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Private Pack Trec Ultimate | 1.6.4 | DirewolfBased | Mature Staff | No World Resets | 1 Year Uptime | True 32GB

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by Trec93, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. GreatOrator

    GreatOrator New Member

    Been playing this server for over a week now and love it. Tech-wise the server seems stable and Trec is on top of any issues that do come up. Community-wise, they seem to be talkative and helpful. Glad I chose it.
  2. tpmrpg

    tpmrpg New Member

    Well now that I've gone on the server I can easily say that it's one of the best I've ever played on with the brilliant community being a huge point in the awesomeness that is TrecUltimate :D
  3. VoiceofTreason

    VoiceofTreason New Member

    Glad everyone is liking it. I enjoy the server when I have time. Cya in game
  4. drsaver

    drsaver New Member

    the server is great so far i like that admins are on a lot and are helpful and Mature and this seems to be a server I will be on for a long while
  5. Sacred5010

    Sacred5010 New Member

    Logging in shortly! :)
  6. TheRec

    TheRec New Member

    Really a great server! I've only met mature and polite people there for the moment. The staff seems very competent and mature, it's rare to see open servers so well maintained so thanks for the great work and keep doing what you're doing it's working pretty well!
  7. Grimms_001

    Grimms_001 New Member

    All in all, it appears to be a good server to be on. No drama, no childish bantering, people are friendly. Server runs well and when it didn't, Admin was all over it like stink on manure. Being able to claim land is nice for when the occasional a**-hole might pop on because it's no whitelisted or private. Keeps them from griefing your items. I would recommend the server to people... but then again, I don't want it to get too crowed. lol
  8. VoiceofTreason

    VoiceofTreason New Member

    The more, the merrier right? :p
  9. demonsangel

    demonsangel New Member

    I've been playing on the server for a week now and the first thing you see is a warm welcome by everyone online the moment you join.
    Everyone is helpful which makes it a fun enviroment to be in.
    Any issues are dealt with swiftly by the admin and his staff, the server has been stable all the time I've been online.
    The few tweaks done by Trec make the mods pretty balanced.
  10. Blorph

    Blorph New Member

    I've been play for 3 hours now, The terrain is good, the people are nice, The nether is quite interesting.
  11. shadow77388

    shadow77388 New Member

    so far a gread server ppl helpfull
  12. Mee

    Mee New Member

    Looks hopeful.
  13. Tiberdude

    Tiberdude New Member

    Testing out the Unleashed Server, Great pack, i really hope the server is just as great!!!!
  14. DCRJP1984

    DCRJP1984 New Member

    Love this server. Staff and others involved have put a lot of work in already. Looks fantastic and great to play on :)
  15. Steel_Avenge

    Steel_Avenge New Member

    This server is great its mature fast no lag and most of all a great ATMOSPHERE ITS A GREAT SERVER!
  16. CoughDrop

    CoughDrop New Member

    Nice server.
  17. qbbq

    qbbq New Member

    I'm getting this error on login:

    Edit: I added the indicated Biomes O Plenty version mod to the mod pack but I'm still getting the same error. Please help?
  18. legoboyrylan

    legoboyrylan New Member

    I think this server is one of a kind I realy like this server
  19. legoboyrylan

    legoboyrylan New Member

    this server is one of a kind every time i get on this server it's fun all the admins did a good job.It brings happy to my day
  20. 4KParagon

    4KParagon New Member

    Very fun to play on, the people are friendly and I haven't seen any griefing yet.

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