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Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Vazkii, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. Phoenix591

    Phoenix591 New Member

    The new armor that just came out in beta 15 has conditional casting just like you're talking about... going to be playing with it soon.
  2. Jurekmc

    Jurekmc Guest

    Also a instant damage effect and a inverse exdus Will be cool, also the time effect to other entity.
  3. Jurekmc

    Jurekmc Guest

    Another implementation that Will be cool transmutation like ed do with the floor in fma. Make walls with near floor for example
  4. Faxe

    Faxe New Member

    Ah, transmutation. I'd like to be able to look at a cable, and fire a spell that traverses that cable and exchanges all of them with the upgraded version placed to the right of the gun.
  5. Jurekmc

    Jurekmc Guest

    Programing shortcut, you do a certain thing and you can place like one only block
  6. Ridous

    Ridous New Member

    are there going to be more Bullet types? Like Sticky Grenade(sticks to block), Sticky Charge, Projectile Circle(activates when it hits a block face), Projectile Loopcast, Homing(redundancy yay!) , or Gooey Bullet(latches onto an entity)?

    Or how about a Select All(entity List) piece that effectively doubles or triples the current Potency and cost.

    Ps. is there a way to construct a vector that uses a players perceptive instead of the world's or is that simply entity look?
  7. zipybug14

    zipybug14 New Member

    Loving the mod so far. There are a few things I'd like to see.
    -Polar (cylindrical) look vectors, to more easily get the player facing when looking straight up or down. The current look vector is spherical, which causes x and z to go to zero when looking straight up or down.
    -In the same vein, player heading: Returns the direction the player is facing from north, in radians.
    -or returns the x and z of cylindrical look with y set to 0.
    -Vector axial normalizer, like entity axial look, but for any vector. Would enable manipulating vectors prior to axial normalization.
    -The circle inheriting the look vector of the player at the time of cast, to enable directional circle spells that you can look away from.
    edit: -List size and list index lookup

    Without knowing quite what you are trying to do, I can't help you, but the answer is yes you can. Try looking up vectors and vector math.
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  8. Dark_Reaper115

    Dark_Reaper115 New Member

    This is a magical concept for a mod. (pun intended)
    It keep programming aspects but with a nice user interface, so I see it as an upgrade from computer craft.
    The only suggestiong I can think right now it would be to add a system/symbol where you could reserve part of your psy energy to have a spell working continously. For example, you could have passive torch placing, or make a stone bridge as you walk and destroying what it is left behind you. I also like the idea of "passive" spells so you could create auras for buffs or debuffs around you or a certain position.
    Reserving energy would be neat as well for passive "trigger" spells that activate every time some condition is met. e.g.: casting a small heal or regen when you get damaged. Kinda like contingency spells worked in Ars Magicka, but having them up 100% time as long as you keep reserving a part of your energy.

    Considering all the work put into this mod and the idea of fusing tech and magic through coding and math, I think it is a very unique mod with lots of potential.

    As a last question, I would like to know if there is/will be any way to regen psy energy even if you are casting spells. I noticed you only regen psy energy if you stop casting for some seconds.
  9. Someone Else 37

    Someone Else 37 Forum Addict

    If you use a Loopcast (or Circle?) spell bullet, the psi regen thing starts to kick in the usual amount of time after the first casting of the spell. So, if your spell is cheap enough that you can spam it for a few seconds without running out of psi, you'll start regenerating some psi while the spell is still loopcasting itself. If the spell is very cheap, you will regenerate psi faster than the spell uses it.

    Granted, you can't do much else while you've got a loopcast going, as taking the CAD out of your hand will stop casting it, but you could, for instance, set up a spell to continuously mine out a couple of blocks in front of you, so you could mine out very long tunnels just by walking.

    That said, some kind of IF statement spell component would be nice. "Place a torch at my feet, but only if the loopcast index is a multiple of 32" would be very handy, especially if the place block trick doesn't consume any psi when it's not doing anything.
  10. Starfang42

    Starfang42 New Member

    Is it possible to plant seeds using place block? I can't seem to get it to work. Using beta-18, and I tested that it's placing a block where I expect with a different block.

    If place block doesn't work with seeds, could we get a trick for planting?
  11. Solarsyphon

    Solarsyphon Guest

    Just found through random googling. I was wondering what vazkii was doing because months without updates is not like her..... Any way looks awesome. As an extra bonus it makes 0 sense to me at the moment
  12. ARock73

    ARock73 Guest

    So I've been going through leveling process and am stuck on Level 6: Blockworks. The tutorial for it says to make a spell that will break 8 blocks, however when I make the max break sequence can break to be 8, it shows 160/150 potency(using the gold CAD which, as far as I can tell, has the highest potency of 150 you can get pre psimetal). Am I doing something completely wrong/is there a way I haven't considered to get it to work with the golden CAD? If you can, just give me a nudge in the right direction, not the full answer.

    Here is what the spell I'm using looks like:


    Thanks for any help.
  13. GaronneBC

    GaronneBC New Member

    Hmmm, not sure where you got the "Break 8 Blocks" from... You always only have to use the specified trick or other block that's marked red. So you have to use "Break Sequence" but there's no other condition. I think you COULD even specify 0 Blocks and it would do as long as the spell is valid and castable and the required element is used by it.
  14. Someone Else 37

    Someone Else 37 Forum Addict

    Your spell doesn't actually have to break eight blocks- as long as you use the Place Block Sequence trick, you'll level up. Change that to 6 or 7 and you should be good to go.

    That said, the fact that the tutorial tells you to make a "break eight blocks" spell when you can't actually do so without a psimetal CAD is probably a bug that should be reported.
  15. ARock73

    ARock73 Guest

    Thanks for the replies GaronneBC and Someone Else 37. It looks like my problem was due to lack of observation. I had apparently done that level already, but hadn't recalled seeing the Level up message.
  16. MeepMu

    MeepMu New Member

    Its a little annoying that you have to use constants for almost all of the tricks... (I am developing a small addon (maybe you remember me from twitter) and i tried to make it myself, it worked fine by itself, but when i added it to FTBUnstable18 (yes, i know it is unstable) it crashed) I thought that you could maybe try. (sorry about the twitter thing btw... i didnt know what magnitude meant)
  17. Vazkii

    Vazkii New Member
    If you have a crash, post it here with the error log and all the proper stuff.
  18. Noiro

    Noiro New Member

    So Vazkii, can I ask a favor? For us modpack creators, would it be possible to include either a togglable option in the config for us to enable/disable specific tricks (by default) and be able to use commandline to enable certain tricks for specific players? Obviously if this feature is enabled, this would not allow Psi's default tutorial to run through (as it's hard to complete a tutorial if the required trick to progress is locked off), but if it's also in our hands, we can teach the player as well through HQM (or similar when it eventually releases for 1.8) and unlock spells for the player by player basis, that way? The config would allow server owners to disable tricks they preferred not to have present on their servers (explosion, cough cough, given it ignores MobGriefing=false) Especially in the beginning of modpacks, I really want them to play with Psi and have fun with it, but I'm not sure i"m comfortable with them having full access to all tricks right-off given how it'd imbalance most structured packs.

    I know your first question would be, "Well Noiro, just have the original CAD recipe more expensive so they can't get to it until you're read for them to use those." This is true, however I don't mind them using the CAD early game, in fact I'd like for them to use the CAD early-game. It has some features that take away some of the aggravating grind of early-game, and I don't mind offering up that utility to them if they are clever enough to build it. I'm just asking for a way to build in restraints on the players of a pack so things can't get too crazy, too soon.

    I know this is asking a lot, but...please?
  19. Vazkii

    Vazkii New Member

    No, you're not getting that. I want Psi spells to be able to be shared without restrictions, and removing features like that would prevent it.
  20. Noiro

    Noiro New Member

    My reasoning is because you can effectively make a CAD with some redstone and iron, I don't feel like it's time to allow infinite mining without durability cost, especially since it can mine at an iron-level. Additionally, Add Motion itself effectively becomes a dirt-cheap Blood Magic Air Sigil (on TOP of infinite torches). I guess making Psi progress with the player as they go through a pack isn't happening and it'll be more of a novelty toy they'll unlock later in to play with and throw away since by that point, they'll have replacements of with other mods (Blood Magic, Tinkerers, Thaum, etc.)? Unless we could modify certain specs on each CAD so I could make the starter-CAD a lot more limited in what it can accomplish with Psi so they can play with basic functionality, but not go overboard with it

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