What's new in modded minecraft today?


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Jul 29, 2019
New Immersive Engineering Update:
BlueSunrize said:
- started working on skylines
- fixed NEI handlers for squeezer+fermenter
- removed a debug recipe I forgot about
- updated ru_RU.lang
- made NEI handler cycle though input-variations
- fixed the NBT reading for WireTypes
- fixed crashing sounds
- added another fluid check to fermenters and squeezers to avoid NPEs
- added replacement system to excavator, can replace Uranium with Yellorium when necessary
- added render-diameter to Wire-Types. This is an API update so it might break stuff
- added a "complete" multiblock display of the excavator to the book
- made links in the book more prominent
- added support for nether ores
- fixed connection-removal resulting in NPEs
- Sample Drill needs blocks below it now
- change recipe for mechanical components to fix a conflict


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Jul 29, 2019
New Botania Update:
  • Added a config to change the height of the mana bar for people who use Dual Hotbars or other mods that change the HUD.
  • Added a Multiblock Preview system, that lets you view botania multiblocks in the world as a guideline for building.
  • Added the Spark Tinkerer, a new block that can change the augments in Sparks.
  • Fixed the Narslimmus being able to absorb slimes that have been absorbed by other Narslimmus already.
  • Fixed the Rod of the Skies being abusable for infinite flight.
  • Fixed the Soujouner's Sash jump feature not requiring mana. (TheWhiteWolves)
  • Replaced every multiblock instruction picture in the lexicon with a 3D render of the multiblock.
  • The Gaia Guardian now breaks whatever block its on, it if happens to be inside any. Sorry Bear Trap users.
  • When next to a Corporea Index, using TAB will autocomplete the name of the item being written in chat. (SoundLogic)
  • [API] Added corporea autocompletion functions to CorporeaHelper and ICorporeaAutoCompleteController. (SoundLogic)
  • [API] Added getWorldElapsedTicks() and isBotaniaFlower() to the internal method handler.
  • [API] Added Multiblock framework.
  • [API] Increased version number to 54.


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Jul 29, 2019
Mystcraft update

EDIT: Link! http://minecraft.curseforge.com/mc-mods/224599-mystcraft

[Configs]Moves the "balance" section to its own file
[Configs]Moves a number of settings to the balance file
[Configs]Renames a number of settings to better organize the configs
[Configs]Removed the entity id configs

[Configs]Adds a config option to set whether the beselining is run per world or per save
Per save is run in the background at game startup
[Configs]Adds an option to control the frequency at which chunks are generated when doing background profiling
[Configs]Adds an option to disable the automatic determination of baseline values and to simply load them from the balance config.
Note that these options will not appear or be read unless the this flag is set.

[Configs]Adds an option in the core configs to generate a reference document for the fluid balance configs
This file will be force updated every time the game starts for as long as the flag is set to true

[Symbols]Renames some symbols internally (you'll need to update your configs; any question marks in game should go away if you put the pages in your inventory)
[Symbols]Changes grammar handling of features to use Large, Medium, and Small Features rather than Populators and Terrain Alterations
[Symbols]One of each size feature category is required. If none are written for a category, some symbols from that category will be added.
[Symbols]Adds rare symbols which satisfy the feature requirements but don't generate anything. The Large variant adds no instability, but the medium and small ones do (1000 and 2000 respectively).
[Symbols]Adds Lapis Ore and Emerald Ore block modifier symbols (which produce instability)

[Localization]Adds color symbols to localization

[BugFix]Automatically updates symbol references in books on "first link" (dimension creation)

Key things:
1. "Terrain Alterations" vs "populators" is now Large, medium, and small features. Each of these is required. There is a "Nothing" version of each, so you can have an age with no alterations (no caves, no dungeons, no nothing).
2. Profiling now has options; you can use per-save instead of per-pack, you can slow it down if it's slowing your system, and you can even disable it and just say "Use these numbers".
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @insaneau with SimpleLabels
insaneau said:
Are you frustrated with only having 64 stacks of an item in a labelled inventory? Are the JABBA upgrades not enough for you!?
Do you love Deep Storage Units, but hate not being able to pull items in and out like a barrel?

Then this is the mod for you!
Adds (currently) just one block to the game: The DSU Label. Attach it to any Deep Storage Unit (technically any IDeepStorageUnit, like a JABBA barrel!) and enjoy labelling goodness. Input items with right click, extract with left click, shift left click.

It's as easy as that!

Credits to tterrag1098 for his enormous help with the rendering, and Skyboy for educating me about how a Deep Storage Unit actually works.

and @GoldenAppleMinecraft with RFDrills
GoldenAppleMinecraft said:
RFDrills 1.6.1
  • The Flux Hoe can now be crafted using EnderIO materials.
  • Mining downwards/upwards with the 1x3x1 mode will break blocks in a horizontal line instead.
  • Fixed AoE items not being able to harvest most wrenchable machines.
  • Fixed the Dark Soularium Crusher being able to till dirt when out of energy (that was just waay too OP).
  • Fixed some Dark Soularium Crusher mode weirdness.
  • Fixed the Flux-Infused Crusher "flickering" while recharging.
  • Optimized some things internally. (may be slightly less laggy?)

and @MechOrigin with Singularity
MechOrigin said:
Singularity 1.6
  • Added some more configs
  • Void particle rarity
  • Max Bow damage
  • Philosophers stone config WIP! ;)
  • Made some changes to the Bow, added Arrow recipe!
  • Look at my guide for recipe or NEI it.
  • Otherwise, it's Darkmatter top, diamond middle, void particle bottom.
  • Made some changes to a lot of things. Adding client side/server side charge keys for Tools!
  • shift key over top of tools should be 5/5 charges and show 5/5 charged full green bar!
  • this is beginning stages of Max/Min Charges of Tools to increase efficiency!
  • balance changes
  • Hoe AOE WIP still ;) (hoe 3x3 land)
  • Fishing rod still WIP as I gotta completely rewrite some code!!


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Jul 29, 2019
ProjectE 1.7.1 "TLDR" is now live on the Curse Client and at: http://minecraft.curseforge.com/mc-mods/226410-projecte/files

Also for those who want a potentially interesting read I did a AMA on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/feedthebeast/comments/3b49ur/ask_me_anything_sinkillerj_lead_developer_of/

###Version 1.7.10-PE1.7.1
* NOTICE: It is recommended that you take a world backup prior to updating to 1.7.1 or higher
* NOTICE: Remove all items from the left side and lock slots of the transmutation GUI prior to updating or they will be lost
* CHANGE: Bag data and knowledge have been rewritten and are now stored in the player dat. This should resolve countless data loss issues. Conversion code has been added
* NOTICE: If data does not seem to be migrated when logging in, relog once and it should happen. Please contact the devs using the issue tracker if this happens to you
* CHANGE: Transmutation GUI has been optimized. Both tablet and table share the same left and lock slots
* CHANGE: Further improvements to tab autocompletion of PE commands
* CHANGE: EMC no longer remaps after each and every change command. You must now use the reload command when you are finished with all changes
* NEW: Fractional mapping code for items with EMC values less than 1
* NEW: Mapping code for Chisel mod compatibility
* NEW: Chinese language file updates
* NEW: Clay can be vein and AOE mined much like gravel
* FIXED: Tome can be learned even when the recipe is disabled
* FIXED: Workaround for a crash caused by /give allowing invalid metadata
* FIXED: Various projectile issues
* FIXED: A pedestal issue caused by using multiple of the same item in a world


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Jul 29, 2019
New Botania Update:
Vazkii said:
  • I wanted to get this version out today because Terraria 1.3 is coming out and I want to play that. Since the new FTB pack with botania is coming out I wanted to sneak in this feature before I allowed for Terraria to eat up all of my time.
  • Added a challenge system, a new section in the lexicon with suggestions for challenges you can try to test your expertise of redstone and botania mechanics. These should be done using vanilla and botania only, of course.
  • Added the ability to duplicate Leaves using the Conjuration Catalyst.
  • Removed a debug print I left behind in the Rod of the Skies' code.
  • Some of the more important entries in the Misc section are now prioritized.
  • The Entropinnyum will no longer make mana if the TNT falls in water.
  • [API] Added multiblockPage() to the internal method handler because I forgot last time D:
  • [API] Increased version number to 55.
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Jul 29, 2019
Hmm, I dont feel like I've shaken things up enough today, lets fix that. *places Minecraft 1.8 ProjectE build in attack mode*

ProjectE 1.0.0B for Minecraft 1.8 "Yes It Exists" is now live on the Curse Client and at: http://minecraft.curseforge.com/mc-mods/226410-projecte/files

###Version 1.8-PE1.0.0B
* NOTICE: When reporting issues on the tracker please be sure to tag them as 1.8
* NEW: Initial 1.8 version. Mostly feature complete with 1.7.10-PE1.7.1
* NOTICE: Sin is too lazy to write a proper changelog


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Jul 29, 2019
Project red v4.7.0pre3
Mr_TJP said:
- ADDED: Teleposer
- ADDED: Frame Motor
- ADDED: Frame Linear Actuator
- ADDED: IC Workbench
- ADDED: IC Printer
- ADDED: Integrated circuit simulation engine
- FIX: Copper and tin harvest levels
- CHANGE: Rebalanced Jetpack
- CHANGE: Rebalanced Copper, Tin, Silver and Electrotine ores

So there are 2 new modules, one for frames and one for circuits. Condsidering I only use the redstone part of project red I was curious for that circuit part. It works amazing! Seems project red will stay ahead of Blue Power in more then just gates and looks :) Some screenshots:
Skyqula said:
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @UnwrittenFun with Immersive Integration
UnwrittenFun said:
* Requires IE v0.3.3 or greater *

This mod is an addon to Immersive Engineering. It will contain various blocks and items that integrate with other mods, as well as some other handy things.

Applied Energistics 2:
  • ME Wire Connector - This acts the same as a wire connector from IE, except instead of power it will connect to an AE system, just like a fluix cable.
  • ME Dense Wire Connector - Same as the non-dense counterpart however transfers 32 channels instead of just 8.
  • Fluix Wire Coil - This is the wire used to connect ME Wire Connectors together.
  • Dense Wire Coil - Same as fluix wire coil but for the dense wire connectors.
  • Wooden Post Extension - Place on top of a wooden post to add more places to put wire connectors. Use the hammer like with the wooden post to add arms.






You MUST have AE2 and IE to use this mod.

The source code is available on Github

You can use in any modpacks, I would appreciate being told but that's just because I'm nosey :p

and @Mark719 with Magical Crops: Armoury
Mark719 said:

This is an armour and weapon addon for magical crops core 4, it adds Accio, Crucio, Imperio and Zivicio armour, tools and weapons to the game. This used to be included in the main magical crops jar but to please more people magical crops is now modular so you can pick and choose the features you want.


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May 13, 2014
Just released a new version of RFTools (3.11). This is probably the last release before I go on a vacation for a while so updates will be a bit slower. But I'm already collecting *tons* of ideas for after I return :)

  • RFTools now has its own villager. You can get unknown dimlets from this guy as well as some chance for good dimlet trades. This villager is only the only way to get structure essences. It also has a trade for dimensional shards. If this villager is causing issues it can be disabled in the config. You can also set the villager ID there in case of conflict.
  • Added the ability to craft structure dimlets. You can trade with the RFTools villager to get the needed essences for this.
  • Fixed a problem with the NEI icons flickering if RFTools displays a tooltip in a GUI.
  • Fixed a problem with the inventory screen module causing chests to flicker.
  • Fixed logic slabs (timer, sequencer, ...) so that they now render with correct lighting.
  • Added some protection against a crash in a very rare case when entering a dimension.
  • Added a safety test to prevent the space chamber item from crashing in case the area contains blocks with no corresponding item.

Download: http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/224641-rftools#other-downloads;t1:other-downloads

Have fun!


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Dec 24, 2013
Just released a new version of BuildCraft (7.0.13). This is probably the last release before I... wait. I am on vacation. ಠ_ಠ

  • [#2846] Make Blueprints removable from Construction Markers (asie)
  • Code optimizations (asie)
Bugs fixed:
  • [#2852] Diamond fluid pipes not sorting into unfiltered slots (asie)
  • [#2850] Random ArrayIndexOutOfBoundException (asie - not a true fix, it will however give you a console warning if this is caught again; it's very rare)
  • [#2849] Graphical Glitch on Assembly Table when using Texture Packs (asie)
  • [#2842] Various fixes to robot state saving (hea3ven)
  • [#2835] Robot helmet overlay rendering incorrectly (hea3ven)
  • [#2753] Remove unused slot from Packager (asie)
  • Crashes in item pipe packet sending (asie)

The most important part for the average FTB-er is probably the "Code optimizations" - reasonably improved performance for the Builder and fluid transport pipes, so less lag on your servers!

PS. Also, I've begun work on BuildCraft 7.1.0. First up - the new and experimental Lists! http://imgur.com/a/qvwVX

PS2. Those Project: Red circuits look like a shameless ripoff of Integrated Circuits. I'm not even kidding, the interface is VERY similar.
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Dec 31, 2012
Worcester, Massachusetts
With the latest GregTech update you can now sift sandy ores as well as be burned by hot evaporating materials from the crucible!
GregoriusT said:
[API] Changed a lot inside the Recipe System. Also allowed Chances > 100% on Output Items and somewhat proper processing of those.
[FIXED] The Stacksize Config not working properly at all.
[FIXED] "oreBasalticMineralSand" being parsed into "oreBasalt" with the Material "icMineralsand", what resulted into a Situation similar to the one I had with "oreNetherQuartz"
[ADDED] Whenever something vaporizes from the Crucible it will do a lot of Damage to the close environment, including but not limited to AOE Damage against Entities.
[ADDED] When the Sifting Table is used it will exhaust the Player.
[CHANGED] Sand, Gravel and Red Sand Ores now have Sifter Recipes rather than Pulverisation Recipes, since they are basically pulver already.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Lothrazar with Restricted Saplings
Lothrazar said:
When a sapling is about to grow into a tree (from nature, or from bonemeal, or any source) it first checks the biome. If the sapling is growing in a biome that does not natively spawn those trees, the growth is blocked, and it is turned into a Dead Bush.

Below I list each tree and where they are allowed to grow. Also included are variants (for example, if I list Jungle, then of course Jungle Edge is included)

Oak Saplings
Extreme Hills
Ice Plains
Roofed Forest

Dark Oak Saplings
Roofed Forest

Acacia Saplings

Spruce Saplings
Extreme Hills
Ice Plains

Birch Saplings
Birch Forest
Flower Forest
Roofed Forest

Jungle Saplings

In version 1.1.0 and later, all of the above biomes are listed in the config file, so you can customize this any way you wish, and also use the Nether/ The End / and biomes from mods. See the config file for details.

Bonus Feature
This mod also tries to spawn sapling items that are about to despawn, if they are on grass/dirt. This end up mimic-ing natural forest growth, if you chop down trees but the leaves despawn naturally, and then trees just grow. This is also controllable in the config file

and @jotato with QuantumFlux
jotato said:
QuantumFlux 1.2.1-pre
  • The Steel recipe can be disabled. **warning**: you will need another mod to register steel under the "ingotSteel" oredictionary name or else bad things happen
  • The Battlesuit has been tweaked to be not game-breaking
  • Default config values changed. You will need to remove the old config to get the new
  • Added the Imaginary Time Block. When given RF it will speed up the tick rate of surrounding blocks
  • German translation thanks to FantasyTeddy
  • Fixed the RF Exciter's rendering in your inventory window. It shouldn't flap around any more
  • Resolved a few error reports from OpenEye

and @Modbder with Thaumic Bases
Modbder said:
This mod requires DummyCore 1.10 and later!
Thaumic bases is an addon for Thaumcraft4(credits go to Azanor). It aims to add some missing features from Thaumcraft, like Thaumic Nature or, perhaps, an easier source of Auram essentia. I adds a bunch of random content too, like spikes - because why not? It aims to be balanced and semi-grouped around the idea of Thaumcraft. The addon will not add any new aspects, since there are a lot in other addons. The also adds 5 new enchantments, available in regular Enchanting Table, Infusion altar or even Thaumic Tinkerer's table.

The addon has it's own tab in Thaumonomicon, where all the researches and recipes are located.
In order to unlock new researches some Vanilla Thaumcraft's researches must be unlocked, so do not forget to check this tab every now and then.
That is actually all you need to know about this addon in order to start playing, since all the recipes and their descriptions are located in the thaumonomicon's tab.

Open the spoiler below only in case if you want to know everything the addon currently adds:
-Some decorative blocks, including blocks from MC alpha
-A lot of alchemical recipes - from grinding wool into string to actually creating blaxe rods out of blaze powders. Tons of other usual 'macerator' recipes included.
-A way to get 12 shards out of 1 ore.
-5 new enchantments to recieve knowledge from fallen mobs, deal more damage to eldritch creatures, inflict taint poison on attacked enemies, gain more Aspect Orbs from killed enemies and gain Crystalized Essentia of slain mobs.
-A lot of plants, which literally allow you to farm resources. Iron nuggets, string, gold nuggets, void seeds, auram, sugar, lapis, redstone, knowledge fragments and even flux. Tons of them. Also, golden oak trees.
-Briar, a plant that can be used to make Rosehip Syrup to act like a stackable milk without buffs removal, and also affecting warp effects.
-Tobacco, tons of it to help a thaumaturge. Removing warp and summoning wisps included! Not a tobacco advertisement in any way! Smoking is bad!-Better metal for your tools, armor and even shears.
-Better caps for your wands.
-2 new wand cores.
-Spikes, 3 types of them to kill enemies. Fake Player included.
-2 new sets of early-game armor.
-Entity Deconstructor, just a deconstruction table for mobs.
-Better(Faster) Alchemy Furnace
-Overchanting table to increase the levels of enchantments above their maximum(like Fortune IV).

-Crying Obsidian Obelisks to set your spawn point.
-A whole new Aura Nodes management system, which allows you to do anything you'd like with your nodes. Includes turning them to hunger nodes too!
-Some more misc features I am not going to list, since they are too small to mention. No mechanics changed, I promise!


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Jul 29, 2019
"We" just released a Mod "we" used in a PVP-Project on Youtube.
Maybe someone is interested in the potion-imbuing or any other feature of "Titan"
The "Titan-Mod" used in the "Titan"-PVP-Project of some german Youtubers.

The project has finished and theirfore the Mod is now free to download for everyone, enjoy!

It was created by "Geist3002" and published by me. (Because he isn't used to Curse and hasn't got enough time for that.)

(If you understand german and are interested you can watch the project here: https://goo.gl/pBHict)

Feel free to add this Mod to your Modpack and use it in any way you want, BUT remember to give "Geist3002" proper credits, and maybe link back to this site.

But now for the CONTENT! (For the recipes, please use NEI) The most special Feature most likely is the Potion-Imbuing

Spoiler (click to hide)
  • Titan-Ore (Rare & Hard as Diamond)
  • Titan-Sword (8 Attack Damage, unbreakable, can be infused with potions)
  • Titan-Bow (Can shoot special-arrows, circle with SHIFT+Scrolling)
  • Titan-Armour (Defense as diamond, unbreakable, gives extra hearts [up to 5 for full Set])
  • Titan-Stars (Throwable, removes (De-)Buffs at Random. Work's on players and Mobs)
  • The Iron-Furnace (Used to smelt Nether- & Titan-Powder)
  • Nether-Powder (Crafted out of Quartz, Glowstone, Soulsand & Netherbricks, smelted into Ingots)
  • Nether-Sword (Same as Iron + 25% chance to ignite your enemies)
  • Nether-Armour (Same as Iron + 25% fire-resistence per Armour-Piece)[YES, also Lava]
  • Parachute (Slow-Fall & removes fall-damage) (Right-Click to open/close)
  • Backpacks (Small, Medium & Large with 6,12 or 18 additional Inventory-Spaces for you!)
    • How does this work you ask?
    • Well, it's pretty simple, first you brew some Potions (Level 1 is enough.)
    • Then you craft them together with Arrows (they have 100% chance to inflict the infused effect, but can only be shoot with the Titan-Bow)
    • Or 4/8 together with a Sword (Iron, Diamond, Nether or Titan) for a 25/50% chance to inflict the effect.
    • You can choose between several different effects, for example Withering (via Instant-Damage-Potions), Weakness or Poison-Arrows.
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Jul 29, 2019
Now it's @dustin heisey with Elemental Essences!

To begin your journey into Elemental Essences, you must find the five new ores added by this mod. These ores are Mundane Ore, Torrential Ore, Blazing Ore, Celestial Ore, and Cognition Ore. When mined with a Stone Pickaxe or above, they will produce the corresponding Essence of the ore. Cognition Ore, however, will drop Barren Runes.

When creating a new world you will spawn with a Mysterious Note in your inventory. If you are to lose this Note, you can craft it again by using Paper and any Essence. Craft a Cerebro Crystal and place it within your world. When right-clicked with the Mysterious Note, the Crystal will be destroyed, and the Note will transform into a Basic Cortex. This will act as your in-game guide to Elemental Essences.

Within Dungeon Chests, you will find four different Legends. The Legend of Earth, the Legend of Water, the Legend of Fire, and the Legend of Air. Once you have found one of these, you can craft it with your Basic Cortex to upgrade it into a Primal Cortex. The Legends can also be used to attune your Barren Runes into Elemental Runes.

Within your world you may come across ancient Fossilized Trees. These Trees will supply Wood Ash instead of Leaves, and the heart of the Tree is made of Fossilized Sap. When broken, the Sap will flow free. You can also find a new Mysterious Grove biome, and within you can find the Index of Arcana. When broken, the Index will drop one of each Elemental Slate. When dropped into the Fossilized Tree's Sap, the Slates will magically become inscribed with markings, and become Elemental Inscriptions.

Occasionally, when breaking Grass, you will find four types of Seeds. These crops are Bodhi, Rose, Orchid, and Lotus. When the produce are ground up together with a Mortar and Pestle, they can produce Enchanted Flour that can be smelted into a nourishing Enchanted Bread.