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  1. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    I my time here on this forum I have had the pleasure of writing a lot of long winded explanations of stuff. But often when the same question get asked again later I can never find the old explanation again and have to write it all over again :p Or sometimes there is just something that I think other people might benefit from seeing, but I have had trouble finding a suitable place to post it. And I think I might try and follow the trend and try and document my newest build a bit as I go. So I am creating this thread for these purposes.

    The first part of this thread revolves around my adventures in the Monster modpack.
    If you instead are interested in my more recent excursions into the 1.6.4 TPPI modpack you can jump directly to it here:
    Jump to first post from 1.6.4 TPPI world

    If you are instead interested in my 1.7.10 TPPI2 world you can jump to the first post here:
    Jump to first post of 1.7.10 TPPI2 Castle world
    Full album of finished world

    Or the sci-fi/futuristic build based on the 1.7.10 Nuts and Bolts pack:
    Jump to first post of 1.7.10 Nuts and Bolts world

    If you are interested in some older stuff here is an album of my 1.5.2 Unleashed Natura Redwood base:
    1.5.2 Unleashed world album

    1.6.4 FTB Monster World
    I am not 100% sure of the format of the thread yet, but the main red line will be the ongoing projects in 1.6 Monster. I will not be describing every step in detail. I am not a fan of the "watching someone else playing a game for you" approach, but I will post highlights and special points of interest. And whenever there is a topic that that interests me in particular(automation, in particular AE etc.) and I believe is suitable I will do some small guides. Guides and explanations that I write for other threads that revolve around the present build I will also include here to make it easier to find.

    The main build will take place in survival 1.6 FTB Monster pack with so far only a slightly altered modlist(qCraft, Mimicry and dyetrees disabled. Gravisuite and Redstone in Motion added).

    [DOUBLEPOST=1394662480][/DOUBLEPOST]First thing first: Seed.
    I am playing with the ATG+BoP+Highlands worldgen, and spawned a lot of world to get the right seed to start with. The reason why I want to point this out is because I think the seed I ended up finding is spectacular and has a very rich variety and amazing landmarks in very close proximity to the spawn.

    I am playing with Dyetrees disabled and that might have an effect on worldgen. But I have tried generating this world with Dyetrees enabled as well and as far as I could see it was identical around spawn.

    The seed is as follows: -1096234791096024491


    1: Spawn location on a sandy beach. Nothing out of the ordinary before you look slightly south and see your first high mountain:

    2: Tall mountain that is partly Dunes, Mesa and Cliffs. This is where I made my first home that is going to serve as my first station for gathering materials for initiating any big projects. The natural plateau serves as a garden/animal farm:

    3: Very deep underwater trenches. IMO ideal for an underwater base build into the side of the canyon walls and on the see bed:

    4: Very distinct red mountain. Quite the landmark with its position visible from the low savannah surrounding it:

    5: Lake with Autumn biome on one side and Tropical jungle(very tall mountanside) on other side:tall:

    6: Lake surrounded by magical forested slopes. Village on the waters edge(partly on the water too sometimes):

    7: Very deep canyon with lake at the bottom. Tall trees(forgot the kind right now) and a Roguelike dungeon just off shot(very picturesque location of the dungeon):
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    PhantomRage New Member

    It's... it's... beautiful. *sheds tear*

    Can't wait to see if you add any more things!
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  3. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    For a first ore duplication solution I must admit I have gone back to IC2. I just like how I can with so few means set up a slow but totally maintenance free system and concentrate on other things than finding fuel for dynamos etc. to smelt ores. And with ATGs amazing mountains the IC2 Windmills(and later CompactWindmills) are really shining IMO.

    From: http://forum.feed-the-beast.com/threads/best-way-to-generate-eu-power.42639/#post-583053
    I put my windmills up on top of the building(Mountain I hollowed out) at the max safe height of 149(Any higher and they might blow up during storms(explosions might be currently disabled but I play by the rules anyway)):
    To get the most efficiency out of the windmills, make sure they have 4 blocks of free space to each side and up and 2 blocks free space down(you will need to run a cable down ofc). I am using Insulated tin cable due to it being cheap and having a very low loss rate(1EU per 40 blocks) compared to Copper cable for example(1EU per 5 blocks).

    I chose to connect the cables in a Batbox up here(the brown block under the 3rd windmill from the left). I probably didn't need to do this, but doing so will reset the loss distance counter to zero(Easier for me to make sure that I have no loss from the furthest windmill and all the way down into my base). The batbox has a dot on one of its sides, this is the output side. You can rotate it by clicking on the desired output side with a IC2 Wrench or Electric wrench. Clicking on the output side will dismantle it(IC2 machines have special dismantling mechanics. If broken with anything but a specialized wrench the machine breaks and only gives you back some basic components. Use the IC2 Bronze wrench which has a 80 or 90% chance of safely dismantling or make a Electric wrench and change its mode to Lossless to get 100% change to succeed in dismantling it safe).

    Down below in the base the supply cable from the Windmills connect up to another Batbox which serves as the storage/buffer for my machines.
    You can feed machines directly(as long as it is the correct voltage(most EU producers are low voltage)), but if you have a peek demand on your machines it is good to have a storage of energy for them in form of a Batbox(later CESU, MFE and MFSU).
    Then all you need is to run a cable from the output side of the Batbox to the Machines:
    It doesn't matter which side you connect the cables up to, but I personally mostly prefer the bottom or back the other sides are free for automation. On this picture you see a quite early setup of a (from the left) Macerator, Electric Furnace, Compressor and Extractor. This is IMO the basic setup that allows you to duplicate ores and further progress in making more IC2 machines. I also ran a cable over to my crafting area for a Metal Former to eliminate the need to use Forge Hammers and Cutters.
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  4. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    I have a thing about damaging the overworld. Despite it being VAST(almost endless) then I just cant bare damaging the landscape for no good reason. I might in the future decide to want to build something that requires just THAT landscape detail that I demolished with a quarry. Added to that is the fact that the ATG landscape isn't exactly quarry friendly.

    So as soon as I could afford my first Mining Turtle(with the AustinKK script), I started considering making my usual Mystcraft mining world. I usually always use a flat desert world for easy quarry setup and access to lots of sand and sandstone for glass and building materials, but there was a bit of a joker in the mix this time: GeoStrata rocks spawn depending on biomes(or as I/we know thanks to Reika only some of them do).

    So not knowing which biomes I would have to include I started this thread: http://forum.feed-the-beast.com/threads/mystcraft-mining-world-and-geostrata-rocks.42502/

    Result of the thread and a fair bit of experimentation and frustration was:


    Desert Biome, Desert Biome, Ocean Biome, Medium Biomes.
    Stone block, Water block, Flat world.
    Normal lighting.
    No weather.
    Zenith Phase, Zero Length, Normal Sun.
    Normal Sun.
    Dark Moon.
    Dark Moon.
    Dark Sun.
    Dark Sun.
    Normal stars.
    Star Fissure.
    Natural Cloud Color.
    Natural Fog Color.
    Natural Foliage Color.
    Natural Grass Color.
    Natural Sky Color.
    Natural Water Color.
    Stone Block, Spheres.
    Stone Block, Spheres.
    Stone Block, Spheres.
    Stone Block, Spheres.
    Stone Block, Spheres.
    Stone Block, Spheres.
    Stone Block, Spheres.
    Stone Block, Spheres.
    Stone Block, Spheres.
    Clear Modifiers.
    2 Parts Desert, 1 Part dried up Ocean.

    You might ask, why all the damn annoying Stone block spheres everywhere? Thing is I want my world to be completely void of caves and ravines. And the more times you list another Terrain altering page, the less likely it will get that it will randomly add another Terrain altering page(like Caves, Floating Islands, Ravines, Skylands or Tendrils). And the spheres are IMO the lesser annoyance of those for Quarries etc.
    You could use another material than stone for the spheres, but I didn't want it to feel cheaty. But in hindsight I might have chosen dirt instead just to avoid the falling gravel.

    My trusted Turtle Bob have been mining away for a while and also managed to scrape together materials for a quarry. So far no tesseracts or enderchests, so power and item handling is rather crude :p
    Set the Itemducts up to export any mined coal into the first Steam Dynamo, but mostly they run on charcoal from a Forestry multifarm I was able to scrap materials together for. I had a bunch of spare silver that I decided to turn into Factorization Mirrors to heat Factorization Boilers to produce steam for 2 of the Steam Dynamos. So even if I forgot to bring some charcoal over, it keeps running.

    Cobble and the likes get exported to a trashcan(I simply don't have the infrastructure yet to handle it all), and the rest of the items get dumped into a row of chests that I then have to manually run back and forth to empty :p
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  5. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    ! Good stuff. I like that the progression is something a "normal person" would do; nothing overly grandiose. I also get that you fall into familiar patterns with your IC2 stuff.
    For that reason, I'd never have thought to use my (otherwise useless) silver for a solar farm. Not in my comfort/familiarity zone.

    Regarding your lossy EU cables above: I did some testing a few weeks ago and decided IC2/E cables were no longer lossy. They now have limits. To test I ran some copper cable 50 blocks and some fiber cables 50 blocks. Sent power from one batbox to another. In both cases, all power reached destination.

    Its possible this is configurable (it was NOT in Monster) or a version issue or my latent insanity getting some air.
  6. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    Hmm that's odd. Possible its disabled along with the explosions thingy in the 1.6 version. Judging from:
    they list loss rate for the cables that are only present in IC2E builds. So assumed it was working that way. Nevertheless I have decided to build as if cables would explode from too high throughput, might as well do the same for loss rates :p

    A real shame that the IC2 team stopped developing for 1.6 so early(and the last 1.6 version is in such a relatively poor state). Lets hope we can at some point get a back port.
  7. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    Or, less realistically, that all our favorite mods bump up to 1.7 with magical ease, so we can rejoin our IC2 in hopefully better state.
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  8. Arkandos

    Arkandos New Member

    Might I ask what you used to make the topdown map in the first post?
  9. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    Journeymap. It allows you to export your current map to the screenshot folder. Just added the numbers in Paint :p
  10. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    Small update.
    I needed to go to the nether to get some blaze rods among other things. But I hate dying so made sure to save up for Gravisuite's Advanced NanoChestPlate first so I can fight and fly at the same time :p

    So I set out to find a nether fortress and managed to find one and was lucky enough to find a decently located Blaze spawner as well. So I boxed it in, set up the Mystcraft Linking books I had brought along for the purpose and went back home to make some MFR conveyors and brought along some Iron blocks and pumpkins.

    Made a couple Iron golems with the Iron blocks and pumpkins in the "spawner box" to keep the Blazes busy while I expanded the room a bit and started laying out the conveyors. I layed out the conveyors so they funnel all the blazes down into a 1x2 tunnel:


    Here they get "locked" into position since they cant go up and the conveyor belt keep pushing them out against the fence post I placed in the upper half of the opening.


    All I have to do then is to stand there and hack away at their "feet" and get my blaze rods and XP. Crude and slow, but cheap and easy at this early stage.

    And to anyone wondering: How does the conveyors even work when the Blazes can fly? Blazes do only fly when they get line of sight to a player. By boxing them in and placing the fence post at the upper part of the opening, all their LoS options are blocked(they cant see through glass either). This way they never gain their flying ability and can be funnelled by conveyors like any other mod(water would work too if it wasn't because Blazes take damage from water and then instantly gain flying ability).
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  11. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    Been doing a lot of things lately but not really had time to sit down and post it here. Most noticably I decided it was time to move out of the cobble cave age and into a semi proper house. I am saving the proper materials for later I think so for now Smooth Sandstone and Oak wood will do(Bear in mind that contractors will be contractors and they seem to have left in the middle of the job in some places :p):





    On the Tech front I managed to set up a basic ME network(to start handling Quarry products) and a 4x4x4 MAC:
    But more on the ME network later. Plan on writing out a detailed "mini guide" on how I prefer it later(instead of dragging out an answer to an old post when ever we get the same questions again and again here on the forum).
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  12. Xputurnameherex

    Xputurnameherex New Member

    Are you planning on making a world download?
  13. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    Wasn't something I had thought about tbh, but if people want it later towards the end and I can figure out the details of how to, then I am not immediately against the idea.
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  14. Xputurnameherex

    Xputurnameherex New Member

    I was just asking if you were up to the idea but it looks like you already sort of planned that part out and thank you
  15. QuantumCookies

    QuantumCookies New Member

    I really like your base so far. Keep up the good work!
  16. masterzh

    masterzh Forum Addict

    Apart for "random-torch-madness" it looks great. GJ
  17. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    Hehe yeah that sucks. But was getting mad from all the spiders and mobs running around on the roof all the time. Seems to be a group of 4-5 spiders up there at ALL time. Not sure why tbh :p Torches are definitely only a temporary solution :)
  18. SuperSplit

    SuperSplit New Member

    Hey so what texture pack are you using? I'd also like to know if it's compatible with direwolf20 (you never said what mod pack you were using)

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  19. Padfoote

    Padfoote Brick Thrower Team Member Forum Moderator

    He's using Monster. As for the TP I think it may be Soartex.
  20. SuperSplit

    SuperSplit New Member

    Also how do you get up and down from your house? Wouldn't it be a pain to have to walk up and down the whole mountain all the time?

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