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Whitelist Server VeldCraft|Monster v1.1.2|Whitelisted|Small and friendly

Discussion in 'Monster' started by mypoopcanfly, Aug 26, 2014.

  1. Seancog

    Seancog New Member

    IGN: Seancog
    Experience With FTB: I have played for about 6 months
    Why You Would Like To Join: I would like to help the community and have fun!
    Have you READ the rules and AGREE to them? Yes, I agre and Rule 6 is missing!

    Additional info: I love animals and want to make a massive farm!
  2. languar

    languar New Member

    server is down again, happened on a reset. maybe increase the time between resets?
  3. Haribear

    Haribear New Member

    IGN: Haribear
    Experience With FTB: Really looking to learn. I've been plaing modded minecraft for about 2 years but I never really took the time to learn the mods.
    Why You Would Like To Join:Would like to get to know ne wpeople and just have fun :)
    Have you READ the rules and AGREE to them? Yes, rule number 6 is missing.

    Additional info: Nope :)
  4. Eclipse_Eternal

    Eclipse_Eternal New Member

    _Starship has been given the go ahead to build near me... just an fyi
  5. XrockslipperX

    XrockslipperX New Member

    IGN: XrockslipperX
    Experience With FTB: 3 years since 1st Gen tekkit
    Why You Would Like To Join: Big, donation oriented servers have become too much for me. A small, wholesome, mature server would be a good, fun transition
    Have you READ the rules and AGREE to them? Yes, but I would like to know what 6 is

    Additional info: I am very skilled in many of the mods on the server including rotarycraft
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2014
  6. mypoopcanfly

    mypoopcanfly New Member

  7. namiasdf

    namiasdf New Member

    I am having an item ID mismatch. Anyone else?
  8. mypoopcanfly

    mypoopcanfly New Member

    like i said delete all of the monster folder redownload and don't enable any other mods that's your problem
  9. CloudyDash

    CloudyDash New Member

    IGN: link145632
    Experience With FTB: I know the basics of most of the mods.
    Why You Would Like To Join: Looking for a server with a minimal amount of plugins to play on. (EG: No MCMMO etc.)
    Have you READ the rules and AGREE to them? Yes. But... Why is rule 6 missing..?

    Additional info: Nah.
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2014
  10. Kenny_gman

    Kenny_gman New Member


    IGN kenny_gman
    Experience With FTB: around a year almost im still learning i only know a handful of things
    Why You Would Like To Join: i want the ability to interact with others and learn more about ftb in a relaxed setting
    Have you READ the rules and AGREE to them? all but number 6 its missing!!!
    Additional info: i am 24 i work a full time job but i love to get on ftb after work and work on learning more about it
  11. mypoopcanfly

    mypoopcanfly New Member

  12. Otterman89

    Otterman89 New Member

    IGN: BradleyFolsom
    Experience With FTB: I don't remember when I started, but I think I started 1.4.7. I have a lot of experience. I haven't been on in quite a while, so I may be a bit rusty and not up-to-date on a lot of the mods as in don't know much about new stuff added to them. I'm a quick learner tho.
    Why You Would Like To Join: Looking for a fun, friendly FTB Monster community to be in. Normally I'm SSP, but I do love the SMP because playing alone gets lonely sometimes. :)
    Have you READ the rules and AGREE to them? Additional info: YES! (Six is missing!)
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2014
  13. Kenny_gman

    Kenny_gman New Member

    the server says im missing a few microblocks what mods do i need?
  14. srslyaiden123

    srslyaiden123 New Member

    Experience With FTB:been playing for about a year now
    Why You Would Like To Join: I like small friendly FTB servers
    Have you READ the rules and AGREE to them? Yes, Six is missing

    Additional info: Im pretty friendly and I love to explore and be an engineer.
  15. mypoopcanfly

    mypoopcanfly New Member

    all the default ones thats it[DOUBLEPOST=1411364971][/DOUBLEPOST]

  16. Fraggie001

    Fraggie001 New Member

    IGN: Fraggie001
    Experience With FTB: been playing ftb since 1.4 MC
    Why You Would Like To Join: Kinda new to playing on servers, would like some to see what crazy builds other players make, be social and have a laugh
    Have you READ the rules and AGREE to them? Yes i agree. missing rule nr 6

    Additional info: chat frendly person that need his share of Minecraft after a long day at work
  17. Oraia

    Oraia New Member

    IGN: GuillaumeDeleu
    Experience With FTB: I play since 1 years now
    Why You Would Like To Join: I'm searching a new and friendly whitlisted server to play on
    Have you READ the rules and AGREE to them? Of course I agree . Missing rule number 6 !

    Additional info: I'm from Belgium, and I love helping other people in their project and I talk a lot xD
  18. XrockslipperX

    XrockslipperX New Member

    Is there any way I can make a mod enabling suggestion? It would be so great if you could enable blood magic and lycanites on the server.
  19. mypoopcanfly

    mypoopcanfly New Member

  20. Eclipse_Eternal

    Eclipse_Eternal New Member

    I know the last server I was on, lycanites cause a lot of people to crash several times per day... crashed started right after it was enabled. Admin tracked the cause to lycanites and removed it. Crashes stopped right when it was removed. Don't know if it would be a problem here or not, but keep an eye on it if we try it. I like the variety and some of them caused me to run away just from how they looked! Only thing I didn't like about it is some of the mobs ignore spawning rules for light level and distance from the player. They would spawn 10 blocks away from me in my fully lit up house - they were weak ones, but still.


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