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Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Vazkii, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. Mental Mouse

    Mental Mouse New Member

    A belated thanks for the spell, I've copied it to my stash. (I took a break for a few months to try Terraria, but now I'm back and poking into 1.12.2). But yeah, that spell was pretty useful except when I fell through, looking forward to checking out your version in my next game.
  2. butterman403

    butterman403 Guest

    Hello there. I was told by someone that this is the place to suggest additions to the mod? Idk I'm new here.

    Anyway I thought it would be pretty useful if you added "if" operators. There's something kinda like this already with the sneak selector, but imagine all the things you could do if you added in a "if [input1] is less than/greater than/equal to [input2] then output a 1, else output a 0" block.

    Also on an unrelated note I think it'd be cool if you added a sound effect block that plays a specific sound when triggered. It'll sure give some variety to the stock magical "breen" that every spell gets.

    Other than those, I absolutely love this mod! it's so versatile and pretty cheap to get into as well! Thank you, mister developer, for making such a cool mod!

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