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Private Pack Trec Ultimate | 1.6.4 | DirewolfBased | Mature Staff | No World Resets | 1 Year Uptime | True 32GB

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by Trec93, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. Vissychan

    Vissychan New Member

    One of the nicest spawns I've ever seen. Basic machines provided, enough to help a newbie but not enough that it becomes a crutch. Friendly staff, keen enthusiastic, fair minded players. Loving it so far. Also, the zero lag claim is as near as dammit to perfectly true.
  2. L0st

    L0st New Member

    Love the server! It has an Awesome Spawn and even a Minning Age!!!. And i love the fact theres a Public Farm and Public Machines too use for new people!!!
  3. CwazyWabbit

    CwazyWabbit New Member

    Excellent server for experienced and new users to FTB alike! Helpful and friendly community along with an active owner/admin that's easily approachable. Have invited friends to the server and we're all enjoying our time there!
  4. Micmager

    Micmager New Member

    Everyone has been talking about the spawn on this server. It is very beautiful but it's not the main draw for me. What keeps me logging in time after time is that my wife plays here with me and she enjoys all of the people she can talk to and have friendly conversations with. There's also the warp room which is awesome to me. The only problems I've had are occasional lag spikes when the world is saving or backing up and the fact that, beautiful as the spawn is, there is a plot of land there with a sign in front of it that says "Bee Shop" and there is no building there. I want mah bees!
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  5. Levi Davis

    Levi Davis New Member

    I was wondering could I join this server
  6. Siedhuss

    Siedhuss New Member

    very nice server. its a young one so not with thousands of players, but its very good organized. i like the spawn town, its builded well structured. All informations needed at the beginning are told to new players at spawn. nice people. friendly players and staff. i can only recommend this server.
  7. PandaNRL

    PandaNRL New Member

    This server has a very well built spawn with friendly players and staff that are on all the time. It generally has a small amount of players making it a nice place to play. I, myself being new to FTB have found this server one of the most helpful places to have others help teach me and show me how things are done. I highly recommend this server to anyone.
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  8. predator242

    predator242 New Member

    I really enjoy how quickly the admin deals with griefers, and enjoy the community as well.
  9. raydream

    raydream New Member

    Nice server that i join 2weeks ago. Lag free, spawn nice little place and players are exceptional.

    I really do enjoy playing FTB again
  10. Frostblooded

    Frostblooded New Member

    This server is sick! I just started playing with sampsa and there is great staff and awesome plugins and the whole thing is just so well done!
  11. daysts232

    daysts232 New Member

    This is a really well organised server. One of the best FTB Ultimate servers. The staff is friendly, and when you start you are given EVERYTHING to start off with. Already got a job killing endermen, and found the server very appealing. Thumbs up!
  12. Jagger19

    Jagger19 New Member

    This server is my first FTB server ever and all I can say is wow this is amazing keep up the excellent work admin team!
  13. ToY_N1NjA

    ToY_N1NjA New Member

    This is the best FTB server thus far. It is lag free, no world resets and the people are friendly and welcoming. Great server!!!!
  14. Synasthesia

    Synasthesia New Member

    Started playing yesterday with my wife, and she is enjoying the server almost as much as I am. Great looking spawn, with basic machines to help you out of the beginning rut of not being able to really do much. Enchanting table at spawn which saves you two diamonds. Grief protection, which is great. Overall, we are enjoying this server.
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  15. Mn32

    Mn32 New Member

    This is a great server with amazing people and a very cool mini-game called Spleef :D

    xXKUHNDOGXx New Member

    I've been playing on this server for a while and it is great. The public machines and farms make it much easier to start and the mining age is also a huge boost. This by far is the best FTB server I have played on and I plan to keep playing for quite some time.
  17. ahtraihue

    ahtraihue New Member

    nice people, no lagg.. GG.
  18. reikozunaken

    reikozunaken New Member

    I am really enjoying this server so far. The community is very active with people online and chatting almost all the time. The spawn area is beautiful and provides link portals to various places so you don't have to crowd the server with portals. You are able to claim land as your own and you gain more space as you continue to play over time. There are barely any sever advertisements which is nice since other servers badger you with donation/voting prompts. Come check it out!
  19. spaceguy672

    spaceguy672 New Member

    This is an excellent server, one of the best Ultimate server's I've seen. The community is both active and friendly, the staff is really nice, and there is very low latency. All in all, an amazing server!
  20. soyjuicesux

    soyjuicesux New Member

    Great server so far, looking forward to building a great place here.

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