What's new in modded minecraft today?

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Jul 29, 2019
Blood Arsenal 1.1-12 is up here!
-Added configs for disabling items/blocks

-Added more configs

-Made the Transparent Orb read more accurately

-Moved the api folders

-Fixed Life Infuser texture bug

-Improved LP Materializer

-Fixed Compacted MRS textures

-Fixed Glass Sacrificial Dagger

Note this is the flagship release for FTB Horizons 1.7.10!
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @OreCruncher with Thermal Recycling
OreCruncher said:
Thermal Recycling
  • Changed facing logic for machines. Unfortunately the change will cause currently placed machines to shift directional facing. On the plus side, you can now use a wrench to change the machine facing. You can whack those currently placed machines with a Crescent Hammer to rotate them back into place.
  • New device called a Vending Machine. Similar to IC2's Trade Station and the trading booth from the Trading Booth mod. Check the Wiki link for details on it's operation. I would appreciate feedback on this device.


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Jul 29, 2019
ProjectE 1.6.0 "The Void Awakens" is now live on the Curse Client and at: http://minecraft.curseforge.com/mc-mods/226410-projecte/files

Due to recent computer issues making development difficult (full story at link) I have started a IndieGoGo if you wish to help out: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/new-development-pc/x/11027946

###Version 1.7.10-PE1.6.0
* NEW: Void Ring
* NEW: German language file updates
* FIXED: FoV issues with Gem Boots
* FIXED: Talisman of Repair not obeying noRepair in some situations
* FIXED: Vein mining not working properly on redstone
* FIXED: Null tile references
* FIXED: A Transmutation Tablet crash
* FIXED: Watch of Flowing Time now obeys config while on the pedestal


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Dec 31, 2012
Worcester, Massachusetts
GregoriusT said:
[ADDED] Tooltip to Materials which contains the Information on what "Enchantment" it gives when being crafted into a GT Tool.
[FIXED] Stainless Steel Recipe by using Invar instead of Nickel now, so that Nichrome cannot form. The Material Ratios for making it are still the same ofcourse.
[FIXED] Liveroots Boiling Point being below the Wrought Iron Melting Point making Ironwood almost impossible to obtain.
[FIXED] Burning Boxes not creating Ashes, when being blocked while being shut down.
[CHANGED] The Saw is now faster on Planks and similar wooden things, but slower on Logs.
[CHANGED] The Cooldown Timer of Crucibles to 100 Ticks after the last HeatEnergy->Temperature Conversion happened rather than 10 Ticks. Once it starts cooling down however, it will still be 1 Kelvin every 10 Ticks. (and yes it is linear because people otherwise would have even more problems with the Maths behind this)
The way GregTech applies advanced Stone Hardness.
It is highly advised to set the Hardness Multiplier of Underground Biomes to the >>>Original Value<<< if you use this new Multiplier, otherwise GT Pickaxes will break way too fast (since durability loss goes via Hardness and not via Speed).
The higher the Multiplier the longer the Stone takes to break.
The new way does not change the Hardness, but instead directly the Speed you mine it with any Tool (even non-GT ones).
Also added this Multiplier for Ore Blocks.
This Config does, or at least should, synchronise to the Client whenever you join a Server with it.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @CactusCoffee with Simply Magic!
CactusCoffee said:
Simply Magic! 0.2.0
Restructured spell code to allow for changes to be applied to extant spell items and just generally make it better. This might break everything again
  • Added Mage Clothes that give weaknesses / resistances to certain elements and give bonus effects when wearing a full set
  • Added Volcanic Ritual (Level 4 Red Spell)
  • Added Rending Arc (Level 4 Yellow Spell)
  • Added Famish (Level 3 Green Spell)
  • Added Crystallize (Level 5 Blue Spell)
  • Added Nullify (Level 3 Black Spell)
  • Added Healing Hands (Level 3 White Spell)
  • Removed Bury because it was broken and a stupid idea to begin with
  • Added Armour Pierce (Level 5 Green Spell) to replace Bury
  • Healing spell now renamed Recover
  • Changed recipe for Recover spell
  • Changed recipe for Underworld Staff to require quartz intead of ghast tears, should make it easier to get
  • Magic flowers can now spread naturally like mushrooms
  • Scorchbloom now sets entities that walk through it on fire
  • Fluteweed now emits sound effects
  • Frostbell now applies slowing effect to entities that walk through it
  • Updraft and Gale Force should now should work on players
  • Stealth Blast mines no longer last forever
  • Slightly decreased Radiant Aura range.
  • Mana crystal ore and magite ore now work with Fortune enchantment
  • Music discs still aren't ready yet sorry
  • Arcane Soul no longer displays damage bar when moused over in creative menu
  • Radiant Aura spell now has particle effects
  • Changed arcane infuser GUI texture so red X icon resembles that of the vanilla anvil

and @dmf444 with FLORA Reborn
dmf444 said:
This is a mod that adds various fluid-based armors. Each piece of armor can be loaded with fluids, in the Fluidic Armor Infuser. Higher-tier armor provides more protection and can be loaded with more fluids. By putting fluids in your armor, you get special buffs. Buffs are caused by the interaction between fluids. For example, if you have armor with three fluids A, B, and C, you get six buffs: A-A, B-B, C-C, A-B, A-C, B-C. The more liquid you have on your armor, the stronger the buff. However, be careful: Some 'buffs' have negative effects. The list of all buffs can be found here, but you might prefer to discover them for yourself.

Because Pixlepix no longer updates FLORA because of his new mod Aura Cascades, I've taken it up for the time being, and decided to release it on curse for people to use.

and @OreCruncher with Thermal Recycling
OreCruncher said:
Thermal Recycling
  • A Vending Machine in Server mode will "void" items given by players for a trade. Prior to this change the items would be placed into the inventory.
  • Machines placed prior to v0.3.9.x may not be rotatable using a wrench because of invalid facing data. Logic now detects when this happens and forces to a valid facing.
  • Transport pipes no longer connect to Vending Machines. This behavior can be changed by modifying the configuration file.
  • Worms can be fed to chickens. This will cause 0-3 eggs to spawn around the chicken.
  • If there aren't enough items in a Vending Machine inventory to complete a trade the ItemStack rendered in the Vending Machine entity will have a quantity color coded in RED.
  • When a magic item is scrapped Bottles of Enchanting are added as part of the output component list. The number of bottles added is dependent on the quantity and quality of enchants on the item. (These bottles will also show in the Scrap Assessor output.)

and @Sangar with OpenComputers
Sangar said:
This pre-release includes the new Lua 5.3 architecture, which is also the reason this is a pre-release.

If you've been playing with a 1.5.13 dev-build (i.e. one you got from Jenkins), you'll have to manually set the option `enableLua53` to `true` in your config, because it originally wasn't until I did some stability testing myself. At this point I think it's stable enough for more general testing.

To play with the new Lua 5.3 architecture, take a CPU and sneak-rightclick while holding it in your hand. You'll see a notification in your chat log about what architecture it is now configured for (you can also see that in the extended tooltip of the CPU).

There have also been a good number of other changes, full changelog will be coming with the release proper. For now, I'd appreciate some testing. Let me know if you run into any issues, thanks!

and @BlayTheNinth with EiraIRC
BlayTheNinth said:
EiraIRC 2.8.270
  • Added Twitch name badges (this feature requires the latest EiraMoticons to be installed, but EiraIRC will still run without)
  • Added IRC name completion (press TAB when having an IRC channel active) - client-side only (won't work with the server-side bridge bot)
  • Added help text on how to switch channel that appears for a few seconds below the active channel target
  • Added a save button to the channel config GUI (just a visual help, it always saves anyways)
  • Changed loading of image preview to be asynchronous to prevent lagspikes when viewing an image
  • Changed switching between channels to use SHIFT+<KEY> (default: Shift+TAB) to avoid conflict with username completion
  • Tiny performance improvements on the Twitch related features (no longer checking the Twitch host on every message).
  • Fixed the scaling of the image link preview to keep the proper image ratio
  • Fixed Twitch name colors and name badges not working if the nick is not all lower-case
  • Fixed crash with LLibrary installed (however, automatic screenshot features will not work -> compatibility issue)


Mod Developer
May 13, 2014
New version of RFTools 3.02:

  • Improved the GUi of the storage scanner. Now uses the same background color as the modular storage system and the widgets are layed out more compactly.
  • The default background color for the modular storage and storage scanner has changed to dark gray instead of bluish dark gray and the config option for it has moved to the general section.
  • Two new patreon dimlets: one for Lockesly L'Crit and one for Daniel Nissenfeld.
  • Added missing documentation about crafting efficiency dimlets to the dimension builder manual.
  • The Matter Beamer gui no longer has a syringe icon in the material slot. That slot doesn't accept syringes.
  • Fixed a possible divide by zero in the matter transmitter that someone reported but which I could not reproduce.
  • Fixed a 1-pixel offset error in the inventory of the dimension enscriber. Now your dimlets will be positioned properly in the gui!
  • Fixed a small bug which prevented volcanoes and dimlet buildings to spawn on the x axis as well as on the z axis of a generated world.
  • Try to protect against some common blocks having a null item (like mossy cobblestone) for some weird reason (could be something Project Red is doing)? This affected some people only.
  • Fixed the modular storage gui so that you can again use digits in the filter but without the dangerous 'swap slot' behaviour.

Curse: http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/224641-rftools#t1:other-downloads

Have fun!


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Jul 29, 2019
New mystcraft
[ModCompat]Fixes a logic issue with fluid symbol construction (any blacklisting prevents all later fluids)
[BugFix]Fixes an issue with falling blocks
[Visuals]Adds a border highlight for missing book name in binder
[Profiling]Moves client-side baseline profiling to be done at first time startup
Server profiling has not changed
Each single player save will not do individual baseline profiling now
It can be backgrounded, but a singleplayer game cannot be started until it is complete
Deleting the mystcraft folder will cause the data to be rebuilt
Changes to the mods in the environment are not detected, so manual deletion of the data is necessary if instability occurs
PACK MAKERS: The result data can be included with a pack
JADED: The included pack data doesn't have to be the actual result data...

If you experience crashes during te startup profiling, disable the mobs on the main menu
config/bspkrsCore.cfg -> B:showMainMenuMobs=false

The profiling change: Your pack will do profiling only once, based on the generic configs, not per-world, based on world-specific configs. (For multiplayer, this is no difference; for single player, some mods let different saves have different configs).

And, if the pack maker ships a profile results file, that profile file is trusted and accepted, no matter if it actually corresponds to the pack or not ...


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Jul 29, 2019
Update on Advanced Rocketry with some new info on mechanics and some more screenshots of the machines

We have the assembling machine used to make various parts

The saw machine used to cut various plates

And the crystallizer for making some scifi ref materials and fuels >;3

we have our own power system planned as well but it can run off RF and Ic2 and GT power

Also these are not final models.


EDIT: Video!

Also we have an update on how space exploration works once you get to the stage where you build space yards the solar systems will be a spore style movement system between planets within the solar system and then a warp to new solar systems. When you reach a planet you apear outside of the planet as an orbit where you can build structures and such.

Also with the first tier of just using rockets it will still be a select the destination before launching but like i said above you will be able to build star ships in space and select where you want to go to. or pilot the craft to that planet.

Any questions feel free to ask. ^.^
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @lulan2 with ShinColle
lulan2 said:
ShinColle rv20
  • NEW: Add Northern Princess, build from Hadal Hydrothermal Vortex.
  • NEW: Add onsight check option (enable in ship GUI): ship will chase target only when target is onsight.
  • NEW: Command Scepter now save 9 teams: hold scepter and press SPRINT + HOTBAR (default: CTRL+1~9) to change team.
  • NOTE: Team list will clear after relogin or change dimension.
  • NEW: Add toy plane, no use for now.
  • FIX: Fix the Harbour Princess's railgun launch height to avoid bombing bore.
  • FIX: Fix the orbital calc of straight type missile.
  • FIX: Fix some follow and guarding AI sync bugs.
  • FIX: Fix a navigate infinite loop bug.
  • CHANGE: Tweak models and textures.
  • CHANGE: Tweak ship GUI sync packet for kills and grudge number display.
  • CHANGE: Reduce railgun damage to 50% torpedo damage.
  • CONFIG: Add grudge drop rate setting.
  • CONFIG: Add states limit setting, default: HP, fire power, range = -1 (no limit),
  • DEF = 75 (75%), attack speed = 4 (2 hits per second in cannon, 1 hit per second in missile, airplane), move speed = 0.8 (blocks per tick)

and @BluSunrize with AquaTweaks
BluSunrize said:
AquaTweaks is a small, clientside, coremod, which aims to improve the way fluids look around non-solid blocks.
In its essence, it renders fake water into ladders, fences, signs and the likes, making them not look as derpy underwater.



Note that these changes are purely of graphical nature. Fluids will not actually flow through blocks, but simply render into them.

In addition to that, this mod allows other modders to register their blocks for tweaking. Due to the technicality of that process, I'm going to spoiler it.

There is two options. either implement the interface "blusunrize.aquatweaks.api.IAquaConnectable" in your block (this supports the @Optional annotation"), or send an IMC message.

Users of the interface get the benefit of having world and coordinates passed, allowing possible TileEntity interaction, furthermore, the get one method to check if water should render a side towards the block and another which determines if water should be rendered into the block.

IMC is the easy and fast method. The message must have an NBTTagCompound that that compound requires two strings "modid" and "block", which are used to grab the respective block via GameRegistry.findBlock();
You can also add an integer under the key of "meta" if you only want a certain metadata of the block to AquaTweaks. Without meta, it will default to 32767, the universal wildcard value for damage.
IMC messages are sent to the ModID "AquaTweaks".



Mod Developer
Dec 24, 2013
BuildCraft 7.0.10! Let's hope this one actually deserves the "Stable". Available at the usual place.



* New filler parameters: Hollow for Cylinders, Center for Pyramids and Direction for Stairs (asie)
* Support for inventory Minecarts in the obsidian pipe - partially a bugfix (asie)


* Builders now show the amount of required items up to 99K instead of 999 (asie)
* Optimizations to Builder/Filler code (asie)
* Tweaks to water spring generation (asie)

Bugs fixed:

* [#2801] Internal server crash on certain pipe removal cases (asie)
* [#2800, others] Fluid pipe network sync (this time hopefully for real) (asie)
* [#2799] Cauldron crash on server startup (asie)
* [#2798] Crashing when rightclickling with wrench (asie)
* [#2796] Invalid height for stairs in Filler (asie)
* [#2792] Obsidian pipes not using up energy for items (asie)
* Fix buckets in stripes pipes not working with custom air blocks (asie)
* Fix filler pattern icon render in gates (asie)
* Fix stripes pipes eating unplaced blocks in a large stack (asie)
* Fix tooltip rendering in filler GUI (asie)

Some of these bugfixes are also present in BuildCraft 6.4.18, the long-term support release for people who for some reason are stuck on 6.4 or just want to wait with updating to 7.

EDIT: 7.0.11 came out, fixing a fatal Builder regression, adding an Excavate toggle to the Filler and some usability improvements. Whoops?
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Dec 31, 2012
Worcester, Massachusetts
new day, no update, EVERYBODY PANIC!!
Oh please, today isn't entirely devoid of updates. For behold!
GregoriusT said:
[FIXED] Well it is not my Bug, and I did not fix it, but here is what happens: Player Entities can collect DEAD ItemStacks from the ground. Seriously, those Stacks are DEAD and REMOVED from the World and still Players CAN COLLECT DAT SHIT!!! So I was forced to nullify the Stacksize inside the Stack when the Crucible or any other GT thing collects it. That way the Player still collects the Stack but he will receive NOTHING (like it should be in the first place).
[FIXED] Burning Box accepting Lava Buckets. Ofcourse Lava should not work in a BURNING Box.
[FIXED] Density of Water being lower than the Density of Air due to the result of H + H + O. No wonder the Crucible could not accept Ice.
[CHANGED] File Heads to be 1 1/2 Units rather than 2 Units. This only makes the File Head Mold more effective.
[CHANGED] Remember when I said, that Books don't magically change Text when the underlying Data Changes, because they are Books for fucks sake? Well I take that back. I noticed that those Books contain so much NBT, that my Speakers make the "Heavy LTE Data Transfer Nearby"-Noise whenever I see a written Book in any Inventory, so I decided to only save Title and Author of the Books from now on, to just look up the Title in the Clientside Book Mappings whenever someone opens the Book GUI (but only if the Book does not contain Pages, if it does, and that is the case for all the old Books, then it will display the old value).
[ADDED] Synchronisation of Maximum Stacksizes to the Client.
Rightclicking the Crucible with Water or Lava Buckets to fill them.
And yes this can be used to efficiently cool down or heat up stuff.
In case of Lava you should probably make sure to get rid of the Obsidian before molding Stuff, otherwise you will get Obsidian Tools.
Note, that Lava is only 1050K hot, so you cannot heat up things with it that much.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, no update, EVERYBODY PANIC!!

No updates? I think it's just no updates for the mods that are known around here. o:

For example:

AquaTweaks by BluSunrize:
AquaTweaks is a small, clientside, coremod, which aims to improve the way fluids look around non-solid blocks.
In its essence, it renders fake water into ladders, fences, signs and the likes, making them not look as derpy underwater.



Note that these changes are purely of graphical nature. Fluids will not actually flow through blocks, but simply render into them.

Or the Twilight Forest from Benimatic
Version 2.3.7 (May 16, 2015)[edit]
  • Fixed a too-long sign message disconnecting players on a server
Version 2.3.6 (May 15, 2015)[edit]
  • Final castle architectural preview
    • Many new blocks
    • Much structure
    • Still a work in progress
    • Monsters and mechanics to come
  • Fix huge lily pad item to be consume an item on placement
  • Fix capitalization mismatch causing knightmetal ring texture to not load correctly
  • Add config option to specify portal item
  • Add in troll caves/giants to old map generation
  • Beanstalks now grow through more natural blocks, such as trees
  • Add a few more safeguards preventing taking items from the uncrafting table when uncrafting is disabled on the server, or the player does not have enough XP
  • Fix crash when the cube of annihilation or chain block returns to a player with empty hands
  • Ice crystals do not automatically despawn in 30 seconds if not summoned by the snow queen
  • Small twilight oak trees and rainbow trees now properly grow with twilight oak logs
  • Giant water lily flowers now insta-break instead of being as hard as cobblestone
  • Giant lily pads make grass noise when broken
And also EssentialCraft 3 by Modbder
What is EssentialCraft?

EssentialCraft 3 is a magic themed mod, that adds lots and lots of devices to the game. Here is a list of added content:

-Around 60 new blocks
-Around 100 new Items
-3 new mobs
-1 new dimension
-A new energy type - MRU and lots of ways to generate it

What EssentialCraft allows you to do?

EssentialCraft3 allows you to do lots of stuff, including

-Create and store MRU
-Create some decorative blocks
-Create an automated quarry, that allows you to mine up to 128x128 area of blocks until the bedrock layer
-Create a device, that holds monsters in place
-Create a device, that can use 1 potion up to 8 times in a small AOE, without losing the efficiency of the potion
-Create a device, that can enchant items up to level 60, using not your experience, but MRU
-Create a device, that is capable of generating drops from any mob
-Create a device, that can repare your tools and armor
-Create a device, that allows you to quadruple the outcome of your ores using MRU and lava
-Create a structure, that can teleport you any distance(including other dimensions!)
-Create a structure, that can smelt items, using MRU
-Create guns

-Some tool sets, including one, which automatically uses the right tool to mine
-An item, that allows you to carry around biomes!
-An item, that can mine a 3x3x3 zone of any block.
-An item, that can harvest mob spawners
-An item, that acts both as an AOE bonemeal, and can instantly grow any animal
-3 items, that restore your hp/hunger/remove debuffs
-A set of 10 elemental charms, that can grant you different abilities.
-An item, that allows you to fly
-lots new different weapons
-4 sets of armor

and lots of other stuff!

That seems interesting, how can I get to that?
Easy way. Just grab some simple resources and craft a Book of Knowledge. It has all the information you want in it:

Installation guide - universal

1)If you do not have minecraftforge installed, install it. It is really simple with their new installer.
2)Download the mod itself.
3)Install DummyCore
4)Install Baubles
5)Put the downloaded .zip into your mods folder
6)Launch the game to see if everything works correctly

I like these Mods, and maybe someone else here is interested. :)


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Jul 29, 2019
ProjectE Experimental Build 1.7.0A "Danger Will Robinson" is now live at: http://minecraft.curseforge.com/mc-mods/226410-projecte/files

###Version 1.7.10-PE1.7.0A
* NOTICE: This is a unstable alpha build intended for advanced users who wish to help with testing. It will make irreversible changes to your world save, MAKE A BACKUP!
* CHANGE: Bag data and knowledge have been rewritten and are now stored in the player dat. This should resolve countless data loss issues. Conversion code has been added.
* NOTICE: If data does not seem to be migrated when logging in, relog once and it should happen. Please contact the devs using the issue tracker if this happens to you.
* NEW: Fractional mapping code for items with EMC values less than 1
* NEW: Mapping code for Chisel mod compatibility
* NEW: Chinese language file updates


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @BlayTheNinth with Cooking for Blockheads
BlayTheNinth said:
Cooking for Blockheads 1.0.39
  • Added recipes that are not edible by themselves, but act as ingredients (sugar from Vanilla Minecraft, flour and dough from Pam's Harvestcraft, etc.)
  • Added the vanilla cake recipe (special kind since you eat it after you place it down)
  • Made the recipe book update on inventory changes
  • Made the sorting fall back on a name comparison if the values are the same to prevent randomness
  • Fixed scrolling causing desyncs between the GUI and server
  • Fixed the scrollbar showing a wrong height until it gets scrolled
  • Fixed the scrollbar scrolling down too far (visually only)
  • Fixed switching between alternate recipes and crafting causing desyncs between the GUI and server
  • Fixed scrollbar being broken when recipe list changes

and @McJty with RFTools
McJty said:
RFTools 3.10beta1
  • Every GUI in RFTools now has a little '?' button next to it. Press that button to open the relevant page from the manual (works even if you don't have the manual).
  • Every GUI in RFTools now has a little 's' button. With this button you can toggle between two (currently) different styles: flat and bevel. By default this is set to 'flat'. Changing that will change the appearance of some of the lists (currently only the modular storage, the storage scanner, the crafter, rf and liquid monitors and the shield system support this). This setting is remembered per player.
  • Improved the GUI's for a number of devices: dialing device, rf monitor, liquid monitor, and crafter. The crafter now has a nicer line in the list of recipes.
  • Moved the player settings for the buff icons to the player data. That way it is now also possible to change the buff icon locations when playing on a server. This does mean that you have to do the /rftcfg buffs command again in case you have customized this.
  • Added a /rftcfg reset command to reset all player specific preferences to defaults (currently only gui style and buff bar location).
  • Added a /rftcfg setstyle to set the current GUI style (same effect as changing the style from within the gui itself).
  • Changed an init/shutdown message in RFTools so that people no longer mistakenly think that RFTools causes the 'server to shutdown'
  • The Simple Dialer now also supports 'Dial Once' mode. Hit it with a wrench to toggle modes.


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Jul 29, 2019
Gendustry 1.4.13
  • Added Ocean Emulation Upgrade
  • Winter Emulation Upgrade energy use penalty reduced to 20% to be in line with other upgrades
  • Added config option to disable mutations in the Mutatron or force them to check requirements
  • Forestry holiday bees (Leporine, Merry, Tipsy and Tricky) will only be available during their holidays
NEI Addons 1.12.10
  • Fixed issue with mods that change the client-side world object (e.g. Looking Glass)
AE2 Stuff 0.4.0
  • Pattern encoder will try to use items that exist in the network for recipes with multiple variants
  • Pattern encoder can now clear encoded patterns (shift click from inventory or put in top slot)
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese localisation (thanks LorenzoDCC!)
Downloads on my website
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Jul 29, 2019
Runic Dungeons from MrComputerGhost got an update!

Sorry about that, but it needs to be done, otherwise most of the dimension will disappear. Remove your stuff from the dimension before you update.

- Doorways now open fully
- Fixed Guardian Id bug
- Fixed Rider crash
- Fixed WitherProof blocks being unbreakable by players
- Fixed WitherProof block duplication bug
- Added Thaumcraft Aspects
- Added config for old chest generation
- Fixed /Instanceconfig/ folder being created
- Older configs will now be ported into the new config, avoiding having to redo everything from the older one
- Added Runic Steel (Dropped by Guardians)
- Added Runic Steel Sword
- Added Runic Steel Pickaxe
- Added Runic Steel Hatchet
- Added Runic Steel Spade
- Added Ore Room
- Ores have a chance of exploding upon being broken in dungeon
- Added Air Crystal (Texture is not Final)
- Added Earth Crystal (Texture is not Final)
- Added Fire Crystal (Texture is not Final)
- Added Water Crystal (Texture is not Final)
- Removed Dye Belts Completely

Earlier today korti11 released Ender Mystic
There exists many mystics in the world and this is one of them. This mystics is about the Ender Mans.

Explor the mystic of the Ender Mans and use the knowlege to survive and show your strength to outher players, mobs and bosses.

There is a new Energy System. Each player has her own energy system, so it's bound to a player.

To get energy for this system you can kill ender mans or use the Redstone Flux integration (CoFH Core).

The new tools have a inbuild Level System that add with each level a random Upgrade like Auto Smelt or Silk Touch. This tools also repair itself with the energy from the endery system. It also add different orbs, each orb has it's own features. With the added machines you can craft different things like the cores of the orbs or the differen crystals for the cores.


CoFH Core:

With the CoFH Core integration you can convert Redstone Flux in mystic energy.


The mod also add new Baubles to the game if you have Baubles installed on your client/server.


For your client the mod also has a Waila integration to show different stats of the machines.

Everything you must know about the items and the cool stuff, you can also find in the "Knowlege of Ender".

And last but (maybe) not least: Soul Tech from MrDimkas_Studio - a pretty cool but unknown mod.

Let me begin!

First of all, mod is based on RF energy, so.. Don't ask me to insert an API for other mod's power system.

RF Generation:

10 new solar panels!

3 new Fuel Generators

Aura Node Generator [For Aer Aspect]

Aura Node Generator:

1) Place Aura Node Generator under Your Aura Node from Thaumcraft

2) Connect Generator to Your cable network

This device will not generate energy if:

There is only 1 or 0 aspect left in the node

Device is full on energy


9 Solar Blocks [poor textures].

12 Interia Blocks (10 Blocks, 1 Glass, 1 Glowing Block) [nice 32x32 textured, drawn by my friend]



6 new aspects:

Solum (Spiritus + Permutatio)

Hellier (Alienis + Ignis)

Aether (Alienis + Aer)

Demonie (Solum + Hellier)

Aetherie (Solum + Aether)

Dominio (Hellier + Aether)

If You want to make a showcase(spotlight, call this how you want), You are welcome! But let me know. Because I'm russian I can't make spotlight. Sorry :-(