What's new in modded minecraft today?


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Gekoreivax with Geko's Lasers
Gekoreivax said:
Geko's Lasers 0.8
  • Block models! :D
  • New type of block: Laser Relay
  • If hit by a laser, a Laser Relay will change the direction of the laser
  • Laser Relays can accept RF or items, and will shoot their own lasers (for free!), with the power or items attached
  • If these lasers hit an IInventory tile (such as a chest), it will transmit the items into it. Anything that can't fit WILL be dropped on the ground
  • Similarly, if a laser hits an IEnergyHandler tile (RF machines, etc...), power will be transmitted to it! They'll even power multiple machines!
  • Fixed cooldowns being applied incorrectly
  • Fixed incorrect results for de-crafting a laser to its case + gem
  • Changed crafting recipes to require the previous tier guncase (this way you "upgrade" your gun)

and @Doctor_Wiggles with Helper Tools
Doctor_Wiggles said:
Helper Tools

A simple mod dedicated to helping with construction work.

  • Craft various tools to help with building
  • Build bigger and faster than ever
  • Create and paste intricate patterns
  • Replace blocks with ease
  • Simple and easy to use

For more information, recipes, and how to use, please visit the forum page.


Helper tools is an open source project and you may include it in any modpack, fork it or whatever you like.

Have fun.

and @UnwrittenFun with Immersive Integration
UnwrittenFun said:
Immersive Integration 0.4.1
  • Update for api changes in IE v0.4.2
  • Add config option for redstone wire range
  • Update zh_CN.lang
  • Fix ME wire connectors not working with security terminals.
  • Add some semi-secret fun rendering things
  • Give dense cable more slack
  • Increase render distance for wire connectors and therefore wires
  • Add upside down arms to the extended post
  • Add support for project red bundled cable + red alloy wire (Blue Power support to come)

and @BluSunrize with Immersive Engineering
BluSunrize said:
Immersive Engineering 0.4.2
  • fixed rendering derp with backtools
  • added config for energy output on the ThermoElectric Gen
  • fixed coke oven to reset timer on input change
  • added external access methods for the Sample Drill
  • added null check to wire rendering
  • still working on derpy skylines .-.
  • fixed replacement ores in the excavator
  • more changes to the API, allowing for more specific colouring of wires, textures for them and customizeable slack
  • nerfed Kinetic Dynamos to only take power from one side now
  • optimized connections to cache catenaries. Improves rendering performance
  • added No Name
  • ominous changelog is ominous.
  • fixed arms on wooden posts to only connect where appropriate (bounding boxes \o/)
  • added config option to disable hammer crushing
  • allowed revolver recipe to be mirrored

and @DragonbornSR with Dragon's Radio Mod
DragonbornSR said:
Dragon's Radio Mod 1.7.0
  • Added Speakers that extend radio range
  • Added Dummy Speaker for decoration
  • Added remote to bind speaker to radio
  • Changed Textures for blocks

and @Ellpeck with Actually Additions
Ellpeck said:
Actually Additions
  • Added XP Solidifiers
  • Added Wings that drop from Bats
  • Added Wings Of The Bats that allow you to fly
  • Drills can now hold Energy Storage Items as Upgrades to have a bigger Energy Buffer

and @QKninja with Network
QKninja said:
Network has a simple philosophy: You shouldn't need to advance down complicated tech trees to accomplish basic tasks.

Using Network is easy: Place two Nexus relatively near each other, then use your Hyperspanner to connect the two, and set them to the correct input / output mode. Shift-clicking on a Nexus with a spanner changes it's mode, and right-clicking adds a connection. Once linked, a Nexus will automatically transport any items from it's inventory to the closest connected Nexus.

Credit to AbnormalAndroid for the hyperspanner textures.

Source code can be found on Github. This project is licensed under the MIT license.


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Jul 29, 2019


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Jul 29, 2019
New Magnificent Trinkets update :3 -insert Gurren Lagann reference here-
-Actually fixed textures this time.

-Added Sinister Stones. (Not implemented)

-Added Heart of Aphrodite. (Not implemented)

-Added Combine Hearts and Combine Material. Both are used for crafting.

-Added Samantha.

-Added Heavenly Alloys

-Added Heaven Piercer


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Jul 29, 2019
ProjectE 1.7.3 for Minecraft 1.7 is now live on the Curse Client and at: http://minecraft.curseforge.com/mc-mods/226410-projecte/files

###Version 1.7.10-PE1.7.3
* NEW: Portuguese language file updates
* NEW: German language file updates
* FIXED: Some duplicate knowledge caused by the End bug was not removed in 1.7.2. This has been corrected and all duplicate knowledge should now be automatically removed
* FIXED: A potential Life Stone crash
* FIXED: Workaround added for a crash caused by using outdated Chisel versions
* FIXED: Another ArithmeticException
* FIXED: All mapping exceptions should now be caught and logged

As a quick reminder Patreon pledges are always appreciated, especially given my current financial and computer issues, you can find my page at: https://www.patreon.com/sinkillerj


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Vazkii with Botania
Vazkii said:
Botania r1.7-203
  • Added the ability to define the range of /botania-skyblock-spread with a second parameter.
  • Added Walls to the following botania blocks: Livingrock, Livingwood, Dreamwood, Prismarine, Reed Block, Metamorphoic and 1.8 Stones. About time...
  • Doubled the damage the Thorn Chakram does. They can also be stacked up to 6 in a single slot, making them much more usable. The recipe makes 2 instead of 1 as well.
  • Fixed a dupe with the Spark Tinkerer (TheWhiteWolves).
  • Fixed Goldfish ungoldfishifying when it should be goldfishified.
  • Fixed the Blood Magic armor and possible other non-enchantable armors being enchantable with the Mana Enchanter.
  • Fixed the Guardian of Gaia's music resetting if you die to it.
  • The /botania-skyblock-spread command will now check for where the island would be created to prevent it from being created within a 100 block radius of the spawn point.

and @Ollie_Lansdel with Calculator
Ollie_Lansdel said:
Calculator 1.7.6
  • Visual overhaul on Extraction Chambers
  • Added Magnetic Flux Magnetising items on the ground!
  • Added Docking Station For auto crafting Calculator Recipes!
  • Added Fences
  • Disabled Research Chamber It will return, but it cause a lot of problems
  • Loads of fixes


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Jul 29, 2019
ProjectE 1.0.1B for Minecraft 1.8 is now live on the Curse Client and at: http://minecraft.curseforge.com/mc-mods/226410-projecte/files

###Version 1.8-PE1.0.1B
* NOTICE: When reporting issues on the tracker please be sure to tag them as 1.8
* NEW: Feature and bugfix complete with 1.7.10-PE1.7.3. See main changelog for details
* CHANGE: Optimizations to block position logic


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Jul 29, 2019
I have just released my port of Minecraft Overviewer for the FTB Direwolf20 1.6.4 mod pack. I know that this is quite late, but better late than never, maybe...
More information about it is posted here: http://forum.feed-the-beast.com/threads/minecraft-overviewer-port-for-ftb-direwolf20-1-6-4.101327/

A new port for modded 1.7.10 is in the plans, and that one would be more useful in general because of the change to string names and the deprecation of user-configurable block IDs. Meaning that the same port would work for all worlds without changes.
But on the other hand, it also means that I need to make a lot more changes to the internals of the program itself to support the dynamic IDs. Thus, it is only in the planning stage atm, and I have a lot of other projects to work on too... So no ETAs on that one yet.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Keridos with FloodLights
Keridos said:
FloodLights 0.5.0-68
  • added small floodlights
  • support for 14 more designs for that small lights
  • fixed igwmod support
  • fixed a potential bug in version checker code
  • fixed cauldron compatability

and @Keridos with OpenModularTurrets
Keridos said:
OpenModularTurrets 2.1.0-151
  • Added Turret Base Expanders
  • added fences with 5 tiers
  • added walls with 5 tiers
  • added turret camouflage
  • added recycler addon

and @NPException with Dimensional Pockets
NPException said:
Dimensional Pockets 0.11.0
  • Added
    • Fluid transfer support (finally :D)
    • OpenComputers support
    • Anonymous usage statistics (only if snooper is activated. Can be deactivated in config.) Data collected include mainly:
      • Number of Pockets crafted/placed/broken
      • Amount of RF/Fluids transfered
      • Language, OS, and Java version of users
    • New alternative particle field rendering using a shader (must be activated in config. can also be set temporarily by using the /dimptweak command)
  • Changed
    • Changed B:use_fancy_rendering to I:force_fancy_rendering in config. Particle field fancyness can thereby be forced independent of Minecraft's graphics settings.
    • Made resistance of DP configurable
  • Fixed
    • Screen going blank when EnderIO configuration GUI was opened with an adjacent DP
    • Dimensional Pocket did not drop propper item if broken by a BC quarry


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Jul 29, 2019
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Jul 29, 2019
New Magnificent Trinkets update :3
-Fixed: Cleaned up some code

-Fixed: Buffed Combine Material recipe to only use 4 coal blocks instead of 9 and you get 2 Combine Material as a result

-Added: Alpha, Beta, and Omega Storage Blocks. These blocks are extremely blast resistant.

-Added: Clear Glass. A nice glass for a nice base.

-Added: Tiles. Perfect for a bathroom or a kitchen.

-Added: Nano Brick. Bricks that glow.
Should be live soon~
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @TheFjonG with PowerNodes
TheFjong said:
PowerNodes 1.5
  • The Mod has been rewritten ( LOTS of optimization both server wise and client wise)
  • Stands ( You have to place nodes on stands now )
  • New beam texture
  • New Node Texture
  • New Node Animation
  • Information tab
  • Liquidnode Output and Input configuration
  • Powernodes now caches eachother.. wut.. Finally?
  • Better Raytracing
  • More
  • Fixed a lot of bugs, both major and minor..
  • Enjoy

and @hancin with Fullscreen Windowed
hancin said:
Fullscreen Windowed 1.1.1
  • The mod will now fullscreen on the monitor it was present on! So, move the Minecraft client to your secondary monitor if you want it on that, then hit F11!
  • Smarter fullscreen algorithm to fix issues with some laptops.

and @Draco18s with Phase Stone
Draco18s said:
Tiny little mod as a request from a friend who wanted a block that acted like Thaumcraft's Portable Hole when right clicked. That is, the blocks became non-solid and could be walked through.

Several different types of phasing blocks.

  • Phase Stone
  • Phase Glass
  • Transition Phase Stone
  • Red Phase Stone
  • Trapped Phase Stone
Regular phase stone and phase glass both become non-solid when right-clicked. Transition phase stone propagates the right-click action between phase stone and phase glass. Red phase stone is triggered when it receives a redstone signal. Trapped phase stone activates when a player or mob walks over it or lands on it when falling.

Phase stone is useful for creating player-only doors (as mobs are not able to path through it or activate it).

and @MineMaarten with PneumaticCraft
MineMaarten said:
PneumaticCraft 1.9.8-96
  • Added Lubricant.
  • Changed Speed Upgrade recipe to use Lubricant.
  • Added option to make Logistic Frames invisible.
  • Added config option that allows to stop Drones from executing any program, used when drones cause lag / crashes.
  • Added @drone entity filter.
  • Added feeding options to the Aerial Interface.
  • Added refinery fuels as Furnace fuel (solid fuel).
  • Fixed a few typo's and dead links in In-Game Wiki.
  • API: Added BlockTrackEvent and EntityTrackEvent.
  • Bugfix: Block Tracker Upgrade keeps showing 'Target lost' when you break and replace a tracked block.
  • Bugfix: Programmer's 'Show Start' and 'Show Latest' button focus on pieces with an offset depending on the resolution of the monitor.
  • Bugfix: You can't extract items out of a Pressure Chamber Interface (only let it eject into an inventory).
  • Bugfix: For the Omnidirectional Hopper and Liquid Hopper 2 or 3 Speed Upgrades gives you the same speed, as well as 4 and 5 upgrades.
  • Bugfix: Omnidirectional Hopper stops extracting from an inventory if it can't fit in the item found in the first non empty slot.
  • Bugfix: Drone program goes into an endless loop with certain conditions.
  • Bugfix: Entity Tracker glitches out with the Programmable Controller.

and @Vazkii with Botania
Vazkii said:
Botania r1.7-204
  • Added an indicator to the generating and functional flower HUDs that shows if they're properly bound or not.
  • Added the Cacophonium, a trolly item :3 (don't hate on the terrible icon, wiiv wasn't around :C)
  • Added the Floral Obedience Stick, a way to mass bind flowers, since that's more relevant now.
  • Doubled the Pebble drop rate in Garden of Glass. (TheWhiteWolves)
  • Fixed a crash with the Force Relay.
  • Fixed lens being consumed when attached to a prism in creative mode. (TheWhiteWolves)
  • Fixed luminizers sometimes getting unbound on chunkload.
  • Fixed torches not being able to be placed on top of botania walls. (TheWhiteWolves)
  • Functional and Generating Flowers no longer rebind to the closest spreader/pool if the one they were bound to stops existing. Instead, they'll keep the binding in the position and wait for a new spreader/pool to appear there. Of course you can still rebind manaully. This is a workaround for the bug where flowers would lose or change their binding on chunk unload, which is hopefully fixed now :T
  • [API] Added drawComplexManaHUD() and getBindDisplayForFlowerType() to the internal method handler.
  • [API] Added functions to force bind SubTileGenerating and SubTileFunctional instances.
  • [API] Made the range for SubTileGenerating and SubTileFunctional visible as a constant.
  • [API] Rewote SubTileGenerating/SubTileFunctional binding logic, again.
  • [API] Increased version number to 57.

and @Zixxl with ModTweaker
Zixxl said:
ModTweaker 0.9.1
  • Forestry
    • Update Centrifuge handlers for Forestry 3.6.0+
  • Mekanism:
    • Support for Energized Smelter
    • Support for Solar Evaporation Plant
    • Support for Solar Neutron Activator
  • Bugfixes:
    • ModTweaker 0.9.0 is not working properly if Botania is not loaded
    • Handler for Thermionic Fabricator throws NullPointerException
    • When using Thaumcraft handlers an error message will be thrown
    • The handler for removing Mekanism Metallurgic Infuser recipes can't be invoked


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Jul 29, 2019
Just uploaded a mod I have been working on for a while now. Hope people enjoy BioWarfare.

BioWarfare is an up-coming mod which focuses on making warfare in Minecraft more chemical and biological. With the ability to poison enemies with nasty pathogens and turn the tide of battle, or at least turn their world upside down (Actual feature). With effects such as causing their inventory to be a mess with Diarrhea, or causing sudden death from toxins, Filling someone’s base with Bio Chemicals and Pathogens has never been so easy!
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @DarkCow with AI Improvements
DarkCow said:

AI Improvements was born out of the need to improve server performance for large servers. Which any experienced server owner will know is impeded by heavy mod usage already. Rather than going after messing with the mods installed I started to look at Minecraft's core code. I found that as a server's population grows so does the amount of CPU entities start to use. At first I though "lets reduce the spawn rate of mobs on the server" this then lead to a complaint about mob farming. So rather than taking that approach I decided to improve how the AI's function. After a few hours I found my solution and a new mod.

Can this be installed on the server only?

Yes, the mod is coded to function without it being client side

Can this be installed on the client only?

Yes, though it may not do much to improve fps.

What will happen if i disable the EntityLookHelper replacement?

Your not going to see much of an improvement in the AI code. However, if you enabled the other disable configs it should be fine.

Current Features
Config to disable AI Watch Closest Entity

By default the config is set to false and will not do anything. When changed to true it will remove an AI segment called EntityAIWatchClosest. This AI segment handles the coded AIs use to rotate their head towards a nearby entity.Visually this will cause a few odd issues. However, for the CPU this frees up a lot of usage caused by entities.

Config to disable AI look random, config is not enabled by default

By default the config is set to false and will not do anything. Setting the config to true will cause entities to no longer use the 'look idle' AI code. This can improve performance for servers will large populations. As almost every entity on the map will use this when not doing anything important. Visually this can cause the entities head to not rotate sometimes but mostly goes unnoticed.

Config to replace EntityLookHelper with a more efficient version, config is enabled by default

This is the main feature of the mod and can greatly improve CPU performance at a small cost to RAM. How this works is MC's look helper code is replaced with a custom version. The custom version stores some data that makes it faster to get the angle for a location. Threw some testing with VisualVM result have shown a 50% to 80% decrease in CPU usage by the AI code. For a server with 25 people on constantly this resulted in a gain from 5 to 7 tps.

Planned Features
  • Multithreading for AI nav pathfinder
  • Mob spawning restrictions
  • Disable Visual AI code when not near players
  • Reduce wondering distance
  • Reduce wondering distance when not near players
  • Reduce how often Mobs raytrace targets
  • Config to control the amount of RAM atan2 cache uses

and @MrDimkas_Studio with Thaumic Additions
MrDimkas_Studio said:
Thaumic Additions
  • New:
    • Thaumic Crystallizer: put depleted shard i the center slot; wait...
    • Thaumic Generator: generates EU, RF, RJ, TU powers. Note: to generate EU place energy buffer (batbox, MFE, etc).
    • Infusion book (and dark infusion book): displays all recipes in the game (int the infuser of course :) ). To change page hold UP, or DOWN arrow on your keyboard (changeable in the options).
  • Fixed:
    • Dark generator now is called 'Darkness Generator';
    • Darkness generator now requires obelisc to be near (16 block radius to be clear :) ).


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @FyberOptic with Just Backpacks
FyberOptic said:

Just Backpacks adds four tiers of backpacks to help you on your journey. They can be named using an anvil, and colored with dye the same as with leather armor (and removed via a cauldron of water).


Backpacks must be worn on your chest inventory slot, and can then be accessed via the shortcut key (default is 'B', configurable in the game options).

Tier 1 Backpack:


Has 9 inventory slots.

Tier 2 Backpack:


Crafted with a tier 1 backpack. Has 18 inventory slots.

Tier 3 Backpack:


Crafted with a tier 2 backpack. Has 27 inventory slots.

Ender Backpack:


Crafted with a tier 3 backpack. Provides mobile access to your ender chest inventory.

Please Note: If your tier 3 backpack contains items, you must empty it first before attempting to craft the ender tier.

Concept and design by Gorstavich, developed by FyberOptic.

and @cout970 with Magneticraft
cout970 said:
Magneticraft 0.3.2
  • ADDED:
    • A lot of blocks now have a new texture
    • The mod blocks and items now are organiced in different creative tabs
    • Added compatibility with minetweaker (Check the minecraftforum post to see more details)
    • New Blocks only for creative mode: Infinite steam and Infinite Energy
    • New Block: Electric Switch, allow to cut the power with a redstone signal
    • New Block: Diode, only allow the energy to flow in one direction
    • New Block: Resistance, allow to limit the amount of energy flowing in cables, you must use color code to change the resistance value
    • New Blocks: Alternators for RF, EU and Railcraft Charge, allow to get Electricity from RF,EU and Railcraft Charge
    • Now the oil products, heavy oil, light oil and natural gas, can be used in railcraft boilers
    • New Item: Jackhammer, works like a pick and a shovel, and uses electricity
    • New Item: Tool Charge, change all the tools in your inventory using an internal buffer or energy from batteries in your inventory
    • New Multipart: Iron pipe, can move the double amount of fluid than a copper pipe
    • New Block: Electric poles, allow to move energy to large distances without making a lot of cables
    • Now the comparators can read the amount of energy in a battery
    • Added a GUI to the thermopile
    • Added filters to the inserters, can check for metadata, ore dictionary and nbt
    • Now biomass burner recipes can be seen in NEI
    • Added the ability to shift click in inventories
    • Added a new ore processing chain with chunks, rubbles, pebbles and dusts for a lot of different metals
    • New Multiblock structure: Sifter, make 2 dust from 1 Pebble and has a chance of 5% to get an extra dust
    • Added blocks to store ingots and dusts
    • Added tooltips to all machines in the mod
    • Miner can load chunks (can be desactivated on configs)
    • The multiblock grinder can pick up items droped on top
  • Changes:
    • A lot of crafts have changed
    • The heat cable now is a multipart, so old world will lose this block
    • Changed all electric values, now 1W = 1J/tick and 1RF = 10J, also 1J = 5cal (In real life 1cal = 4.18J aprox)
    • Optimiced Client-Server sync
    • New storage values for batteries, battery item can store 5000kJ (500000RF) and battery block 20000kJ(2000000RF)
    • Medium voltage machines now have a lot more voltage stability
    • Now the voltimeter can read RF and EU
    • The miner can remplace block with dirt and remove water to prevent lag, also the range can be regulated up to 80x80 blocks
    • Heat machines now can't melt down by itself
    • New heat sink hitbox
    • New Algorithm to move heat from one machine to another
    • If there is no space to store an item the miner will stop mining instead drop items
    • When you pick up a copper tank it saves their content
    • Changed the Geothermal pump speed, now is 20% faster generating heat
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fixed some language issues
    • Fixed a big bug when the gamerule doDaylightCycle was desactivated, (the energy systemm breaks)
    • Fixed an issue with Crafters performance.
    • Fixed a bug with conveyor belts, now the items should move a lot smooth
    • Fixed a bug with wind turbine hitbox
    • Fixed some light issues with multiblocks

and @MysteriousAges with Magic Bees
MysteriousAges said:
Magic Bees 2.3.3
  • Adds Applied Energistics 2 bees & resources.
  • Beegonia no longer marked as Passive and will not wither and die like a chump after 20 minutes.
  • Support for Extra Bees's Allele descriptions.
  • Other miscellaneous bugfixes and Quality of Life enhancements that should make your bee breeding less crash-y.

and @RiskyKen with Armourer's Workshop
RiskyKen said:
Armourer's Workshop
  • Added a creative library block.
  • Added more info to the Minecraft profiler.
  • Added ability for armour to be skinned in the skinning table.
  • Added support for Glass Shards swords.
  • Added support for Twilight Forest swords.
  • Added Aqua Tweaks support.
  • Added option to most tools to paint the full block and not just one face.
  • Added configuration options to disable doll recipe.
  • Added configuration options to disable skinning table recipes.
  • Added configuration options to hide debug text.
  • Added debug configuration options to help players that have rendering issues.
  • Added radius option to the the paint roller.
  • Fixed players being able to edit blocks that are in protected zones.
  • Fixed deadmau5 ears not showing on mannequins.
  • Fixed clients never clearing old player skin data.
  • Fixed mannequins equipment getting messed up when placing skinned items in their hand slots.
  • Fixed not being able to pump items in and out of the library.
  • Fixed client disconnect when trying to upload a large skin to a server.
  • Fixed crash with older BuildCraft versions.
  • Fixed rendering issues with Colored Lights mod.
  • Fixed skin drop down list not working when TMI is installed.

and @iChun with Limited Lives
iChun said:
To be installed on the server. Installation on clients not necessary unless they are hosting their own LAN servers.

This mod limits you to a set number of lives per world. By default, when you die, you will lose a ratio of your permanent health, leaving you less and less hearts/HP after every respawn. When you finally run out of lives, depending on the config, you will be forced into Spectator mode (not available for MC 1.7.10) or banned from the server for a set amount of time.

Does not require iChunUtil.

and @awesommist with Extruder Mod
awesommist said:
This simple mod only adds one item into the game: the extruder.

When activated (by left-clicking) this block will start "walking" in the direction it's facing, breaking the blocks in the way and placing the blocks it's giving behind. This gif demonstrates it fairly well.


Q: Minecraft doesn't startup! It says I need "DynamicLib" or something!

A: For now, this mod requires this library to work.

Installation and Troubleshooting

Make sure Minecraft Forge has been installed correctly. Ensure both the file you download here and the DynamicLib file are in the mods folder inside .minecraft or your server's mods folder.

If you're still having problems, feel free to create an issue on github, and don't forget to include the log.


This mod is open source and is under the MIT License. Feel free to include it in your modpack!

The source code can be found on github.


Special thanks for the original mod author ljdp. The original minecraftforum thread can be found here.

and @Modbder with Thaumic Bases
Modbder said:
Thaumic Bases 1.1.1710.15
  • Tons of fixes, including plants and blocks instantly breaking
  • Lots new additions like sideway levitators and trees!
  • Some misc changes

and @maxanier with Vampirism
maxanier said:
Vampires are fast, strong and blood-thirsty entities, which do not like the sun, but don't fear the night, and the best thing is: You can become one!

This mod adds several rituals which allow you to first become a vampire and then level up as a vampire, with higher levels you will get faster, stronger, better night vision etc, but it brings disadvantages with it, you take sun damage or are hunted by vampire hunters. By performing special rituals you can become a more skilled vampire and gain special skills like "Bat transformation" or "Revive the fallen".

As a vampire you don't need to eat all that dry bread or eat these strange fruits called "apples", you prefer some red and tasty blood, which you have to suck from animals or better villagers, but be careful not every animal likes to give blood.

This is work in progress
The stuff mentioned above and more is already implemented (take a look at our wiki, link below), but there is a lot more to come, in addition some balancing is still necessary, but we need your feedback for that.

Minecraft Forum Thread:
Please post any feedback, suggestions or bug reports in the Minecraft Forum Thread

Minecraft Forum


  1. Install forge (recommend version)
  2. Add this mod to your mods folder
  3. Play
How to get started:
We have a wiki


Source Code

Help to translate

We hope you like this mod, please tell us what you like, what you would improve and what you would add!
Created by: maxanier,Mistadon,wildbill22
Special thanks to LRA_10 for many cool models and texture

Thanks to TheBeastCH for a lot of feedback and suggestions


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Jul 29, 2019
Advanced Generators 0.9.16
  • Added efficiency upgrades for Gas Turbine Generators
  • Added fuels for Gas Turbine Generators:
  • Added Minechem carbon and cellulose as carbon sources in Syngas Producer
  • Added options to hide fuel/carbon tooltips outside their GUIs
  • Added 5% and 95% fill Sensor Module options
  • Added power generation sensor for gas turbine
  • Reduced energy produced from Mekanism hydrogen and ethene
  • Fixed blocks interacting with redstone not working correcty with Project Red (and possibly other
  • modded) wires
  • Fixed fuel/carbon tooltips not working without NEI
  • Fixed weird behavior when multiple types of steam are registered (e.g. Railcraft + TE)
  • Fixed Syngas Producer not accepting RailCraft coke block, increased value to 32k
  • Fixed Syngas Producer not accepting some items with big carbon value
  • Fixed gas input not accepting gas from enderio conduits
  • Fixed client config generating on servers
  • Improved support for RF Tools display (can show RF stored/capacity in generators)
Pressure Pipes 1.2.2
  • Added 5% and 95% fill sensor options
  • Added option to hide filled Canisters from NEI (off by default)
  • Added option to show fluid IDs on canisters (off by default)
  • Configurator can now set filters on Routers
  • Fixed blocks interacting with redstone not working correcty with Project Red (and possibly other modded) wires
  • Fixed crash with IC2 fluid ejection upgrades outputting to pressure network
  • Updated Russian localization (thanks shikhtv)
NEI Addons 1.12.11
  • Extended AE2 drag&drop support to all fake slots
  • Added RailCraft Work Cart [?] support
  • Added developer tools module (off by default)
  • Added Czech localization (thanks nalimleinad)
  • Added French localization (thanks Mazdallier)
AE2 Stuff 0.4.3
  • Fixed bogus stack sizes in encoded pattern
  • Reduced size of packets sent by Pattern Encoder when using [?] from NEI
    • Will reduce chance of disconnect when encoding recipes with tons of variants
Compacter 1.0.0
  • First proper release
Downoads on my website


New Member
Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Mordenkainen3141 with Technomancy
Mordenkainen3141 said:
Technomancy 0.11.1A
  • Enable Phials for Condenser.
  • Changed the way the recipes for the Wand and Scepter are handled. All wand caps should now be supported.
  • Changed the way blocks sync data between server and client. This should improve performance, eliminate several visual glitches, and help prevent lag in SMP. This is a HUGE change so may have issues. If you see any blocks that do not save data, behave differently in singleplayer vs. SMP, get out of sync server vs. client, or that display inaccurate Waila info, please file an issue!
  • Moved most of the block interaction serverside.
  • Removed INode implementation from Ecological Transmuter. It wasn't needed.
  • Removing a filter from an Essentia Coil now returns the filter (with Aspects).
  • Tons of fixes to the Node Fabricator "Air Blocks".
  • Fixed Node Dynamo using 1/4 the fuel it should have when upgraded with a Potency Gem.
  • Node Dynamo now randomly picks which Node to draw from as well as which Aspect to draw, potentaily allowing groups of Nodes to recharge more evenly.
  • Slowed down Item Coil. Now only moves a single stack per source per tick. Moving the entire inventory seemed both OP and CPU hungry.
  • Added a check in the coils to see if a bad source is marked as invalid before removing it from the source list. This should prevent tiles from being removed from the source list if they are in an unloaded chunk. It also prevents taking essentia from tiles marked invalid.
  • Randomized the access to the sources for both Item and Essentia Coils, so they won't hit the same source over and over.
  • Fixed Item Coil only being able to access half of a Large Chest.
  • Fixed Item and Essentia Coil Redstone connectivity. If upgraded with a Potency Gem, redstone will turn to connect to them.
  • Fixed Essentia Coil not returning filter when broken.
  • Added Item Coil filter info to item tooltip and Waila info.
  • Changed TileCrystal to extend "TileEntity". These blocks have no reason to tick or sync data.
  • A lot of general code cleanup.
  • Removed RenderAsNormalBlock = false from BlockCosmeticOpaque, since it does render as a "normal" block.
  • Fixed Water Ritual crash/hang.
  • Fixed Essentia Dynamo being able to connect to tubes in the direction it's facing.
  • Redid Dynamo fuel handling a little.
  • Fixed Blood tank synching for Blood Fabricator.
  • Fixed rotation of Orderly Lamp when dropped as an item.
  • Added Waila info for Condenser.
  • Fixed bug where under certain circumstances the Eldritch Consumer could absorb more aspects than intended.
  • Fixed bug where timeout was not being reduced if no space was avail in Eldritch Consumer.
  • Fixed bug where aspects were not always being output by the Eldritch Consumer.
  • Sometimes Thaumcraft would not provide an "Aspect" for a biome when generating a node, resulting in a node with no aspects. Node Generator now tries Thaumcraft first, and if that fails, picks a random Primal.
  • Fixed wrong block name being displayed when looking at Node Fabricator "air" blocks with the Thaumometer.
  • Breaking Changes:Upgrading to this version will delete your research for the Electric Wand Core. Either scan a SilverWood wand core and re-research, or give yourself the research with the Thaumcraft research commands. Research name is "ROD_electric"

and @BlayTheNinth with Crafting Tweaks
BlayTheNinth said:
This mod adds a a few utility tweaks to various crafting windows, in the form hotkeys and buttons.

As of now it includes the three options of "rotating", "balancing" and "clearing" as seen in Factorization's Pocket Crafting Table.

The mod is meant to work with as many crafting tables as possible and I will be adding support for any that I have missed once requested.

Follow me on twitter for the most recent news and to make me feel better about talking to myself!

Report bugs and crashes in the Minecraft Forum topic or on GitHub please. Make sure to include the crash log if it's a crash. Also include the Crafting Tweaks version and the Minecraft Forge version you are using. You can also use the topic to post suggestions for features you'd like to see added.


Useful Links

Development Versions

Source Code on GitGub

Minecraft Forum Thread

Installation Instructions

    • Download and install the recommended Minecraft Forge for your Minecraft version.
    • Download the latest Crafting Tweaks version for your Minecraft version.
    • Put the .jar file into the mods folder of your Minecraft installation.
    • Start the game and open up a crafting window to see cool and useful buttons on the left (or use the keys R, B or C)

    • Rotate the outer circle of the crafting matrix (hotkey: R)
    • Balance the materials in the crafting grid (hotkey: B)
    • Clear the crafting grid into your inventory (hotkey: C)
    • Supported Crafting Tables:
      • Vanilla's Crafting Table
      • Tinkers Construct's Crafting Station
      • Natura's Crafting Table
      • Steve's Workshop
      • Thaumcraft's Arcane Workbench
      • Applied Energistics 2's Crafting Terminal and Pattern Terminal
      • MineFactoryReloaded's LiquiCrafter
      • Draconic Evolution's Draconic Chest
      • Which did I miss? Let me know and I'll try to add support!
Future Plans

If you'd like to see my current ToDo-List, check out the Issues section on GitHub.

This mod along with it’s sourcecode is licensed under the MIT License:

Yes, you may redistribute it in your modpack.