What's new in modded minecraft today?


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Nov 24, 2012
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SquidUtils 1.0.0. Disable the debug screen, force hard difficulty and more! All features are configurable.


SquidUtils adds the following features:
  • Recipes for chain armor
  • A config option to force hard difficulty
  • A config option to change the stack size of enderpearls and potions
  • A config option to disable achievements
  • A config option to disable the debug screen
  • A config option to disable TNT
  • A config option to disable the Wither
  • A creative tab for wood
  • A creative tab for spawn eggs
  • A creative tab for colored blocks (wool, stained glass, etc)
  • A creative tab for Vanilla items that are not normally in any tab.
All features are fully configurable. A copy of the config may be found here.

Oh, wow. I might need to get this in RR2 just so I can force people to use the Hard Difficulty. Thanks for this!


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Jul 29, 2019
I'm confused what does this do. It looks interesting but I don't understand what it does
Looks like it's supposed to replace hunks of a lot of mods. But as most mod deves would not want to lose control of parts of there mods and have to wait on others for update patches I don't think it will be that popular. At least not for experienced moders. It'll probably be the most useful for beginner mod devs. But I see this handler causing a lot of problems. But when and if it proves reliable, stable, and useful that might change.

But what I want to know is what the beep is that huge picture for? It has no relation too... anything spesific. It's a generic minecraft picture. Bin out for years. And has nothing to do with that modish thing or modding at all.


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Jul 29, 2019
Simply Jetpacks 1.3.0


- Added 3D armor models for the jetpacks. Many thanks to Cybercat and dand0 for providing a model. (There is a config option to switch back to the boring old flat jetpacks.)
- Added a configurable speed boost when sprinting while flying forward
- Adding or removing armor is now done using a crafting grid. This allows armored jetpacks to be auto-crafted. Note that removing armor will only properly return plating if done by a player.
- Removed armoring NEI handlers as they are no longer needed
- Emergency hover mode can be toggled by switching hover mode while sneaking
- Added /simplyjetpacks_switch (/sjs) command to switch emergency hover and chargers, and a config option to disable secondary actions when sneaking and pressing the toggling keys
- Sneaking while flying slows down sideways flight to half speed
- Jetpacks and Flux Packs are now on by default upon creation
- Sneak-right clicking a jetpack on a Zombie or a Skeleton will force it to wear and use it
- Fixed armored jetpacks absorbing much more damage than intended. This was making players invincible when they were also wearing other pieces of armor
- Fixed engine/hover controls not working when bound to mouse buttons
- Updated CoFH Energy API, and actually include the whole package this time *cough*
- RIP, resource pack authors



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Jul 29, 2019
AgriCraft 0.0.10 (by InfinityRaider)

-Fixed not being able to interact while having seeds in hand
-You now no longer need an empty hand to harvest crops
-Added config option to disable vanilla farming (default is false)
-Finished irrigation systems
-Fixed tanks & irrigation channels always dropping oak wood versions when harvesting them
-Added default mutations for Pam's Weee Flowers
-Added recipes to convert Ex Nihilo seeds to AgriCraft seeds
-Added Plant Mega Pack integration and default mutations
-Changed the recipe for wooden bowls to use slabs (it overlaps with irrigation channels)
-Added config option to disable irrigation systems
-Added French translations (Mazdallier)


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Jul 29, 2019
Funky Locomotion Beta 3


RWTema released beta 3 for Funky Locomotion

- Changed Recipes to be cheaper

- Added 'frame copy' recipes. Craft an frame block with configured sides with an unmodified frame block to get two frame blocks with the same configured sides.

- Added dispenser behaviors for wrenches and frame blocks. Dispensers will place frames in front of them and can use the wrench to insta-break them.

- Added support for alternate recipe involving Ender IO ingots.

- Fixed crash when a block fails to render anything but reports that it did

- Fixed various crashes related to activating a block in motion



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Jul 29, 2019
Just in case people wanted to know what this version of Automagy has added;
Added Siren's Lure.
- "Brain in a Jar" research is no longer required to unlock "Crystalline Brain".
- Greedy and eager chests can now be opened when a solid block is above them.
Siren's Lure said:
Can you guess what it does?

No more MFR / ExUt rollers!
Take that Railcraft! NO MORE RAILS

P.S.: I'm guessing too :/
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Jul 29, 2019
Is there any difference between that and the corporeal attractor from Thaumic Tinkerer?
It uses mob AI and forced walking rather than directly pulling things in. The attractor is perhaps more powerful at moving things to it but I believe it has a shorter range (certainly if you use the optional range upgrade mechanic for the Lure) and mobs will just stick to the attractor rather than walking toward the Lure and, if you set it up as I imagine most would, blindly stumbling off the strategically placed cliff. Also, the Lure prevents endermen from teleporting away.

So there's some overlap but they could be used quite differently.
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Jul 29, 2019
A couple of new mods!

Extra Achievements (by dude22072) for MC1.6.2, 1.6.4, 1.7.2, 1.7.10 & 1.8

Adds achievements for:
  • All armor tiers
  • All tool tiers
  • All Foods
  • Nether stuff
  • Killing Mobs
  • and more!

NoNausea 1.0 (by Lumien) for MC1.7.10 & 1.8

Many people (myself included) dislike the vanilla nausea effect in that it causes headaches / sickness while looking at it. This mod allows you to replace the nausea effect with something else or just completely remove it.

When you first install the mod on your client it will be in mode 1, instead of the swirling nausea effect your controls for left and right will be inverted. In the NoNausea.cfg file you can change the mode to one of these:

  • 0: The nausea potion effect will do nothing.
  • 1: The nausea potion effect will invert your controls for left and right.
  • 2: The nausea potion effect will invert your controls for left/right and forward/backwards.
  • 3: The nausea potion effect will slightly tilt your camera.
Feel free to use this mod in a modpack