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Private Pack Trec Ultimate | 1.6.4 | DirewolfBased | Mature Staff | No World Resets | 1 Year Uptime | True 32GB

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by Trec93, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. Bahalzamon

    Bahalzamon New Member

    Good so far, most people are great, only a little bit of lag, but that suspected with the FTB pack, the admin is on most times to take care of any issues and to help.
    I am having a lot of fun and currently looking into donating to help the server along... =)
  2. Netlook

    Netlook New Member

    Just started playing and am finding the other players helpful and willing to give advice.
  3. NegiMagica209

    NegiMagica209 New Member

    Loving the server, the open world is better than some Plot based building system other servers have. That and the Admin Trec and the new Mod Averix are really nice and cool to play and chat with.
  4. Jim Armstrong

    Jim Armstrong New Member

    I'm new to public servers but the community online and on the forums is really helpful. I like the My Town system they have going. And I like how there are always at least 12 people on. BTW I am in Korea, not sure where the server is, but no lag from here~
  5. CrimsonBishop

    CrimsonBishop New Member

    Joined the server two days ago - so far - i think overall its a good server, 50 slots so its able to hold a decent amount of people. The staff are good and helpful if anybody have any issues and there's little or no lag (For me anyway). The modpack i'm thoroughly enjoying the Unleashed pack lots of new things to learn and its giving me back the fun i first had when i played Minecraft. Some cons though are that its towny based and trying to join others can be hard when people dont trust new players etc its not that people aren't nice but there not open to taking in new people which i think can deter the whole community atmosphere which i do enjoy on Non-Pvp/Non-Grief servers.
  6. Muphet

    Muphet New Member

    so.. unleashed server ads are permitted to be shown on ultimate forums?
  7. Spooky

    Spooky New Member

    Having a blast playing on this server. Friendly community, solid server, amazing spawn, and great mods. You should come play with us!
  8. Aurumlapiden

    Aurumlapiden New Member

    + The server is up-to-date
    + Lots of players
    + nice map whit BiomesOPlenty

    I have until now a pretty good time on the server. The only real frustrating thing is that in needed to learn was MyTowns. I looking forward to building a real house and start discovering what all the mods have to offer.

    If you interested just try the server I would say the chance is big you will stay.
  9. xiG4t0r

    xiG4t0r New Member

    Very cool server with lots of helpful people. No lag. And an awesome spawn. Join if your looking to have a good time :D
  10. freakytiki34

    freakytiki34 New Member

    I've been on the server for a little bit now. I've seen no griefing, and the community has been very helpful. This is the best open-server experience I've had with any form of Minecraft.
  11. Eeekamousey

    Eeekamousey New Member


    Ive havent been on the server for too long, however, it seems very stable and the people ive seen online were friendly and seemed mature. Just the server i like playing on. I havent personally witnissed griefing (and hopefully I never will).

  12. Narmalex

    Narmalex New Member

    Friendly mods and community, and a generally good atmosphere. I'm enjoying it so far!
  13. Teraphina

    Teraphina New Member

    Awesome server lots of stuff to do, little bit of lag but not much, and they are always working on new stuff
  14. Weras57

    Weras57 New Member

    This one of the better server that FTB unleashed has, i would reccommend to join it
  15. juavoman

    juavoman New Member

    I have been on for about a week, and as far as I can see, the server is generally in good shape. The staff is friendly as well as the other players. The lag is non-existent for the most part. The up-time of the server is around 100% from what i see. And it is a good experience for anyone just starting of FTB, or people who just want to have a good time. Highly recommended!
  16. fiile

    fiile New Member

    This is an awsome server!!!!!!
  17. Brandon3055

    Brandon3055 New Member

    This is just wicked this is the first FTB server i have ever played on and apart from sum connection lag ON MY END i love it and i would highly recommend anyone looking for a friendly ftb server to check out Trec.
  18. Etherealxgaming

    Etherealxgaming New Member

    To put briefly, after just a few short days of playing this server myself, which is my first public Unleashed server, I'm enjoying every single minute of it. Highly recommended to join.
  19. sirwill1337

    sirwill1337 New Member

    Forgive me for being that guy who has to actually ask about why the canvas bags are banned. I haven't been on FTB for a while (in fact, I came back only when I heard that they had removed GregTech from Ultimate) and would like to know if the canvas bags are causing map corruption or something. Otherwise, I can't wait to get on this server and see all the awesomeness myself!

    P.S.: For anyone wondering about my stance on GregTech, I was basically in a love/hate relationship with the mod. Loved the more powerful machine additions, but felt that the more expensive recipes only added to the time I needed to sink before I could finally start building epic stuff. :confused: So yeah, I was torn about it.

    *edit: I had confused the canvas bags for the alchemical bags of equivalent exchange. MAN, I'm rusty!
  20. Demigod

    Demigod New Member

    The reason the canvas bags are banned on most servers is because theres a dupe glitch with them but some servers have patched it

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