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Open Server Underground Lounge FTB | Monster 1.0.9 | PvE | Plugins | New World | Active Community

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by GBattaglia, Aug 8, 2013.

  1. GBattaglia

    GBattaglia New Member


    Introduction: Underground Lounge FTB aims to provide the best FTB Monster experience available. One that does not limit certain features only to Donors, and one that is run professionally whilst still being friendly and inviting. Our server features GriefPrevention landclaim as well as the usual /sethome and teleport systems.


    - Do not try to bypass disabled PvP in Survival; its disabled for a reason.
    - Do not grief; why ruin another player's hard work on the server?
    - Do not loot or steal. Why take when others will give to you?
    - Do not abuse exploits. Notice a bug? Please report it to staff.
    - Do not use cheat clients. We like to keep the game fun for all players.
    - Do enjoy the server. If you're not enjoying yourself, why play at all?

    We currently run FTB Monster 1.0.9 with no additional mods enabled or installed.

    Server IP: FTB.UgLounge.com
    Forums: https://uglounge.com
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  2. Shirotora

    Shirotora New Member

    IGN : hsgunner
    Age : 16
    Why i want to join : trying to find a white listed FTB unleashed server that is pretty new and relaxed , been on another unleashed server but it has alot of downtime so im trying to find one that is up quite a lot.
    Experience with FTB : Played FTB since it first came out, been playing on ultimate until the unleashed pack came out.
  3. GBattaglia

    GBattaglia New Member

    Added to the whitelist. Enjoy the server. :)
  4. Shirotora

    Shirotora New Member

    just tried to come on but it says im not on the whitelist :(
  5. Daenynia

    Daenynia New Member

    IGN: Daenynia96
    Age: 17
    Able to follow the rules?: Yep
    Experience with FTB: So much I'm bored of it x.x but looking for a new server to try something different.
  6. GBattaglia

    GBattaglia New Member

    You're added, Daenynia. Fixed the problem; hsgunner.

    Enjoy the server.
  7. GBattaglia

    GBattaglia New Member

    Going to try and get a spawn setup eventually. If players are interested in helping; I'll be willing to give privileges that would make it much easier.
  8. Miroku2235

    Miroku2235 New Member

    IGN is Miroku2235. Age is 25. I love playing Minecraft to explore and find all the nooks and crannies of the world I'm in, be it the normal Overworld or the Twilight Forest. Favorite mods so far are Thermal Expansion and Thaumcraft.
  9. GBattaglia

    GBattaglia New Member

    Whitelisted. Sorry about the delay.
  10. Miroku2235

    Miroku2235 New Member

    Can't find the server for some reason, tells me it can't reach it.
  11. GBattaglia

    GBattaglia New Member

    Appears to have had a slight issue. Could you try again please? :)
  12. Jack_Maple

    Jack_Maple New Member

    IGN: Jack_Maple
    I would like to be whitelisted because I don't have anything to do all day. I haven't ever tried FTB unleashed but it looks like fun.
    I've been playing FTB since it was released on slowpoke's livestream and absolutely love it. I'd really appreciate it if I was whitelisted :)
  13. cheesynacho

    cheesynacho New Member

    I would love to join you guys!

    My IGN is cheesynacho.

    (I could also setup a teamspeak, or raidcall or something along those lines for the server!)
  14. EzKing

    EzKing New Member

    IGN: EzKing13
    Just looking for a good server to enjoy
  15. GBattaglia

    GBattaglia New Member

    All four have been whitelisted. Thanks for posting guys.
  16. lukybee

    lukybee New Member

    IGN : lukybee
    Age : 15
    Why i want to join : I want to find a server that have a community that interacts with each others
    Experience with FTB : I have high experience with all the mods with ftb and can help anyone by sharing knowledge
  17. GBattaglia

    GBattaglia New Member


    Also everyone else; added ya to the Regulars group. No longer listed as guests. :)
  18. psycobilly

    psycobilly New Member

    IGN: psycobilly
    Age: 25
    I'm looking for a new server to play on. Some where that's friendly and laid back. I like playing minecraft single player but I also like to see what other people build and I would like to do some community builds or something. I know a bit about most of the mods but my favorites are thaumcraft and tinkers construct.
  19. GBattaglia

    GBattaglia New Member

    Added. Enjoy.

    Yet to get a spawn built for you guys; sorry about that.
  20. Miniwolfie

    Miniwolfie New Member

    IGN: QuantumFour
    Age: 44 (schhh)
    Able to follow the rules?: ofcourse

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