What's new in modded minecraft today?

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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Nentify with Drillify
Nentify said:
These function in a similar fashion to the IC2 drills, but run on RF. I also plan to add a third tier drill (obsidian - not currently obtainable) which will mine faster than the diamond drill. However, the recipe will be much harder. This mod is currently in early stages, but is quite small and should run fine in production.

Currently required CoFH Lib (comes in CoFH Core) and Thermal Expansion to be installed.


and @Draco18s with Ore Flowers
Draco18s said:
This mod is extra extra small, it does 1 thing:

It grows unique flowers near concentrations of ores, both during worldgen and when using bonemeal. This feature was extracted from Hard Ores, allowing the mechanic to be used on its own.

The ores tracked are as follows:

  • iron
  • gold
  • diamond
  • redstone
  • tin
  • copper
  • lead
  • uranium/pitchblende
  • silver
  • nickel
  • aluminum
  • zinc
  • platinum
  • flourite
  • cadmium
  • thorium
Here are some of the flowers along side the ore they indicate:


List of flowers available on the wiki.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @ganymedes01 with Another One Bites the Dust
ganymedes01 said:
Another One Bites the Dust 2.8.0
  • Added support for Mariculture
  • Removed support for UltraTech (mod has been abandoned and author is now developing Magneticraft)
  • Added support for Magneticraft
  • Added missing recipes for nuggets -> ingots and vice versa
  • Updated to latest Hydraulicraft API changes
  • Updates to latest Immersive Engineering API changes
  • Added support for melting down clusters and crushed ores in a Tinker's Construct smeltery

and @pixlepix with Aura Cascade
pixlepix said:
Aura Cascade 538
  • Violet aura dissipates if too much is present
  • Made crafting crystals more expensive
  • Changes to diminishing returns
  • Fixed merging of large amounts of angel's steel
  • Clarified lexicon descriptions to remove obscure language
  • Fixed #76
  • Texture changes
  • Added chinese localization
  • Patron particle effects

and @BluSunrize with Immersive Engineering
BluSunrize said:
Immersive Engineering 0.5.0
  • added Arc Furnace! Yes, it's a thing now!
  • added metal slabs
  • added Blueprint crafting. This will be used for bullets and other things in future
  • added Homing and Wolfpack bullets
  • added Engineer Villager to sell IE items
  • added metal nuggets
  • redid API stuff. Addons might break
  • changed crusher API, allowing for multiple secondary outputs, will probably break AOBD
  • changed OreDict handling in recipes. Should improve performance
  • changed crusher to build most Ore->Dust & Ingot->Dust recipes dynamically
  • added a world saving hook in the hopes of fixing that issue of wires vanishing on world reload
  • moved Workbench back to TESR because of derpy lighting
  • fixed critical bug with revolvers
  • connectors only accept power from the correct side now
  • the mousewheel can be used to changed pages in the manual
  • changed poweroutput config for dynamos to a double, to allow for more precise modifiers
  • fixed derpy in-hand rendering for fences
  • added WAILA compat for hemp
  • buffed electro upgrade for the revolver
  • changed bullets to be craftable with blueprints and added config for more costly bullets
  • changed Capacitors to no longer be ImmersiveConenctable. Dunno why I made them that in the first place...
  • prevented Multiblocks and Connectors from being teleposed by BloddMagic
  • updated Manual for new content added
  • changed formatting in manual, addon devs beware!
  • changed all textures to be power of 2, because old GPUs can't handle my fancyness
  • fixed raytracing on LV connectors
  • changed localization of High-Voltage Wire Coil to match its connector
  • enabled the Diesel Generator to be mirrored by clicking the center of the generator-block side
  • fixed BlastFurnace gui opening clientside
  • added another NPE check to wire rendering
  • fixed TCon interaction
  • fixed BlastFurnace glitch of running out of fuel before finishing a stack of iron
  • moved most recipe additions of IE to its own class
  • fixed revolver render to finally show the internal parts of the electrodes
  • allowed placing of ladders/torches/other things on certain parts of the multiblocks
  • extended GregTech support to include most ores, also possibly fixed energy transport
  • fixed revolver render to build correctly for flavour-linked render additions

and @diwaly with Minicraft Quest
diwaly said:
Minicraft Quest 0.94
  • add icons 3d
  • add icon quest taken
  • add clean items on Action inventory drop items
  • add order list on skills, mekabox and mecha links gui
  • add direction relative on Tool Effect fx particule
  • fix Tool Effect fx gui
  • action inventory give if not exist
  • coordinate xyz with decimal
  • fix distance target on tool selector with param
  • fix launched mechanism on player on Tool Selector and Trigger Damage
  • fix event list with slot 0, event minus param gui
  • fix play tool fx, tool param import, action pop entity tab, quest gui npc view, skill edit gui tab
  • update server 1.8.8

and @bk1325 with Archimedes' Ships Plus
bk1325 said:
Archimedes' Ships Plus 1.8
  • Update to 1.8
  • Add Submersible ships
  • Better Helm Model
  • Better Anchor Model
  • Fix crash when activating helm with ticking inventory items
  • Underlying code code changes


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Jul 29, 2019
New LMT update is live!~
-Added: Combine Gear
-Added: Combine Rod

-New crafting materials!!
-Added: Heavenly Drill

-Added: Heavenly Base

-Used for crafting Heaven Peircer

-Added: Dreammoire
-Originally named "Cosmos Sword", but then Avaritia happened..

-As strong as iron but it's highly enchantable

-Added: BloodThorne
-No, not Bloodborne

-Does 10 damage, but really low enchantability

-Added: Dream Imbued Stone

-Added Astris Ore

-Astris will still be a thing <3

-Removed: Gem Socket

-Removed: Alpha, Beta, and Omega, Gems, Tools, and Blocks

-They felt out of place, and I couldn't think of anything interesting to do with them.

-Might return in later update

-Changed: Broken Dreams is now Congealed Dreams

-Changed: Congealed Dreams texture

-It's now animated :D

-Changed: Congealed Dreams is no longer dungeon loot

-Since Combine Heart is going to be dungeon loot, I thought that it was a bit redundant

-Changed: Congealed Dreams now spawns in Dream Imbued Stone

-Changed: Icarium Armour Texture

-No longer Stolen :D

-Changed: Icarium Armour Sprite

-Matches new not stolen texture

-Changed: Samantha recipe

-Changed: Heaven Piercer recipe

-Changed: Astris now comes from Astris Ore


Mod Developer
May 13, 2014
New release of RFTools, Deep Resonance, and McJtyLib:

  • Needs McJtyLib 1.2.0!
  • Major change in this version! New textures for all the blocks. Thanks a lot to MechWarrior99 for creating these. Here are a few samples:
  • Added setText() LUA command for Computer Craft and Open Computers for the screen controller (equivalent to clear() followed by addText()).
  • Fixed a problem with packet handling which caused the gui style button to crash RFTools. This requires McJtyLib 1.2.0.

Deep Resonance has only been updated to be compatible with McJtyLib 1.2.0. It still is oregen only. I have moved it out of alpha stage (and into beta) because the retrogen seems to work pretty well.

McJtyLib 1.2.0: http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/233105-mcjtylib#t1:other-downloads
RFTools 3.30: http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/224641-rftools#other-downloads;t1:other-downloads
Deep Resonance 0.1.1 (oregen only): http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/Minecraft/233398-deep-resonance#t1:other-downloads

Have fun!


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @LemADEC with WarpDrive
LemADEC said:
This mod brings Warp Drive and similar Science fiction technologies to minecraft included but not limited to resource collection (mining asteroids in space), transportation (move your team or your whole base across dimensions), and combat (fight against other ships and bases with laser cannons or other mods).

1.7.10 Availability

You can get super-early-access pre-alpha this-jar-will-murder-everything-you-hold-most-dear-and-their-friends in the ownloads section. It probably works. It will probably destroy your world. We need testers, and feel free to test it out and submit issues on github, but


Warned you have been. Once there are releases available we will be willing to help you with your individual problems.

See "Want to help?" below.


The WarpDrive technology is mostly known from Star Trek. However, the mod applies to other works using this technology like EVE Online, StarCraft, Starship Troopers, Doctor Who, etc. Laser cannons are also fairly common since StarWars and other mods like ICBM have similar features.

Overall, this mod gives freedom for you, as well as players to choose the theme and play-style you like.

For modpack authors, a fairly extensive configuration is included to adjust to their liking.

Intended use

With the WarpDrive mod, you typically build a small ship in the overworld, and take off (move above Y = 255) to reach space.

From space, you can travel to reach other planet orbits and land (move down below Y = 0) on their dimension. This can be TheEnd, a MystCraft age, or any other mods' dimension depending on what planet is there.

As planets can be fairly distant from one another, you'll want to use hyperspace to move much faster. Small ships require jump-gates to reach hyperspace so you'll want to build a capital ship which can engage hyperdrive. As Capital ships are fairly big, they can't land on planets, so you'll have to build them in space.

In space, you can find asteroids to mine with your ship's mining laser multiblock structure.

Ships leave echos on the radar, empowering you to find derelicts and enemies. Isolation blocks will reduce your echo on the radar, making your ship harder to spot 10k blocks away. From closer range, players can still find your ship with their eyes, that's why you want a cloaking setup to cover your base or ship.

Once you've found an enemy base or ship, you can use your laser cannon to pierce their defenses. Additional cannon can be used to boost your main cannon for added destructive power.


The following features are already available in the mod:

  • Create your own space ship from any blocks (excluding bedrock) and sail it through space.
  • Explore the space dimension: asteroids fields filled with ores, gas clouds, planetoids, stars, and NPC ships.
  • Jump to hyperspace for quick, long-range traveling!
  • Build laser cannons on your ship to fight, mine and win!
  • Cloak your ship, base or a space station so that enemy have no clue where you are!
  • Provide energy to your ship and its components with an Enantiomorphic reactor
And much more to come...

In depth information

The WarpDrive mod is compatible with:

  • Energy transferred in EU (IC2) or RF (CoFH). Hence, we are compatible with IC2, GregTech, Thermal Expansion, Mekanism, EnderIO, BigReactors, AtomicScience, BuildCraft, etc.
  • Force fields systems, notably Immibis' Advanced Repulsion System and Calclavia Modular ForceField System.
  • Multiblock structures from Mekanism, Calclavia ICBM, IC2 reactors and more.
  • NetherOres and Underground biomes mods for world generation.
  • Forge & Immibis microblocks, containers (IronChests, etc.), mobs (Cow, Zombies, etc.) and fluids so they jump properly with your ship.
The mod includes:

  • New space dimension with randomly generated asteroids fields, planetoids, gas clouds and derelicts, along with admin generated Jump-gates and stars.
  • New hyperspace dimension allowing to move 100x faster then in space. Your ship needs to be big enough to reach hyperspace, or you'll need to use jump-gates to move in/out of hyperspace.
  • Transition planes allowing you to take off from any dimension to reach space, and land from space down to another dimension.
  • Easy access for everyone with preloaded programs for ComputerCraft (simply place an Advanced computer next to a machine to use it).
  • Extensive API to program machines with ComputerCraft and OpenComputers, for those inclined in LUA.
  • Powerful Mining lasers: a SciFi version of Buildcraft quarries.
  • Advanced Radar to detect other ships in space. Energy increases drastically with range while Isolation blocks reduces your chance to be seen on radar.
  • A unique cloaking system to hide visually your base or ship from players outside of it. Considerable energy is required to sustain the field.
  • An unstable inertia driven reactor: the more power output you get, the more chances it'll explode.
How to install?

For 1.6.4, you need both mods: WarpDriveCore and WarpDrive itself, in addition to all required mods (see change logs for details).

From 1.7.10, there's only one mod: WarpDrive, in addition to all required mods.

How to play?

Your ship is centered around a Warp core with a Warp controller. Both needs to be placed horizontally next to each others. The Warp core receives both EU and RF power. The Warp controller defines the front of your ship and connects with a ComputerCraft Advanced computer or OpenComputer equivalent.

Using that computer, you define your ship dimensions, name it, move it around, etc.

Your ship size is limited to 127 x 127 x 127 blocks which covers your default render distance.

Players can right click the Warp controller to register their identity and be teleported back on-board from the computer interface.

Ship volume is measured in blocks, excluding air and gases. Volume should be less than 1200 blocks for a ship to take off from and land on planets.

Engaging hyperdrive allows to enter and exit hyperspace, provided your ship volume is at least 3000 blocks.

Power consumption for a jump is typically 10 EU per volume blocks + 100 EU per block distance on planets and space.

Hyperspace movement is typically 10x more expensive while being 100x faster. Each transition to or from hyperspace requires 10M EU.

For more information, refer to the Wiki here.


This mod is the continuation of Cr0s WarpDrive available here.

The latest legacy 1.6.4 version is available in this repository and in Cr0s modpack (available on his website here).

The latest advanced version for 1.6.4 is available in this repository and in LemADEC's WorldWarMinecraft modpack (available on Technikpack here).

The 1.7.10 version is still considered 'Alpha'.

Copyright Information

This mod is All right reserved unless otherwise stated.

Feel free to include this mod in your modpack provided you credit the authors and link back to this page.

Want to Help?

Contribution of texture, schematics, sounds, bugfixes or addons are more than welcome.

Please report issues on the official github here. Feature request are welcome, but may be harshly treated.

You may contact LemADEC on twitter https://twitter.com/Lem_ADEC or the community TeamSpeak server ts.funsquaregames.com .

You can contact TheNumenorean over github or mcforum pms.

and @bdew with AE2 Stuff
bdew said:
AE2 Stuff
  • bdew: Added wireless connector
  • bdew: Added connection hint to wireless connectors

and @Lyra_Chan with Lyra's Magnificent Trinkets
Lyra_Chan said:
Lyra's Magnificent Trinkets ALPHA
  • Added: Combine Gear
  • Added: Combine Rod
  • New crafting materials!!
  • Added: Heavenly Drill
  • Added: Heavenly Base
  • Used for crafting Heaven Peircer
  • Added: Dreammoire
  • Originally named "Cosmos Sword", but then Avaritia happened..
  • As strong as iron but it's highly enchantable
  • Added: BloodThorne
  • No, not Bloodborne
  • Does 10 damage, but relly low enchantability
  • Added: Dream Imbued Stone
  • Added Astris Ore
  • Astris will still be a thing <3
  • Removed: Gem Socket
  • Removed: Alpha, Beta, and Omega, Gems, Tools, and Blocks
  • They felt out of place, and I couldn't think of anything interesting to do with them.
  • Might return in later update
  • Changed: Broken Dreams is now Congealed Dreams
  • Changed: Congealed Dreams texture
  • It's now animated :D
  • Changed: Congealed Dreams is no longer dungeon loot
  • Since Combine Heart is going to be dungeon loot, I thought that it was a bit redundant
  • Changed: Congealed Dreams now spawns in Dream Imbued Stone
  • Changed: Icarium Armour Texture
  • No longer Stolen :D
  • Changed: Icarium Armour Sprite
  • Matches new not stolen texture
  • Changed: Samantha recipe
  • Changed: Heaven Piercer recipe
  • Changed: Astris now comes from Astris Ore

and @Hunternif with Antique Atlas
Hunternif said:
Antique Atlas 4.2.7
  • Added automatic marker at death spot.
  • Fixed bug with marker labels introduced by the above change ^.
  • Added config options: auto_death_marker, auto_village_markers
  • Fixed crash caused by the non-obfuscated jar.


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Jul 29, 2019
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @TehNutJenkins with ResourcefulCrops
TehNutJenkins said:
ResourcefulCrops 1.0.0-8
  • Nick: Begin re-packaging to API format
  • Nick: Move serializers to own classes
  • Nick: Allow specifying chances for certain events
  • Nick: Better default checking for Serialization
  • Nick: toString, hashCode, and equals for `Chance`
  • Nick: Move SeedRegistry to API package
  • Nick: Update to newer versions of EnderIO/EnderCore for EIO compat
  • Nick: Move CompatibilitySeed to API
  • Nick: Add fields for specifying second and third outputs
  • Nick: Remove debug commenting
  • Nick: Allow requiring a minimum difficulty
  • Nick: Add EnderCore to buildscript
  • Nick: Allow specifying "nether" crops.
  • Nick: Add achievements
  • Nick: Achievement for RC harvesting a crop
  • Nick: Fix build error with EnderCore
  • Nick: Update EnderCore dep

and @Sangar with OpenComputers
Sangar said:
  • Added: Unmanaged mode for hard drives and floppies (treated as block devices / raw access).
  • Added: Tiered data cards (makkarpov).
  • Added: isEquivalentTo and areStacksEquivalent to inventory controller, allowing to check if items share an oredict id.
  • Added: bit32 implementation in Lua 5.3 for backwards compat.
  • Added: Also handle arbitrary number types in signals and return values.
  • Added: Blacklist config for recipe inputs for disassembler. Default contains fire for chainmail blacklisting.
  • Added: NBT editing functionality to Debug Card (gamax92).
  • Changed: Use a non-invalid default dummy item in loot generator (may help with some mods accessing that directly).
  • Fixed: computer.stopped message (resulting in sockets not being closed on shutdown, e.g.).
  • Fixed: Overcompensating for dig time.
  • Fixed: Potential crash when machines stopped unexpectedly.
  • Fixed: Potential deadlock when machines get disposed while they're running.
  • Fixed: Potential division by zero in manual.
  • Fixed: Potential issue in AE2 integration.
  • Fixed: Potential memory leaks in server racks.
  • Fixed: Potential race conditions between ServerThread and ClientShutdownThread.
  • Fixed: Spelling and grammar errors within the man pages (Shuudoushi).


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Third Party Pack Team
Mod Developer
Mar 11, 2014
I made a mod that adds a couple extra mechanics to Minecraft:
Survival Tweaks:
Sword Blocking: Blocking with a sword will reduce the battle damage you take by half, if sneaking, then the damage will be negated once. The sword will be damaged by the original amount of damage you would have taken. (Lore: Can't touch this)

Arrow Throwing: Right clicking with an arrow in your hand will cause it to be throw. Its range is 5 blocks and deals 2 hearts of damage. (Lore: Take this arrow to the knee. TAKE IT)

Armor Swapping: Right clicking with an armor piece in hand will swap it with the respective armor piece you are currently wearing. (Lore: Do this armor make my skin look fat?)

Tools Block Placing: Like the Tinkers Construct tools, normal tools will be able to place blocks that is at the right or left of them in the hotbar. The tools will try to place the blocks to their right before trying to place the blocks on their left. If sneaking, then the tool will mine and replace the block you are looking at with the block in the hotbar if it is the correct tool for the block-to-be-mined (The tool will get damaged). (Lore: Look ma! No hands! Kinda.)

Sleeping: Sleeping will clear all potion effects (that can be clear by Milk) that you have and heal you by 20 hearts. Five hunger points will be reduced. There's a config where you can add more effects that sleeping will remove. (Lore: Nothing like a good night's rest)

Strength Effect Boost: Having a active Strength effect will allow you to shoot/throw arrows to a farther distance and deal extra damage. The more potent the effect is, the more farther the arrow goes. (Lore: Have some flying street justice!)

Weakness Effect Debuff: Having a active Weakness effect will lower the range in which your arrows will fly along with the damage. The more potent the effect is, the shorter the arrow will go. (Lore: My arm is so tired right now ;_;)

Jump Effect Step-Assist: Having a active Jump Boost effect will grant you the ability to walk up blocks as if you were wearing a Boot of the Traveler/Sojourners Sash. The more potent a effect is, the more blocks you can walk up. (Lore: Look ma! No spacebaring!... I'll leave now)

Ender Pearls: Using a Ender Pearl in the End will cause you to not take any damage from the teleport. Also, creative-mode player will be able to use them. (Lore: The End seems to affect your person in strange ways, one being the body becoming accustomed to the stress of teleporting via Ender Pearls)

Creative Eye Of Ender Teleport: Sneak right clicking with the Eye of Ender will teleport you to the nearest stronghold. Only happens if you are in creative mode.

Nether Block Burn: Breaking Netherrack or Quartz Ore will cause (non-source block) lava to spill out unless they are silk-touched or broken by hand. Additionally, they will burn you if you are stepping on them. The lava can be disabled by config. (Lore: The red blocks from the Nether have interesting proprieties, breaking them within a range of frequency will cause them to spill out lava. Magic seems to negate the effect)

Soulsand Breakage: Breaking Soulsand will inflict the breaker with a slowness effect unless it was mined with silk-touch. The duration depends on your difficulty, Easy = 1 second, Normal = 5 second, Hard = 10 second. (Lore: These sands contains the souls of the tormented, breaking them cause its seal to become a bit undone and release some of the tormented souls. The chills as the soul pass your body freezes you in fear momentary. Magic seems to preserve the seal)

Netherwart Breakage: Breaking Netherwart will damage the breaker unless it was mined with silk-touch. The damage depends on your difficulty, Easy = 0.5 hearts, Normal = 1 hearts, Hard = 2 hearts. (Lore: These Nether plants contains a sufficient amount of magical energy, your body seem to reject the bit of raw energy that these plants release when broken. Magic seems to negate the effect)

Inter-Dimensional Teleport command: This mod will provide a op-command that will can teleport you across dimension when MystCraft or RFTools are not present. The following is its usage (Note: the mod will calculate a safe height to place you in, but this will not always be the case. Best to be flying or in creative):

/tpd list - List the dimension ids, name, and the one you are currectly in
/tpd <Dimension Id> - Teleports you to that dimension
/tpd <Dimension Id> <x> <z>- Teleports you to that dimension at that x and z coordinate
/tpd <Dimension Id> <x> <y> <z>- Teleports you to that dimension at that x, y, and z coordinate
/tpd <Player Name> <Dimension Id> - Teleport that player to that dimension at that x and z coordinate
/tpd <Player Name> <Dimension Id> <x> <z>- Teleport that player to that dimension at that x, y, and z coordinate
/tpd <Player Name> <Dimension Id> <x> <y> <z>- Teleport that player to that dimension
/tpd <First Player Name> <Second Player Name> - Teleport the first player to the second player, regardless of their current dimension
Edit: Forgot to mention that the Netherrack burn only happens if you are in the Nether :oops:
Double edit >_>: A weakness effect will lower the range and power of your arrows
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Jul 29, 2019
@Ipsis Wini - What I Need Is

This is the first ever beta release of my "misc blocks and items" mods.
Nothing OP, just a small collection of carefully selected things I quite fancied in Minecraft.


Ipsis said:

* Hysteresis blocks for RF/Containers/Tanks
* Redstone stepdown block
* Compactor tool
* Void bags
* Torch pouch

* There will be bugs, it is a beta :p


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Crafter_L with AntMan
Crafter_L said:
Version Beta 1.3.1:

  • FIXED: Server won't crash anymore
  • ADDED: Config option to hide the name tags of players when they are small
  • ADDED: You can change the scale of the HUD in the configs
  • CHANGED: You have to change something in the config to enable the first person arm rendering
Version Beta 1.3.0:

  • ADDED: The Yellowjacket! Turn into Darren Cross' Yellowjacket and you can fly (when you're small) and shoot repulsors!
  • ADDED: YJ Armor Plating & YJ Laser Arm for crafting
  • ADDED: Button to switch between two speeds! You can choose wether you want to be fast or slow.
  • FIXED: Crash when you open the helmet (finally)
  • CHANGED: The textures of the creative chestplate have a little C in the bottom corner

and @CelesTekTeam with HEXCraft
CelesTekTeam said:
HEXCraft Alpha 0.6.0 - Doors, Hatches, Switches, Buttons, Pressure Plates, Ore Dictionary
New Features
  • Hexorium Doors
    • Doors made out of Energized Hexorium, Iron and Tempered Hexorium Glass.
    • They work similar to Wooden Doors (can be opened by hand).
    • They offer a large window for a nice view, and come in all 18 colors (Rainbow included).
    • In addition, they can be upgraded with the Hexorium Reinforcer, giving them Obsidian strength.
  • Hexorium Hatches
    • Similar to the doors, they are made out of Energized Hexorium, Iron and Tempered Hexorium Glass.
    • They work like Trap Doors.
    • They offer a large window for a nice view, and come in all 18 colors (Rainbow included).
    • In addition, they can also be upgraded with the Hexorium Reinforcer, giving them Obsidian strength.
  • Hexorium Switches
    • Small blocks that work identically to Levers.
    • They come in Red-Green, Red-Blue and Red-White colors.
  • Hexorium Buttons
    • Small blocks that work similar to Stone Buttons.
    • Can also be placed on floor and ceiling.
    • They come in Red, Green, Blue and White colors.
  • Hexorium Pressure Plates
    • They send a redstone signal depending on their mode.
    • The mode can be changed by sneak-right clicking with the Hexorium Manipulator.
    • They can be made to detect everything, entities, mobs and players.
    • They come in Red, Green, Blue and White colors.
  • Crystal Separator now functions with Ore Dictionary and can process the following ores (outputs 4 from each except dense):
    • Applied Energistics 2: Certus Quartz Ore, Charged Certus Quartz Ore
    • Dense Ores: Dense Diamond Ore, Dense Emerald Ore, Dense Nether Quartz Ore (16 each)
    • Thaumcraft: All Infused Stones, Amber Bearing Stone
    • ProjectRed: Ruby Ore, Sapphire Ore, Peridot Ore
    • Forestry: Apatite Ore
    • Erebus: Jade Ore
    • More to come in future!
  • Hexorium Ores and Monoliths are now also part of the Ore Dictionary, allowing other mods to access them.
  • Implemented a configuration file where you can adjust some of the details of the mod, ore generation and debugging.
  • Added Spanish translation thanks to LuxusDarkangel.

  • Crystal Separator now processes Emerald Ore into 4 Emeralds similar to other gems/crystals, making it a unversal 4x gem/crystal processor (excluding Hexorium processing).
  • HEXCraft blocks and items are now spread out on 3 different creative tabs.
  • If the Hexorium Manipulator is in linking mode, you can now clear it by sneak-right clicking.
  • Rotating the Pylon Base now works a bit differently. Hexorium Manipulator will now always rotate it towards the player, or away from the player when sneak-right clicking.
  • When mining Hexorium Ore, the cracks no longer appear as black.
  • Overworld and Nether Hexorium Ore textures are now sepparate to allow for additional custom textures.
  • Changed the internal materials of most blocks to be more metallic and have sounds similar to Block of Iron.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a critical issue which sometimes caused the world generation to run in an infinite loop.
  • Fixed a crash when trying to link two unconnected Personal Teleportation Pads.
  • Fixed a graphical bug where all machines would stay frozen after processing materials.
  • Fixed an issue with Hexorium Lamps not updating.


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Jul 29, 2019
I released Meddle v1.2 yesterday, which added support for running servers, and today I released the server generator tool. Instructions are in the post (don't mind the sloppy formatting, MCF's editor is freaking awful). You can run most of those mods there on just the server and connect with vanilla clients, which opens the door to a lot more uses for the loader in general.

The dynamic mappings system is a separate mod now, which I'll be able to update more frequently. I've already been able to use it to start making an API that's let me add an item into the game, even. But in the meantime, it still means that all of the mods listed work on 1.8+, including the latest 1.9 snapshot. You just have to make sure you also have the dynamic mappings mod installed now as well.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @pau101 with Wallpaper
pau101 said:
The wallpaper recipe follows a pattern of two papers on top of each other with two dyes to the side. The recipe yields 12 wallpapers, creating a design that is 3 blocks wide and 4 blocks tall.


In order to remove wallpaper you must use a wallpaper scraper. It is crafted from stick with an iron ingot above it with paper on top of the ingot.


Wallpaper Usage:
Right click a vertical face of an opaque full block to place the wallpaper. The wallpaper will be placed as a continuation of surrounding wallpaper. If there is no wallpaper directly adjacent then it will be the bottom left part of the design if there is a floor in front of the wall, otherwise it will be the top left.

Supported OptiFine versions are OptiFine 1.8.0 HD U D2, D3, and D5, using a version not listed here may cause problems.

and @squeek502 with The Spice of Life
squeek502 said:
The Spice of Life 1.2.4
  • Added config option use.time.for.food.history.length
    • If true, the food history will use time (in Minecraft days) instead of number of foods eaten for its maximum length. For example, a length of 12 will store all foods eaten in the last 12 Minecraft days.
    • Also added config option use.time.progress.time.while.logged.off to control how time progresses for players on a server
  • Added hunger_count (total amount of hunger restored by the eaten food [or food group] in the current food history) and saturation_count (total amount of saturation restored by the eaten food [or food group] in the current food history) variables to food.modifier.formula config option
  • Added client-side config option left.click.opens.food.containers to enable opening food containers when left clicking the air (defaulted to false)
  • Fixed food container dupe bug
  • Fixed blacklist food groups getting diminished (note: foods in a blacklist food group will still count towards the food history, but they will not diminish)
  • Fixed food containers interacting with inventories that players can't interact with (for example, MFR conveyors)
  • Updated EvalEx expression parser to latest
  • Updated Chinese localization (thanks @crafteverywhere)


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Jul 29, 2019
So... let's see what we've got here...

Extra Utilities 1.2.10 (by RWTema)
- Fixed an issue with networking in certain Forge builds, that resulted in a crash on login.

- End of Time now has proper rendering for rain.

- Fixed a very minor typo in the TCon integration logging

Funky Locomotion Beta 6 (by RWTema)
- The Funky Locomotion wrench/iWrench now both implement the 'wrench interfaces' from Buildcraft, CoFHCore, AE2, EnderIO and MFR, provided their APIs are available. They can be used as wrenches for these mods and any mod with compatibility.

- Funky locomotion will attempt to forcefully close the gui of a tileentity that is about to be moved (to try to prevent item dupes).

- Fix a crash when a dimension is not registered properly client-side.

Gany's Surface 1.12.3 (by ganymedes01)
-Allow turning off the no-recipe-conflict feature for only the vanilla crafting table (mainly target at people who play with Extra Utilities and want to craft Unstable Ingots)

-Improvements for Farm Manager/Plants logic. They no longer use up the whole stack, making it easier to define exactly the ratio of what they'll plant

-Beetroots now have the same saturation value as the ones in 1.9, and the beetroot soup has the same crafting recipe.

-Fix banner copying recipe having the wrong output amount

-Banners can now be washed in cauldrons (like leather armour)

-Basalt cluster amount is now configurable separately from Andesite/Granite/Diorite

-Chickens can now be bred with camellia and beetroot seeds, and pine nuts

Gany's Nether 1.8.1 (by ganymedes01)
-Fix glowing reeds taking too long to grow

-Added config option to disable crops specifically

-Added blaze block (storage only for now, but I have plans for it in the future)

Gany's End 1.10.1 (by ganymedes01)
-Changed recipe for Anchored Chest and Ender Bag, making them more expensive.

-Scythe can now be used to collect wither skulls

-End Stone Bricks now use the 1.9 vanilla texture

-Fix strange NPE with Inventory Binder on player's inventories

-Endium bow now renders similarly to the bows in 1.9 (pulling animation in inventory)

-Fix NPE with filtering hoppers and Furnaces

In-Game Wiki Mod 1.1.9-29 (by MineMaarten)
-Added 'setAlpha(double)' to LocatedTexture to allow for textures with.. you guessed it, alpha.
-Added config option to disable the auto-scaling to GUI scale AUTO when having the IGW GUI open.

-Bugfix: Crash when pressing 'i' when looking at an entity which doesn't have info.
-Bugfix: You can only have one [variable] command one a line.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @InfinityRaider with Companions
InfinityRaider said:
This small mod requires both Baules by Azanor and Traveller's Gear by BluSunrize.
It will generate a couple of scrolls in dungeon chests, what chests they generate in and how rare they are is completely configurable.

Besides the title, the scrolls also give you a unique rendering effect which can be seen by everyone (unless you are invisible).

Currently there are only a small number of rendering effects, however I'm planning to constantly add new ones. If you have an idea for one, don't be afraid to suggest it, just make sure you give a very clear description of what you are talking about, if possible also provide a link to an image and/or a video of it.

Currently implemented companions:

- "Batman":


- "Nature's Attendant":


- "Mother of Dragons":


- "Enchanter":


- "The Missing Link":


Little remark:

The only impact this mod has on a server is that it takes one item ID, the rest is handled clientside only. If you are running on an older machine and you think some rendering effects are giving you fps drops, each rendering effect can be toggled individually in the config.

and @Purplicious_Cow with Inventory Pets
Purplicious_Cow said:
Inventory Pets 1.3.2
  • Performance optimizations to help with large modpacks/servers
  • Ensured all recipes and pet foods (nuggets, planks, etc.) follow OreDictionary across the board. Tested over multiple mods credit BaconusYum,
  • Furnace now properly smelts Ores from other mods that would be smeltable in a vanilla furnace credit haydenlauritzen
  • Pingot now works with ores from other mods. Yes, even Tinkers Construct.
  • Pingot now tells you in chat which Ore it has found, so you can decide if you want to auto-extract.
  • Loot Pet double drop effect now works with Ores from other mods.
  • Heart Pet now gives Regen IV
  • Added new Hardcore Pet mode, pets eat whole items instead of just nuggets credit Kehaan
  • Updated French language translation – credit Phyapple (the great)
  • Alternate recipe for Lapis Nuggets added to config (for compatibility with Solar Expansion)
  • Fixed bug where some passive pets not eating when hungry

and @ganymedes01 with Headcrumbs
ganymedes01 said:
Headcrumbs 1.6.0
  • Update names
  • Added support for Et Futurum mobs (rabbits, guardians, shulker)
  • Twilight Forest trophies can now be converted into wearable heads (and vice versa)

and @cout970 with Magneticraft
cout970 said:
Magneticraft 0.3.4
    • Fixed the insane amount of fps lag when the wires between electric poles are being rendered.
    • Fixed a visual bug with the inserters when they pick a item from a conveyor belt.
    • Fixed a crash with fluids.
    • Fixed some rendering issues with fluid tanks.
    • Fixed the recipes of the polymerizer on the nei.
    • Has been increased the capacity of the high voltage cables to improve the voltage stability.
    • To craft wires now you need rubber instead of plastic.
    • Now the pumpjack can extract liquid oil.
    • Now the block breaker has a gui and an inventory (still ejecting items to inventories) and you can set a filter to only break block with specific drops.
    • The crafter can use fluids from adjacent tanks instead of use fluid container items.