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  • Please use the UgLounge.com forums in the future as it is much easier for us to keep track of things there then here.
    Hello dear server Overlord.

    I finally figured out what my needs are and here is a list I hope you agree with :

    - 5x aqueous accumulators

    - a stack of farm blocks, a farm gearbox, valve and hatch

    - 10x hobbyist steam engines

    - a low voltage solar array

    - 2x chunk loaders

    - a minium stone

    - a stack of redstone conduits and liquiducts

    - maybe a redstone energy cell
    As an added bonus, and for convenient storage of quarry products, the bare essentials for a ME system

    - ME drive with one 4k storage disk or two

    - ME access terminal

    - ME controller

    - a stack of ME cable

    - one precision import bus
    The plan is to supply power to my quarry with the coal from my arboretum.It may will be difficult keeping everything running but it beats startings from scratch by much.
    You can of course trim the list down if you feel I ask for too much.
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