What's new in modded minecraft today?

Discussion in 'Modded Minecraft News' started by Yusunoha, Jan 24, 2014.

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    He just re-fixed it less than an hour ago and uploaded 0.0.9a. :p Read teh post before improperly calling me out next time!
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    Why re post the bits I already said though?
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    It's what *they* listed in the changelog. Please excuse me for posting as the *mod creator* did for their changelog.
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    Mod Update: BuildCraft 6.2.2


    Quick bugfix release to fix some of the last important bugs in 6.2.x to let people finally update to this version. Get it at the usual downloads page.



    • [#2257] Regression: some RF engines do not connect to wooden power pipes (asie)
    • [#2256] Templates in Construction Marker crash server (asie)
    • [#2253] NPE in fluid container checking can crash servers (asie)
    • Added missing Charging Table recipe (asie)

  6. VictiniX888

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    Simple Fluid Tanks (by Zarathul)
    • Bottles will no longer be placed in inventories of fake players (e.g. Thaumcraft Golems, Thermal Expansion Autonomous Activators). They're always spawned in the world instead.
    • Recipes now use ore dictionary by default.

    Another One Bites The Dust 2.3.4 (by ganymedes01)
    -Fix a few corner cases where AOBD would find an ore that isn't actually there and crash

    -Added Hydraulicraft support

    Praticalities 0.5.0 (by jotato)
    * Added the Partitioned Crate
    * Added Filter Cards. 3 levels currently available, and their main use is on the Partitioned Crate.
    * Added Light Dust & Crystalized Light
    * Added Hardend Iron
    * Added the Nom-o-Tron (Auto Feeder)
    * Added a Practicalities Tab to the Creative mode menu
    * The Sitis Stick should reset the rain timer
    * Possible fix for the duplicating items/xp with the magnet
    * Fixed the Wither Farm not being recognized as a valid multiblock structure
    * The Imbued Tool and Sword can no longer take damage
    * More bug fixes than I can remember right now
    * A few secret things.
    * Known Issue: The Filter Cards require an actual item. I will be fixing that to work as expected.
    * Known Issue: Wither farm can duplicate item when you shift+click
    * Known Issue: Partitioned Crate won't honor the filters when you shift+click
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    Ooh, it's a new mod! :O

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    OpenModularTurrets 1.3.1-22 & 1.3.1-23 (by Keridos)
    • various fixes for turrets
    • fix for crashing on placing turret bases
    • new railgun sound
    • fixed small bug in addon detection

    Random Things 2.2.2 (by Lumien)
    • Fixed: The Online Detector crashing when directly powering for example a trap door
    • Changed: You can now use any Resource Location as a background for the options menus, for more information on how to do this visit the Custom Backgrounds Curse Forge page. (One of my 1.8 mods)

    ZZZZZ Custom Configs 2.0.1 (by ganymedes01)
    -Move recipe registering to account for mods who register their items too late (modders pls)
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    Hardcore Darkness 1.0 (by Lumien) MC1.8
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    Things are starting to come together :)
    The rooms have a chance to be decorated with various things based on a "type" - somewhat similar to villager housing.

    Rudimentary farm growing potatoes and carrots - still getting things added/changed up ish.

    Purely aesthetic fountain with brick surrounding the bottom

    Someone asked for loot? :) - currently draws from the dungeon loot, blacksmith chest, and mineshaft chests, with about the same quantity as one chest from any of those three.

    Also posted a question in the RED thread about "sneak peeks" in this thread.
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  15. masa

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    TellMe v0.1.0 & v0.2.0 & v0.2.1


    Three new updates since the first released version, adding some more commands and other data dump features.

    - Add information dumps for items (was supposed to be in the previous release, but I forgot it, whoops...)
    - Only allow OPs to use the "debug items"

    - Add Entity and Block/TileEntity information dumps (right click with a Gold Nugget (sneak + right click to dump into a file))

    - Add a 'blockstats' command for counting all the blocks in an area and dumping that information
    - Only allow OPs to execute the commands

  16. VictiniX888

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    1.8 updates

    DynmapForge 2.1-alpha (by mikeprimm)
    • Initial support for Forge v11.14.0 on Minecraft v1.8
    • Support for new v1.8 specific blocks (Banners are still not supported, though)

    Morpheus 2.0.35 (by Quetzi)
    • Minor performance tweaks

    Hardcore Darkness 1.1 (by Lumien)
    • Fixed: Night Vision Potion not properly working
    • Fixed: Console "Spam" during Launch

    Artemis 0.4.0-f4f6b30-20 (by Arkember)
    Updated for MC 1.8 (Forge Beta)
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    BetterLeather 2.1.0 (by tattyseal) MC1.8
    • Armor is textured again, still not right damage values
    • Tools still do not have the right damage, speed etc.
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    RF Tools Beta 2.00 (With Dimension Builder!)



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