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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Kentington with Thaumic Horizons
Kentington said:
Thaumic Horizons 1.1.5
  • Added a new research tree starting with "Planar Theory" and unlocked after researching voidmetal and node transduction
  • Added golem animation powder
  • Mirrored amulet now drops its component pearl when the wearer dies
  • Warped Tumor can now contain permanent warp
  • Spider Climb and Chameleon Skin can be toggled
  • Fixed alchemite crashing servers
  • Fixed milk and potions dispelling self-infusions (you will not need to re-infuse yourself; they will be applied automatically)
  • Fixed soul sieve not inserting sand into inventories
  • Fixed issues involving logging out inside a curative vat
  • Curative vat now has actual durability
  • Fixed crashes caused by placing evanescent blocks in Creative (you will need to delete the offending block manually in MCEdit)
  • Fixed third-party aspects crashing the Seroconverter GUI
  • Fixed Runic Hide infusion
and @Country_Gamerwith Thaumic Expansion
Country_Gamer said:
Thaumic Expansion 3.0.0-beta.22
  • Updates and moves away from requiring CoFH core. Provides compatibility for Redstone API functionality. More in-depth changelog to come once further testing has been done.
and @superckl with BiomeTweaker
superckl said:
BiomeTweaker 1.0.113
  • Reworked how to change actualFillerBlock and liquidFillerBlock. See the wiki (once updated) for how to do it now.
  • Added a command to add biomes to the BiomeManager.
  • Loads of bug fixes
  • Fixes an issue with light ASM configuration.
  • Fixes an issue with superclass checking that was breaking features in other mods and causing crashes.
  • Fixed a bug with the Tweaker script object's parsing code.
  • Fixed a major bug in the general script parsing code that broke any commands with multiple possible parameter lists.
  • Changes to how mod compatibility is handled.
  • Adding an API for other mods to add to the scripting environment.
  • Various improvements to the script parsing code including improved error logging.
and @Hea3veN with Hard Mode Tweaks
Hea3veN said:
Hard Mode Tweaks is a compilation of gameplay modifications, mainly around playing with natural regeneration off. A couple of the tweaks included are the ability to change the length of the minecraft day, changing game rules from the config file and the ability to heal when you eat. You can find the full list, with their respective configuration options at the TweaksList.
and @X_Simeon with Matter Overdrive
X_Simeon said:
Matter Overdrive 0.3.3
  • Implemented Android RPG Abilities
  • Network Pipe now has a new Model
  • New Entity Rouge Android that drops Android Parts
  • New Entity Mad Scientist that Transforms Player into Android, found only in Villages
  • Crash fixes
  • New Block Android Station
and @SuperZanti with ServerSync
SuperZanti said:
This is an open source mod that allows for easy server management. It simply syncs the mods folder and the config folder from the server to the client. The client will always be able to connect to your server and you will never again have to send them the new files and tell them to update. My method avoids a lot of complaining. I have a server which runs all of my own mods, as a developer I'm constatly updating these mods, fixing bugs, and making changes to configs. For the past fiew years I've been going around to the users on my server with a USB stick instructing them on how to use mods. Recently I've had some people join my server that don't know how to find the .minecraft folder. So explaining this to them and getting them the new updates can be a real pain.

Currently for Minecraft 1.7.10 Forge 1403

If you don't feel like compiling from source and simply want to download the jar file, navigate around this repo's folders. If you're a developer you'll be able to find it easy. Please read the disclaimer before downloading.

This mod is only meant to be used for developers that constantly push their OWN mods. Other developers work very hard on their mods and simply visiting their website, forum post, or github is just a common courtesy. Please don't use this to distribute other people's mods.

Not to mention, depending on the copyright and/or pattent laws in your area using my mod with other developer's mods could be ILLEGAL.

Don't trust anyone with my mod. This mod allows ANY server running it to put ANY jar file in your mods folder. Any mod means any function of java, such as making a virus or a keylogger. So if you are a client please make sure you trust your server administrator.

  • "This mod isn't doing anything!"
    • I require you to have CustomMainMenu. Create a main menu with a button that runs this mod. Use the buttonid of that button in the config file.
  • "I can't connect to my server"
    • Did you check that the config file was the same between both the client and the server?
    • Everything in the config file MUST be the same on both sides.
    • Are you using your external/internal IP address apropriately?
    • Are you trying to transfer a file larger than your max file size?
    • Are you ignoring a file that is neccecary to connect to the server?
  • "This is so insecure I hate it!"
    • Go read the disclaimer. It will always be insecure and I don't plan on making it super secure.
    • The config file allows you to put in your own hashes for the server client commands. This would take a real genious to pull files off the server or send files to you.
  • "Can you add feature X? Or fix bug Y?"
    • I don't know. Go submit it to the issues and I'll check it out.
  • "You're a horrible programmer"
    • I'm an Electrical Engineer not a computer scientist. Please submit a bug report and help me improve.
  • "Can you make this work without using a custom main menu?"
    • I'm not sure. I haven't looked into it, but if you have an informed suggestion please let me know and I'll do what I can.
  • "Why does this mod spit out so much 'junk' in my console?"
    • It's simply to help users know that they're not being attacked. It will tell them what IP they're connected to, what mod is being downloaded and more. My hope is that people will actually see this while it's running to know for sure that they can trust their admin. Hey, not everyone reads this.
  • "I have files such as optifine that I don't want the server to delete"
    • Well then specify that in the config file. It can ignore a download or deletion of any file you want.
  • "I want to change how the UI looks so it doesn't say 'The Verse' "
    • This mod requires CustomMainMenu, read up on the CustomMainMenu documents for all of that.
What does it do exactly?
  • The server starts up and begins listening on the port defined in the config file
  • If the server receives the recursive command the server will send a packet to the client containing all the files in the mods folder and the config folder.
  • If the server receives the checksum command it will send back a md5 checksum of the file requested by the client.
  • If the server receives the update command the server will start a file transfer of the file that the client requested.
  • If the server receives the exists command the server will will return a boolean value of weather or not the file requested exists on the server.
  • If the server receieves the exit command it will close the connection and destroy the thread. However, this will also happen automatically after X ammount of time as defined in the config file
  • When the client clicks the button which has the ID defined in the config file the client will start the update script
  • The client will first request the name of all the files on the server.
  • The client will then iterate through each of these files
  • If this file exists on the client it will take a checksum of it and ask the server if they are the same
  • If the files are differnt it will send the update command to pull a new file
  • If the client does not have the file it will send the update command to download it
  • After iterating through all of the server files the client will then iterate through all of it's own files
  • If the client has a file that the server does not, it will delete it.
  • When all this finishes if there were updated files the client will ask the user if she/he wants to restart the client to apply the changes
  • If there are no files to update the client will join the server that is defined in the IP field of the config file


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Jul 29, 2019
Requires SquidAPI.

PackGuard is a small mod for modpacks that will monitor the mod list, and look for modifications. If the pack has been modified by the user, the mod will inform the user heavily and thoroughly to not report any errors. It will also leave warnings in crash reports and the log to help the pack author identify invalid error reports. The mod is easy to setup, and generates a simple configuration file called PackGuard.cfg.
Warning GUI:
A warning GUI will be displayed at either the first launch or at all launches, depending on a configuration option.

Crash report hooks:
There are 2 kinds of crash report hooks. One at the top:
---- Minecraft Crash Report ----
The modpack has been tampered with. Do not report any errors.
The following mods have been added: StarStones, TConstruct, MineTweaker3, SquidUtils
// Quite honestly, I wouldn't worry myself about that.
And one at the bottom:
Time: 02.06.15 19:10
Description: There was a severe problem during mod loading that has caused the game to fail and one at the bottom:
  PackGuard|ADDITION: The following mods have been added: SquidScript, StarStones, TConstruct, MineTweaker3, SquidUtils
  PackGuard|REMOVAL: The following mods have been removed: alpaca
Shutdown hooks:
The mod will print warnings to the log whenever the game shuts down.
[18:01:46] [SquidAPI|Shutdown/INFO] [PackGuard]: The pack has been tampered with. Do not report any errors.
[18:01:46] [SquidAPI|Shutdown/INFO] [PackGuard]: TamperType: ADDITION
[18:01:46] [SquidAPI|Shutdown/INFO] [PackGuard]: The following mods have been added:
[18:01:46] [SquidAPI|Shutdown/INFO] [PackGuard]: StarStones, TConstruct, MineTweaker3, SquidUtils
[18:01:46] [SquidAPI|Shutdown/INFO] [PackGuard]: The pack has been tampered with. Do not report any errors.
[18:01:46] [SquidAPI|Shutdown/INFO] [PackGuard]: TamperType: REMOVAL
[18:01:46] [SquidAPI|Shutdown/INFO] [PackGuard]: The following mods have been removed:
[18:01:46] [SquidAPI|Shutdown/INFO] [PackGuard]: alpaca
  • Added the option to add comments to crash reports. Create a new file in /config/SquidUtils called CrashReportComment.txt, and write whatever kinda comment you want in there. I'm not gonna police you.
  • Started working on a crash report API.
  • Fixed some issues.
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @CyanideX with Subsistence
CyanideX said:
Subsistence 0.7.0
  • Fix barrel recipes
  • remove debug logs
  • Cleanup, logging, compost detection tweaks
  • Tweaks to config loading
  • Fix the class cast exception in the hand crank (for good)
  • I knew that would happen
  • Fixed issues with hammer mill
  • Fixed dupe bug in tables
  • Quick cleanup
  • Updated Hammer Mill to new file format
  • Should fix #77
  • Fix #51 default recipes
  • Clean up tables
  • Implemented generic foliage handling for compost + added specification via JSON
  • first item null check
  • check for null first item in barrel
  • make uneven values of rain fill barrel if not full
  • resolve #75 and fix stone recipe crash
  • check if current items in barrel is empty
and @KaneApollo with Wings Horns & Hooves
KaneApollo said:
Wings, Horns, and Hooves, the Ultimate Unicorn Mod is a mod for Minecraft 1.8.4 and above. It puts into your game 4 new magical horse types (Unicorn, Pegasus, Nightmare, and Destrier - see below for details) and many new items, including magic wands, horseshoes, horse helms, pegasus wingtips, and more. Some of these items can be equipped to the different magical horses and give them extra magical abilities (and believe it or not, some they can use themselves)!

These magical horses are more than just your ordinary Minecraft mobs. They come with extra behaviors (just try to tame that pegasus without thinking, and see where it gets you), they have extra equipment and inventory slots, they can fight with or without their rider, and they can interbreed!

And this isn't just your simple interbreeding - these magical horses have DNA, and can pass on all or some of their traits to their children! Want a flying horse with a unicorn horn? Breed a pegasus and a unicorn! Want a huge horse with flaming hooves? Breed a destrier and a nightmare! Want a horse with ALL the traits?! Well, you can get that too! Just keep breeding... but you might want a DNA tester to make your job easier.

And if you're a master breeder, maybe you can find some of the secret mutant magical horse breeds... otherwise known as Ultimate Unicorns.

Lastly, you can create your own custom unicorn (a new colored magical horse skin with optional magic powers) that all your friends can see! Click here for more info (http://www.hackshop.com/unicorn).
and @RiskyKen with Armourer's Workshop
RiskyKen said:
Armourer's Workshop
  • Added recipes in the guide book.
  • Added hue tool.
  • Added colour family selector to the colour mixer.
  • Added skin support for BuildCraft robots.
  • Added ability for mannequins and dolls to be rotated with any BuildCraft compatible wrench.
  • Added more build space around the head and arms.
  • Changed leg skins to also hold skirts.
  • Updated Chinese localization.
and @Arcaratus with Blood Arsenal
Arcaratus said:
Blood Arsenal 1.1-8
  • Some bug fixes
  • Update to latest BM Version 1.3.3-2
  • Added the Sigil of Augmented Holding and the Lightning Sigil
  • Random things
and @1WTC with Chatrooms
1WTC said:

What is Chatrooms?
Chatrooms is a mod for Minecraft 1.7 which allows users to talk in "Chat Rooms" within their game. The mod kind of works similar to how the chat works in multiplayer however this enables you to talk to friends in game whilst on different servers or even in single player.

How do I use the mod?
To join a chat room you first have to find a chatroom server, you can either set on up yourself or connect to a friends (A tutorial on setting up a Chatrooms server can be found below).

Connecting to the server
To connect to a server you must use the following command in the chat:
/CRconnect Server_IP:port [Server Password]

As you can see from the above command you have to specify the Chatroom server IP followed by a colon and then the servers port, if the server requires a password to connect then you must type that in next. If the server does not require a password then you can leave it blank. After executing this command you will be connected to the server, however the server can have a user limit and if that limit is reached then you will be disconnected and will have to try again. Please ensure that if you are connecting from within the same network as the server or running it on LAN you connect with"localhost" instead of the IP.

Sending Messages
To send a message to the chat room press 'y' on your keyboard and then as you normally would type your message and press enter to send it, however you can also send a message using the following command:
/CR [Message]

Setting a User Title
Using the title command you can add a title to your username, this will be displayed in the chat to everyone on the server. To use the title command you must type the following:
/CRtitle [title]

Color Codes!
This mod fully supports all of the default Minecraft color codes, to use a Minecraft color code in the chat you must put one of the following before your message or title:

- &0 - BLACK
- &1 - DARK_BLUE
- &3 - DARK_AQUA
- &4 - DARK_RED
- &6 - GOLD
- &7 - GRAY
- &8 - DARK_GRAY
- &9 - BLUE
- &a - GREEN
- &b - AQUA
- &c - RED
- &e - YELLOW
- &f - WHITE
- &l - BOLD
- &o - ITALIC
- &r - RESET

Example: /CR &3Hello World

Setting up a Chatrooms Server
If you want to host your own chatroom server you will have to setup the server. There are two ways in which you can do this, the first being on LAN and the second one being live. If the server is on LAN then only users from within your local network will be able to connect, however if you are hosting a live server then any users with the servers address will be able to connect. When setting up a Chatroom server if you do plan on hosting it online for friends to connect you must port forward the port you have chosen to run your server on, else they will not be able to connect to your server, there are plenty of tutorials online on port forwarding.

Starting the server
To start the server you just have to simply double click on the mods ".jar" file, the one you downloaded, this should then launch the chatroom server console, from here you will be able to monitor the chatroom. After starting the server for the first time the console should say "Generating Server Config CRConfig.cfg" inside this file are all of the properties for the server, such as the server name, maximum players, the server port, server password etc. The file should look like this:

Server Name:A SWDTeam Chatroom
Server Port:8000
Requires Password:false
Server Password:
Max Connections:10
#Banned Words Should be separated with a comma like so:Hello,These,Are,Banned,Words
Chat Filter Banned Words:
#This word will be put in place of all banned words.
Chat Filter Replacement Word:yadda

Once you server is up and running you will see a line in the console with the IP and Port, you just have to send this to your friends in order for them to connect to your chatroom server.

How can I connect on LAN?
In order to connect to a server hosted on your local network you just have to connect with the following command (Where PORT is the servers port, by default this is 8000):
/CRconnect localhost:pORT

Will this work on Multiplayer?
Yes the mod works on multiplayer, you only need to install it client side, it does not need to be installed on the server.

Can people on a server see what I am saying in a chatroom?
No, so long as you are using the "/CR [message]" command to talk nobody on the server can see what you are saying or typing.

Download 1.7.10 (1.8 coming soon)
and @GoblinBob with Mo' Bends
GoblinBob said:
If you think that Minecraft characters could be more realistic, instead of having steady and rigid animations, this mod is just for you!

It makes creatures seem alive, and adds variety of other epic features!
Don't worry, this is still a WIP. More animated mobs are coming in the future :).

Player Animations:
- Standing
- Walking
- Running
- Jumping
- Sprint Jumping
- Swimming
- Three Sword Attacks
- Fist Punch
- Sneaking

Zombie Animations:
- Standing
- Walking

Spider Animations:
- Standing
- Walking
- Jump Attack
- Wall Climbing

General: - Sword Trails
- Custom Hurt Effect
- Custom Death Effect
- Animation Customization
and @AlgorithmX2 with Chisels & Bits
AlgorithmX2 said:
Chisels & Bits 1.2
  • Resolved Incompatibility with Java 7 ( resolved )
  • Added Support to Chisel Glass, and Stained Glass Variants. ( screenshot )
  • Added Shift+Mouse Wheel Support for Chisel modes.
  • Added Shift+Right Click to Scroll Backwards for Chisel modes.
  • Added Settings to Disable Most Chisel Modes, allowing you to remove modes you don't use.
  • Fixed Several Errors that were generated on startup.
  • Added Support for Version Checker


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @RWTema with Extra Utilities
RWTema said:
Extra Utilities 1.2.6
  • Added TCon integration (requires TCon version 1.8.5)
  • The mechanics for TCon integration are NOT finalized and are liable to change in future versions.
  • Added Bedrockium material
    • Created using a TCon smeltery from bedrockium ingots/blocks
    • Each bedrockium part adds -10% speed to the tool while being held
  • Added 'Unstable induced' material
    • Created using a TCon smeltery from unstable ingots/nuggets/blocks
    • *Melting an unstable material gives HALF the fluid of what regular equivalent would
    • Once casted into a part (using a casting table), you have 10 seconds before the part 'denatures'
    • If a part denatures, it cannot be used to create a tool and can only be recycled in the smeltery (for half its worth)
    • Denatured parts don't explode (not for lack of me trying)
    • A tool is made out of 100% unstable ingot parts, will have reinforced level 10, i.e. unbreakable.
  • Added Magical wood material
    • Made in the part builder using 'Magical wood'
    • It has the same base stats of wood
    • Each part gives +1 modifier to the tool
    • A tool made out of 100% magical wood, will have +8 modifiers
  • Updated FMP support to FMP version 1.2.0 (not backwards compatible)
  • Enderlillies can be planted on water
  • Added Mobius ingots to creative tab
  • Added custom RNG code that is faster than default java RNG
  • Fix non-existant textures being registered
and @Winter_Grave with Iskall Mini Mobs
Winter_Grave said:
Iskall Mini Mobs 1.1.8 beta
  • Implemented Mini Mob Pellet function
  • Embrios can be sucessfully incubated into mini mobs
  • Can collect mini mobs usig an empty pellet
  • Mini mobs can gain experience and level up
  • With level increase, mini mobs increase their speed, health, follow range and attack damage.
and @Raizunne with Redstonic
Raizunne said:
Redstonic 1.4.5
  • Made the Redstonic Modifier A LOT BETTER
    • You can now name your tools!
    • Moved some stuff
    • Added info pane
    • Added Redstonic Manual button for easy manual access.
    • Made the Augment counter actually work.
    • Now has separate buttons for Assemble and Disassemble.
  • Drills can now mine dirt and sand
  • Added recipe for Magnetization Augment that involves Thermal Expansion items.
  • Added Tooltip to know what Hotswap Head the drill has.
  • Lowered the dig speed of the gold drill head with the speed multipliers (my mistake)
  • Changed recipe for Energizer and Infused Stick to use the Induction Smelter for Thermal Expansion recipes.
  • Fixed Hotswap Augment stacking enchantments
  • Fixed Great Battery recipe to use a Energized Battery instead of a Basic Battery
  • Fixed recipe for block to ingots.
and @jaquadro with Storage Drawers
jaquadro said:
Storage Drawers 1.5.5
  • Added pack API for third party mods to directly provide new wood or texture variants of drawers.
  • Fixed crash when trim blocks are enabled and 1x1 drawers are disabled.
  • Fixed Refined Relocation compacting drawers recipe.
  • Changed full drawer blocks to block light.
  • Changed drawers, compacting drawers, and controllers to support custom inventory names.
  • Updated fr_FR translation. Thanks AegisLesha.
and @joshiejack with Enchiridion
joshiejack said:
Enchiridion 2.0.2
  • Fix potential crash in Enchirdion 1, wait what?
  • Made some internal changes so that mods can include books
  • Added 'Recipe' feature to books, dynamically displays a recipe
  • If you want to switch between types for an item, click it twice
  • I.E. Iron Ingot has the Block > Ingot and Ore > Ingot Recipes. If you click it a second time, it will display the next recipe type.
  • Fixed Box features having to be width 16 at least
  • Fixed Box features being able to go under 1 height
  • Add scrollwheel support for turning pages in books
  • Add additional translation support for books, i.e. being able to have a seperate json, if they need to move things around
  • Add tooltips for items in the books
  • Remove Autodiscovery
  • Switch from stencil based cutoff to scissor
  • Add ability to use left and right arrow keys to move the wiki left <> right
  • Don't open wiki menu if f3 is held down

Nova Sol

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Jul 29, 2019
Botania R1.6-192
  • Added the Spectral Rail. A new rail that makes carts fly. Woooosh~
  • Changed the Spectranthemum to have a limited range and not be chainable. Use minecarts for long range yo.
  • Fixed a memory leak with the Hovering Hourglass' render.
  • Fixed Corporea requests not updating inventories.
  • Fixed lenses being consumed when adding them to spreaders in creative.
  • Fixed the Black Hole Talisman being able to place blocks inside the player.
  • Fixed the Terra Shatterer's mana display overlapping tooltips when they would go off screen.
  • Fixed the yellow quartz Flugel Tiara having pink particles.
  • Made the Clayconia's texture more visible.
  • Made the mana network, spreaders, pools and flowers more aware of TileEntity invalidation. This may or may not fix the chunkloading issues.
  • [API] Added a bunch of isInvalid() checks to SubTileGenerating and SubTileFunctional.
  • [API] Corporea properly calls markDirty().
  • [API] Increased version number to 51.


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Jul 29, 2019
Minecraft Forge for 1.8
Version 11.14.3

Note: As cpw has decided to do bugfixes for 1.7, and is a wizard with git, most 1.7 fixes are also in 1.8. So I will not reiterate them, you can read them here

Minecraft Forge 11.14.3 Changelog:
  • Expanded ModelBakeEvent to allow for flexibility in defining models in code.
  • New OCEAN_MONUMENT type for InitMapGenEvent
  • Minor tweak to UsernameCache to also cache usernames of offline players.
  • Made EnumFacing VALUES and HORIZONTALS public to better emulate old ForgeDirection values.
  • New ability to add prefix and suffixes to player's display na,e.
  • Quieted standard Forge logging QUITE a bit, hid everything behind environment variables.
  • New @Mod properties to define which environment to load the mod on.
  • Made Container.mergeItemStack respect Slot.isValidItem
  • WorldEvent.Load now fires for client worlds.
  • Added Nether Fortress chest to the ChestGenHooks
  • Added new helper method for Entity spawning placement
  • Added NeighborNotiftyEvent which is fired when blocks attempt to apply 'physics' updates.
  • Added EntityMountEvent fired when one entity tries to mount another.
  • Added newVolume and newPitch to PlaySoundAtEntityEvent
  • Added custom NBT data to TileEntity's, allowing any TE to hold data for external use.
  • Improved mod list GUI, including sorting and searching.
  • Reimplement RenderPlayerEvent that was removed in the port to 1.8 from 1.7.10.
    RenderPlayerEvent.Specials was removed because the special effects are done in the LayerRenderer now.
  • Extracted the creation of RegionRenderCache into a method to allow for custom versions.
  • Added hook for IPerspectiveAwareModel in RenderItem.renderItemIntoGUI for ItemCameraTransforms.TransformType.GUI
  • Added tab completion to /forge command
  • Loosen up ServerChatEvent to support IChatComponent
  • Downgraded dedicated server's Netty version to match the Client.
  • Allow placeing of item frames on solid block faces.
  • Hook BlockState's Json loading to add support for simplified Forge format.
    See https://github.com/MinecraftForge/MinecraftForge/pull/1885 for more details.
  • Mitigate potential issue with users requesting lots of server status information by caching ServerStatus json.
  • Added Breaking Animation for Smart Models, Checking each layer.
  • Limited sign json to 384 characters to prevent malicious clients from spamming the server.
  • New recipe system for the vanilla bewing stand.
  • Added ItemMap type check to item frames and ItemRenderer, enabling vanilla style rendering for custom maps
  • Added LivingExperienceDropsEvent to change the amount of experience an entity drops

Bug Fix:
  • Fixed BlockBush and BlockCrops not respecting custom soils.
  • Fixed InitMapGenEvent's fire order so values are used. And added OCEAN_MONUMENT type.
  • Fixed potential NPEs in Structure code caused by componenets not being able to load.
  • Fixed being kicked from the server while swimming.
  • Fixed NPE during loading of B3D models without textures/brushes.
  • Changed default B3D color to have full opacity.
  • Fixed vanilla NPE in FaceBakery
  • Fixed renderLayer holding incorrect values due to multithreaded rendering
  • Fixed ModelLoader.setCustomModelResourceLocation not storing same item with different metadata values
  • Fixed transformations of models.
  • Fixed a few potential vanilla world leaks.
  • Removed old debug code that caused a warning about events in ModelLoader.
  • Fixed a couple missed patches from the 1.8 update.
  • Fixed double decoding of UTF8 characters in lang files.
  • Fixed JukeBoxes not storing the inserted record.
  • Fixed NPE during baking of empty vanilla item models
  • Fixed enchanting table applying secondary enchantments incorrectly.
  • Fixed WorldInfo properties not being loaded
  • Fixed jukebox message being too low with forge
  • Fixed ModDiscoverer ignoring inner classes.
  • Fixed mipmapping being disabled due to Fry derping.
  • Fixed Z-fighting issue in EntityItems.
  • Fixed issue where the host's skin doesn't load on LAN servers.
  • Fixed issue where light levels would not update for specific modded block states.
  • Fixed Nether Fortress chest look initalization.
  • Fixed crash when texture loading throws RuntimeException without details
  • Fixed support for custom width unicode fonts.
  • Fixed Partial Face Lighting on Top/Bottom Faces
  • Fixed damage reduction rate of vanilla armor incorrectly scaling with armor's current durability.
  • Fixed potential threading issues related to custom network packets.
  • Fixed threading issues related to vanilla client connecting to Forge server.
  • Fixed potential memory leak with worlds related to the World Border.

Major New Feature:
@Mode Side Control:
New @Mod properties to define which environment to load the mod on.
clientSideOnly will only be loaded in the Client environment.
serverSideOnly will only be loaded in the Dedicated server environment.
Combine with acceptedMinecraftVersions to prevent users from loading the mod in the incorrect environment.
For the love of god modders USE THIS! It'll stop all those 'you ran a 1.7 mod on 1.8!' and 'you ran a client mod on the server!'

Command Exploit:
Fixed several exploits that would allow players to run commands above their privledge level.

Downgrading Netty:
The version of netty shipped with the vanilla dedicated server jar contains bugs. So Forge downgrades it to match the version of Netty that the client uses.

BlockState.json format change:
Modders have been whining seince day one about the new json model format that was introduced in 1.8. They have some valid points that it is quite verbose. Which is what Forge is here to address! {Seriously guys, working forward is better then bitching}
See https://github.com/MinecraftForge/MinecraftForge/pull/1885 for more details.

B3D Improvements:
- fixed keyframe transformation application
- textures are now resolved the same way as in vanilla models
- added the ability to use forge blockstate texture information
- removed unused code from the B3D example

Loading Screen:
Thanks to Fry for working on a new loading screen for Forge.
You can see it in action below, it works on 99% of end users computers, however some OSX/Linux graphics drivers, and some mod combinations do not behave with it correctly.
So, we have added the option to disable it. Simply go into .minecraft/config/splash.properties and set enabled=false.
If Forge detects one of the common errors it will automatically disable this entry and show a error message in the log stating that you should simply try running it again. But if all else fails you can manually disable it as previously stated.
It works with 99% of users, and it's far better then just a 'not responding' screen so it's enabled by default.

FML and Forge Official Merge:
FML and Forge have always shipped together, but for my own sanity and easier maintainability FML and Forge are now in the same github repository. FML will no longer be shipped standalone because nobody ever used it. And eventually everything in FML will be merged directly into Forge. Code and packages will most likely stay the same so modders, don't worry! This is mainly just a ease of development {no longer having to push to 4 repositories every time I change FML}
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Jul 29, 2019
Applied Energistics 2 rv2-stable-6 (by AlgorithmX2)
AlgorithmX2 said:
  • Fixes CraftGuide Integration lag - Uristqwerty
  • Added Grinder recipes to CraftGuide - Uristqwerty
  • Added Inscriber recipes to CraftGuide - Uristqwerty
Ex Nihilo 2 0.25 (by Erasmus Crowley)
Erasmus Crowley said:
Not a big update this time around, but it will go a long way towards making the maps completely playable.
  • You can get all of the vanilla saplings by sifting the vanilla leaf blocks. (This is likely going to be replaced by a new mechanic in the future, but I wanted to add something to get players by for now)
  • You can get cactus by killing creepers (must be done by a player, falling doesn't count).
  • You can get sugarcane when fishing.
  • You can get melon and pumpkin seeds by breaking grass.
  • You can get rust while sifting gravel, which can then be smelted into iron.
  • Sieve reward items appear a little further above the sieve now. This should make them act less derpy.
  • Fixed an issue with the 'Moderate' Ex Nihilo map that caused ash to appear to not have a texture. You'll have to delete the template and regenerate it for the fix to work.
  • Added the ore salt items to the game, but there is no way to get them and they have no use. You can spawn them in with NEI and look at them if you are curious. Feel free to send feedback on their design and textures if you want.
Sanguimancy 1.1.9-31 (by Tombenpotter)
Tombenpotter said:
Router Reborn (by TomEV)
TomEV said:
  • fixed crash when LP chassi pipe was placed next to a Storageunit
  • Added: a really special chest
  • Added following chest upgrades:
    • Eject
    • Advanced Eject (allow sneaky mode + internal item filters)
    • Extract
    • Advanced Extract (allow sneaky + filters)
    • Packager Basic (advanced comming later, current mode is 2x2 then 3x3 and can not be changed in the basic version)
  • Chest allows upgrades on each side, filters placed directly on the side will work on all upgrades that dont have a filter inserted internal.
  • A filter inserted inside another upgrade will override a global filter.
  • Filters can be placed inside filters to allow more slots.
  • Global filter is only in effect on the side it is inserted to.
  • Advanced filters have GUI's and is opened by holding it in your hand and right click, same is for filters.
  • Gui for the upgrades on the chest can be opened by sneak + right click the side you want to access with a empty hand.
  • A book will be added later that will describe everything in more detail.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @MineMaarten with PneumaticCraft
MineMaarten said:
PneumaticCraft 1.8.0-82
  • Added Oil.
  • Added Gas Lift, Refinery and Thermopneumatic Processing Plant.
  • Added LPG, Gasoline, Kerosine and Diesel.
  • Added 'leave liquid/item' option in Liquid Hopper and Omnidirectional Hopper to allow for filtering.
  • Rebalanced liquid heat values to nerf lava being used to power Refineries / Thermopneumatic Processing Plants.
  • Change to OpenComputers integration: Every block except for the Drone Interface now requires an Adapter placed next to it for the block to provide the functions it used to provide.
  • Drones now will turn themselves on whenever they fall off a Charging Station.
  • Bugfix: Drone Interface returns 'inf' when invoking getPressure when connected to a drone right at world load.
  • Bugfix: Aerial Interface causes null item stack warnings sometimes when trying to feed a player with a full inventory.
  • Bugfix: Pressure Chamber rarely breaks when a server restarts.
  • Bugfix: Plastic Mixer gets stuck when automatically filling it with liquid Plastic.
  • Bugfix: non 3D items don't render in GUI tabs.
  • Bugfix: Very strange ConcurrentModificationException with certain modset.
  • Bugfix: Liquid dupe with the Liquid Hopper.
  • Bugfix: Client crash with Thaumcraft helmet integration.
and @WhiskyTangoFox with CaveBiomes
WhiskyTangoFox said:
CaveBiomes Beta9c
  • Added dripping blocks to wet biome caves (can be disabled in a config)
  • Added several new cave types
  • Code cleanup
  • UBC textures moved to a UBC compatability resourcepacksee the MinecraftForum for download.
and @tyranno66 with Fossils and Archeology Revival
tyranno66 said:
Fossils and Archeology Revival Build-7.2
The change log for this update is pretty long, but the highlights include the addition of Ceratosaurus and Confuciousornis. We've added a variety of new plants thanks to Tyranno. There have been several re-models and texture updates, most notable is a re-haul of the Mammoth model headed by Bluestreak. Changes to the helmets, enabled dinosaur block breaking again, and feature connected textures for both the new Reinforced Glass and Ancient Glass. We've also added in several types of models that appear in the Culture Vat, depending on what you are cultivating. Plants were overhauled, so now you can find petrified seeds/saplings/spores to cultivate. Also, a certain king has been stirring as of late, there are new ancient tablets that have been added that will show you the way.
Misc Changes:
  • Fixed Pteranodon not growing
  • Added new stone tablets
  • Fixed bug with Stone Tablets not rendering when looked at
  • Fixed Bug where texture would flicker on Pteranodon’s beak
  • Pteranodon’s head now rotates
  • Fixed Pteranodon and it’s items being named “Pterosaur”
  • Added a white Smilodon subspecies, a 1 in 5 chance from cloning and a 1 in 20 chance from breeding!
  • Reworked Dilophosaurus model thanks to Raptorfarian
  • Removed dark green Dilophosaurus subspecies, replaced with a desert subspecies
  • Skulls and Skull Lanterns now render their faces when in the inventory
  • Fixed bug with Dodo head being on one side
  • Fixed bug with Dodo floating 2 pixels high
  • Ancient Glass now has a connected texture
  • Fixed Time Machine texture floating 2 pixels
  • Fixed bug where Stoneboards would not render beyond their hitbox
  • New Stoneboard designs which give insight to new features
  • Fixed Texture seams on Velociraptor tails
  • Added Confuciusornis courtesy of Tyranno66
  • Added Reinforced Glass
  • Large Dinosaurs can now break blocks again, but only when hungry; they will break anything weaker than iron, excluding Reinforced and Ancient Glass.
  • Added Failuresaurus Flesh, place it in an Analyzer for a chance to get any random DNA
  • Failuresaurus no longer drop Bio-fossils and now drop Failuresaurus Flesh
  • Changed Coelacanth DNA’s texture
  • Fixed Fly particles from replacing all other particle textures
  • New Model for Mammoth thanks to Bluestreak52
  • 2 new subtypes for Mammoths: a dark brown subtype and an all-white one
  • Removed Chicken Embryo
  • Added Cultivated Chicken Egg
  • Cultivating Chicken DNA now gives Cultivated Chicken DNA
  • Reworked Achievements
  • Added Anubite Statue, dont get within 5 blocks of it in survival!
  • Added Ceratosaurus courtesy of Bluestreak52
  • Fixed Sarcosuchus not eating certain animals
  • Fixed Sarcosuchus not hatching with the correct subspecies
  • Fixed Sarcosuchus not being growable with Chicken Essence
  • Fixed Dodo acting jumpy
  • Reworked Tyrannosaurus model thanks to Bluestreak52
  • Ancient Helmet and Bone Helmet now has a blur effect similar to a pumpkin
  • Ancient Helmet now has a 3D model, not just a flat texture
  • New sounds for Deinonychus thanks to Raptorfarian
  • Feathers config is on by default
  • Feather config is now renamed to scales config
  • Certain wooden blocks in the mod are now flammable
  • Iron Golems no longer attack prehistoric aquatic reptiles
  • Fixed issue with Hardcore End Expansion
  • Re-Implemented the Tooth Dagger
  • Reduced Sarcosuchus hitbox size
  • Various musical improvements and new music track from Nanotyrano
  • Reworked Triceratops model thanks to Bluestreak52
  • Triceratops now has Quills(configurable)!
Plant Changes:
  • Removed Fern Seeds from being obtainable from Bio Fossils, try analyzing Plant Fossils instead!
  • Petrified Palaeoraphe Sapling now replaces the old Plant Fossil, it can be cultivated to get a Palaeoraphe tree
  • Fossilized Plant Seeds/Spores can be obtained from Analyzing Plant Fossils, and can be cultivated to get plant seeds/spores.
  • Plant Seeds can be placed to create a plant
  • Dillhoffia and Sarracina can no longer be obtained via the Sifter
  • Plant Fossils now drop from Fossil blocks
  • Changed Fern Seed’s creative tab to Ancient Materials.
  • Changed Fern Seed’s name to Fern Spore.
  • Fixed Fern block being called “tile.null.name”
  • Removed Fern block from Decorations creative tab
  • Ferns can be placed on Dirt and Podzol
  • Ferns now have a 1 in 5 chance of dropping Fern Spores when destroyed
  • The color of Ferns is now dependent on its biome, similar to Vanilla Leaves or Grass
  • Changed the spelling of “Sarracina” to “Sarracenia”
  • Sarracenia is now two blocks tall
  • Sarracenia now has a more realistic texture
  • Added Cephalotaxus plant
  • Added Lycopodiophyta plant
  • Added Foozia plant
  • Added Zamites plant
  • Added Bennettitales plant
  • Added Welwitschia plant
  • Added Horsetail plant
  • Added Failure Plant
  • Added Plant Seeds and Fossilized Plant Seeds for multiple plants
  • Culture Vat Changes:
  • Culture Vats are now Transparent
  • Culture Vats now render an embryo of the creature they are cultivating
Nether Changes:
  • New world gen: Nether Boats! find them in lava seas
  • Added new Block: Mysterious Idol
  • Something long anticipated, but we rather not spoil it!
Localization Changes:
  • Pirate translation added by Bluestreak52
  • Korean translation updated by lalaladinosaur
  • zh_CN localizations updated by oldjunyi
Structure Changes:
  • New structure by Robberto08


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Jul 29, 2019
Computronics 1.5.3 (by Vexatos)
  • ADDED: The Chat Box and Camera now emit a comparator signal similar to the usually emitted redstone signal.
  • FIXED: The ability to place a Digital Signal Receiver Box on a side of a block when it's not supported.
  • FIXED: Computronics Blocks not having any functions provided to ComputerCraft when OpenPeripheral is there and OpenComputers is not.
  • FIXED: Crash when placing a Camera or Chat Box next to a Rail.

sprinkles_for_vanilla 1.2.4 (by VikeStep)
  • Adds config to disable beacon checking for sunlight
  • Checked if sprinkles_for_vanilla was on the server before changing spawn point

Grimoire of Gaia 3 1.1.0 (by Silentine)
  • Added Ender Girl and Holstaurus
  • Added Ender Girl and Holstaurus Cards
    • Added cards to Trader list
    • Added cards to Deck of Cards item
    • Rarely dropped by Ender Dragon Girl and Minotaurus respectively
  • Sludge Girl no longer rarely drops Slime Girl Card
    • Swamper now rarely drops Slime Girl Card
  • Added Token item
  • Added custom sound effects when cards are used
  • Slightly adjusted Creeper Girl texture
  • Ender Eye can no longer fly
  • Fixed Yeti hand animation


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Jul 29, 2019
~~ New Mods! ~~

RuneTune 1.0-1 (by Vazkii)
Vazkii said:
This mod plays RuneScape music. The music it plays depends on where you are or what you're doing. It overrides the game music, you can change the volume using the normal volume sliders.

Watch a demo:

ExtrabiomesCore (EBXS) 0.1.3 (by allaryin)
allaryin said:
EBXS Core is required for all Extrabiomes releases after EBXL 3.16.x. Apart from supporting all EBXS mods, core currently:
  • Adds custom dyes (fully functional as dye, just not usable to fertilize crops or bake cookies).
In the near future, EBXS core will also add a few biome-nonspecific plants to the game.

Future visible features are eventually planned, but nothing else is nailed down at the moment.
Extrabiomes Autumn Woods (EBXS) 0.0.3 (by allaryin)
allaryin said:
This is the first EBXS release, and provides the Autumn Woods biome.

The mod will eventually provide all of the traditional EBXL Autumn Woods content as well as a few other new features.

ExtrabiomesCore is required. The old ExtrabiomesXL mod should NOT be installed.
Extrabiomes Meadow (EBXS) 0.0.2 (by allaryin)
allaryin said:
This mod is part of the EBXS project and provides the Meadow biome.

The mod will eventually provide all of the traditional EBXL Meadow content as well as a few other new features.

ExtrabiomesCore is required. The old ExtrabiomesXL mod should NOT be installed.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @perromercenary00 with MercenaryMod
perromercenary00 said:
MercenaryMod 0012 15 06 10
  • add MP5T5 (9mm parabellum subfusil)
  • add steel redstone and obsidian grenades (dangerous toys)
  • add M79 grenade launcher
  • add M4A1 + grenade launcher
  • add magazine 45acp
  • add colt1911 //code fixed
  • add desertEagle
  • add redclub munition (especial explosive munition)
  • add red club magazine (24bullets)
  • add redclub (especial gun)
  • add mark2 magazine ( 5.56x45mm nato magazine for 99 bullets)
  • add mark2Lancer(especial gun)
  • downgraded textures for 57 pistol, 90p, 57ar, and m4a1 to 256
and @BlayTheNinth with Cooking for Blockheads
BlayTheNinth said:
This mod adds a cooking book to Minecraft, that will only show recipes that you can currently make with the things you carry in your inventory.

It was made with Pam's Harvestcraft (and all the other mods that add lots of new food) in mind, as it can get quite overwhelming if you're just starting out in your journey of becoming a kitchen master.

Follow me on twitter for the most recent news and to make me feel better about talking to myself!

Report bugs and crashes in the Minecraft Forum topic or on GitHub please. Make sure to include the crash log if it's a crash. Also include the Cooking for Blockheads version and the Minecraft Forge version you are using. You can also use the topic to post suggestions for features you'd like to see added.

Useful Links
Development Versions
Source Code on GitGub

Installation Recipe

  1. Download and install the recommended Minecraft Forge for your Minecraft version.
  2. Download the latest EiraMoticons version for your Minecraft version.
  3. Put the .jar file into the mods folder of your Minecraft installation.
  4. Start the game and begin making delicious food after crafting your very own Cooking for Blockheads book.
  • Recipe book to show all food items you can craft or smelt with the things you have in your inventory.
  • Supports Pam's Harvestcraft: Pam's tools will always be considered as available and the weird 1+1=2 recipes won't show up.

Future Plans
  • Shift-clicking a chest should do the same as right clicking the bug, but for the inventory of the chest instead
  • Buttons to toggle between alternative recipes (right now, only one recipe will show up even if there are multiple ways available)
  • Visual OreDictionary improvements (right now, only one item type will show up even if there are more possible items in the ore dictionary)
If you'd like to see my current ToDo-List, check out the Issues section on GitHub.

This mod along with it’s sourcecode is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license.
Read this to learn what you may or may not do with it.
and @MatrexsVigil with Pam's HarvestCraft
MatrexsVigil said:
Pam's HarvestCraft 1.7.10i
  • Added: Churn Block; uses Salt as fuel to turn Fresh Milk into Butter; Known Bug: Does not have second slot working
  • Added: Quern Block; uses Stone Pressure Plates to grind items normally made with Mortar and Pestle
  • Added: Animal Trap; uses grain bait, veggie bait, or fruit bait to trap and gather animal items (including new meats like turkey!)
  • Added: Fish Trap; uses fish bait to trap and farm fish and water garden foods
  • NOTE: Animal Traps need to be surrounded at the same Y level with at least five dirt or grass covered dirt blocks
  • NOTE: Fish Traps need to be surrounded at the same Y level with at least five still water blocks
  • Added: Wheat Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, and Melon Seeds to Market Block under Seeds (there is a Wheat for Wheat trade, I know)
  • Added: Oak Saplings, Birch Saplings, and Dark Oak Saplings to Market Block under Temperate Saplings (there is a Oak for Oak trade, I know)
  • Added: Jungle Saplings and Acacia Saplings to Market Block under Tropical Saplings (there is a Jungle for Jungle trade, I know)
  • Added: Spruce Saplings to Market Block under Coniferous Saplings (there is a Spruce for Spruce trade, I know)
  • Change: Chili Chocolate recipe now requires Mixing Bowl instead of Mortar and Pestle
  • Change: Manjuu recipe now requires Mixing Bowl instead of Mortar and Pestle
  • Fix: Listed Raw Salmon, Pufferfish, Clownfish, and Cooked Salmon under the correct Ore Dictionary terms
  • Added: Pumpkin, Potato, Carrot listed as "cropBlah" in Ore Dictionary
  • Added: Torches and Candles listed as "blockTorch" in Ore Dictionary
  • Added: Recipe to make Lit Pumpkins with "cropPumpkin" and "blockTorch"
  • Fix: Candle textures are now correctly centered (thanks jecowa)
  • Change: Removed config option to change amount of Fresh Water gained from recipe
  • Config Option: You can now disable using crop items to plant with enablecropitemsasseeds under "miscellaneous recipes" Default: True
  • Change: Crops should now use IPlantable correctly
  • Change: Mocha Ice Cream now uses "toolMixingbowl" like other ice cream recipes (thanks Geethebluesky)
  • Fix: Various recipes now use "toolMixingbowl" instead of toolMixingbow (thanks Geethebluesky)
  • Fix: Shepard's Pie now renamed Shepherd's Pie and recipe fixed to use right Ore Dictionary (thanks MisfitAngel)
  • Added: Raw Turkey, Rabbit, and Venison Find using Animal Trap
  • Added: Cooked Turkey, Rabbit, and Venison Cook the raw versions
  • Fix: Pot block can now be properly placed on the Oven
  • Added: Strawberry Milkshake, Chocolate Milkshake, Banana Milkeshake, Cornflakes, Coleslaw Burger, Roast Chicken Dinner,
  • Roast Potatoes, Sunday Roast, BBQ Pulled Pork, Lamb with Mint Sauce, Steak and Chips, Cherry Ice Cream, Pistachio Ice Cream, Neapolitan Ice Cream, Spumoni Ice Cream
  • Fix: You can now buy items with metadata from the Market Block (spawn eggs, bonemeal, etc) (thanks Mr. Crayfish)
  • Fix: Apiary code cleaned up and being surrounded by flowers, crops, or grass-based gardens actually makes the Apiary produce faster! (thanks Java Matrix)
and @Crafter_L with AntMan
Crafter_L said:


The Minecraft Version of AntMan!
Requires RenderPlayerAPI.

This is in beta! There are no crafting recipes and there may be bugs!

Current Features:
  • Decrease your size! (default with key F)


Mod Developer
May 13, 2014
New version of RFTools (3.00) with the following changes:

  • The Builder: This reuses part of the work that was done for the (currently still defunct) space projector.
    • First you define an area of space (currently limited to 128x128x128) using eight space chamber blocks, link a space chamber card to it and put that in a Builder.
    • The Builder you need to place where you want to move or copy the selected area (can be in a different dimension but that costs more).
    • The Builder supports four operations: move, back, swap, and copy.
    • To copy an area you need to put an inventory (chest) above or below the builder with the right blocks in it.
    • The builder can move/swap tile entities but there is a rule system associated with this. You can read more about this here: Builder Configuration. By default RFTools is now configured with the Whitelist option which means that it will only move tile entities that are known to be safe.
    • Vanilla mob spawners and Thaumcraft nodes are configured to be more expensive to move.
    • The Builder can also (optionally) move entities.
    • If you right click a space card in your hand you will get a list of all blocks and entities in the linked area. This allows you to get an idea of what will be moved or copied.
    • Current limitations: the builder will not work correctly if the source and destination areas overlap. Be careful with that. The builder can also not correctly move things like torches and crops because these pop off when you try to move the blocks adjacent to them. Rotating is also not tested very well. Use with care.
  • Screen related changes:
    • Fixed a bug where placing a large screen would not correctly restore the invisible screen blocks. This made 3 parts of the large screen not usable for interactive purposes.
    • Fixed a bug when breaking a large screen. The three invisible screen blocks would not get cleared which made it hard to get rid of them since they cannot be broken in survival.
    • Fixed a bug where multiple people looking at the same RF/t energy module in a screen would not see the same thing.
  • Dimension related changes:
    • It is no longer possible to bring down the cost of a dimension to only 10RF/tick. The minimum is set to (by default) 10% of the normal creation cost without bonus dimlets.
    • Implemented Patreon dimlets and the very first two Patreon dimlets: McJty and SickHippie.
    • Tweaked the config values of Material Default/Liquid Default a bit. They were somewhat expensive.
    • The nether iridium ore is now made a LOT more expensive and rarity 6.
    • Fixed a crash after removing mods that add biomes if there are RFTools dimensions that use those biomes. Now it will replace missing biomes with the 'plains' biome.
  • Storage System changes:
    • Fixed a serious item-wipe bug in the storage system if you would click on the storage slot with another item.
    • Fixed a crash bug with an empty/uninitialized filter being inserted in a storage block.
    • The filter search box is now focused by default when opening the gui for a modular storage block.
  • Various:
    • Completely changed how the power relay item works. It now has different behaviour on all six sides and you can control input versus output mode and also exactly how much power is allowed in and out. The behaviour can also change based on redstone signal. This is not compatible with the old relay blocks so if you use those you'll have to change the configuration.
    • Added configuration options to disable the recipes for various machines.
    • Greatly reduced teleportation time in case you have a fully infused transmitter.
    • For all text fields in RFTools Gui's (including the filter search box in the storage system) you can now right-click to clear the text.
    • Selecting a Tile Entity with the Developers Delight item (creative only) will now also get the NBT information of a tile entity in the log (in addition to the window that still appears).
    • Many GUI's in RFTools will now show a grayed out version of the item that they accept in a specific item slot.

Curse download: http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/224641-rftools#c50;t1:other-downloads (whenever it gets approved)

Note if you're using the Power Relay. You will have to update the settings of that block so it works again.
Note about the builder. It is currently set in 'whitelist' mode so that it will only attempt to move tile entities that it knows (thinks) are safe (i.e. from a rules list).



Wiki Staff
Dec 31, 2012
Worcester, Massachusetts
Some useful improvements from Greg today
GregoriusT said:
[FIXED] freshly placed GT TileEntities having twice the Tickrate until they are unloaded and reloaded at least once. I only found that thanks to the TPS Sensor displaying ~40 TPS after being placed and ~20 TPS when they were loaded from the World.
[FIXED] Crucible doing the smelting Conversions multiple times in a row as soon as the melting point is reached causing things like Rubber or Plastic to evaporate, rather than having a slight loss.
[CHANGED] The Axe can now mine Leaves and similar but at an eighth of the Speed.
[ADDED] The File can now harvest vanilla Iron Bars.
[ADDED] more variety to Dungeon Loot Items.
[ADDED] Support for OpenBlocks RGB painting (untested)
[ADDED] TPS Sensors for measuring the Server Ticks per Second directly. This Sensor, unlike the others which do every tick, only scans tps every 20 ticks in order to give a more precise result.
[ADDED] Player Counter Sensors to count the amount of Players on the entire Server.
An example of painting GT machines with OpenBlocks paint:


New Member
Jul 29, 2019
SquidAPI 1.1.14
  • Small changes to the update checker menu.
  • Changes to the crash report api.
  • Small internal changes.
SquidUtils 2.1.3
  • Fixed servers.
PackGuard 1.1.0
  • New GUI design.
  • Added OpenEye compatibility. Removes the modpack tags if the pack has been tampered with, making sure it doesn't appear when searching for the modpack on OpenEye.
  • Added chat message warnings with customizable colors.
  • All warnings except the GUI can now be told to display "No tampering found." if no modifications gets discovered.
  • PackGuard can now check for version changes in the mod list. If this feature is wanted, the pack author has to write "CodeChickenCore - 1.1.1" instead of just "CodeChickenCore".
StarStones 1.0.7
  • Fixed some broken stuff.