What's new in modded minecraft today?


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @dan200 with ComputerCraftEdu
dan200 said:
ComputerCraftEdu is a new way to learn computational thinking inside Minecraft, from the creators of ComputerCraft and MinecraftEdu.
Players take control of powerful but clueless turtle robots in the game. They will start with a tile-based interface to learn the fundamentals of programming in a fun, accessible environment. This process will serve as a springboard for learners towards using real programming languages to solve problems, make games, and improve their worlds! They will be engaged and motivated to find ways to use turtles to automate and extend their usual Minecraft activities. Best of all, they can keep programming when they go home: ComputerCraftEdu is available for private users for free. Teachers using the mod with MinecraftEdu get some special tools to facilitate learning programming in a classroom environment.
Whether you are completely new to programming or you already have some experience, ComputerCraftEdu is an easy and fun way to learn important real world skills and get creative on a whole new level.
Find out more at www.computercraftedu.com

and @jotato with QuantumFlux
jotato said:
QuantumFlux 1.2.1
  • The Steel recipe can be disabled. **warning**: you will need another mod to register steel under the "ingotSteel" oredictionary name or else bad things happen
  • The Battlesuit has been tweaked to be not game-breaking
  • The Eviscerator has been changed to be more in line with its recipe.
  • Default config values changed. *You will need to remove the old config to get the new defaults*
  • Added the Imaginary Time Block. When given RF it will speed up the tick rate of surrounding blocks
  • German translation thanks to FantasyTeddy
  • Fixed the RF Exciter's rendering in your inventory window. It shouldn't flap around any more
  • Resolved a few error reports from OpenEye

and @Modbder with Thaumic Bases
Modbder said:
Thaumic Bases 1.0.1710.8
  • Added half-slabs for some decorative blocks
  • Pyrofluid drops can now be tweaked in the config file
  • Made the brightness foci require a Primordial Pearl(configurable)
  • Added a config option to disable tobacco
  • Made the advanced alchemical furnace require alumentum to speed up(configurable)
  • Made the speed of the advanced alchemical furnace configurable(default is x2)
  • Added a config option to control ore processing results(default 8)
  • Fixed OreDictionary related crash if no mod was adding obsidian to it
  • Pestle And Mortar are now OreDictionary replaceable.


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Jul 29, 2019
New mod :D

What Is Its EMC (by Lomeli12)
A simple plugin for WAILA that offers the following features

Equivalent Exchange 3

  • Display the EMC value of blocks and a special entities such as minecarts or item frames.
  • Display if a block can be learned, and if the player has already learned it.
  • Display the amount of energy available in a Transmutation Tablet.
Simple Condensers

  • Display the amount of energy stored in a condenser.
  • Display the redstone settings of a condenser.
  • Display the rate at which the condenser runs.
Requires EE3 version 0.3.507 or higher

Requires WAILA.


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Jul 29, 2019
1.8.0 Slime blocks in 1.7.10 by don_bruce

This mod adds slime blocks and slime pistons into 1.7. Slime blocks have the same properties as the slime blocks from 1.8.

This includes:

Negation of fall damage


Can be used as glue with pistons to push/pull other blocks

Also work as piston launchers.



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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @TheCricket26 with Chisel 2
TheCricket26 said:
Chisel 2 2.4.1
  • New UberWavy futura block
  • Waterstone and Lavastone will now use the still textures, not flowing
  • The voidstone render has been retouched, energized voidstone will now have CTM variants where the normal voidstone does.
  • Fix bad rendering code in layered items
  • Fix chisel using its own render pass variable instead of the forge provided one
  • The above two fixes should allow EnderIO facades (and other similar blocks) to work with waterstone, lavastone, etc.
  • Fix regular voidstone ctm not working
  • Fix CTM not connecting to IFacade blocks

and @Lothrazar with Horse Details in F3
Lothrazar said:
Client side mod that simply adds the horse Speed and Jump Height in the F3 debug screen.

Simply mount any horse you want (does not have to be tamed), and then press F3.

On the left side, you will see the speed and jump height listed.

The text used is from a .lang file for localization.

and @Draco18s with HardLib
Draco18s said:

This contains shared library code for the Hard Ores, Underground, and Wildlife mods. Various code hooks and intercommunication libraries are found here.

Part of the Reasonable Realism collection.

and @Draco18s with Harder Ores
Draco18s said:

Harder Ores alters the way ores hard found, harvested, and refined into useable materials. Ores are more scarce and occur in veins (distributions controlled by Custom Ore Generation) but tend to contain much more total ore.

Part of the Reasonable Realism collection.

and @Draco18s with Harder Underground
Draco18s said:

Harder Underground is a set of changes to make exploration underground both more interesting and potentially more dangerous. Mining through stone is not a simple task and its not always easy to protect yourself from dangers. Explosive gas, smoke, and collapsing ceilings are all things to watch out for.

Part of the Reasonable Realism collection.

and @Draco18s with Harder Wildlife
Draco18s said:

Harder Wildlife is an alteration to the Minecraft world at large. Animals and trees automatically repopulate and die off leaving behind rotting wood, seasons change, snow falls, accumulates, and melts. Crop growth is slowed and takes into account biome attributes. It takes more wheat (seeds, etc) to make animals go into "love mode," but they drop more meat and leather so it is no longer painfully scarce. Killing a sheep gives more wool than sheering, and finally goats and Monitor Lizards are added to the mesa biomes, to provide additional access to leather, wool, and food for biomes where it is otherwise scarce.

Part of the Reasonable Realism collection.

and @Draco18s with Expanded Industry
Draco18s said:

Expanded Industry supplies several broadly useful hopper-like blocks and a specialized detector rail. This is to fill out gaps in the vanilla toolset to make things a little easier so that ten thousand iron isn't required to do otherwise basic tasks for the budding industrialist. This is not a replacement for other industry and item transport mods, but rather an alternative for people who wish it was possible to transport items without complicated redstone setups for a thousand hoppers and droppers. While primarily designed around minecarts for transport, several of the additions will provide additional functionality to other item transport systems as well, such as the distributor and filter, both of which do things in ways other mods don't.

Part of the Reasonable Realism collection.
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Tuhljin with Automagy
Tuhljin said:
Automagy 0.26
  • Added melding mirror and conflux disc.
  • Added tenacious chest.
  • Inventarium requisition: Golems fetching items now better handle the requested count being increased. Provided they haven't grabbed any items yet, the number they will try for can increase if the number requested has increased.
  • Runic whitelists/blacklists now support stack sizes up to 999.
  • Added a config option to disable Advanced Node Jarring research and the associated construct.
  • Fixed inability to activate a Nethermind with Dimensional Lure due to the presence of certain blocks classified as "air" (e.g. glimmers of light from arcane lamps).
  • Fixed a rendering glitch involving some blocks with overlays interacting poorly with certain other blocks (e.g. leaves).
  • Forestry: Thirsty tanks using the Glyph of the Bovine can now create milk from the Forestry mod if it is installed. Can be disabled in the Automagy config.
  • Forestry: Automagy will now assign Aspects to Forestry milk. Can be disabled in the Automagy config.

and @MysteriousAges with Magic Bees
MysteriousAges said:
Magic Bees 2.3.2
  • Lots of localization updates for German & Chinese (Thanks, Vexatos and 3TUSK!)
  • Tweaked Deep hive spawn rates
  • Fixed problems with some mod integration grabbing null stacks
  • Improving compatibility with Forestry 3.6
  • New Osmium bees, using Ore Dictionary detection.
  • Cobalt bees will produce non-TCons cobalt nuggets if found in the Ore Dictionary as well as TCons nuggets.
  • Tweaked Thaumcraft bee species comb products.
  • Added the mutation for Big Bad bees.
  • Internal housekeeping garbage I promise you don't care about.

and @Erasmus_Crowley with Ex Nihilo 2
Erasmus_Crowley said:
Ex Nihilo 2 0.27
  • Forge version: 1.8-
  • Added ru_RU translation. Thanks TheVizzy!
  • Added two new fluids and both metal and porcelain buckets for each of them.
  • Witchwater does all the same things it used to.
  • Transforms enemies to harder variants.
  • Kills most animals.
  • Exfoliates to expose your natural beauty.
  • Azoth is the fluid that will be used to grow crystalline metals.
  • Removes debuffs the same way milk does.
  • Speeds up your metabolism to heal you at the cost of severe hunger.
  • How to get them?
  • Add a ghast tear to some compost to get mycelium.
  • Place the mycelium near dirt and allow it to spread.
  • Set a barrel near your new mycelium field.
  • Compost some dirt in the barrel but do NOT take the dirt out. Instead, allow the mycelium to spread into the barrel. This allows for easy, renewable mycelium blocks without silk touch.
  • Take the mycelium out of the barrel and sift it to get spores.
  • Use the spores on a barrel of water to get witchwater. (Spores can also create Mooshrooms, fyi)
  • Add ingots of iron or gold to the witchwater to turn the metal into metal salts. This consumes the metal but the same witchwater can be used repeatedly.
  • Add the metal salts to a barrel of water to create azoth.
  • Fixed a bug that caused hammers to not have damage values when used as weapons.

and @SteGr99 with Player-Interface Mod
SteGr99 said:
Player-Interface Mod
This mod basically allows you to transfer items into and out of your inventory by only pumping it in or out of the Block. This should be compatible with any piping system, as far as I know. It doesn't have a GUI yet, but as I have time again I will add more and more stuff to it. This is also my first mod so please write a comment under this if I am making something totally wrong.

If you are having issues with my mod feel free to take a look at this page or just look on my project page here.


This Block can be bound to one player by rightclicking.

G | D | G
D | I | D
G | D | G

D ... Diamond
G ... Gold Ingot
I ... Iron Block

Transfer Upgrade:

This Upgrade allows to transfer items into and out of your inventory

S | I | S
G | H| G
S | I | S

S ... Stone
I ... Iron Ingot
G ... Gold Ingot
H ... Hopper

Buffer Upgrade:
This upgrade adds an buffer of nine slots to the Player Interface. It is very useful if your inventory is full.
Prerequisites: Transfer Upgrade

S | I | S
G |C | G
S | I | S

S ... Stone
I ... Iron Ingot
G ... Gold Ingot
H ... Hopper

To use the Player-Interface just place and right click it.
To use the Upgrades just right-click them it onto the Player Interface.

Thanks to all that use my mod. You are also welcome to add this mod to your modpack, but please give me proper credits and write a short post on the Minecraft wiki page here with the name of the modpack, thanks.
And remember you are not allowed to make money out of my mod.

and @shadowfactsmc with Matter Overdrive
shadowfactsmc said:
Matter Overdrive 0.4.0-RC1
  • Set maximum wrench stack size to 1 (simeon)
  • Fix dismantling of blocks by checking player ID instead of name (simeon)
  • Add Star Map zoom level (simeon)
  • Add Thermal Expansion Pulverizer compatibility (shadowfacts)
  • Fix Data Watcher ID (simeon)
  • Add Ex Nihilo Sieve compatibility (shadowfacts)
  • Add EnderIO SAG Mill compatibility (shadowfacts)
  • Hide NEI in the Star Map GUI (shadowfacts)
  • Fix Transporter English localization (shadowfacts)
  • Add more Rogue Android spawn biomes, allows Rogue Androids to spawn in RWG biomes (simeon)
  • Start WAILA compatibility (simeon & shadowfacts)
  • Split nanobot android ability into two branches (simeon)
  • Add android attack ability (simeon)

and @Mark719 with Magical Crops: Core
Mark719 said:
Magical Crops 4.0.0: Core BETA 5
  • Removed crops ability to replant when harvested, this was causing issues with EnderIO and I will be adding a better way soon.
  • Tools with fortune now don't work on Magical Crops by default, there's a config option to turn this back on if you like it that way.
  • You can now disable any recipe completely by setting it's crafting config to 0.
  • Thaumcraft support: Air Shard, Water Shard, Fire Shard, Earth Shard, Entropy Shard, Order Shard, Amber, Quicksilver & Thaumium crops.
  • AE2 Support: Useful recipes for Engerinering, calculation, logic & silicon presses, Pure certus & nether quartz, Pure fluix crystal and Charged certus quartz.
  • EnderIO Support: Electrical Steel, Energetic Alloy, Vibrant Alloy, Redstone Alloy, Conductive Iron, Pulsating Iron, Dark Steel, Soularium crops.

and @pixlepix with Aura Cascade
pixlepix said:
Aura Cascade 504
  • Added multiblock pages!
  • Tweaked wording on some quest pages
  • Added patreon page
  • Tweaked violet aura spead. It's faster, but it properly obeys the 2500 cap
  • Shorted refractory period of capacitors
  • Cheapened recipe of cascading smelter
  • Fixed: Multiple items can be pushed into a pedestal by a hopper
  • Fixed processor spawning resulting item far away from ingredients.
  • Removed malachite from prismatic singularity
  • Fixed #60
  • Fixed crash with capacitors and certain mod blocks

and @KaneApollo with Wings Horns & Hooves
KaneApollo said:
Wings Horns & Hooves 1.1.1
  • Magical horses can now mate with normal horses.
  • Rendering bug fixes dealing with wings flapping or not flapping at the wrong time.
  • Wing buffet bug fix so that it affects same area no matter which way horse is facing.
  • Tweaked fire aura power to make it more effective
  • Tweaked buffeting powers slightly
  • New custom horses!
  • New version notification

and @Crafter_L with AntMan
Crafter_L said:
AntMan 1.1.0
  • ADDED: Config file!
  • ADDED: RF Support! The suit uses energy when you are small and Thermal Expansion and/or EnderIO is installed! (Amount of Energy can be changed in config)
  • ADDED: HUD to display size and energy! Can disabled with key or config option!
  • ADDED: You can take of your armor when you're small and keep being small, but you'll get damage! (Can be disabled in config)
  • FIXED: Rewrite of the shrinking system to make it more compatible with upcoming GiantMan!
  • Changes on the armor texture, thanks to bigg713
  • Still no crafting recipes :/

and @Lothrazar with Custom Macros
Lothrazar said:
Adds four keybindings, and each player can bind any command to each key. These bindings are unique per player (stored in entity NBT), and they do persist through death.

The default key bindings are N, M, Comma, and Period.

Use /bind list to view current bindings.
Then you can use /bind 1 toggledownfall
or /bind 2 time set day

And after that, every time you press N, you will execute /toggledownfall, without having to type it in.

and @Nividica with Thaumic Energistics
Nividica said:
Thaumic Energistics
  • ComputerCraft integration via the Essentia Provider.
  • Major under-the-hood overhaul of essentia transmission code. Please be sure to back up your worlds!
  • Arcane Assembler requires Sceptre research.
  • Reduced gearbox bounding/collision box.
  • Crystallized Essentia & Wisp Essence can now be used to set filters.
  • ACT GUI less laggy when ME system very busy.
  • Shift+Rightclick in the ACT continues to extract 1 item at a time.
  • Arcane Assembler no longer eats armor on shift-click.
  • Gearboxes properly check crankables before cranking them.
  • Essentia Conversion & Storage monitors placeable in SMP.
  • Import bus will no longer crash with redstone card.
  • ACT search box focus obeys search mode.

and a friendly reminder for those who were unable to go, Minecon starts today, and if you want to follow what's going on over at Minecon you can go to the Minecon Twitch page and follow livestreams from Minecon


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Jul 29, 2019
Blood Arsenal 1.1-14 is now live here! http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/Minecraft/228823-blood-magic-addon-blood-arsenal
-Fixed WAILA crashing

-Added WAILA support

-Fixed some fluid things

-LP Materializer now automatically outputs through the top and bottom faces and requires a redstone signal to activate

-Fixed more bugs

Note this will be the last release for 1.1; I'll be working on 1.2 soon!


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Jul 29, 2019
Extra Utilities Updated (v1.2.7)
Added Ender Collector
Added 'Fluid' trash can and 'Energy' trash can.
Added EE3 Integration
Added Advanced filter
Added NEI 'Extra Filtering' section in the NEI groups
Added Tps Command 'xu_tps'
Support for wrenches using any of the BC, CoFH, AE, MFR, EnderIO 'wrench interfaces'
Spikes can be enchanted by books only if they are in a single stack
Precision shears will now prioritize the block being picked up over ancillary drops
Precision shears will now support pick enchantments if CoFHCore is present
Drums now use more advanced color algorthim for fluids
Generators now ouput the correct amount based on their multiplier
Faster code for working out levels for the potion generator
Fixed single-player server interacting with 'client-side' items
Soul drops from mobs are now 10x more common when killed with the Kikoku (still lottery level rarity though)
Info Chat messages sent by XU blocks will auto-remove any outdated chat messages from the ingame chat log


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Jul 29, 2019
@King Lemming and the rest of team COFH updated several of their mods


-Corrected a bad interaction with the stencil buffer and starch-based hardware.
-Corrected an issue where non-keyboard key bindings could crash the game.
-Flat bedrock replacement now plays a bit better with mods that add variations of bedrock.

Redstone Arsenal

-Corrected an issue where non-keyboard key bindings could crash the game.

Thermal Dynamics

The Laminar-Luminar Interlude

-Super-Laminar Fluiducts - Unlimited throughput of fluids! They must be filled to capacity
before reaching this rate, however.
-Luxducts - these glow when given a redstone signal.

-Redstone Relay - new attachment which allows for redstone signals to be carried along a
duct network. The highest input signal dominates. More advanced relays to come in the

-Fixed an issue where accessing a duct from ForgeDirection.UNKNOWN could cause a crash.
-Fixed a corner case extraction issue with Retrievers on Fluiducts.

Thermal Expansion

-FluiVac - moves fluids around!
Dual-mode tool, requires RF to operate. Can pull fluids from the world and store them in
tanks that you are carrying. Alternatively, can empty said tanks into the world. Never
use a bucket again!

-Flux Chiller - like the Flux Igniter, except cold. Makes snow, ice, obsidian.

-Flux Transfuser - moves RF around!
Dual-mode tool. Can extract RF from devices in the world and store them in chargable
items that you are carrying. Alternatively, can charge blocks placed in the world. Not
a proper substitute for Fluxducts, but it can work in a pinch.

-Excitation Field Limiter - adjusts the power curve on a Dynamo to remove inefficiency.
-Trivection Chamber - allows the Furnace to cook food *very* efficiently, but only food.

-Augment tooltips have been clarified with regard to power vs energy consumption.
-The Redstone Conductance Coil's icon has been mirrored to alleviate confusion.

-Caches now guard themselves against the Hopper's rampant stupidity.
-Fixed a visual glitch with the Enervation Dynamo and items containing a lot of RF.
-Fixed an issue with the Induction Smelter and the configurable Ore Multiplier.
-The Phytogenic Insolator can now safely be accessed from a "colorless" side.
-White Glowstone Illuminators are no longer interpreted as a default color on login.

Thermal Foundation

The Elemental Update.

-Management for the Forge Lexicon. Whitelist and blacklist support. Invalid items can still
be browsed, but conversion is prohibited.

-Tectonic Petrotheum:
Fluid block which shatters stone.
Confers resistance, mining speed, and night vision.

-Zephyrean Aerotheum:
Fluid block, lighter than air. Deflects projectiles.
Confers water breathing and brief invisibility.

-Forge Lexicon:
When not empowered, you can use it to set your "preferred" versions of ores.
When empowered, it will automatically convert any ores you pick up to your preferred
Also when empowered, you may use it to convert items between Ore Dictionary equivalents.

Blitz Rod, Blitz Powder, Basalz Rod, Basalz Powder, Aerotheum Dust, Petrotheum Dust

Air elemental. Throws bolts which apply confusion on impact. Kind of a jerk.
Found in Plains and Sandy Biomes.
Drops Blitz Rods and Niter.

Earth elemental. Throws bolts which apply weakness on impact. Also a jerk.
Found in Mountain and Wasteland Biomes.
Drops Basalz Rods and Obsidian Dust.

-Artwork for some of the old materials has changed to ensure a consistent style with the new
-Blizzes no longer assault random animals. They're still jerks, but they don't kick puppies

-Torches may now be placed on all Storage Blocks.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @GKB with Tinker I/O
GKB said:
Tinker I/O beta1.3.0
Sorry for the incorrect upgrade amount of fuel input machine in beta 1.3.0...

Tinker I/O beta 1.3.0 will be archive

  • In beta 1.3.0 hotfix , the default active range of fuel input machine is 30 slots.

Beta 1.3.0 changelog

  • New Block !
  • New slot upgrade!
  • Now, you need some slot upgrades to increase the active range of Fuel input machine.






and @lumien with Random Things
Lumien said:
Random Things 3.5.3
  • Added: Fluid Display
  • Added: Custom Crafting Tables for ALL wood types (Including all modded ones)
  • Added: Analog Emitter
  • Added: The Redstone Tool now displays the strength of a redstone wire while hovering over it
  • Fixed: Eating a bean stew consumed the whole stack
  • Fixed: Summoning Pendulum working on other players
  • Fixed: Message issues due to messages being executed in the network thread
  • Changed: Reduced the chance of the Ender Core switching entitys around it
  • Changed: Make the Enchantment Color of the Redstone Tool Red


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Jul 29, 2019
and me with Steamcraft2

Beta 4.5:
+ Copper tank is functional. Still WIP.
+ Implemented a tier two ’steel’ wire.
+ Added slate stairs
+ Add petrified tree spawns to depths swamps.
+ Add nuclear boiler recipe.
+ Add steel spring recipe
+ Added recipe to convert lamps back and forth
+ Add tooltip to copper tank.
+ Add a desc to the diving helmet.
+ Lightning Bottles supercharge creepers. Yes, I'm a evil madman.
+ Added compatibility for BluSunrize’s AquaTweaks
- Disabled RC/MFR spanner compat
- Disable the time bomb recipe - it needs quite a bit more work
* Disable the ability to enchant the steam drill and all electric tools
* Turbine & Grating recipes use iron not steel
* Increased amount from copper wire recipe
* Change bronze to use 3 copper instead of 2.(by other mods convention)
* Register sulfur under the same name as Railcraft sulfur.
* Changed Tesla Coil recipe to use steel
* Updated Bloomery recipe and description.Also increased burn time.
* Added glass to the copper pipe recipe
* Aqualung/Life Vest are now incompatible, Plating/Aqualung are now comaptible.
* Adjust Chronometer use time
* Steam Turbine only outputs energy from top and bottom.
* Increased Capacitor transfer rate to 100RF/t.
* Copper Wires now accept energy and do not need to be changed to extract mode.
# Fix life vest being too bouncy
# Fix some block breaking textures
# Fix teacup recipe
# Fixed Shrinkray/Raygun recipes giving incorrect metadata.
# Fixed tea plant drops
# Some work on fixing depths crashes
# Fixes to tools
# Fixed a crash when breaking boilers with steam in it
# Fixed path recipe
# Fixed pocket watch in-game time display not working
# Various texture fixes and updates. Improve armour editor texture


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Jul 29, 2019
and @yorkeMC with Tainted Magic
yorkeMC said:
Tainted Magic
  • Added a new line of study... Magical Croissants...
  • Added the "Voidwalker's Sash of Runic Shielding"
  • Added the "Block of Shadowmetal"
  • Added more config options including the option to disable update notifications, and the option to disable Shadow Ore spawning in the world (replaces it with a crucible recipe)
  • Tweaked the Version Checker
  • Added "Shadowmetal Transmutation" (only available if Shadow Ore is enabled for world spawning)
  • Added an informational page about the Eldritch Guardians
  • Aesthetic fixes
  • Grammar and spelling fixes
  • Fixed the focal upgrade "Corrosive" (it was not working at all)
  • More bugfixes, and probably created more bugs!

and @Nektro with Dirt To Dire
Nektro said:
At the recent Minecon 2015 in London, during the mod developers panel, Direwolf20 mentioned that if put into a survival with only 5 mods, then a mod that made him 9x9s would be one of them. And Applied Energistics and Equivalent Exchange.

All the panelists were wonderful and although I could not be at MineCon, the livestream was excellent. Thank you to everyone involved.

Use of this mod only requires that you right click a dirt or grass block, and it will perfectly construct a Direwolf20 style 9x9 around you, complete with door and glass skyroof. Screenshots or results are available on Imgur.

NOT Intended for actual survival!

Built with Forge for 1.8

and @jaquadro with Big Doors
jaquadro said:
Big Doors gives you larger wooden double-doors. At 3 blocks wide and 3 blocks tall, you can finally have a dramatic entrance on that wall with the odd block-length. Doors come in all six of the vanilla plank styles, based on the new 1.8 door designs.


Big Doors is an ADDON for MalisisDoors. You must install MalisisDoors and MalisisCore to use this mod.

Big Doors can be automated by powering them from their bottom-middle block. Power sources on any other edge will be ignored.

Doors can be crafted by placing two wooden oak doors above two wooden planks of the desired type on a crafting table.


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Jul 29, 2019
Tinkers Construct 1.8.6a (by boni)
NOTE: This is still an alpha at the time of posting. Use at own risk
* Alumite, Ardite, Cobalt, Manyullyn bricks (Textures by TherminatorX)

* Cactus, Paper and Netherrack textures for some of the ranged weapons (Textures by TheStapler)

* Fix potential crashes with armor stuff

* Fix potential crash when smeltery size changes

* Fix potential crash with the lumber axe


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Jul 29, 2019
Immersive Engineering v0.4.0!
Changelog said:
- fixed conveyor sorter not accepting items
- players can no longer ride bullets, sorry =P
- players now ride the catenaries of the wires instead of straight lines
- added temporary render to the Skyhook...and cancelled it shortly afterwards
- moved fuel-consumption in the blastfurnace behing smelting
- apparently Charcoal isn't oredicted by default, it should now work in the blast furnace though
- fixed IC2 machines voiding power
- added damage-boost for skyhook when the payler is falling, this will be an upgrade
- Lanterns got a new render
- Lightningrod now doesn't work for spawned lightning anymore
- changed internal methods for the manual
- added a new functions to the API, allowing a check if power can pass through a connector
- added methods to the API to determine whether a wire transfers power
- added a breakerswitch to use those functions
- added more placing options to wallmounts
- added downwards-facing arms to wooden poles
- added comparator output to capacitors
- added zh_CN.lang
- added a list of required blocks to every multiblock
- attempted fix for the transfer of negative energy
- attempted fix on the sound system...again
- changes to revolver crafting, even users of custom skins can now get the normal one
- stopped fluid producers from stacking unstackables
- fixed Industrial Hemp page linking to the wrong page
- refactored the API
- added manual support into the API, so addon devs can do custom entries&categories
- Fermenter&Squeezers no longer consume 9 of every stack but 9 in total
- fixed hammer recipes to no longer consume the hammer and priorizite IE dusts
- fixed ItemRouter voiding more stuff
- fixed excavator being unlimited for negative numbers

Note: incompatible with AOBD 2.7.0, Immersive Integration and Lodeloader due to the API changes.

Edit: And with that:

AOBD 2.7.1
Changelog said:
-Fix things that broke with Immersive Engineering 0.4.0 API's change

Immersive Integration 0.4.0
Changelog said:
  • Updated to support IE v0.4.0
  • Add redstone wire coil + connectors.
  • Add documentation to the manual for all blocks
  • Fix issue where dense wire connectors weren't reported properly to network monitor
  • Remove passive drain on me wire connectors (was never meant to be there)
  • Update zh_CN.lang - bakaxyf
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