What's new in modded minecraft today?


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Jul 29, 2019
At first: EssentialCraft3 just got an update!
Fixed some crashes, improved performance, removed some exploits.

And there is a mod I want to show you, many of you maybe don't even know what they are missing:
Actually Additions
Do you want Automation? Wireless Transport? Better Machines? A cup o' Coffee? Chests? Better Hoppers? Leaf Blowers? Faster Growth? Plants? Well, Actually Additions has all that and a lot more!

For more Information, view the main Thread on the Minecraft Forums here.
A note from my side: You can disable everything - so even if you just like 1 or 2 things it's maybe worth the download.


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Jul 29, 2019
And there is a mod I want to show you, many of you maybe don't even know what they are missing:
Actually Additions
I can definitely vouch for that mod, you can even see my comments on the curseforge page.

Also cool little update to Thermal Recycling
OreCruncher said:
Release Summary

Does not contain any bug fixes.


Also a new mod i found cool looking, Void Decay
FunWayGuy said:
New distance and time scaling (Thanks GenDeathrow)
Cleansing TNT is now cheaper to make
Cleansing TNT now heals for longer
New update notifications
Added Curse Forge support
Possible server crash fix?
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Jul 29, 2019
Genesis quest By ri5ux:http://bit.ly/1NfxHVy
A WIP quest mod that will interact with Custom NPCs and Pixelmon. Currently only adds two items with no special functionality. In the future the mod will feature a quest book for adding customized quests, customized skin/armor sets, game tokens used as a currency, and a champion chest that players can add items or blocks to. The champion chest can then be opened, at which point it will spew out all the items put into it. A party system will be added later on, as well as several other items and blocks.

A more detailed description will be added at a later point in development.


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Jul 29, 2019
CraftingTableIV update!

Grab the latest version here

(hopefully) Fixed ThreadDeath exception

Fixed Server-side crash regarding KeyBoard inputs

Fixed recipes not properly loading when connecting to a dedicated server

Added search bar!



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Jul 29, 2019
Project superhuman by DarKnighT_0_9

  • Moved armor calls from a Switch to a HashMap.
  • A few 3D renders of suits in the HeroSuits Catalog are now posed. More will be posed over time.
  • Added command to give Points to players. (/points [amount] [player]).
  • Added Achievements.
  • Abilities that previously spawned Web and Ice blocks now spawn “Synthetic” versions of those blocks that will decay over time and don’t drop anything when broken.
  • Mostly fixed the bug where points disappear when changing dimensions. It still happens when traveling from the End to the Overworld. Re-logging will fix that.
  • Added a healthy check for certain abilities. It checks the player’s health and food level. If either is low then certain abilities won’t function or will function at a weakened state.
  • Removed any skins/textures not made by me.
  • The Acrobat effect now has a dodging ability.
  • The Acrobat effect now has a disarming ability.
  • Stronger characters that can fly or climb walls can now mine blocks, while flying/climbing, at normal speed.
  • Bauble specific abilities, such as the ability to store a costume in a ring, now have their own separate keybinding.
  • The Web Ball projectile is now more powerful.
  • The Web Ball projectile now has a 3D model.
  • Fixed the bug where you are kicked from the world if you try to use the ability keys without a suit on.
  • Rewrote the way constructs work so there is support for all 9 lantern corps. The worn ring will dynamically change the appearance of the constructs.
  • Character who become invisible in low light should no longer become invisible in water.
  • The Points Card now functions differently. It can be used to store your Points meaning that if you store Points and give it to another player they can then withdraw those Points.
  • Updated all HeroSuits Catalog entries
  • Added War Machine.
  • Marvel now has a “Shrinking” ability. This is very experimental so some unexpected things may happen. It also uses some hack-ish stuff so held item rendering is very off.
  • Marvel now has Step Assist.
  • Updated Ms. Marvel’s armor model.
  • Wolverine is now faster.
  • Wolverine now jumps slightly higher.
  • Wolverine is now immune to Poison and Wither if he is healthy.
  • Wolverine’s healing factor is diminished when he isn’t healthy.
  • Spider-Man no longer jumps as high by default.
  • Sneaking and jumping as Spider-Man will now make him perform the big jump he used to do.
  • Spider-Man now has weak Regeneration.
  • Spider-Man is now immune to Poison.
  • Nightcrawler is now faster.
  • Nightcrawler now jumps slightly higher.
  • Nightcrawler now becomes invisible in low light.
  • Nightcrawler now has Night Vision in low light.
  • Hulk is now faster when sprinting. Yes; this idea was borrowed from Superheroes Unlimited. It’s a good idea.
  • Hulk’s smash attack is no longer crazy powerful and the power is now determined by the size of the jump you take before the smash.
  • Hulk’s “Thunderclap” now functions differently. If it hits an enemy directly it will damage that enemy and knock them back along with any other nearby living entities. It will also but out any fires it passes by.
  • Hulk now has Saturation.
  • Storm’s “Slow Fall” functions the same but was rewritten.
  • Daredevil now has Swiftness.
  • Daredevil now has Acrobatics.
  • Martian Manhunter no longer gets along with fire and the Nether.
  • Flash’s phasing ability now functions differently.
  • Deathstroke is now faster.
  • Deathstroke now jumps slightly higher.
  • Deathstroke now has Acrobatics.
  • Harley Quinn now jumps slightly higher.
  • Wonder Woman’s “Lasso of Truth” is now available.
  • Wonder Woman now has Fire Resistance.
  • Wonder Woman now has Step Assist.
  • Wonder Woman is now immune to Poison and Wither.
  • Booster Gold now has a force field.
  • Blue Beetle is now faster.
  • Blue Beetle now has Step Assist.
  • Captain America now has faster Haste.
  • Captain America now has slightly higher Regeneration.
  • Captain America is now resistant to fire damage. As long as he isn’t standing in lava, he won’t take fire damage.
  • Captain America now has Acrobatics.
  • Colossus’ throwing ability now allows the wearer to throw other players. Yes, that means you can do the “Fastball Special” now.
  • Colossus is now faster.
  • Colossus now has Step Assist.
  • Superman’s “Freeze Breath” now puts out fires, turns water to ice, and lava to obsidian.
  • Superman now has Step Assist.
  • Superman is now immune to Wither.
  • Superman now takes 4X damage from magic based attacks.
  • A player wearing a Kryptonite ring will now experience periodic wither effect due to the radiation given off by the ring.
  • Shadowcat now has Step Assist.
  • Shadowcat now makes other players intangible when they are near her and she is using her intangibility ability.
  • Thing now has Jump Boost.
  • Thing now has Step Assist.
  • Thing now has a “Bodyslam” ability.
  • Thing now has a “Ground Slam” ability.
  • Thing is now faster when sprinting. Yes; this idea was borrowed from Superheroes Unlimited. It’s a good idea.
  • Deadpool now has Acrobatics.
  • Deadpool now jumps slightly higher.
  • Deadpool is now faster.
  • Batman is now faster.
  • Batman now has Water Breathing (thanks to his built-in rebreather).
  • Batman’s Smoke Pellets were redone.
  • Batman’s Grapple Gun is now available.
  • Batman now has Acrobatics.
  • The Flash (Wally West) in now slightly faster at speed levels 1-3.
  • The Flash (Wally West)’s phasing ability now functions differently.
  • The Flash (Wally West) now has a “Dimension Jump” ability.
  • Invisible Woman’s force field should activate more reliably now.
  • Invisible Woman’s force field should now be effective against other players.
  • Invisible Woman can now launch her force field at enemies. It will knock them away and put out fires.
  • Invisible Woman now has Step Assist.
  • Fantastic now has Step Assist.
  • Squirrel Girl no longer jumps as high by default.
  • Sneaking and jumping as Squirrel Girl will make her perform a bigger jump.
  • Squirrel Girl now has a “Chew” ability.
  • Wildcat is now slightly faster.
  • Wildcat now jumps slightly higher.
  • Wildcat now has Haste.
  • Wildcat now has Acrobatics.
  • Deadshot is now faster.
  • Deadshot’s Gauntlet Guns now have a mode switch and are now all bound to the same key.
  • Deadshot now has a “Grappling Hook” ability.
  • Deadshot now has Night Vision in low light.
  • Deadshot now has Acrobatics.
  • Captain Marvel now has Step Assist.
  • Captain Marvel now has higher Health Boost.
  • Captain Marvel now has a “Super Speed” ability.
  • Captain Marvel now has a “Toss” ability.
  • Aquaman is now slightly faster.
  • Aquaman can now mine blocks underwater as fast as if he were on land.
  • Aquaman now has a “Super Jump” ability.
  • Catwoman’s Whip is now available.
  • Catwoman is now slightly faster.
  • Catwoman now has Step Assist.
  • Catwoman now has Acrobatics.
  • Puck is now faster.
  • Puck can now jump slightly higher.
  • Puck now has Step Assist.
  • Puck now has Acrobatics.
  • Captain Atom now has Water Breathing.
  • Captain Atom now has Step Assist.
  • You can now toggle through available constructs for each Green Lantern, setting 1 construct to each Suit Action key.
  • Guy Gardner now has his Red Power Ring available. Equipping it in addition to his Green Power Ring will give him a new set of abilities.
  • Kyle Rayner is now Tier 5.
  • Kyle Rayner now has his White Power Ring available. Equipping it will increase things like his strength. It will also give him a new set of abilities.
  • Zoom now applies slowness to those around him when moving fast.
  • Scarlet Spider no longer jumps as high by default.
  • Sneaking and jumping as Scarlet Spider will now make him perform the big jump he used to do.
  • Scarlet Spider now has weak Regeneration.
  • Scarlet Spider is now immune to Poison.
  • Scarlet Spider now has a “Stinger Dart” ability.
  • Scarlet Spider (Kaine) no longer jumps as high by default.
  • Sneaking and jumping as Scarlet Spider (Kaine) will now make him perform the big jump he used to do.
  • Scarlet Spider (Kaine) is now slightly more resistant.
  • Scarlet Spider (Kaine) now has Regeneration.
  • Scarlet Spider (Kaine) is now immune to Poison.
  • Spider-Girl no longer jumps as high by default.
  • Sneaking and jumping as Spider-Girl will now make her perform the big jump she used to do.
  • Spider-Girl now has weak Regeneration.
  • Spider-Girl is now immune to Poison.
  • Spider-Girl now has a “Stinger Dart” ability.
  • Spider-Gwen no longer jumps as high by default.
  • Sneaking and jumping as Spider-Gwen will now make her perform the big jump she used to do.
  • Spider-Gwen now has weak Regeneration.
  • Spider-Gwen is now immune to Poison.
  • Spider-Man (Miles Morales) no longer jumps as high by default.
  • Sneaking and jumping as Spider-Man (Miles Morales) will now make him perform the big jump he used to do.
  • Spider-Man (Miles Morales) now has weak Regeneration.
  • Spider-Man (Miles Morales) is now immune to Poison.
  • Spider-Man 2099 no longer jumps as high by default.
  • Sneaking and jumping as Spider-Man 2099 will now make him perform the big jump he used to do.
  • Spider-Man 2099 now has Regeneration.
  • Spider-Man 2099 is now immune to Poison.
  • Goldstar’s force field should activate more reliably now.
  • Goldstar’s force field should now be effective against other players.
  • Goldstar’s force field now makes her more resistant.
  • Leonardo now has Acrobatics.
  • Donatello now has Acrobatics.
  • Michelangelo now has Acrobatics.
  • Raphael now has Acrobatics.
  • X-23 is now faster.
  • X-23now jumps slightly higher.
  • X-23 is now immune to Poison and Wither if she is healthy.
  • X-23’s healing factor is diminished when she isn’t healthy.
  • Batman Beyond now has Acrobatics.
  • Green Arrow now has Acrobatics.
  • Iron Man’s mask can now be opened (Number Pad 1. Same for War Machine).
  • Hitting an entity with Mjolnir now only strikes lightning if you are sneaking.
  • Hawkeye now has Acrobatics.
  • Ultron now has Night Vision.
  • Probably things I forgot.
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @EXTER7 with Foundry
EXTER7 said:
  • Added Cupronickel metal.
  • Added Alloy Furnace block (Like a regular furnace but with two input slots used to make alloys).
  • Changed heating coil recipe to use cupronickel.
  • Added Material Router machine block:
  • Sorts items based on their type (dust, ingot, nugget ...) and material (iron, copper, tin, gold ...).
  • Added Refractory Hopper block:
  • Like the vanilla hopper but for liquid.
  • Can move liquids between machines/tanks.
  • Can drain liquid from the world by placing it at the bottom of a pool/lake/river/ocean.
  • Added Dyes substances to the Metal infuser.
  • Metal Infuser can make colored glass (liquid glass + dye makes colored liquid glass).
  • Better TiCon integration: Foundry liquids can now be used in a Casting Table/Basin.
  • Added Thaumcraft integration, Liquid Thaumium, Voidmetal.
  • Added Botania integration, Liquid Manasteel, Terrasteel, and Elementium.
  • Added Metallurgy4 integration, liquid version of it's metals.
  • MJ is no longer supported.
  • Added liquid rubber, IC2 insulated cable casting.
  • Added Twilight Forest integration: Support for Ironwood, Steeleaf, and Knightmetal.
  • Thermal Foundation integration:
  • Support for Mithril, Signalum, Lumium, and Enderium.
  • Can cast TF tools/armor.

and @pixlepix with Aura Cascade
pixlepix said:
Aura Cascade 486
  • Added Cascading Miner/Prismatic Singularity
  • Added proper processor recipe system, paving the way for modtweaker support
  • Massively sped up the cascading smelter (10s -> 3s per operation)
  • Cascading colorer's recipe can now use any wool color
  • Angel's amulet can no longer go through unbreakable blocks. In particular, it can't take you above the nether ceiling.
  • Fixed: Sash of the angel's heels step assist effect would remain client-side but not server-side
  • Fixed orange angel's steel sword textures
  • Significantly cheapened many early game recipies. In particular, diamonds are no longer required for aura crystals, and gems are no longer required for pumps
  • Fixed: Creative pumps are craft-able if recipe fixer mod is installed

and @TomEV with Router Reborn
TomEV said:
Router Reborn
  • Router code rewritten.
  • Thoroug now work as intended, will use inventory already containing the item first
  • Speed upgrade effect thorough now.
  • Multile selections avalible on Machine filter
  • Router should be alot more easy on servers now
  • Outputting to BC pipes not added yet.
  • Order of machines should now be correct, (Closest machine first)
  • Please report any problems on the issue tracker at https://bitbucket.org/zyberwax/main/issues?status=new&status=open
  • You do not need to register to post a issue.

and @Vazkii with Waterproof
Vazkii said:

Water destroys redstone contraptions everywhere. Installing Waterproof will make it so that's not the case! You can add more blocks in the config file the mod provides. Defaults are the ones seen in the image above.

Source Code

If you have any problems with the mod or just want to contact me, you can find me on Twitter (@Vazkii) or IRC (#vazkii on irc.esper.net).


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Jul 29, 2019
After seeing how simple FastLeafDecay/FastLeaveDecay works when I ported it to my 1.8 API, I went ahead and made a client jar mod for 1.2.5 to do the same. I've used it in my custom SSP Tekkit/Technic pack without issue, though it should work fine in vanilla too. Tis especially nice with Treecapitator.

Did I ever link the one from a while back that implements the modern behavior of preventing block activation when holding shift and right-clicking? Here it is anyway. I use it in the same pack.


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Jul 29, 2019
Buildcraft 7.0.12
Changelog said:

* [#2819] Leather/dyed helmet support on robots (asie)
* Make mining robots work with GregTech ores (zmaster587, asie)
* Robots can now be filtered in Force/Forbid by wearable, not just by type (asie)


* Rendering helmet overlays on robots is now supported (hea3ven)
* The Accept Items action now supports Lists (asie)
* The builder robot will not pick up materials in creative worlds (hea3ven)

Bugs fixed:

* [#2833] Stained Glass Panes in schematics always white (asie)
* [#2828] Filler crash without Transport (asie)
* [#2822] Stamper eats items that should not used up (asie)
* [#2820] CME in map generation (asie)
* Fix planter robots not freeing reserved blocks (hea3ven)
* NPE in Builder robot (hea3ven)
* Zone planner maps not generating (asie)
Buildcraft Additions 2.2.0
Changelog said:
Added rocket boots
Changed some of the recipes
Fix crash on world load when dust registration is dissabled
Added multiblock crash protection
Heated furnace respects meta and nbt now
New textures
fixed integration table recipe (they no longer require chipsets as well)
recipes use the oredict now
A few other crashing bugs


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Dec 31, 2012
Worcester, Massachusetts
Behold, you can now sift things with GregTech 6!
GregoriusT said:
[FIXED] The Smeltery and the Molds not using the actual vanilla Textures for Water, Ice, Lava and Obsidian, what looked rather disturbing.
[FIXED] Burning Box sometimes producing multiple Ashes when being blocked.
[ADDED] Sifting Table. Processes the good old sifting Recipes from GT5 by hand. Also with NEI Support but without GUI. You will probably see the obvious NEI Button on it if you have NEI installed.

You can even sift dirt/grass/podzol/mycelium/gravel/soul sand!


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Jul 29, 2019


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Jul 29, 2019
I see your greg tech and raze you this!

Mc Jty ‏@McJty Jun 22
RFTools is going to get a retexture in the near future. Here a small preview of what is coming:

Mc Jty ‏@McJty 11h11 hours ago

Added a new mechanic to RFTools to get essences to create structure dimlets (with the Dimlet Workbench):

Mc Jty ‏@McJty Jun 22

If you like manual mining then you will *love* this RFTools dimension:



Also BetterFPS, a mod i use often, got a new update.
Guichagura said:
  • Recoded most of the mod to make it work without Forge
  • Added an installer for easy vanilla installation (Just double click the jar)
  • Added a new in-game config gui. (Press F12 in game)
  • Fixed some bugs
Installation for Forge
Just drop the mod file in the mods folder.

Installation for Vanilla
Double click the mod file, wait for the window open

Select your Minecraft installation folder (.minecraft)

Click in "Install" and you should receive a success message

Open/Restart Minecraft Launcher.

Click in "Edit profile"

Find the BetterFps version and select it (it should be named something like "1.8-BetterFps-1.1.1")



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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @polaris_iv with ForgeAutoShutdown
polaris_iv said:
ForgeAutoShutdown 1.0.2
Changes for 1.0.2:
  • Added player voting for shutdown, allowing players to restart a lagging out server without admin intervention
  • More user-friendly config file
Changes for 1.0.1:
  • Made shutdown process run on the server thread. Prevents potential hangs and corruption.
  • Properly filled in mcmod.info
Initial 1.0.0 build:
  • Automatically shuts down server at a given time
  • Warns all players every minute, five minutes prior to actual shutdown
  • Configurable warn and kick messages

and @Lomeli12 with No Coords
Lomeli12 said:
A small mod that disables coordinates on the F3 overlay.

and @UnderMybrella with Tinkers' Modifiers
UnderMybrella said:
Tinkers' Modifiers 1.2.1
  • Added custom versions of the modifiers present in vanilla Tinkers' Construct. While these aren't present by default in the game, they still show up in the Modifiers directory
  • Added a sample configuration file to the GitHub repository, so if you're stuck that may be a good place to start
  • Added 'damage' as a valid synonym for 'meta', either one will work
  • Added ModLore - this modifier doesn't modify the tool apart from the tooltip. Useful for things like the 'Thaumic' modifier
  • Moved the update checking upon startup into a separate thread, as that was slowing down some people's world startup times.
  • Fixed wildcard support for item damage
  • Fixed the update checker when versions have more than one decimal (such as 1.2.1). This may result in there reportedly being an update when there isn't, so versions are now placed in the tooltip.
  • Fixed the mcmod.info file.
  • A reminder - In Vanilla Tinkers', tconstruct.modifiers.tools.ModToolRepair is what handles the vanilla way of repairing Tinkers' Tools. If you want a tool to be repairable through the tool forge (By putting it and the materials in), then you need this modifier. Iguana Tweaks has iguanaman.iguanatweakstconstruct.replacing.ModPartReplacement for if you want/need to replace tool parts, so I suggest you keep that in.

and @neptunepink with Factorization
neptunepink said:
Factorization 0.8.95
  • Barrel carts, with lots of help from asie!
  • Made sloped tracks climable! (Can disable with -Dfz.disableRailStairs=true (config in coremods being kind of weird or something? I dunno man.))
  • Added IVexatiousCrafting, a general crafting API, so that Vexatos can implement his insane plans.
Factorization 0.8.96
  • Bugfixes & polishes
  • Fixed a dupebug reported by dtk.
  • Barked blocks work in creative mode
  • Fixed FzMan lookup of recipes with OD/wildcard entries
  • Improved the pickblock improvements:
  • Properly handles blocks that don't drop things, like glass.
  • A common hiccup was replacing your pick with cobblestone. Now if you do this, you can complete your cobblestone use, hit pick-block while holding & looking at cobblestone, and it will put your pick back.


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Jul 29, 2019
Immersive Engineering got an official, public Beta!
I know I'm not the only one following it's developement.
Immersive Engineering is a tech mod with a certain charm.
Based on the ideas and concepts, and with all assets created by Damien Hazard, it aims to bring a realism-inspired, retro-futuristic experience of technology and engineering to the user.

It uses the RedstoneFlux API, known from Thermal Expansion, BuildCraft, EnderIO and other mods, but can be played fully standalone. Unlike other mods, IE does not use powertransfer via lanes of blocks, but instead via cables spanned between connectors.
It also allows transport and conversion of IC2's EU =P

The mod features Power Generation in forms of waterwheels, windmills, biodiesel and more and many of its machines are multiblocks!

For all your documentation needs, you should look into this mods ingame documentation, the Engineer's Manual, crafted with a book and a lever.

This mod is also still in beta, so it might have bugs and crashes. Feel free to report these on IE's GitHub:


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Oct 4, 2014
@Vazkii has updated Botania to v194

Changelog said:
R1.6 194
  • Added some new cache handling methods for generating/functional flowers. Trying to fix the good old chunkloading bugs where the flowers change their bindings on chunk unload >_>
  • Bookmarks now presist through sessions. (this is saved in BotaniaVars.dat in your minecraft directory root)
  • Capped the amount of damage the Gaia Guardian can take from a single hit to 12 so you can't just curbstomp it with OP weapons. Sorry!
  • Crossmod lexicon entries now have a little display to tell you about them.
  • Excaliber's beams no longer home on boss mobs.
  • Fixed BoP Malachite getting generated by the Orechid Ignem.
  • Fixed the Force Lens being able to move Bedrock.
  • Ores from Nether Ores will no longer be generated by the Orechid Ignem if the overworld equivalent is not in the pack.
  • The first time you load up the game, you'll be taken to the "Welcome to Botania" entry.
  • The Spectrolus now produces double the amount of mana as before.
  • [API] Changed the linking methods of SubTileGenerating/Functional a bit.
  • [API] Removed oreMalachite from the Orechid's nether table.
  • [API] Write SubTileGenerating/Functional's cache to NBT if it exists rather than defaulting to (0, -1, 0).
  • [API] Increased version number to 53.

I've kinda always wanted to do one of these, but someone has usually pipped me to the post


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Jul 29, 2019
@Vazkii has updated Botania to v194

I've kinda always wanted to do one of these, but someone has usually pipped me to the post
That would be me, I've done the last three updates :p
stop taking my job mate

New update to Thermal Recycling
(It is an alpha but there is village gen now!)


    • OpenEye: Strange client crash with Easy Crafting. Appears the subtype for the Scrap ItemStack passed in to get lore information is out of bounds.
    • OpenEye: Issue registering crates with Forestry
    • OpenEye: Fixed issue with parsing version string with "ALPHA" in it (doh!)
    • Some modded items were rotated 90 degrees so they appeared on edge on in Vending Machine display

    • Vending Machines generated in villages are no longer admin type. Players can now sell items for emeralds. See link for details.
    • Name plates on village generated Vending Machines now have color and name based on the villager profession used to generate content.


This is an ALPHA release. Please do not include in public modpacks. Please backup your worlds prior to installing.



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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @jaquadro with Storage Drawers
jaquadro said:
Storage Drawers 1.5.8
  • Added package-info to the API directories.
  • Allow more drawer types in special drawer recipes; better support for addon pack drawers in recipes.
  • Fixed more item voiding when pulling items with Extra Utilities transfer nodes.
  • Fixed regression in ore dictionary matching, causing more items to unify than should be allowed.
  • Ore dictionary matching made even more strict. Any key used 2 or more times by a single mod is no longer allowed for matching.

and @jaredlll08 with Fluxed-Crystals 2
jaredlll08 said:
Have you ever wanted to grow ores but not be called a "cheater" because the process is considered too easy or too over-powered?
Well we plan on remedying this.

Fluxed-Crystals 2 adds Crystals.
As shown below, these Crystals can come in many forms!


To create seeds, you need to get a Seed Infuser, it is a simple recipe, that requires that you have gone to the nether.
Once created all you need to do is simply place it down, open the GUI, place a Universal Seed in the left slot, and the material of your choice in the right slot.

To make use of these Crystals, you need to make Powered Soil, there are a few different types of powered soil, such as:
  • Powered Soil - Uses Rf to grow Crystals on top of it.
  • Powered Mana soil - Uses Botania Mana to grow Crystals on top of it.
  • Powered EU Soil - Uses Industrial-Craft 2 EU to grow Crystals on top of it.
Simply provide the Soil of your choice with some energy, and you are ready to start growing Crystals! Simply right click the Powered Soil with a Seed and it will start growing!

Once these Crystals have reached their final stage of growth, you can right click them to harvest and replant, or break them to get Rough Shards.
At this point, you may be wondering, "well what do I do now?", and this is where things get tedious!

The precious metals that you seek are covered by rock and sand! you need to somehow cut away the glass.
OK, enough of the role-play, lets get to the point.
The current shard you have now, is quiet rough, so you need to cut it, to do this you need to get yourself a Gem Cutter.
The Gem Cutter is a simple machine, it has an input and an output, it also has slots for upgrades (which I would get into later).
Simply put the Rough Shards in the left slot, and collect the Smooth Shards from the right.

The Smooth Shard feels smooth to the touch (duh)
While the Smooth shard has gotten rid of most of the outside impurities, crystals contain impurities that are not visible to the eye.
To get rid of these impurities, you need to make a Gem Refiner.
Much like the Gem Cutter, the Gem Refiner is just a simple machine, input and output.
And now you have your material!

As I mentioned earlier, I add upgrades for my machines and the Powered Soil. To add an upgrade to the soil, simply right click, to remove shift+right click, Powered Soil can hold a maximum of 3 upgrades each.

The current upgrades are:
  • Speed Upgrade - Decreases process / growth time.
  • Efficiency Upgrade - Decreases the energy requirement.
  • Automation Upgrade - Can only be used on powered soil, automatically harvests crystals as they grow.
If you would like to generate more produce from your Crystals, you can break the Crystals with a Scythe, I currently add the following Scythes:
  • Wooden
  • Stone
  • Iron
  • Gold
  • Diamond
Each one giving a better chance of generating more produce from the Crystals.

Other Misc things I add:
I add tools for all seeds that are generated.

2 new commands:
  • /fluxedcrystals seed-from-current = Generates a template seed based on you current hand for you to then edit.
  • /fluxedcrystals seed-editor = Opens a nifty seed editor that lets you create new seeds fairly easily.
I suggest you use Not Enough Items to see the recipes for all of my machines, items or blocks.
If you try and load your old Fluxed-Crystals worlds with this mod, things will break, While we are sorry, there was not much for us to do.
Thanks for taking the time to read this, we really have spent a lot of time on this rewrite, making sure that everything works.

If you have any issues you can report them on our issue tracker here:
The source code is public and can be found here:
You are free to use our mod in a modpack, however you do need to send us a message notifying us.

If you would like to support development of our mods, you can pledge to one of us on patreon:
  • Jared
  • NamrocSmith
  • MrBurd
  • Tiesti

and @InfinityRaider with AgriCraft
InfinityRaider said:
AgriCraft 1.4.0-alpha
This is an alpha release (changelog) for the purpose of gathering bug reports. It might not seem like much, but almost the entire codebase has been rewritten. Here's the things you should know before you download this version:
- It should be compatible with your old world, but in case BACKUP YOUR WORLD before loading it with this version.
- If plants dissappear from crops after updating, please let me know what mod and what crop it was (see below).
- Seed storage system is mostly unimplemented, ignore it. If you plan to use this in your pack, disable it in the config. Any issues about it showing up on the tracker will be closed.
- API jar is not released yet as there might still come some last minute changes.
- I highly recommend backing up your configs and regenerating them (yes, all of them) as quite a few things have changed.

This version should be fully compatible with crops from:
- AppleMilkTea
- Biomes O Plenty
- Blue Power
- ChocoCraft
- ExtraBiomesXL
- Harvestcraft
- Immersive Engineering
- Magical Crops (both old and new version)
- Pam's Mob Drop Crops
- Natura
- Plant Mega Pack
- PneumaticCraft
- Psychedelicraft
- RotaryCraft
- Pam's Wee Flowers
- Witchery

Plants from any mod not on this list planted on crops prior to this update will dissappear.
Enjoy, and please report any and all bugs you encounter (excluding for anything related to seed storage)

and @OnyxDarkKnight with Jewelrycraft 2
OnyxDarkKnight said:
Jewelrycraft 2 1.0.11
  • Hearts now have spawn eggs
  • There is now a config option to disable structures from spawning; you can chose to disable each structure individually or every single one (note, this will disable the Shadow ore as well)
  • There is now a config option to disable hearts from despawning
  • Had to remove the better Alpaca modelling system until Fisk decides to create a page where I can find all the downloads (post it on curse already :p)
  • Improved molten liquids
  • Improved the Cursed Eye following the player algorithm
  • Improved Hearts mechanics, now they should be a bit more reliable
  • Hearts now render on the right side of the hotbar rather than the left
  • Improved color detection system (should be less laggy now)
  • Structures crashing servers

and @carliman with Toolbox
carliman said:
Toolbox 1.2.0
  • added upgrade slots for slot-upgrades
  • added 4 slot-upgrades
  • fixed bugs

and @McJty with RFTools
McJty said:
RFTools 3.11beta1
  • RFTools now has its own villager. You can get unknown dimlets from this guy as well as some chance for good dimlet trades. This villager is only the only way to get structure essences. Note that this villager doesn't (yet) has his own house so that means he will not spawn automatically in a new village. You have to wait until new villagers are born to have a chance of getting him.
  • Added the ability to craft structure dimlets. You can trade with the RFTools villager to get the needed essences for this.


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Jan 6, 2013
Laser Mod (1.7.2-1.7.10) by ProPercivalalb

This is like 21 days old update but still i find it as HUGE feature revival...
If you ever played [1.2.5] The Laser Mod (v.1.5) you probably remember color tubes/panels which allowed you to use the lasers to make colorful displays, or color-signals. (simply it color itself based on incoming laser color)

3 Years ago i was having blast with these...

And now mr.ProPercivalalb revived this epic feature in his new update!
Sadly changelog doesnt provide too much info...
v1.2.0a - 04th June 2015
+ Lots of changes, forgot to document

Mentioned feature look like this in new update:

Luminous Lamp

Emits light if one or more lasers comes in contact with it and changes color to match the lasers making contact with it.
(i apologize for posting this in wrong thread before)


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Jan 14, 2014
RFDrills got updated to version 1.5.
1.5 - The Dark Souls update!
  • Added the Dark Soularium Crusher for EnderIO! Unlike it's Flux counterpart, you have to upgrade it to unlock its true potential.
  • Changed config value names to be more user-friendly. Delete the old config file to see the changes!
  • Changed a lot of recipes, mainly the Crushers.
  • Retextured motors and some lower-tier drills.
  • Fixed some Flux-Infused Crusher tooltips.
Note: The Dark Soularium Crusher requires items form Simply Jetpacks by default. It will have a different recipe if it isn't installed, but for the best experience I recommend using SJ.