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Jul 29, 2019
It's.. It's.... BEAUTIFUL!
EMC Condesner (wiki)
EMC Condenser is an improved version of Energy Condenser, it has Redstone control, Privacy settings, Item IO settings, etc.

(EMC Condenser on left, [WIP] Tool Infuser on right, in dark and light)

User Interface:

(Top slot - Target, Upper slots - Input, Lower slots - Output)

Bauble Power!
  • Ring of Life (Baubles compatible)
The ring can be placed in Baubles middle slots. If your health drops below max, it will regenerate it, 64 emc for 1 heart. If your food level drop below max, if will feed you 1 half steak for 128 emc.

  • Black Hole Band (Baubles compatible)
The band can be placed in Baubles bottom slot. Basicly, a magnet. It wont drag items towards you, it will just insert them in your inventory. Perfect for mining platform under you or mining ores above lava.

PneumaticCraft 1.4.2-39
-Added multiblock elevator functionality.
-Added elevator part camouflaging.

-Added Cylinder and Pyramid area types for the Programmer's Area puzzle piece.
-Removed MJ power converters.
-Added Not Enough Keys support.
-GPS Tool now shows the selected coordinate when held.
-Added 'forgetTarget' and 'hideArea' commmands for the Drone Interface.

-Bugfix: Entity Tracker "A mob is targeting you" spams.
-Bugfix: Some machines don't properly look for redstone after world reset.
-Bugfix: Regulator tube causes an explosion.
-Bugfix: Plastic Mixer dye Ore Dictionary doesn't behave.
-Bugfix: infinite RF powah!
-Bugfix: Fire Flowers catch fire in Pressure Chamber. Fixes #282
-Bugfix: [SMP] Aphorism tile appears to ignore any typed character until you hit the Enter key for the first time.
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Jul 29, 2019
Ender Utilities 0.3.5 & (by masa)
- Add: Elite version of the re-usable Ender Pearl: mounts the player, aka. carries the player with it while flying (idea by xisumavoid)
- Fix Elite Ender Pearl not dealing damage
- Fix (especially) Elite Ender Pearl putting the player inside ground/blocks when moving fast. (Something strange going on with the vanilla MovingObjectPosition ray tracing with this one...)

Another One Bites The Dust 2.3.3 (by ganymedes01)
-Fix server startup crash

Chisel (by TheCricket26)
- Waterstone added

- Fixed light going through the blocks

- Fixed naming issues

- Fixed Smashing Rock


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Jul 29, 2019
So... do you guys still remember Torcherino? That mod that adds "The Torch"? No?

Well, Moze_Intel discountinued it, so sci4me took over the mod! Let's see what he has to say about this.

I should begin by mentioning this: this mod was originally created by Moze_Intel and he deserves 99.9% of the credit for it. Since he has discontinued the mod, this is my version of it. I have taken over the mod.

So, basically, this mod adds a single block: a torch. This torch has a very special ability: it can increase the speed (tick rate) of nearby blocks.
Right click it to change the AOE (mode) and shift-right click to change the speed. Redstone can also disable it.

Examples of uses:
- Growing plants quickly
- Smelting ores quickly
- Increasing mob spawner speed

where X is nothing, C is a clock, and T is a torch.
Even he finds this mod OP...


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Jul 29, 2019
I don't know what in the world The Mists of Riov is, and apparently it now has a sequel... I've never heard of a sequel for a mod before...
Anyway, without further ado... (credits to sheenrox82)

Welcome! The Mists of RioV II - Shadow of Aun'Tun is here! The sequel to the popular Minecraft mod, The Mists of RioV! This mod adds new dimensions, tools, horse armor and more! I hope you enjoy!

Source Code: http://www.github.com/sheenrox82/TheMistsOfRioVII
You can find the API src within that. The API repo will be updated soon.

Getting Started

Getting started is fairly normal, spawn in the world, get wood, survive the night. The usual Minecraft start. You want to find Ermyst Ore in the Overworld. This ore will be needed to get to the first dimension. Construct the Ermyst Block like a normal block of ore. You will want to construct the RioV Activator to activate the portal. You need coal, and leaves.

Construct the RioV Activator like so:

You will then proceed to the first dimension: RioV. A world given to the citizens of the world, now corrupted due to the Shadow of Aun'Tun.
To get to the second dimension, you need to mine Trivu Ore, and make the portal like the first portal. See the recipe for the activators below.

Tool Stats

All tools are in order from worst to best.
Ermyst, Oni, Frav, Unix, Trivu, Frevinite, Redur, Olite, Vrutri, Shadow, Tritter, Brunim, Redtri.
This also applies for ores, the easiest to mine, to hardest. I.E: You need Oni tools to mine the Frav Ore.
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May 13, 2014
New release of RFTools 1.34


Another maintenance release with a small new feature in the shield system.


  • A crash bug in the shield gui was fixed in case 'del' was pressed with an empty list of filters.
  • Fixed an important bug in the shield that could cause crashes when RFTools was used on a server.
  • New feature in the shield: you can now set the type of damage to 'Player' allowing XP and special loot. Uses more memory though.
  • Increased the damage radius of the shield (+1 block in the height and +.4 blocks in all other directions).
  • Fixed a few notes in the manual related to the shield system.
  • Reduced the default maximum teleportation speed to half the current value (remove the rftools config files to benefit from this or set the value manually).
  • Added 'rfttp' console command to allow checking all teleporter receivers and cleaning up dangling receivers (something that you should normally not have but which you can have if you are debugging a lot of teleportation related things).
  • Many (still hidden changes) to the dimension builder system. Not yet operational.

I just only now notice an error in this changelog. Uses more 'memory' should of course be more RF. /me slaps me


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Jul 29, 2019
Ender IO


- #779 Added solar upgrade for DS helm
- #1098 Added Soulbound enchantment. Items with this enchantment will not be dropped when the player dies
- Added send/recieve item filters to the Dimensional Transceiver
- Added 'Capture Mode' to powered spawners to allow automated filling of Soul Vials
- Added white/black lists for paint sources for the Painter. Thaumcraft silverwood/great wood planks
whitelisted by default. See PainterPaintSources_Core.xml for details.
- Added support for transparent facades. Facades that are not opaque will not stop conduits rendering

- #1257 Upgrading Dark Steel items with capacitors now increases the amount of damage absorbed by power as
well as the amount of power stored
- #900 New texture for quite clear glass block
- #1011 Shift-clicking armor from a Capacitor Bank's charge slots will re-equip the item if possible
- #1320 Charged Certus Quartz Ore now produces charged rather than normal certus quartz in the SAG Mill
- Increased max stack size for Soul Vials and Broken Spawners to 64
- Reduced amount of powered stored in wireless charger from 1 mil to 200k

- #1254 Add method for tools to control hiding of facades
- For this, a new API has been added, containing ITool
- Added support for a large number of new IMC messages. Details in crazypants.enderio.api.IMC

- Increased range of Aversion Obelisk and lower power use to tier three upgrade
- #1261 Add max level configs for XP obelisk, killer joe, and soul binder
- Added Thaumcraft Warded blocks to the default teleport black list
- #1272 Number of items required for each enchantment level in the Enchanter can now be set in the config
- Added config option to disable Dimensional Transceiver

- Fix outer corners on connected texture blocks not being metadata sensitive when they should be
- Fixed coolant tooltips
- #1266 Certain types of blocks can't be repainted
- #1273 Farming Stations not accepting enough power to keep up
- #1284 Spawner not working when chunk loaded
- #1280 The Ender Sword holds 1m RF but only shows 100k
- #1298 Painted Blocks for biome specific Blocks render grey
- #1300 Farming Station won't take MFR Rubber trees
- #1312 Incorrect number of items used in Alloy Smelter recipe
- #1313 Solar arrays cause an immense amount of packets to be sent
- #1310 Crash using existing item filter



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Jul 29, 2019
I have moved on from well known! I am now very *insert rank here*

As soon as I get my trophy points....

(sorry not a mod update)

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Nov 24, 2012
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Sponge API 1.0 Release


The first release of the Sponge API was released today:
In some parts of the world, it is still the 30th and still technically November. As such we have kept our promise of releasing the Sponge API during November!

We’re at the sunset of November, but don’t worry, Sponge is as strong as ever. In fact, this past November we contributed more code to the API than October and September, combined. See this pretty Github contributions graph:

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 21.58.50.png934x559 34.3 KB

And we’ve completed all PRs and issues in our 1.0 github milestone:

API 1.0 Release
The API is almost in a finalized state, as you can see from the contributions winding down. Over the past few weeks major additions have been made to the API, such as entities, events, text, as well as other important APIs to help developers make their plugins.

In light of that fact, we have decided to release 1.0231 and declare the all current API to be ‘stable’. This means that most interfaces and methods won’t change as we consider them complete; however, there may still be some slight changes and fixes for plugin developers to adapt to.

We've also released Javadocs in a temporary location on github pages:http://spongepowered.github.io/SpongeAPI/233.

In order for server administrators to use the amazing plugins the community creates there needs to be server software to run those plugins with. Sponge, the implementation for the Sponge API, is being worked on as well, and will be released as soon as possible. This part of the development process is more complicated and was put on hold until the API was more finalized and Forge for 1.8 was released as both of those things are dependencies for the implementation. However, now that we have a stable API release and Forge 1.8 we are able to start working on the Sponge implementation and we will be sure to give out a timeline.

Rolling Releases
Some parts of the API that were deemed “non-essential” have been moved back to the 1.1 release or further. This includes NBT, inventory, permissions, chat channels, and databasing. This is because we have adapted a “rolling release”63 model due to our rather unique situation.

In a nutshell, developing some parts of the API without having a stable implementation or testing ground is near-impossible. However, we don’t want to delay release of the API either because that delays plugin developers from using the API and giving feedback. A rolling release solves both of these problems. By making releases less stable and more incremental, we are able to make more of them, more rapidly, as we receive suggestions and discover problems when doing the implementation.

After several rolling releases(we project up to v1.5 or further) the server API will be declared stable in its entirety. Plugin developers can expect these features to change or be added before then:

  • Events
  • Inventory
  • NBT
  • Permissions
  • Simple database support
What does this mean for Sponge plugins?
Developers can start making Sponge plugins now if they want to. The current API will not change too drastically from this point on. As mentioned previously, some non-essential features have been pushed back until the v1.1 release and further, we believe that the v1.0 release should 80% of everything a developer requires to build a plugin.

Please see the Plugin Workspace Guide139 to learn how to set up a workspace for developing plugins. This will be moved to the documentation once that is up.

Forge Status
As many of you know, Minecraft Forge for 1.8 has been released in a beta state(do not be confused, however, because FML 1.8 was released in September). This is good news for Sponge, as it allows us to power on with the implementation. With the API in a stable state, work on the Forge implementation can begin. Due to Forge being in a Beta state and the Implementation being in an Alpha state, we strongly recommend that you do not attempt to run Sponge in a production environment until we officially release a “Beta” version of Sponge due to instabilities with both projects at the current time.


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Jul 29, 2019
AgriCraft 0.0.9a (by InfinityRaider)
-Further work on irrigation systems
-Changed some methods for dropping seeds and fruits in the world when harvesting crops
-AgriCraft should now be compatible with Hunger Overhaul
-Fixed duping bug with Hunger Overhaul installed
-Fixed bonemeal not working with Hunger Overhaul installed

Please note. This is 0.0.9a, *not* 0.0.9. There have been additional fixes. No, this is not a duplicate post.
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Aug 22, 2014
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AgriCraft 0.0.9 is out!


-Further work on irrigation systems
-Changed some methods for dropping seeds and fruits in the world when harvesting crops
-AgriCraft should now be compatible with Hunger Overhaul

AgriCraft 0.0.9a (by InfinityRaider)
-Further work on irrigation systems
-Changed some methods for dropping seeds and fruits in the world when harvesting crops
-AgriCraft should now be compatible with Hunger Overhaul
-Fixed duping bug with Hunger Overhaul installed
-Fixed bonemeal not working with Hunger Overhaul installed