What's new in modded minecraft today?


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Jul 29, 2019
I was mainly pointing at the new 3D jetpacks, which require them to make 20 new textures to fit the models. Very tedious and boring.
It should not be hard to make an integrated texture sheet for each of them. But that would be the devs call.
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Jul 29, 2019
Guess what, guys? You can now COPY SFM setups!!!

Steve's Addons (by hilburn)
Adds additional functionality to Steve's Factory Manager
Beta 1
Adds an item to copy SFM Manager Setups - Shift+Right Click to copy/paste the functions

Beta 2

The RF Node doesn't behave like a normal SFM node, no need for a trigger. Just connect input nodes to output nodes and you're set. RF Nodes can be added to clusters.

Currently only really works properly with things like dynamos which "push" RF into the system

Leave feedback please! I don't have time to thoroughly test this stuff - it works with TE4 as far as I can tell with no errors but other things might introduce weirdness.


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Jul 29, 2019
Computercraft.info down?


The last coupple of days, when i'm trying to reach computercraft.info (the home of CC, derps =P ) i'll get thrown a 522 Error - Cloud Flare working but the main host down.

Is it just me, or what is happening over there?


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Jul 29, 2019
Mod Update: Extra Food


Relatively new mod Extra Food, adds in a bunch of new food to Minecraft from sandwiches to Bacon! The mod comes complete with a cookbook, for instruction on how to cook all the foods in the mod. It adds in 3 new blocks, and 2 "utility items" plus over 35 types of new food.

Everything for the latest release:
  • Added in pizza [WIP]
  • Added in Oven [WIP]
  • Added in Complete Forestry intergration (With bushes and Crops)
  • Fixed World Crashing bug....

The Developer is looking for feedback and bugs!



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Jul 29, 2019
One time.... There was a mod that was mentioned before (kinda poorly though, no offence)
Then a hero, a handsome, courages, intelligent shield named Fixided (Oh stop it you (˘v˘· )¬ )
mentioned it ONCE MORE! Cuz' I be rebelin'.

Power Nodes' is a mod that adds energy nodes (and one Liquid node)for minecraft!... It doesnt have it's own powersystem as such, but using other powersystem, like RedstoneFlux, IC2's, Bc's and Pneumatic craft's pressure system. With Power Nodes you can place a node on one System, and place a new on another System. But, you cant transfer energy between different PowerSystems..

From version 1.1, the Powernodes mod also have a liquid node, which transfers liquid!:D.. & RedstoneFlux nodes!.. With lots of optimization, bugfixes and performance optimization!.. The whole mod has been rewritten!
Look at these beautiful puppies!
The new update includes even more PUPPIES!
v 1.1 said:
Liquid nodes and Redstone Flux node & Lots of optimization...


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Jul 29, 2019
Plant Mega Pack updated to version 4.14


Update December 8, 2014
Version 4.14 Released

Bug fixes. The new aquatic stuff should work better now. A few bugs paid the ultimate sacrifice for this release - I hope their friends were paying attention.

Change log:
  • Fixed: crash when breaking certain aquatic crops
  • Fixed: aquatic plants not spawning at random growth stages
  • Fixed: vanilla plants spawning on top of aquatic crops (weird one!)

Update December 7, 2014
Version 4.13 Released

This release focused on immersed plants, aquatic crops and food items. There's 18 new plants to enjoy along with several new foods to craft.

The immersed plants are actually located in the block above water and render both upwards and downwards from this block. Some mechanics don't work exact, like breaking the ground block below these plants doesn't pop the plant, but they are as good as they'll get given how they've been implemented.

These were 'interesting' plants to research and add to PMP - I hope you enjoy them.

Change log:
  • Added: 9 aquatic crops
  • Added: 9 immersed plants
  • Added: 'Food' creative tab - all food items in PMP are now here
  • Added: new foods and a new fruit drink (Wasabi Quencher)
  • Added: more food wrap recipes
  • Added: some new uses for existing crops
  • Added: populated default decorators with new plants
  • Changed: reworked many food textures
  • Changed: reorganized food items
  • Fixed: some food wrap recipes making incorrect wrap



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Jul 29, 2019
One time.... There was a mod that was mentioned before (kinda poorly though, no offence)
Then a hero, a handsome, courages, intelligent shield named Fixided (Oh stop it you (˘v˘· )¬ )
mentioned it ONCE MORE! Cuz' I be rebelin'.


Look at these beautiful puppies!

The new update includes even more PUPPIES!

I posted about those a long time ago. Everyone ignored it...

Is there any documentation for this mod? Like if the nodes through walls or in any configuration except a straight line?
The nodes go at any angle. But I don't remember whether they go through. I don't think they did but that was an old version. It might have changed.


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Jul 29, 2019
GraveStone 2.11.0


  • Backpacks mod compatibility
  • Galacticraft compatibility(it will be eneble after some changes in galacticraft, so you must wait a little)
    EnderIo soulbound compatibility
  • Donkey's stuff will be saved in grave(all items except saddle and armor - there are some technical problems with it)
  • New types of zombie pets(textures made by "Gentle_Stream"
    New memorials - gibbets, stocks and burning stakes
  • Rename Chisel to Gravestone chisel
  • Some changes in corpses - forestry's villagers profession will be shown correctly, even if its id changed in configs
  • Restrict catacombs generation near spawn point(in range of 1000 blocks)
  • Add new potion effect - "curse"(it is do nothing yet) It will be applyed on player when he step on "night stone"
  • Fix "RemoveEmptyGraves"
  • Fix server crash when editing graves text by chisel
  • Fix haunted chest picking
  • Optimized horse corpse rendering
  • Fix gravestone death message for "named" pets/villagers
  • Fix dogs corpses "type message" for sophisticated wolves



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Jul 29, 2019
Buildcraft Additions version 1.8.2 released


Buildcraft Additions 1.8.2 has been released, fixing alot of major and minor bugs

  • update to BC 6.2.2
  • update to eureka 2.2
  • fix dusters crashing when input has no result
  • fix some packet spams
  • written the code for 3rd tier keb, will be available in survival in next release
  • added framez integration
  • fix fluidic compressor triger crash
  • and even mor bug fixes



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Jul 29, 2019
Draconic evolution now has its first non beta release!!!
And its a big one.
Change log: (v1.0.0)
-Added Dislocator Stand.
-Re wrote the advanced charm of dislocation.
>Re designed gui.
>Can now teleport other players if they give consent (by sneaking)
>Can now scroll through the destinations by holding shift and scrolling.
>Now stores 100 destinations.​
-Switched to the IMessage network system (Fixes minor memory leak)
-Hid items that should not be shown in nei.
-Added Draconic Chest.
-Draconium ore now drops 4 - 12 dust when harvested with fortune 3 as opposed to 2 - 8.
-Re wrote a lot of the damage and effect code for armor.
-Armor now uses RF.
-Re wrote most item information code.
-Added lore to language localization.
-Added config option to disable item lore.
-Tools are now enchantable.
-Fixed knockback not working.
-Fixed staff not mining some blocks at correct speed.
-Fixed some rendering bugginess with the particle gen.
-Removed 0.9.3-beta update fix.
-Grinder now kills in a 9x9x9 area 4 blocks bellow and 4 blocks above the grinder.
-You can now shift right click the grinder to display the kill area.
-Reduced energy usage of the tools from 450RF to 80RF per block.
-Reduced energy usage of the swords from 1000RF per hit to 250RF.
-Increased charge rates 5x.
-Added Awakened Draconium.
-Added Awakened Draconium Block.
-Added Wyvern Core (Crafting component)
-Added Awakened Core (Crafting component)
-Removed Draconic Compound.
-Removed Infused Compound.
-Added Wyvern Energy Core (Crafting component)
-Added Draconic Energy Core (Crafting component)
-Added Wyvern Flux Capacitor.
-Added Draconic Flux Capacitor.
-Added Ritual of Draconic Awakening.
-Changed a lot of crafting recipes.
-Changed the energy core and energy pylon (block) texture.
-Improved bow VOF manipulation.
-Added Achievements.
-Changed stabilized spawner upgrade requirements.
-Dislocators can now also teleport player mounts.
-Increased Energy pylon max transfer to 2,147,483,647 RF/t
-Energy core now changes colour to red as it fills.
-Draconic Helm prevents mining slowdown under water.
-Draconic Chest stops mining slowdown when flying.
-If an Energy Pylon is within range of multiple cores the core it is connected to can be toggled.
-Tools and armor now retain their energy when upgraded to draconic
-Added a recipe to create dirt from sand rotten flesh and plant matter