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Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Vazkii, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. Noiro

    Noiro New Member

    The 500 block radius thing, now that I'd be interested to see. Send me the code, please?
  2. Azzanine

    Azzanine New Member

    3 shots is a tad underpowered. Haven't people made TiCo crossbows that 2 shot end dragons.

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  3. Xalabar

    Xalabar Guest

    {spellName:"E.D. Special Ebony",uuidMost:278815456318279583L,validSpell:1b,spellList:[0:{spellPosX:3,spellData:{spellKey:"selectorCaster",params:{}},spellPosY:3},1:{spellPosX:3,spellData:{spellKey:"constantNumber",params:{},constantValue:"500"},spellPosY:4},2:{spellPosX:3,spellData:{spellKey:"constantNumber",params:{},constantValue:"5.014"},spellPosY:5},3:{spellPosX:4,spellData:{spellKey:"operatorEntityPosition",params:{}},spellPosY:3},4:{spellPosX:4,spellData:{spellKey:"selectorNearbyEnemies",params:{psi.spellparam.radius:3,psi.spellparam.position:1}},spellPosY:4},5:{spellPosX:4,spellData:{spellKey:"trickExplode",params:{psi.spellparam.power:3,psi.spellparam.position:4}},spellPosY:5},6:{spellPosX:5,spellData:{spellKey:"connector",params:{}},spellPosY:3},7:{spellPosX:5,spellData:{spellKey:"operatorClosestToPoint",params:{psi.spellparam.position:1,}},spellPosY:4},8:{spellPosX:5,spellData:{spellKey:"operatorEntityPosition",params:{}},spellPosY:5}],uuidLeast:-8241515219275534593L}

    Note: This spell is designed to go on a maxed out Ebony Psimetal CAD
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  4. Xalabar

    Xalabar Guest

    Unless someone else can find a way to make spells with higher damage output that will affect the end dragon or the wither or new additions do something to that end, I think what I've got is the best I'm going to see for now from a pure Psi mod perspective outside creative. One shot bosses in creative is incredibly easy with the special CAD.
  5. PGCF

    PGCF New Member

    I'm having trouble deleting pieces from the spell programmer, since I'm on a computer that only has a delete key and not backspace. Could you make a workaround for this please? I'm really enjoying the mod but it's a little frustrating having to break and replace the programmer every time I mess up a spell.
  6. Noiro

    Noiro New Member

    Hahaha, yeah, that's really funny. This mod could really use a bit more balancing, huh? Well, it's beta for a reason :) I should write up a list of various tricks I think cost too little or too much. Though top of the list of costing too little is how Strength scales with power, and too much is how speed/slowness effects scale their power. I feel like even wither could cost a bit less. It's not much use until Wither II as an effect but that's so expensive you basically can't cast it."Why yes, I have the Psi to blow you up and leave a massive crater, but Speed II costs too much to maintain for more than 5 seconds."
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  7. Azzanine

    Azzanine New Member

    I'm actually trying to watch the anime this mods based on, that Mahouka whatever or something. It's good, but the Brother Sister love thing is really throwing me off... bloody no game no life did it, the second half of Sword art did it. Is incest a common or accepted theme in Japan or something?
    But the magic sciency stuff is rather interesting.

    Plus this mod makes my head hurt. I got to entity lists and junk and I am somewhat stumped.
    Suppose that makes me a weed then... probably worse as those CAD guns are supposed to be for lesser mages.
    Actually something that would be cool in the mod, variable CAD types. That magic sniper rifle in the opening scene would be neat.
    Also are those PSI metal tools CADs? In the anime CADs seem to take a lot of forms. They can have their own trick type, On hit.

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  8. Coco12570

    Coco12570 New Member

    still couldn't kill draconic armor

  9. Shifter104

    Shifter104 Guest

    You can also use the Debug tool aswell.
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  10. Shifter104

    Shifter104 Guest

    Will you add fortifing and/or flying magic like from the anime?
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  11. thephoenixlodge

    thephoenixlodge New Member

    Shift + right click a tile also removes it. Discovered this by accident.
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  12. fowltief

    fowltief New Member

    I haven't checked this mod yet but the anime did have the MOVAL suit. That could be end game programable armor.

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  13. Starfang42

    Starfang42 New Member

    I'm loving this mod so far. A couple comments:
    1) Last I checked, getting to The End is a bit of a pain. I'd prefer an intermediate CAD assembly between psimetal and end-specific, and maybe a boost to the end-specific materials.

    2) having unit x, y, and z vectors as their own piece would be a really nice convenience. Constructing a vector like that takes up a 3x2 area effectively, which is a pretty big chunk of a spell's real estate, especially before you unlock psigems.

    3) Maybe some more complex variants of dig block? For Example:
    -one that digs a plane with radius r (replaces max), in directions orthoganal to the target vector. For example, if a unit "forward" vector was the target and radius was 2, it would dig out a 3x3 plane like a TiCo hammer. This could either be restricted to 1 layer at a time, or dig along the target vector as the normal dig works
    -One that digs at a specified tier level. Restricted to one block at a time?
    -One that digs with fortune (Up to 3). Could have tiered variants of the original dig. Maybe a silk touch

    4)One issue I'm seeing with a lot of tricks is that the number of inputs we can reasonably get to a trick. This becomes increasingly difficult with more complex spells.
    -First, I would suggest a "cross" connector, if possible, that would allow one line to "jump" another.
    -Second, an interesting possibility might be in-line modifiers. For example, the break block trick could have its "target" vector also carry fortune or silk touch. These would add a tag to the vector that would only be recognized by the right trick and input, and would otherwise be ignored.

    Also, could you include the circle casting cost in the spell stats, or maybe a warning on the circle bullet's tool tip if the spell's cost exceeds your psi-energy max at 100% efficiency? Might help us absent-minded types avoid a death here or there.
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  14. Xalabar

    Xalabar Guest

    Nah. Course 2 students are those who have difficulty with the casting of magic or happen to have a unique skill set that is incompatible with First High's testing methods.

    You mean as a plot device? I'm not really sure but it is somewhat uncommon. I am fairly certain that it is socially frowned upon, however. I am open to correction if someone else is able to give a better answer. As for that inside of the show, you might as well grimace through it since they'll give an explanation why that occurs later in the show.
  15. Unata

    Unata New Member

    Thank you Vazkii, I had tried Music slider, then the Ambient/Environment when they first were available to no success so thought it wasn't separatible, though I could not find any "record" slider, it seems Jukebox/Noteblocks controls it.
  16. Plurp13

    Plurp13 New Member

    I think she meant record as in record player, so yes the jukebox slider ;P
  17. Faxe

    Faxe New Member

    When coding I at times end up with a chunk of 'code' that I need to shift one right, in order to bring in a debug message etc. Is there any inbuilt support to move code graphically around?
  18. Azzanine

    Azzanine New Member

    Like a mass select and drag'n'drop.

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  19. mulch_75

    mulch_75 New Member

    It would be so handy to have a move all spell blocks up/down/left/right button. I so often run out of room on one side of a spell but have plenty of space left on the other. You pretty much need to start again with the layout to fix this.
  20. Jurekmc

    Jurekmc Guest

    I think if you implement change angle of the vectors Will be cool, and a if bullet, he works when a condition is triggered

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