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Private Pack Trec Ultimate | 1.6.4 | DirewolfBased | Mature Staff | No World Resets | 1 Year Uptime | True 32GB

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by Trec93, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. Airship

    Airship New Member

    I've been playing a couple of hours on this with my brother (okay, time got away from us, it's been half a day already), and it's been a blast. At the absolute most, lag has been a quarter second at most, and it's rare even at that. The community around the server seems awesome so far, with friendly players and helpful admins. By far the best server I've ever played on, and that's counting the whitelisted onesas well.

    I'll be playing a lot on this server in the future methinks!
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  2. anddna

    anddna New Member

    This server to me is one of the best servers Ive been on because it has a nice spawn that's still be made very nice admins/mods and i would like to help this server grow more and be better and better also i like how they have biomes o plenty enabled so that we can live in many different looking places
  3. Wisdoms

    Wisdoms New Member

    server says offline.

    edit: that's so depressing you guys updated to UNLEASHED... that's so sad you guys downgraded so much ;( GL when u realize the pack is garbage =/
  4. valv394

    valv394 New Member

    We are enjoying the modpack, doesnt look garbage to me.
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  5. Wisdoms

    Wisdoms New Member

    Stacks of UU-Matter in a hour.
  6. VoiceofTreason

    VoiceofTreason New Member

    Enjoyed my return to FTB after months of not playing. This open server looks better than a Whitelisted one. Very surprised like the rest of the guys above me.

    You should be a speedracer! The prizes are boredom and apathy.
  7. valv394

    valv394 New Member

    This server is running for 3 months now ! There will be an update soon ( 1.1.3 )
    and 1.1.2 got Biomes O Plenty bugged, a lot of missing textures and wrong id's
  8. emmasteadman

    emmasteadman New Member

    Been on the server a few days now, nice group of ppl. Will be sticking around for a while yet :)

  9. CarstenHess

    CarstenHess New Member

    Just started - so far I am impressed and will stay to build my empire :)
  10. lucardeus

    lucardeus New Member

    good server good mods and best of all the up to data version on T Construct ya
  11. myundietalk

    myundietalk New Member

    I have setup on this server and have been surprised at how fun it is. I have played on many mod pack servers and many vanilla servers and I never would have thought that such a basic server with a complex modpack could have made such a brilliantly fun time. Jolly good show!
  12. Bleedslow

    Bleedslow New Member

    I just started playing on this server, however my impressions so far are very good.

    the community seems to be very helpful and friendly. I felt welcome.

    and i look forward to spending my time there and see where it takes me c:
  13. Mcgamer2232

    Mcgamer2232 New Member

    I might join today :)
  14. whythisname

    whythisname New Member

    I joined today and I like the server so far :) I spent a lot of time today looking for a place to settle down and looking for things other people made and I'm enjoying myself so far.
  15. Nouthar

    Nouthar New Member

    Really enjoying the server thus far. The community has been very nice as well.
  16. Ravnen Guu

    Ravnen Guu New Member

    Great server! Helpful staff and always a lot of people playing. I will play here for a while with my brother :)
  17. Sporge

    Sporge New Member

    Excellent Server!
    Runs well and no problems with anyone really on it yet :p
  18. iislight

    iislight New Member

    Joining now! Any other new people to the server that want to group up, talk to me in game!
  19. Monkehs

    Monkehs New Member

    After a few hours on this server and receiving quite a nice welcome as far as they go, I'd say this server is pretty good.I feel the server is also very fair and not as unrestricted as most others. Very little down time or lag to.
  20. tpmrpg

    tpmrpg New Member

    I might join the server tomorrow as it's three o'clock my time but i hope to have a fun time with my return to ftb ^_^

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