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Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Vazkii, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. Tylor

    Tylor Well-Known Member

    I like Psi balance. Early game it's a go-to do-everything thing that lets you avoid vanilla tedium while other mods catch up.
    Mid-late game it's a fine tool that lets you do specific things not covered by other mods. Like placing and removing blocks in specific way you need, doing things with mobs in specific way (smite pig to turn it into zombie pigman, then Add Motion it to cage for Intangible). I carry two CADs (one in bag), because I can't fit all things I regularly use in one.

    Psi has a niche of portable fine-tuned automation, and has no alternatives there.
  2. Tiendow

    Tiendow Guest

    Hey! Love the mod so far! =D Thanks to Direwolf20 for making me aware of this ;)

    I made an account in order to post an idea ;) (and then thought of another)
    1. Could add recipes to craft each kind of bullet into another type. (e.g. add string to normal bullet or circle bullet to make it into a loopcast, etc.) Sometimes you just don't want a certain bullet anymore and it seems legit that you could freely modify these suckers (provided you clear the spell first, maybe... or, shoot....keep the same spell to be able to swap and experiment)
    2. I'm not sure it's in the spirit of the mod, but being able to have static locations like a dispenser that could have a CAD or just a spell bullet placed inside that could be activated by redstone would be pretty neat =) Maybe some kind of armor upgrade could allow your psy energy regen surplus charge up batteries from a distance to recharge these remote devices. =)
  3. Tiendow

    Tiendow Guest

    That's BRILLIANT!! Homemade zombie pigmen for Intangible!!
  4. Ridous

    Ridous New Member

    Please read it

    How about a mobile Spell Programmer that doesn't work with any non-normal bullet and doesn't work with drives or a Quick Swap Magazines for CADs?

    Or how about a tool(doll) similar to the ruler that saves the world position?
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  5. Seiklus

    Seiklus New Member

    I cant stop playing this mod. It keeps drawing me back to it every time i try to start any other mod :p oh well. Thank you Vazkii for injecting pure fun into the game. Though might I add a suggestion: Maybe there could be some way to upgrade the spell programmer to load/save spell drives? Spell drives are awesome, but it gets a little excessive when you need to sift through 40 different drives in a chest.
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  6. BlackPhoenix

    BlackPhoenix New Member

    i can't figure out closest to point (or any other of the entities section) for the life of me. the tutorial there isn't really a tutorial, and while i understand target (closest to which point), what is position and why does it need it?
  7. Starfang42

    Starfang42 New Member

    Actually, you have it backwards. "Target", refers to the target list, while position specifies "closest to what".

    Also, if you hold down shift while hovering over a piece, you can see what type each input is. That can help a lot with understanding how a given piece works.
  8. BlackPhoenix

    BlackPhoenix New Member

    it says position is vector. how are vectors related? can you give me an example how to use closest to point?
  9. Starfang42

    Starfang42 New Member

    A vector is a 3-number construct that can either represent a position (like where you're standing), or a direction (like where you're looking). In this case, it's a position.

    {spellName:"CtP Example",uuidMost:1997668495749103751L,validSpell:1b,spellList:[0:{spellPosX:2,spellData:{spellKey:"constantNumber",params:{},constantValue:"10"},spellPosY:5},1:{spellPosX:3,spellData:{spellKey:"selectorCaster",params:{}},spellPosY:3},2:{spellPosX:3,spellData:{spellKey:"operatorEntityPosition",params:{}},spellPosY:4},3:{spellPosX:3,spellData:{spellKey:"selectorNearbyItems",params:{psi.spellparam.radius:3,psi.spellparam.position:1}},spellPosY:5},4:{spellPosX:4,spellData:{spellKey:"operatorEntityLook",params:{}},spellPosY:3},5:{spellPosX:4,spellData:{spellKey:"operatorVectorRaycast",params:{psi.spellparam.ray:1,psi.spellparam.max:0,psi.spellparam.position:3}},spellPosY:4},6:{spellPosX:4,spellData:{spellKey:"operatorClosestToPoint",params:{psi.spellparam.position:1,}},spellPosY:5},7:{spellPosX:5,spellData:{spellKey:"trickDebug",params:{psi.spellparam.number:0,}},spellPosY:5}],uuidLeast:-7710322883449661005L}

    Here's a fairly simple example of how to use "closest to point"
    First, we have Selector: Caster. We get two vectors from that, your position, and the direction you're looking.
    From those two pieces of information, the "vector raycast" gets the position of what you're looking at.
    More Specifically, think of a laser going from your position, along the direction you're looking. The position of the first solid thing that laser hits, is going to be what Vector Raycast Returns.

    Meanwhile, your position is also used to make a list of nearby items using the "Nearby Items" piece. In this case, items within 10 block of you.

    Finally, we take the list of nearby items (the "Target"), and find the one closest to where you're looking at (the "Position" using the "Closest To Position" piece. Then we feed the result into the "Debug" trick because I wasn't feeling very creative.

    I chose to use vector raycast, since it demonstrates nicely both uses of a vector. An alternative would be to use one of the alternate spell bullets, like projectile, where you can use the "focal point", to get where the spell went off. That's unlocked in Alternate Casting.
  10. BlackPhoenix

    BlackPhoenix New Member

    explanations just make me more confused, i need an example. (that sounds ungrateful, which is not true, so i'm sorry for that)
  11. Starfang42

    Starfang42 New Member

    Example spell is in the spoilers block. Just copy to clipboard and paste it in.
  12. BlackPhoenix

    BlackPhoenix New Member

    oh thx, but i figured it out when relooking at your post. can't make it work with add motion, only with debug though, and the crashes every 2 minutes definitely don't help my frustration. anyway thanks a lot!
  13. sadness255

    sadness255 New Member

    Damn tried this mod today and i love it, i managed to kill myself when i wanted to make a greater infusion and forgot the spell bullet was a loophole, damn that was instant, the mod is kinda hard for idiots like me but i'm learning :)
  14. Kentugetsu

    Kentugetsu Guest

    Just started the mod a few days ago, having a lot of fun with it. The only suggestion I can think of would be hard asf to implement, but I think it would be cool if you could add something like Activation Sequences, or some other visual representation of spells when they're cast, so that I can have some idea what spells people are using against me.
  15. Daarkvark

    Daarkvark Guest

    I don't know if this is fixed in a later version, but I'm on Psi build 14 and the Trick: Torrent allows me to create water in the nether. Is this a bug or no? As I see it, there is no other way to make a water source in the nether.
    Love the mod btw. Keep up the great work! :D
  16. Kentugetsu

    Kentugetsu Guest

    Lists look like they need some revamping, maybe. Only the 3 mass moves really use lists themselves, so more entity selectors would render them obsolete, and as it as a lot of the list operators (add/remove for example) aren't all that useful without individual entities to put in them. Could we maybe get some selectors for individual mob types, or some new tricks that actually use my supercustomized lists?
  17. Tauzent Blitz

    Tauzent Blitz New Member

    It's kinda annoying that fall damage is calculated by distance traveled and not fall speed. I thought adding a bit of upward motion and then a massive downward motion to an enemy would make a nice weapon, but unfortunately that's not how Minecraft works.
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  18. Shifter104

    Shifter104 Guest

    Ancient Magic?
  19. zilvarwolf

    zilvarwolf New Member

    On the subject of fall damage, has anyone figured out a good way to do add motion to boots for a nice jump boost that won't kill you when you land?
  20. nmdchiri

    nmdchiri New Member

    I don't know if I'm too dense or something, but I can't find any possible way to use the Exosuit Leggings. Since it casts every single tick (and even if spells don't actually run a trick, they STILL take your mana) it quickly depletes my mana and then kills me. Is there any feasible way of using them?

    Of course I could always switch the spell on, then switch to an empty slot, but that seems kinda pointless. It has three slots but I should always keep one empty so as not to get killed? By my own trousers???
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