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Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by GBattaglia, Aug 8, 2013.

  1. GBattaglia

    GBattaglia Active Member

    Welcome to the server. Be sure to use 1.1.3 with all mods enabled. :)
  2. The_king_99

    The_king_99 Active Member

    IGN :The_king _99
    Age : 14 (hopefully not to young)
    Why I would like to join : looking for a simple FTB Unleashed server to play and experience FTB with a helpful community.
    Experience with FTB : I've played FTB since the first pack but neglected it from ultimate as one of my favourite servers went down, unleashed looks amazing with tons of possiblities and sounds like fun to play so ive decided to come back and place some FTB
  3. etb845

    etb845 Member

    welcome to the server
  4. MatadorPants

    MatadorPants Member

    I seem to have been removed from the whitelist too. IGN: MatadorPants
  5. Rockfort

    Rockfort Member

    My IGN is:
  6. etb845

    etb845 Member

    welcome to the server MatadorPants
  7. apemanzilla

    apemanzilla Active Member

    Just wanted to post an update from the past week or so:
    -We have reset the map due to corrupted chunks
    -We have switched from Unleashed 1.1.4 to 1.1.3 due to mod stability issues
    -We have disabled the Portal Gun mod due to griefing potential; donors may ask GBattaglia to replace the portal gun they would have received.
    -The boundaries in the Overworld have been decreased from 4k in all directions to 1.5k in all directions until we are sure the server is completely stable
    -Forge Multipart and WRCBE have been re-enabled as they seem to be stable in 1.1.3; please notify us if they are not working for you.

    As usual, we are still accepting whitelist requests, so feel free to join!
  8. Kaildan

    Kaildan New Member

    IGN: Feyamore
    Age: 26
    I have limited knowledge of the FTB mods, but I want to learn! I am a quiet person and generally keep to myself, but I like to help others whenever I can.
  9. GBattaglia

    GBattaglia Active Member

    Welcome to the server. Hope to see you online later. :)
  10. Alonard

    Alonard Active Member

    my IGN is Alonard and i am a returning player to minecraft after a break of about 3-4 mouths
    before i took my break i played quite a lot of ultimate trying to make the best bee farm possible in a random location (some success there)
  11. apemanzilla

    apemanzilla Active Member

    Whitelisted - Welcome to the server!
  12. Extort

    Extort New Member

    AGE 20
    IGN Extort713
  13. GBattaglia

    GBattaglia Active Member

  14. GBattaglia

    GBattaglia Active Member

    Still have some players working on the spawn, so there is still no official set spawn yet. Still accepting new players. :)
  15. iDusty

    iDusty Active Member

    In-Game Name: IndustrialRock
    Age: 23
    Previous Experiences: Been playing FTB for quite a while, had my own server on FTB Ultimate.. now searching for a new place..
  16. GBattaglia

    GBattaglia Active Member

    Welcome to the server. Be sure to use 1.1.3 and have all mods enabled.
  17. Mooseman9

    Mooseman9 Member

    IGN: Major_Creepist

    Looking to join a server. I'm not into PVP so this looks like a good server for me.
  18. GBattaglia

    GBattaglia Active Member

    Welcome to the server. Be sure to use 1.1.3 and all mods enabled.
  19. GBattaglia

    GBattaglia Active Member

    Still accepting applications. Don't have a legitimate spawn up yet, but I'd thought I'd give you guys a look at the current one in progress.






    Personally think it looks great. Players in the community are doing it without any creative or spawned items, so its taking a good amount of time. Seriously really great work by them.
  20. Kristoffer

    Kristoffer New Member


    I would like to join this server, looked at the rules, liked them alot and decided to apply :)

    IGN: kristoffer55

    Hope to be whitelisted soon :)

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