What's new in modded minecraft today?


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Binnie567 with Binnie's Mods
Binnie567 said:
Binnie's Mods 2.0-pre13
New recipes can be found on the wiki at http://binnie.mods.wiki/
  • Added Analyst, a beealyzer-type device that analyses anything and tells you all sorts of useful information. Basically like a database for actual items
  • Added Registry and Master Registry, new type of database that combine the four different databases into one sleek new interface
  • Added Splicer, first in a range of more powerful faster genetic machines. This inoculates individuals much faster (a few minutes) but needs insane amounts of power
  • Compartments have been updated, to have a search function similar to the old indexer.
  • Lots of changes to the mutations and genes of trees/bees. Use the Master Registry if you want to check new mutations.
  • Fixed dupe bug with inventories (267)
  • Can now drink bottles/buckets/etc of alcohol (be careful of drinking too much) (201)
  • Fixed not being able to type chinese into text boxes(262)
  • Fixed missing texture bug (265)
  • Changed trowel recipe to avoid recipe clash with Chisel (268)
  • Changed when lumbermill calculates products (269, 270, 268)
  • Fixed mobs interacting with Extra Trees gates (241)
  • Fixed render issue with serums (235)

and @chemistrymodmaker with Calculator
chemistrymodmaker said:
Calculator 1.7.5
  • Added Flux Controller
  • Added Flux Plug
  • Added Flux Point
  • Added Rain Sensor
  • Added Weather Controller
  • Added Fences for all the woods.
  • Fixed Storage Chamber Glitch & Incompatibility with Thermal Dynamics
  • Fixed progress bar glitch.
  • Changes to Speed/Energy upgrade system.
  • Moving stack glitches with Calculators
  • Crash with Atomic Calculator Recipes.
  • More bug fixes


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Jul 29, 2019
Lulan2 put out a new ShinColle Update :3
NEW: Add Aircraft Carrier Water Demon, build from Hadal Hydrothermal Vortex.
NEW: Add repeat build mode for Abyssal Hydrothermal Vent and Hadal Hydrothermal Vortex. (click build button twice)
NOTE: For Hadal Hydrothermal Vortex, the build materials will set automatically.
For Abyssal Hydrothermal Vent, record the materials when clicking the button to loop mode.
NEW: Support FluidContainerRegistry and IFluidContainerItem for fuel (lava only).
NOTE: For IFluidContainerItem (ex: ender tank, universal cell), the lava will not extract when stack size > 1.
NEW: Add recipe: Grudge block + Iron block -> Abyssium Block
NEW: Support forge ore dictionary: Polymetallic Ore = "oreManganese", Polymetallic Nodules = "dustManganese".
NEW: Add zh_CN.lang by IamAchang.
FIX: Fix the emotion changes too fast bug (< 5 sec) when sitting.
FIX: Fix some particle bug.
CHANGE: Tweak mount and ship idle AI.
CHANGE: Tweak some equip value.
CHANGE: Tweak models and textures.
CHANGE: Tweak bounding box and eye height for Morph mod.
CHANGE: Hostile ship will spawn in the water block of BEACH and WATER(OCEAN, RIVER) biome.
CHANGE: Hide unavailable AI options in ship inventory GUI.
CHANGE: Hadal Hydrothermal Vortex now accept polymetal gravel.
CHANGE: Cancel the damage reducing and armor(%) if attacker is owner.
CHANGE: (friendly ship only) Change the damage reducing of ship vs ship according to the armor(%) in config: "ship_limit".
CHANGE: Dismantle Hammer changes: left click: one shot kill (owner only), sneaking + right click: dismantle.


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Jul 29, 2019
MineMaarten updated PneumaticCraft to 1.9.2-88
-Rebalanced Pressure Chamber Interface recipe to not require plastic (as that's a higher tier now).
-Performance increases for the Charging Station and Charging Module.
-Bugfix: Crash with Better Storage Crate and Pneumatic Helmet Block Tracker.
-Bugfix: Weird client crash (StackOverFlowException) on logging in on server.
-Bugfix: Crafting a Pneumatic Helmet with completely empty Air Canisters will yield you a helmet with no durability.

Mr_TJP updated Project Red to 4.7.0pre5
- ADDED: Cell gate IC parts
- ADDED: Creative mode IC Chip with instant and free prints
- ADDED: IC Blueprint reset recipe
- ADDED: IC Blueprint copy recipe
- FIX: IC Gates not updating neighbors properly
- FIX: IC Gates not recognizing white signal changes
- FIX: Crash when resource packs change lily textures
- FIX: Container item duplication exploit
- FIX: Rebalanced frame motor electricity use
- FIX: Thermal expansion auto-adding incorrect recipes for electrotine ingots and dusts
- FIX: Solar panels no longer working after 1 day cycle
- FIX: IC Printer not recognizing lever
- FIX: IC Printer crashing because some mod added an invalid recipe
- FIX: IC Printer container shift clicking
- FIX: Dependency auto-downloader trying to use outdated links
- CHANGE: Rewrote Firewall pipe gui
- CHANGE: Rewrote Request pipe gui
- CHANGE: IC Printer can now pull items from adjacent inventories


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Reika with DragonAPI, CaveControl, ChromatiCraft, ElectriCraft, GeoStrata, LegacyCraft, MeteorCraft, ReactorCraft, RotaryCraft, TerritoryZone and Void Monster
Reika said:
DragonAPI, CaveControl, ChromatiCraft, ElectriCraft, GeoStrata, LegacyCraft, MeteorCraft, ReactorCraft, RotaryCraft, TerritoryZone and Void Monster v7
DragonAPI: Fixed WAILA tooltip duplication
DragonAPI: Added ordering support to PlayerSpecificRenderer
DragonAPI: Improved "Clear Items" command
DragonAPI: Added last-resort option to slow sync packets
DragonAPI: Made MultiMap support ordering and collection factories
DragonAPI: Completed and fixed Chunk Loading utilities
DragonAPI: Added support for Entity registries
DragonAPI: Added handler for ItemStack repositories
DragonAPI: Fixed forestry centrifuge recipe handling
DragonAPI: Expanded ModList class capabilities
DragonAPI: Added Furnace update event
DragonAPI: Added creative tab render event
DragonAPI: Added Tinker Smeltery recipe handling
DragonAPI: Redesigned and improved BlockArray
DragonAPI: Added new debug tools to help with classloading errors
DragonAPI: Added JVM argument support
DragonAPI: Added semantic version parsing
DragonAPI: Fixed ModList not recognizing ChromatiCraft as one of my mods
DragonAPI: Made many mod handlers more failure resistant
DragonAPI: Added mod handler failure logging
DragonAPI: Improved version checker notifications
DragonAPI: Added BlockConsumedByFire event
DragonAPI: Added GregTech ore compatibility
DragonAPI: Minetweaker handler is now more tolerant of zs script errors
DragonAPI: Greatly expanded ThaumCraft interaction
DragonAPI: Updated OpenBlocks liquid XP handling
DragonAPI: Added hooks for adding loot to Twilight Forest chests
DragonAPI: Added ReversibleMultiMap
DragonAPI: Added Entity ID command
DragonAPI: Added support for serverwide sound
DragonAPI: Added support for tracking modpack modifications
DragonAPI: Fixed client code in getAllMetadataPermutations()
DragonAPI: Added log filtering capability
DragonAPI: Greatly abbreviated missing texture console spam
DragonAPI: Added support for Chunk-by-Chunk pregeneration
DragonAPI: Fixed biome setting not being saved
DragonAPI: Expanded MESystemReader to add Fuzzy and Crafting support
DragonAPI: Fixed AEItemStack.create() crash
DragonAPI: Added FarClippingPlane event
DragonAPI: Added internet support to FileReader
CaveControl: Made able to run serverside only
ChromatiCraft: Dimension is now accessible in survival
ChromatiCraft: Added a great deal of new dimension worldgen
ChromatiCraft: Added 2/16 dimension structures
ChromatiCraft: Added Hover Wand
ChromatiCraft: Added config to disable Ball Lightning
ChromatiCraft: Ball lightning now despawns if unloaded
ChromatiCraft: Added new lexicon entries
ChromatiCraft: Filled in most missing lexicon data
ChromatiCraft: Ability GUI key will reclose the gui if using the keybind system
ChromatiCraft: Fixed lumen tree WAILA tags
ChromatiCraft: Added some lumen tree effects
ChromatiCraft: Added option to make pylons chunkload selves after use
ChromatiCraft: Added compatibility with the RotaryCraft reservoir for Chroma-related crafting
ChromatiCraft: Added RF Distributor
ChromatiCraft: Fixed packet spam if oscillating a crystal tank
ChromatiCraft: Fixed rainbow forests attempting to generate flowers/ethereal blooms on sand or in water
ChromatiCraft: Redesigned creative GUI
ChromatiCraft: Added code to ensure no rune recipes conflict
ChromatiCraft: Added transport window
ChromatiCraft: Added splash gun
ChromatiCraft: Added chain gun
ChromatiCraft: Implemented vacuum gun
ChromatiCraft: Made creative lexicon permanently creative
ChromatiCraft: Redesigned entity registration
ChromatiCraft: Fully implemented Biome Painter
ChromatiCraft: Added PneumaticCraft support to stop its helmet from finding structures
ChromatiCraft: Added major ThaumCraft interaction to connect nodes to the Crystal Network
ChromatiCraft: Added ME Distributor
ChromatiCraft: Finished adding TC aspects
ChromatiCraft: Improved pathfinding performance
ChromatiCraft: Added shards and fragments to Twilight Forest loot tables
ChromatiCraft: Added API hook to blacklist entities from the spawner reprogrammer
ChromatiCraft: Fixed an Aura Pouch GUI crash if switching held item while opening the GUI
ChromatiCraft: Added config to halve the texture size of the pylon aura overlay, for low-end GPUs
ChromatiCraft: Added RangedBoost ability
ChromatiCraft: Made duplication wand available in survival
ChromatiCraft: Added Aura Locus
ChromatiCraft: Added ability to autofill loot chests for mapmakers
ChromatiCraft: Fixed effect duplication with multiple players around crystals
ChromatiCraft: Berries are now craftable into dyes
ChromatiCraft: Multithreaded dimension generation code
ChromatiCraft: Changed one structure shield block to a light
ChromatiCraft: Fixed potion crystal range being only 4 blocks instead of 12 (This bug has been there since early 1.6.4!)
ChromatiCraft: Stopped BC quarry from mining structures
ChromatiCraft: Blacklisted fragments and shards from Aura Cascade loot tables
ChromatiCraft: Improved HUD performance
ChromatiCraft: Fixed Aspect Jar not working for ThaumCraft Infusion
ChromatiCraft: Added Item Mover
ChromatiCraft: Expanded recipe spam checking and rebalancing
ChromatiCraft: Made rune renderer for recipes clearer
ChromatiCraft: Fixed fabricator recipes
ChromatiCraft: Fixed item collector not working
ChromatiCraft: Filly implemented Location Warp ability
ChromatiCraft: Reach boost now renders new HUD elements and changes the block highlight box
ChromatiCraft: Added option to autogive some research elements on certain progress elements
ChromatiCraft: Added API hooks to allow mods to handle Tile Acceleration in custom ways
ChromatiCraft: Fixed DeathProof ability
ChromatiCraft: Right-clicking on tanks with multiple stacked buckets no longer wastes fluid
ChromatiCraft: Added new GUI sounds
ChromatiCraft: Guardian stone now intercepts Ender TNT
ChromatiCraft: Fireball ability now glasses dirt and sand
ChromatiCraft: Fixed Ore Harvester not working on mod ores
ChromatiCraft: Fixed relay StackOverflow errors
ElectriCraft: Added handbook
ElectriCraft: Fixed network chunk loading issues
ElectriCraft: Prevented network recalculation from happening more than once per tick
ElectriCraft: Motors are now more intelligent about how many power sources they have
ElectriCraft: Improved battery render
ElectriCraft: Fixed voltage going negative on high-resistance wires
ElectriCraft: Fixed some renders being backwards on inverted machines
ElectriCraft: Added ComputerCraft/OpenComputers integration
ElectriCraft: Fixed RF network sometimes voiding energy
GeoStrata: Added WAILA tooltip
GeoStrata: Water vents in the nether now generate as steam vents
GeoStrata: Vents now take world sea level into account when choosing generation elevation limits
GeoStrata: Vents no longer fire if blocked
LegacyCraft: added option to disable lava spreading hiss noises
MeteorCraft: Added API hooks
ReactorCraft: Added Thorium ore generation
ReactorCraft: Heavy water extractor renamed and given new fluid extraction capabilities
ReactorCraft: Hid "duct" and "line" blocks from NEI
ReactorCraft: Added ComputerCraft/OpenComputers support for getSteam()
ReactorCraft: Added ComputerCraft/OpenComputers support for SCRAM()
ReactorCraft: Implemented reactor core chunkloading option
ReactorCraft: Added option to allow fluorite recoloring
ReactorCraft: Fixed fusion preheater multiblock texture glitches
ReactorCraft: Redesigned entity registration
ReactorCraft: Fixed HP turbine voiding most of its steam
ReactorCraft: HP turbines no longer dump liquid in space
ReactorCraft: Waste containers can now be Tile Accelerated
ReactorCraft: Neutrons can now go through ChromatiCraft World Rifts
ReactorCraft: Broke most fusion plasma exploits
ReactorCraft: Added steam diffuser
ReactorCraft: Changed steam line texture
ReactorCraft: Fixed fluid extractor still animating when not getting sufficient power
ReactorCraft: Spent fuel container no longer accepts long-lived waste
RotaryCraft: Added API hooks for temperature and pressure
RotaryCraft: Fixed Rock melter GUI and NEI tooltip and clicking issues
RotaryCraft: Drying bed now accepts fluid from above
RotaryCraft: Added Terrasteel and Voidmetal to the BlastGate registry
RotaryCraft: Compactor can now make packed ice
RotaryCraft: Tungsten smelting is now much slower
RotaryCraft: Industrial coil mechanics changed to make power input determine max charge and charge determine max output
RotaryCraft: Added chunkloader
RotaryCraft: Added GUI for fuel-powered engine
RotaryCraft: Friction boiler now works incrementally and will not accumulate "Fake energy"
RotaryCraft: Added config to disable light bridge
RotaryCraft: Furnace GUI now shows the progress arrow when run by a friction heater
RotaryCraft: Registered compost to the Ore Dictionary
RotaryCraft: Greatly expanded autocrafter capabilities; added "craft X as long as less than Y of it" mode for ME systems
RotaryCraft: Autocrafter can now accept AE encoded patterns
RotaryCraft: Added option to invert clutch states
RotaryCraft: Added clutch connectivity indicator
RotaryCraft: Tile Selector now provides chat feedback
RotaryCraft: Added liquefaction machine
RotaryCraft: Canola can now grow on modded farmland
RotaryCraft: Fixed gravel gun draining energy even when it could not fire
RotaryCraft: Monazit now gives Thorium as a byproduct
RotaryCraft: Added plank and log grinding into sawdust
RotaryCraft: Added ability to make some basic parts (ingots, gears, panels, shafts, etc) in a Tinkers Smeltery
RotaryCraft: Added molten HSLA fluid
RotaryCraft: Mobs spawned by the spawner controller no longer despawn due to a lack of nearby players
RotaryCraft: Fixed belt hub rendering issues
RotaryCraft: Fixed console spam from the Spy Camera when in debug mode
RotaryCraft: Fixed handbook console spam from bedrock grafter without Forestry
RotaryCraft: Improved heat ray performance
RotaryCraft: Added BC gold gears to the BlastGate registry
RotaryCraft: Fermenter can now accept sawdust as a plant material
RotaryCraft: Added config to disable item cannon
RotaryCraft: Redesigned Entity registration
RotaryCraft: Increased Borer range limit to 30M blocks
RotaryCraft: Made borer-comparator interaction more complete
RotaryCraft: Jet engine can now ingest fluids; some fluids are very strongly negative
RotaryCraft: Added ability for several machines (including Grinder and Extractor) to run multiple operations per tick
RotaryCraft: Rock wool now works for insulation
RotaryCraft: Fixed spurious shaft junction overloading failures
RotaryCraft: Fixed flywheel running some other mod machines forever
RotaryCraft: Added ability to uncraft gear units
RotaryCraft: Added API hook for the defence turrets
RotaryCraft: Reservoirs can now be fallen into no matter the size or shape
RotaryCraft: Lubricant hose is now flammable, and can burn violently if full of lubricant
RotaryCraft: Rotational Dynamo now supports IEnergyReceiver as well as IEnergyHandler
RotaryCraft: Hydrokinetic can now be driven by other fluids; density affects torque generation
RotaryCraft: Borer shows power requirement on WAILA
RotaryCraft: Fixed a few shaft junction issues
RotaryCraft: Added ComputerCraft/OpenComputers support for the Item Pump
RotaryCraft: Added a config to increase borer chunk generation
RotaryCraft: Coal coke and anthracite are now valid furnace fuels
RotaryCraft: Added acacia and dark wood to sawdust-to-planks crafting
RotaryCraft: Made spring steel require a higher temperature
RotaryCraft: Increased Dew Point Aggregator tank capacity
RotaryCraft: Borer chunk gen can no longer cause a crash from MystCraft "already decorating!" crash
RotaryCraft: Added basic Minetweaker support
TerritoryZone: Added option to not intercept fake player actions
TerritoryZone: Added options to shrink or blink overlay
Void Monster: Added API hook to blacklist dimensions


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Jul 29, 2019
Ever feel like the oceans are kind of bland? Well here is thehippomaster21 with the 1.7.10 release of Aquatic Abyss!

thehippomaster21 said:

The Aquatic Abyss mod adds life, both mythical and real, to the oceans of Minecraft! This mod adds many species of fish, seahorses, and other creatures, as well as mythical creatures like the sea serpent. Along with that, this mod also adds seaweed to the ocean to make the environment more lively. More features to come soon!

Requires Forge and the AnimationAPI.

More information on the forum page here.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Vazkii with Botania
Vazkii said:
Botania 199, 200 & 201
  • Botania 201
    • Added an end portal recipe to Garden of Glass.
    • Fixed a crash when leaving the nether in a Garden of Glass world.
  • Botania 200
    • In Garden of Glass using a Bowl in water will create a Bowl of Water that can be used to fill the Petal Apothecary. I can't believe I forgot that >_>
    • Happy 200th build... yay...
  • Botania 199
    • Added the Garden of Glass. A new skyblock world type with recipe tweaks and some new blocks. This requires a separate jar file to be installed. Check the page for more info.
    • Added a recipe to create snow blocks using water and the Pure Daisy.
    • Added Alchemy Recipes to switch between all types of tall grass.
    • Added the 1.9 Ender Bricks to the Decorative Ender Blocks section. Textures may not be 100% percise as they were reproduced from the low quality screenshots available.
    • Added the Cocoon of Caprice, a new block that can spawn baby animals.
    • Changed the End Stone Bricks' textures to be similar to the ones announced for 1.9.
    • Fixed a crash with the Pure Daisy's NEI lookup when a recipe with a Block input is registered.
    • Made the Pure Daisy more performant.
    • Platform blocks now accept any solid block. This includes chisel's but they won't have connected textures.
    • [API] Rewrote some code in RecipePureDaisy to be more performant. The matches() signature changed, mod authors must adapt if overriding.
    • [API] Increased version number to 56.

and @x3n0ph0b3 with Reliquary
x3n0ph0b3 said:
Reliquary 1.2.257
Officially this beta build of the mod was never flagged as stable. There are new features in it, namely the ability to make potions with a mortar and pestle and an apothecary cauldron. They function very similar to how Skyrim potions function, with some very obvious fundamental differences if you're willing to experiment. There are an exceptionally large number of config options added in this [and any previous] version.

Aside from this and some important bug fixes, very little actually changed.

The reason for its never being released is nebulous. In any official capacity it is at least as stable as the last official release, with the exception of the potion system which is "unpolished" but functional, and a known bug involving the tome of alkahestry in contemporary auto-crafting tile entities [cyclic assembler, et al], which caused a crash. At the time of writing, the last known state of the crash was "owned" by COFH, anectdotally, but never confirmed to be their fault. Since that time, we've been busy with real life and failed to tend to the mod with our time or attention and it has languished as a result.

I'm releasing it here so that users can take a look, at least partially, at what we had in store for the new mob drops, and perhaps breathe some life into an otherwise dusty old mod.

Other features were planned for future releases and have since been shelved. I [x3n0ph0b3] lack the time and energy to devote to some of my [not particularly ambitious] designs. As with many times prior, this may change at some unspecified time in the future, and I make no promises as to the future of the mod, or my intention to continue.

It's been a good run. I hope you guys enjoy the mod. It's open source, so if anyone wants to pick up the torch, feel free to fork the repo, re-release. The assets are public domain [mostly made by me] or any contribution therein exists in creative-commons [sound effects]. The LGPL license allows for redistribution, at-will, generally without exceptions, provided the derivation also remains LGPL. There's nothing stopping you from selling it, but as a polite gentleman, I'd kindly prefer you didn't.

Comments and criticism still welcome. Enjoy. :D

and @Vazkii with Garden of Glass
Vazkii said:
This is an addon for botania, it adds a skyblock mode to the mod.

You can find more info on it here

and @Reika with DragonAPI, ChromatiCraft, ElectriCraft, ReactorCraft & RotaryCraft
Reika said:
DragonAPI, ChromatiCraft, ElectriCraft, ReactorCraft & RotaryCraft V7b
  • DragonAPI: Fixed accidental Gendustry API packaging
  • DragonAPI: Fixed PneumaticCraft API classloading errors
  • DragonAPI: Added Semantic Version and ModVersion conversion
  • DragonAPI: Added Node placer to ThaumItemHelper
  • ChromatiCraft: Added "Node Networking" fragment and lexicon entry
  • ChromatiCraft: Chunk loaders no longer work in the dimension
  • ElectriCraft: Fixed "network could not be cleaned" errors
  • ReactorCraft: Fixed CPU GUI button offsets
  • ReactorCraft: Fixed remote control crash
  • ReactorCraft Further reduced HP turbine loss
  • RotaryCraft: Multi-operation machines now show in green in Operation Time handbook page
  • RotaryCraft: Improved clutch rendering
  • RotaryCraft: Fixed console printout when using bedrock axe
  • RotaryCraft: Fixed triggering Forge-caused breaking of special recipe objects like unstable ingots(?)


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @K4Unl with Hydraulicraft
K4Unl said:
Hydraulicraft 2.1.166
  • Added assembler
  • Rewrote mixer to filter. Hydraulic oil recipe has changed
  • Changed a LOT of recipes.
  • Changed pressure tiers for ore processing! Please disconnect any and all high pressure networks before attempting to update!
  • New textures!
  • New models!
  • New worldgen:
  • Lonezium
  • Beachium
  • Nadsium Bicarbinate
  • Oil
  • Rewrote multiparts. They now function correctly and can be hidden behind covers again
  • Added fluids:
  • Perfluoro Carbon fluid
  • Lubricant
  • Probably a lot more that i forgot too..

and @Reika with DragonAPI, ChromatiCraft, ReactorCraft and RotaryCraft
Reika said:
DragonAPI, ChromatiCraft, ReactorCraft and RotaryCraft V7c
  • DragonAPI: Fixed more PnC classloading issues
  • DragonAPI: Fixed BlockArray recursiveAdd()
  • DragonAPI: Added bitflag support
  • ChromatiCraft: Fixed ME Distributor spawning items
  • ChromatiCraft: Added link tool recipe
  • ChromatiCraft: Fixed some dimension decoration blocks being mineable
  • ChromatiCraft: Fixed some dimension resource item names
  • ChromatiCraft: Dimension resource item names are now obfuscated to players without the appropriate progression
  • ChromatiCraft: Fixed Botania version sensitivity
  • ReactorCraft: Fixed Gendustry version sensitivity
  • ReactorCraft: Adjusted HP turbine fluid recovery rate (again)
  • RotaryCraft: Fixed composter NEI "recipes" box
  • RotaryCraft: Fixed liquefaction machine recipes box showing in wrong GUIs
  • RotaryCraft: Fixed solar plant NPEs
  • RotaryCraft: Improved pipe performance
  • RotaryCraft: Fluid viscosity now affects hydrokinetic power output
  • RotaryCraft: Compost can now be used as bonemeal
  • RotaryCraft: Modded bonemeals should now work on Canola
  • RotaryCraft: Fixed rock melter giving 90% too little ethanol for melting crystals
DragonAPI and RotaryCraft V7d
  • DragonAPI: Fixed even more PnC classloading issues
  • RotaryCraft: Fixed Autocrafter dependence on AE
  • RotaryCraft: Compost now works in a dispenser as bonemeal


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Jul 29, 2019
ProjectE 1.7.2 "Babel Fish" for Minecraft 1.7 is now live on the Curse Client and at: http://minecraft.curseforge.com/mc-mods/226410-projecte/files

###Version 1.7.10-PE1.7.2
* NEW: French language file updates
* NEW: Russian language file updates
* NEW: German language file updates
* NEW: Italian language file updates
* NEW: Chinese language file updates
* NEW: Shift clicking added in some GUIs that were missing it
* FIXED: Knowledge entries duplicating when exiting the End. Thanks Mojang
* FIXED: A SSP ConcurrentModificationException
* FIXED: A ArithmeticException caused by the rent...erm...the EMC value of a recipe being too damn high
* FIXED: A calculation issue resulting from a items damage being higher than its max damage
* FIXED: Divining rod ignoring metadata
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Jul 29, 2019
Advent of Ascension updated to 2.3.5 for a small update:
2.3.5 Changelog:

- 18 New Upgrade Kit Weapons

> Kits currently unavailable. Kits will be unlocked in 2.4

> These kits correspond to Lelyetia, The Greckon, Candyland, Celeve, Dustopia and Barathos

> These kits will all follow the 0.5% drop chance

- Mob Changes

> Polytom:

- Health Value Reduced

- Explosion Size Reduced

- Fire Rate Reduced

- Damage Reduced

>Construct of Terror:

- Projectiles No Longer Explode

- Faster Fire Rate

- Projectiles Deal More Damage


- Damage Increase

- Projectiles No Longer Explode


- Vision Disruption Angle Reduced

- Static View Darkened

> Stalker Prime:

- Static View Darkened


- Damage Angle Heavily Reduced

Skill Changes:


- Exp when collecting from Pixons increased at higher levels.

>> *Upcoming Change: All infusion stones will become rarely obtainable from methods apart from infusion.


- Exp increased at higher levels.


- Exp increased at higher levels.


- Exp increased at higher levels.


- Exp largely increased at all levels.


- Exp increased at higher levels.

A bucket-load of bug fixes
Many sound/visual tweaks


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Dec 31, 2012
Worcester, Massachusetts
A lot of material and metal working additions in today's GregTech update!
GregoriusT said:
[FIXED] GT Tools not dealing additional Enchantment Effects against Mobs, such as Endermen and Slimes.
[FIXED] A lot of the terribly cheap crafting Tools being available, so that one could use them in an illogical way for crafting (Hammers, Saws, Files and similar). Ice and Glass Tools in particular, but also Stone and Stone alike Tools in some cases.
[FIXED] Melting Points of Alloys which have a larger or smaller amount of Components, than the end result. This affects Red Alloy, Blue Alloy and maybe very few others.
[CHANGED] Ironwood to require 2 Angmallen (50% Iron, 50% Gold) instead of 1 Gold and substracted 1 Iron. In the end it still has the same Ratios of Iron, Liveroot and Gold, just the Recipe uses Angmallen (I did a similar thing to Stainless Steel in the past by letting it use 3 Invar instead of 1 Nickel).
[ADDED] Some kind of Fake NEI Recipe Handling thingamabob for the Crucible. It should show most Recipes.
[ADDED] Dissolving Enchant against Slimes. Default Materials for that are Copper, Annealed Copper and Hepatizon. Salt and Rocksalt too in theory, but you can't make Weapons of those. This also works against some Twilight Forest Mobs.
[ADDED] Almost full Metallurgy Support for its Materials. So you can now specify its Ores in my World Generator and make GT Tools with those Metals.
[ADDED] Tool Heads and Stuff for Copper. Also removed Flint Chisel to keep balance.
[ADDED] Enderium, Signalum and Lumium Recipes to the Crucible. For Signalum you might want to throw in small amounts of Copper one at a time, after the Silver and the Redstone are already molten, otherwise you either get Sterling Silver or Red Alloy. I DID test that and it DOES work. Also I added that way to the Description of the Alloy itself.
Tooltips to Materials in order to identify their correspondend Mods (for example Red Alloy => Redpower, or Invar => Thermal Expansion).
For the Materials added by the API alraedy, this means that I added the Mod, which originally added that Material to the Game (for the Mods I remember the Names of).
For the ones who use my Material System, I would recommend adding the Mod ownership to your own Mod if you add a new Material, otherwise you will get labeled as "Not added by GregTech" instead.

[FIXED] A lot of the faulty References to my Recipe System, which happened due to a change I made to it.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @bk1325 with Archimedes' Ships
bk1325 said:
Archimedes' Ships 1.8-ALPHA-3.0
  • Add Submersible Ships
  • Add persistent submersible toggle to ship GUI
  • Add configurable ship water tightness ratio (What amount of water blocks can get into your ship?)
  • Add better ship helm model

and @XFactHD with EIORecipesTEInductionSmelter
XFactHD said:
This mod adds recipes to create EnderIO's alloys in a Thermal Expansion Induction Smelter and

two new items to be able to create alloys with three ingredients in a machine with two slots.

I created this addon because I got annoyed of the long processing times of EnderIO's Alloy Smelter.

The intention is just to be able to create EnderIO's alloys in a Thermal Expansion Induction Smelter

for the sake of shorter processing time.


Mod Developer
Dec 24, 2013
BuildCraft 7.0.14, the version which finally makes BC quarries work properly! (Kind of. Also fixes a dozen other bugs.) Changelog:

  • Quarries now dig through light fluids and stop on dense fluids. Behaviour might change later, so watch out! (asie)
Bugs fixed:
  • [#2880] Try to fix fluid pipe bug (asie)
  • [#2878] Robot NPE for robots prior to 7.0.13 fix (asie)
  • [#2877] Survival blueprint crash (asie)
  • [#2841] Another crash with Oil in the Nether (asie)
  • [#2837] Massive lag with Construction Markers (hea3ven)
  • [#2831] Robots sinking through the ground (hea3ven)
  • [#2825, #2618, #1777] Quarry issues with just about every translucent block (asie)
  • Allow Builders to use arbitrary IPathProviders (asie)
  • Block breaking robots sleeping in mid air (hea3ven)
  • Error in robot AI loading (hea3ven)
  • Incorrect Request Needed Items action name (asie)
  • Packages crashing Minecraft if mods are removed (asie)
  • Robots ignoring gate config on their linked station when equipping items (hea3ven)

Blood Asp

New Member
Jul 29, 2019
Triple GregTech treat today:

GregTech 5 Unofficial
Blood Asp said:
  • Fixed IV Machine Hull assembler recipe to fit crafting recipe.
  • Fixed thaumcraft compat research.
  • Added AE2 pure quartz compressing recipes.
  • Fixed fusion reactor not stopping without energy.
  • Added new mode to EUMeter Cover to also read energy stored in batterys.
  • Fixed rf->EU energy calculation.
  • Fixed processing array producing >64 stacksize.
  • Added processing array support for recipes not using up items (like shapes).
  • Just a few small fixes over the last two weeks, so i think it is save to call it stable by now.
  • Fixed turbines breaking too fast.
  • Fixed ic2 steam not working in large turbines.
  • Added naquadah gen efficiency configs.
  • Now reverted really all oregen codechanges.
  • Fixed thorium fuel rods producing not enough heat.
  • Revert broken oreblock changes.
  • Change processing array tooltip.
  • Multible small Large Turbines changes/fixes.
  • Try fixing broken achievements.
  • Update forge 1481 (Tried to fix the SMP connection bug, but no success so far).
  • Update ic2 736.
  • Graphitecutting recipe.
  • Certus quartz unification.
  • Fixed solar boiler running at night.
  • Tried to fix worldgen loop issues by copying fixes from GT6. No idea if that worked.
  • Fix crowbar crash.
  • Fix turbine not breaking.
  • Large gas turbine now needs muffler.
  • Fix rounding bug with large plasma gen resulting it in running for free.
  • Fluid detector fix.
  • Naquadah reactor tooltip changes.
  • Fixing pump pumping oil or other non vanilla fluids.
  • Fix recipe.cfg generating new entrys every start.
  • Added lower tier glass recipe.
  • Rised glass melting temperature.
  • Remove double cobble/stone recipes from macerator.
  • IC2 pulling upgrade with GT cables when config is enabled.
  • IC2 wire cutter disabled when ic2 cables are disabled.
  • Fix forestry recipe changes(centrifuge, not tested).
  • Fixed archievement spam.
  • Fixed archievement disabling breaking some multiblocks fixed.
  • Fix large turbines(directional bugs).
  • Added special support for EnderIO RF.
  • Changed RF support implementation.
  • RF connection fixes.
  • Fixed type filter.
  • Recipe rebalancings.
  • TiC OreBerry fixes.
  • Added config to disable gt flinttools.
  • Fixed neutron reflectors producing too much energy with thorium fuel.
  • Processing Array fixes.
  • Large turbine construction fixes.
  • Large turbine rebalancings.
  • Change default unification targets.
  • Finished Processing Array.
  • Added RF Support.

Blood Asp said:
  • Completely new GUI.
  • Added underwarter breathing from airtank.
  • Open Gui with hotkey(IC2 Mode change key).
  • A huge bunch of bugfixes.



Blood Asp said:
  • Fixed usage of some depricated methods.
  • General Code Cleanup.
  • Added compatibilty with GT Bedrock ores.
  • Added defaults to fit changed GT6 worldgen config.
  • Now uses GT worldgen code dirctly instead of copying it.
  • Needs GT6.00.47 to work.


New Member
Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Lothrazar with Inventory Crafting Grid
Lothrazar said:
No need for crafting tables, you have a 3x3 crafting area right in your inventory.

Works in SSP and SMP. Not tested with other mods that also alter your player inventory, such as custom npcs, tinkers construct, convenient inventory, inventory tweaks, and so on. There may not be a way to avoid a conflict, but let me know about any problems and i will see if there is a way to fix. Designed of course for survival, of course..... KNOWN ISSUE: If you play in creative with this mod installed, then the 'pick block' button will do some weird things and mix up your hotbar.

Requires Minecraft Forge version 1.8- or higher.
Link to my original thread from Minecraft 1.4 / 1.5 : http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/1286787


Jul 29, 2019
OpenComputers 1.5.14 is out! Metric ton of bug fixes, and a new block!

As always, remember to make a backup of your world before updating.

  • Added: Net Splitter block (connectivy configurable per side, all sides toggled on redstone input).
  • Added: Can now click address in output of analyzer in chat to copy it to clipboard.
  • Added: Command to spawn a creative computer with the basic stuff built-in, plus screen and keyboard (oc_spawnComputer).
  • Added: Make hollow covers from FMP aware of cable sizes (Kubuxu).
  • Added: Alternative OS plan9k loot disk (Magik6k).
  • Added [MC1.8]: Power Advantage integration.
  • Fixed: Properly make loot disks added via the save dir readonly.
  • Fixed: Block recoloring when using tools from some mods.
  • Fixed: Issues with Lua BIOS/OpenOS selecting components when another mod adds components with a name that starts the same as built-in components.
  • Fixed: A bunch of issues with OpenOS' shell's piping logic (payonel).
  • Fixed: Lighting issue with hover boots.
  • Fixed: Assembler item renderer causing Colored Lights to freak out.
  • Fixed: Screens blanking out until the first update in some cases. Hopefully.
  • Fixed: Tons of more minor stuff.
  • Fixed: Removed deprecated call in bee converter.
  • Fixed: os.date() on certain dates.
  • Fixed: screen.setTouchModeInverted() only applying to to main block of multiblock screens.
  • Fixed: Initial redstone state of non-ticking blocks such as prints.