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Whitelist Server VeldCraft|Monster v1.1.2|Whitelisted|Small and friendly

Discussion in 'Monster' started by mypoopcanfly, Aug 26, 2014.

  1. iTzJimmEH

    iTzJimmEH New Member

    IGN: itzjimmeh
    Experience With FTB: Played a lot of Ultimate and mindcrack. Experiences starting from beginning on FTB modpacks release
    Why You Would Like To Join: I want to play with a small community and meet new people that share the same interests.
    Have you READ the rules and AGREE to them? I have READ the rules and I AGREE with them. And also 6 is mission.

    Additional info: I really hope to get in because I just can't find any other small and private white listed servers that are active.
  2. Fraggie001

    Fraggie001 New Member

    Server is offline for some time now

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