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Whitelist Server VeldCraft|Monster v1.1.2|Whitelisted|Small and friendly

Discussion in 'Monster' started by mypoopcanfly, Aug 26, 2014.

  1. mypoopcanfly

    mypoopcanfly New Member

  2. mypoopcanfly

    mypoopcanfly New Member

    read the rules
  3. mypoopcanfly

    mypoopcanfly New Member

    Server is down/Lagging until Acixs (server provider) resolves their internal server issues. Sorry for inconvenience. I will update u when its back up.

    Server is back up and running fine
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2014
  4. kasper227232

    kasper227232 New Member

    Have you READ the rules and AGREE to them? Yes I read every single rule and i am agreeing to every single on of them.

    EDIT: Didnt really understand the 6 part, but i do now, i had to say "Yes 6 missing" sorry :)
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2014
  5. mypoopcanfly

    mypoopcanfly New Member

  6. Orbitus

    Orbitus New Member

    Server crashed
  7. mypoopcanfly

    mypoopcanfly New Member

    twas a restart :p but u already know that
  8. languar

    languar New Member

    is server down? says: connection lost end of stream
  9. Orbitus

    Orbitus New Member

    Yes it is again.
  10. mypoopcanfly

    mypoopcanfly New Member

    have to download world and remove some blocks ill let u know when its back up

    edit:Server should be back up and running without lagg/crashes post here about any problems
  11. namiasdf

    namiasdf New Member

    There is an ID mismatch.
  12. mypoopcanfly

    mypoopcanfly New Member

    reinstall monster no added mods everyone else can get on
  13. Cyan3

    Cyan3 New Member

    GN: Cyan3
    Experience With FTB: 6 years, i think.. dont remember, i started with tekkit
    Why You Would Like To Join: to play on new server, last one was closed
    Have you READ the rules and AGREE to them? yep.

    Additional info: I like BEES.
  14. mypoopcanfly

    mypoopcanfly New Member

    Read the rules
  15. Cyan3

    Cyan3 New Member

    Read my aplication.
  16. mypoopcanfly

    mypoopcanfly New Member

    Not what i ment but w/e

  17. llamaman333

    llamaman333 New Member

    IGN: llamaman333
    Experience With FTB: played on an unleashed server for 3 months before save file corrupted and we lost everything.
    Why You Would Like To Join: looking to play monster with my friend seancog (ill get him to apply)
    Have you READ the rules and AGREE to them? Yup, 6 is missing
    Additional info: dont mind helping build with others, but would prefer to go solo.
  18. mypoopcanfly

    mypoopcanfly New Member

  19. TechnoBubble

    TechnoBubble New Member

    IGN: TekkyGud
    Experience With FTB: I have played since it was first released.
    Why You Would Like To Join: Looking for a small community of friendly people in which i can build things for the community without any griefing or stealing of items.
    Have you READ the rules and AGREE to them? Yes, I have read through the rules and definitely agree with them. FYI, Even though other people have mentioned it, Rule 6 is missing.

    Additional info: Would like to build a workshop for people so that they can go there and get items if there is not already one. I am also a tech guy and like to make large structures as well as automate most of the stuff that i do.
  20. mypoopcanfly

    mypoopcanfly New Member


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