver of mana in the client side if used to charge a mana tablet.
  • Fixed the Flare Chakram returning a Thorn Chakram when picked up instead of the proper Flare Chakram.
  • Fixed the Mana Pump dispatching needless network packets.
  • Increased the amount of time the bridges created by the Rod of the Bifrost to double of what it was before.
  • Made the Exoflame a bit cheaper.
  • Rods are now affected by Armor Sets' mana discounts (like the Manasteel armor set).
  • Spellbinding Cloth is now crafted using Manaweave Cloth.
  • [API] Added IManaProficiencyArmor.
  • [API] Added manaweaveArmorMaterial to the API main class.
  • [API] Increased version number to 61.