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Discussion in 'Community Showcase' started by rhn, Mar 12, 2014.

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    Ah, I see. I tend to avoid that because it can't be made into AE2 cable facades (Or BC facades if you're using AE1). Or has that changed?
  2. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    Nope, but I am using EnderIO ME conduits and its Facades in places where I need to hide the ME cables inside the Marble, GT Granite and many other stuff. The BC facades are simply way too limited for me to stick to materials it covers.
  3. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    It is high time for an update.
    I have been working rather sporadic and unfocused. So there is a lot of unfinished stuff everywhere. But got a few things to show off:

    Spruced up the big cargo tunnel:
    Here we are just above the elevator that leads down to the security booth and the main gates from last update.

    Forced myself to experiment with some colour and material combinations. I do that far to rare. Not sure if this works, my imagination seems to come up short when it comes to colour/material coordination.
    To the right is the minecart tramway that here passes by the Atrium disc. To the left access to elevator and stairs leading up into the rest of the complex(and down to material gallery and minecart tramway redstone control station).


    The cargolift to the left leads up into the hall with the ethanol/fuel destillery, coke ovens, RC tanks etc:
    Gave this a little facelift as well.

    Going back down to the "crossroads" then down the road behind the camera leads to a WIP cargo container storage facility:
    Imagine two sets of cranes moving containers(like the one at the bee area) around and stacking them. Still working on that as you can see :p

    Back to the "crossroads" again and looking to the right we see a tunnel leading to a new cargo delivery section:
    Leads to another elevator and cargolift at the end.

    At the top of the cargolift in the new goods delivery section:
    One of the cargo containers I mentioned on the lift to the left ready to be (un)loaded. Various goods stored away to the left.
    Crates getting unpacked and contents put into the ME network(ME Transition Planes, just cosmetic). Elevator connecting up with the tunnel below and 5 other floors. And couldn't help myself so made a little microblock forklift in the corner :p Have to stack those crates up somehow :)
  4. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    Directly adjacent and connecting to the goods delivery section is the workshop:
    I built this as a place to have versions of machines that I occasionally/rarely need to access for manual work.

    This lower level(and all of it in general) lines up so beautifully with the rest of the base, that it was somewhat a WOW moment when I broke through the stone and realised it :p
    Door here leads into the lower level of the ME hub and the double Iron doors to the left connects directly into the back of the Ethanol and Fuel engine room I made earlier:
    There is also room here for a few miscellaneous machines. At the moment the Thermionic Fabricator and Painting Machine found a home here(being machines that needs manual input/hard to automate).

    The lower level is dominated by the smithy:
    Forge which is really a TiCo smeltery in disguise.

    Various TiCo Smeltery/tool stuff.

    I have set the Smeltery up so that with the flick of a Lever the molten metals are extracted, stored in fluiducts/tank and send to the casting basin/tables:
    Flicking the Lever again will push all the molten metal left in the fluiduct/tank back into the smeltery. This is done simply by having two fluiducts attached to drains with Servos with opposite redstone behaviours set(One High, one Low).
    It would be entirely possible to split it up into two Lever actions so you for example could have one metal exported out into the tank while smelting another in smeltery without worrying about alloying them.

    Lets go up onto the second floor of the workshop:
    Again a cargolift, this time a smaller version :)

    Here we have the carpenter's workshop:
    Complete with storage of various valuable(and not so much) wood types, Table saw(with an inbuilt functional Sawmill).

    Work bench, tools and a selection of Carpenters with all the different fluids used in them.

    And once again the workshop(and goods delivery section) hooks perfectly into the rest of the base:
    Upper level of the ME hub to the right. You can just hint a few BC Assembly table Lasers in the middle of the picture as well which is just down the corridor.
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    Man, comparing your pics to my current ingame home, I feel like that kid that sits in the corner sucking on a Lincoln log and eating glue between nap time and diaper change. Like I'm having fun and enjoying sitting in the crap that I have but... realizing that there could be so much more out there LOL
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    Paste is tastier. I've always said that.
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    Well come in my thread and compare yourself to MY base. You'll probably feel better ;)
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    My foil to your humility would be that I might be able to build stuff that looks alright (some of the time at least) but that thing you've made there is far more technically advanced than anything I've ever made. :p
    We all have our skills :)
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    Meanwhile, in J's world:

  10. Psychicash

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    I like that house, that is a nice house. ;)

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    My computer lags just looking at that.
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    Could I get permission to use this? I would like such a beautiful banner, and this has got to be what I've been looking for all my life
  13. the_j485

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    Don't see why not.
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    Hey rhn, its been a while since the last update. Not that I am pressing you but are you considering moving onto a new world and new pack? I know you've been talking about lag. All of my minecraft worlds eventually die after a few months because of it. I dont know if this is true for everyone but the current set of 1.7.10 mods are the most stable and low lag Ive ever had, its finally surpassed 1.6.4 in that area.
  15. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    Oh I am still going strong. Just been playing a few other games as well and being a bit under the weather as well. But have some stuff coming along that will be ready to show of soon.

    My current world might be moving towards an end of sorts. Server performance is still very good, but fps is in/around my main base is levelling off at the usual very low. Although it doesn't seem to get any worse :p But so far it is tolerable and stable enough to keep going strong.

    More pressing might be that I will eventually run out of machines to build, things to automate etc. Sure I can still find a lot of fun in just building stuff, but I find my best inspiration when I have something to build things for. So there might be a natural ending there somewhere.

    Most importantly perhaps is that I have yet to find a replacement modpack of the quality that would rival TPPI, which would form a basis for my new world. I really dont think I could seriously play something again without it having the same level of balance etc. I was hoping TPPI2 would be the obvious step forward, but that is still in beta awaiting the completion of GT6...

    So all in all I think the best option is simply to continue with the current world until one of the above situations change and I am forced/more motivated to move on.
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    Well, I hope you get better.
  17. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    On popular demand I pulled myself together, reinstalled a 1.7.10 instance and pulled the peripheral names of the TE energy cells and EnderIO Capacitor banks. Hereby added an updated version of the Energy Power Monitor script for 1.7.10.

    Direct link:

    Should work with all tiers of TE Energy Cells and EnderIo Capacitor Banks(Though not entirely sure myself why you would prefer this script over a Power monitor for the EnderIO stuff :p, but the possibility is there :p).

    EDIT: There was a bug in the script that made it unable to detect directly adjacent TE energy cells, due to the fact that each tier now uses different peripheral names. The function that dealt with the directly adjacent devices were not designed to handle this. It have now been fixed and should work with all tiers both with cable/modem and directly adjacent.
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  18. KingTriaxx

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    The only reason I can think would be the inability to pull power data out from the power monitor for display in a base monitoring device. Or Terminal glasses, like I do.
  19. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    Time to use all that Sewage for something:
    In addition to Mob essense, the animal farm is producing a good quantity of Sewage. Time to use it for something constructive. Up until now it have just filled an Extracell and excess voided.

    So under the farm I build a "RP" manure collection area and ducts etc.:

    Ducting it into collection tanks:
    Large one holds a RC steel tank(replacing the Extracell disk) that is hooked up to the ME network so the Sewage is actually send into it.
    Then I suppose it is RPed that it is treated/separated/composted/whatever and part of it is send over to the Biomass plant and rest is made into Industrial Fertilizer in the 2x Composter blocks.

    In the other end of the farm area:
    A Forestry Multifarm in Orchard mode with Grapefruit trees. I haven't done any tree breeding, I simply used my MFR Auto-spawner+ExU Trading Post setup to trade myself to a bunch of different saplings and grafters etc.

    Grapefruit is probably not the most ideal tree to pick(specially not since I am just using their default stats) since it doesn't have good stats on yield, size or anything. But trick is that it yields very high amounts of fruit juice per grapefruit. And this is what matters the most since I am not relying on natural growth anyway :p

    First we have 8 Apiaries of Fruity Bees with the Ripening effect. This will randomly mimic bonemealing the leaves and instantly mature the fruit.

    Secondly we have 4x MFR Fertilizers. These will use the Industrial Fertilizer produced from the Sewage to "bonemeal" the leaves as well and instantly mature the fruit.

    Result is a steady stream of Grapefruit.

    As a boost I have also automated the Natura berry bushes:
    This is a lot simpler with just MFR Harvesters(3 per "bush block", one per vertical layer, bah...) an Lilypads of Fertility.

    All this fruit is then gathered into the new "Juicery" placed under the Grapefruit trees(you might have spotted the gate on the picture up above):
    And then the fruit is pressed into a lovely multijuice:

    So healthy fresh juice for everyone!
    Nah not really. Using the juice to boost Bio Mass(Ethanol) production in the Forestry Fermenters :p
  20. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    Just flew by and realised I probably never posted this small update:
    Gave the dam a overflow thingy... and channel down the hillside.

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