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Private Pack Trec Ultimate | 1.6.4 | DirewolfBased | Mature Staff | No World Resets | 1 Year Uptime | True 32GB

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by Trec93, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. Xenophon

    Xenophon New Member

    Joined the server three days ago, and had a great time so far. Friendly and helpful community, nice untrammeled terrain, and good server stability.
  2. Oshinier

    Oshinier New Member

    Me and some friends spent awhile looking for a server, and even though there is a few lag issues. i LOVE how friendly everyone is. makes the lag worth it :) will gladly donate to keep the game going.
  3. Kiiro Yakumo

    Kiiro Yakumo New Member

    This is very good server, I like the spawn very much, it has pretty view on barley, a lot of barley, I would stick my eyes to it for hours *_*
    The lag doesn't appear (unless it's mine and mine only fault) so playing on this server is big pleasure ^_^
    The ammount of mods ergo possibilities is very big which makes playing here a lot of hours filled with fun
    I'm so gonna play there a lot :3
  4. c3ll

    c3ll New Member

    hi all
    so, i was looking for a peacefull server for a retired hardcore gamer xP tried to join but got an error about missing mods, can someone give a hint about what to do??
  5. GreatOrator

    GreatOrator New Member

    You have to enable those mods using the FTB launcher

    We are also still running 1.1.3
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  6. FighterD1

    FighterD1 New Member

    This server in my book is highly recommended for FTB gameplay. No lag on server, active staff. there are towns to protect your stuff and live with friends, share everything, or just be together with your "over-the-internet" friends. I've been playing this for a week, and i plan on playing weeks to come. Hope you decide to join, and i guarantee you'll enjoy your stay.
  7. Elstealthed

    Elstealthed Active Member

    Such a great server! very enjoyable and beautiful spawn, Looking forward to advancing more into the server!
  8. Geoxer

    Geoxer New Member

    This my first FTB server i have ever played on and i love it great people, no lag, and spawn looks awsome! Great job.
  9. CraveMode

    CraveMode New Member

    Just a few things to say about Trec Ultimate:
    • This is a great server, and I am not just saying that to kiss butt. I have been on several FTB servers over the years and recently to find my new home and this one takes the bakery!
    • Soon as I joined, the whole server was friendly and welcoming. I had a few questions and they answered nicely without the grief some servers give (even though a couple questions were noob questions :p )
    • The staff is over 18, infact they state the staff is 20+.
    • I have not experienced any server lag. I may get a few hiccups but that is due to my connection sometimes.
    • I have brought a few friends in who are enjoying themselves right now, we will be making this our permanent home.
    • I highly recommend this server!
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  10. ritualist

    ritualist New Member

    Started adventuring on this server just 4 days ago but it's been great. The stuff I've come across just looking for a spot to build is incredible. Some seriously talented builders on this server and I can't wait to leave my mark on the world. It has a seemingly low population, 10-15 people at a time, which is awesome to me. Makes for a better community experience in my eyes. Can't wait to get my build on.

    Necrotouch in game, Ritualist on the forums.
  11. PeenerShot

    PeenerShot New Member

    By far the most stable server that I've played on—FTB or otherwise. Community and staff are mature, friendly, and helpful. The map is still intact (you won't find tons of abandoned houses or chunk after chunk of pilfered landscape), and its easy to find the biome you prefer to build in. Definitely worth watching!
  12. Kheiron

    Kheiron New Member

    I've been playing here for around two weeks now, and it's the best server experience I've had with Minecraft. A stable connection, minimum lag, and a friendly community keep me playing for much longer than is healthy!

    While everyone mentions that the community is friendly, few mention that it's also funny. Smiles and laughs abound in chat, making me want to actually join in and have a conversation with the other members. It really is a great server! Give it a shot!
  13. GreatOrator

    GreatOrator New Member

    So glad to here everyone enjoying the server! For new people, we recently updated the Spawn with a new look, and we have begun a server project to add a rail system (I realize there are other methods of travel, but c'mon, Trains are cool!)
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  14. kaiharrison96

    kaiharrison96 New Member

    Nice server, shame about the banned quarries however
  15. Cynnimon

    Cynnimon New Member

    I enjoy playing on this server! The people are friendly and welcome you when you sign on and answer questions when you have them!
  16. Thunder_Nova

    Thunder_Nova New Member

    Well Hello there, going to up my progress here.
  17. heetfromlv

    heetfromlv New Member

    Love this server it even got his own mod pack :)
  18. SPACEBAR13

    SPACEBAR13 New Member

    Fun, friendly, no lag. What else can you ask for. I highly recommend this server.
  19. Barbatvs

    Barbatvs New Member

    Very good server, nice and friendly atmosphere. I highly recommend :)
  20. newvegasboy3

    newvegasboy3 New Member

    Amazing server. I've been on it for a few hours, and I love it so far :). It's great for anyone who wants a nice, lag-free FTB Server.

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