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Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Vazkii, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. Kentugetsu

    Kentugetsu Guest

    There are a number of simple, low-cost spells that are good for keeping in pants. When in doubt, you an always check the spell developer for the energy cost, as anything under 30 or so should work perfectly with pants. For example, though, small-scale break/place block tricks, a conjure block magic carpet, and low-speed add-motions for extra jump height, fall damage reduction, sprint boost, etc. all work well in pants, sometimes better than they would in a loopcast.
  2. oliverrook

    oliverrook New Member

    Hey, can somebody help me? I seem to be having some major problems with basically any kind of vector I use. Here's an example of a spell, which is supposed to conjure blocks starting at the player, and ending wherever a pojectile spell hits, and I seem to be getting almost the exact same result no matter what direction I'm looking, or which kind of "projectile" I use, be it ray casts, or spell bullets (note, this one I used spell bullets, and it somehow drew a path in the exact opposite direction I shot: 2016-03-22_17.43.39.png 2016-03-22_17.44.04.png
  3. Someone Else 37

    Someone Else 37 Forum Addict

    The "target" field in the Block Sequence tricks is not a position that the sequence of blocks should aim for, but rather the direction that it should build out in. Try Selector: Caster -> Entity Axial Look -> your Conjure Block Sequence. If that only places one block right in front of your face, then insert a Vector Multiply by 10 between the Axial Look piece and the Conjure Block Sequence trick.
  4. Kaisoul

    Kaisoul Guest

    Got a question: Is there any books to teach me how to start using this mod or a tutorial on how to even program the spells. Looks great but yea with out a PSI for dummies im kinda lost
  5. Someone Else 37

    Someone Else 37 Forum Addict

    The mod actually explains itself very well. Just press C, and it'll pop up a screen explaining how to make your first CAD. After that, pressing C while not holding a CAD or a similar tool will open the "research" screen, the first four or so chapters of which are nothing but tutorials. Read them, and you'll have no trouble using the mod at all.
  6. PlasmaSG

    PlasmaSG Guest

    can you backport this to 1.7.10 or is there a problem with doing so? (i.e. forge hooks not available, conbatbilty issues)
  7. Azzanine

    Azzanine New Member

    Why would Vas put the extra effort in to maintaining an extra version for a version of MC that's not going to be around for longer than 2 months?
    Then again FTB loves to faff about with their packs so I guess it might be 6 months until 1.9 FTB pack comes out.
    Of course every one else will have 1.9 packs.

    But still you are effectively asking for Vas to maintain 2 identical mods.

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  8. Kajisora

    Kajisora Guest

    Been playing around with this mod for a day now, quite enjoying myself.
    Feels a bit cheap using it for mining though, especially when digging grooves of obsidian. Break Block could probably use a power setting.
    Made a 3x3 direction-independant digging spell for the pickaxe... and can't cast it yet because it takes up the entire board >_<.
    Made a spell that completely negates my movement... then remembered that fall damage does not work that way, after jumping off a cliff.
    Made a spell that digs out a block and accelerates the resulting item in my direction. Really useful for getting that out-of-the-way glowstone.

    Getting used the flow management now. Don't have much use for the block placement tricks atm, but I'm looking forward to using the stack size variable as a program input. If we could move the inventory around using Tricks, it could even be a way to store integers.
    In any case, having lots of fun thinking up weird uses for the system and came across some things that I think would fit in really well, namely:

    Trick: Change direction (inputs: entity, vector)
    Allowing you to change the facing of the target entity.
    Example of stuff it could be used for: I was thinking of creating a flash step ability to get behind enemies (blink, distance = wrap(distance to entity+1)). Using a direction change so you're actually facing the enemy afterwards would be really neat.

    Something else that would be really versatile: a trick to swap the active cartridge with another slot, opening up the option to, for instance, chain multiple legging spells together. (To be honest, this is what I was expecting the "Change Focus Slot" trick to do.)
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  9. DaBenjle

    DaBenjle New Member

    Suggestion: I just got to the final level of your mod. Had fun getting there, still having fun there. But with the time reversal and anchor, all i can send back in time is myself. If you could add a selector too the trick it would make my day, being able to torment other players/mobs would be amazing!
  10. Nova Sol

    Nova Sol New Member

    Greetings. I have been using Psi for about a week now and I enjoy it a lot. The mod has its faults, of course, but what mod doesn't? Anyway, I have a question and a request.

    The question is simple. Is there some kind of public document with planned features? Or does Vazkii keep their plans a secret?

    The request is a little tweak to the Infusion and Greater Infusion tricks. Is it possible to allow them to perform 'lesser' infusions as well? To put it another way, can Infusion be changed to infuse redstone and gold, and can Greater Infusion be altered to infuse both in addition to diamonds? Having to switch spell bullets just to infuse stuff is terribly annoying.
  11. Pixelmod

    Pixelmod New Member


    Thought I'd share with you guys a spell I made.
    It took me some time to get the math right and the behavior too, but I reproduced the Sticky Jumping mechanic from the game Team Fortress 2.
    Because Psi does not offer a way to track time since the charge was shot, or deny detonation if Trick:die is the first trick coming out, not all mechanics are present, but the rest is there.
    Now, a few details:

    To make this spell work:
    • Assembly: At least Psimetal because the Potency is at 200.
    • Core: Overclocked or Psigem-based, I use 19 complexity and Conductive core won't cut it.
    • Socket: Signaling or Psigem-based, I use 7*6 tiles and I couldn't compress it without impairing the result.
    • Battery: Whatever floats your boat, but one shot will cost approximately 400 Psi so getting a good one will prevent some harm.
    • Bullet: It was meant to be shot with a Charge bullet, to get simultaneous blasts and go further, but it will be useable with anything but normal and loopcast bullets.
      You can try using it in a Circle bullet, it's hard to use but will probably make you fly a bit... :)
    Give me the spell already!

    Ok fine :eek:

    {spellName:"Sticky Jump",uuidMost:2771048869936646614L,validSpell:1b,spellList:[0:{data:{key:"constantNumber",constantValue:"0.001"},x:1,y:3},1:{data:{params:{_target:4},key:"connector"},x:2,y:1},2:{data:{params:{_list:2,_target:1},key:"operatorListAdd"},x:2,y:2},3:{data:{params:{_position:2,_radius:3},key:"selectorNearbyLiving"},x:2,y:3},4:{data:{params:{_target:2},key:"operatorEntityPosition"},x:2,y:4},5:{data:{key:"selectorFocalPoint"},x:2,y:5},6:{data:{params:{_target:2},key:"operatorEntityPosition"},x:3,y:0},7:{data:{key:"selectorCaster"},x:3,y:1},8:{data:{params:{_target:3},key:"connector"},x:3,y:2},9:{data:{params:{_speed:4,_target:1,_position:2},key:"trickMassExodus"},x:3,y:3},10:{data:{params:{_vector3:0,_vector2:2,_vector1:3},key:"operatorVectorSum"},x:3,y:4},11:{data:{params:{_x:0,_y:2,_z:0},key:"operatorVectorConstruct"},x:3,y:5},12:{data:{key:"constantNumber",constantValue:"-0.2"},x:3,y:6},13:{data:{params:{_vector3:0,_vector2:2,_vector1:3},key:"operatorVectorSum"},x:4,y:0},14:{data:{params:{_x:0,_y:2,_z:0},key:"operatorVectorConstruct"},x:4,y:1},15:{data:{key:"constantNumber",constantValue:"-1.65"},x:4,y:2},16:{data:{params:{_target:2},key:"connector"},x:4,y:3},17:{data:{params:{_target:2},key:"connector"},x:4,y:4},18:{data:{params:{_target:4},key:"connector"},x:4,y:5},19:{data:{params:{_vector3:0,_vector2:4,_vector1:3},key:"operatorVectorSubtract"},x:5,y:0},20:{data:{params:{_target:1},key:"operatorVectorMagnitude"},x:5,y:1},21:{data:{params:{_number2:4,_number1:1},key:"operatorDivide"},x:5,y:2},22:{data:{params:{_number2:1,_number3:0,_number1:4},key:"operatorSubtract"},x:5,y:3},23:{data:{params:{_number2:4,_number3:0,_number1:1},key:"operatorMax"},x:5,y:4},24:{data:{params:{_target:1,_constant:4},key:"constantWrapper"},x:5,y:5},25:{data:{params:{_target:2},key:"operatorEntityPosition"},x:6,y:0},26:{data:{key:"selectorFocalPoint"},x:6,y:1},27:{data:{key:"constantNumber",constantValue:"2"},x:6,y:2},28:{data:{key:"constantNumber",constantValue:"4"},x:6,y:3},29:{data:{key:"constantNumber",constantValue:"1"},x:6,y:4},30:{data:{key:"constantNumber",constantValue:"-4"},x:6,y:5}],uuidLeast:-8226836950807612886L}
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  12. Blizz Playz

    Blizz Playz Guest

    2016-05-07_13.18.25.png 2016-05-07_13.20.37.png Can anyone help, I'm on the 4th tutorial and I don't know what I'm doing wrong. It keeps giving me error codes

    XXXXYYYY New Member

    You have the direction and position inputs switched on the raycast function. Swap the two and everything should work.
  14. Blizz Playz

    Blizz Playz Guest

    Thanks for the tip,XXXXYYYY it now works
  15. Deamon

    Deamon Guest

    Would it be possible to get a saving system for spells across servers maybe something similar to what computercraft does with pastebin?
  16. Someone Else 37

    Someone Else 37 Forum Addict

    You can already use the buttons in the bottom right corner of the spell programmer GUI to copy/paste the spell to your system clipboard, so you can do whatever you want with it.
  17. RagedEclipse

    RagedEclipse Guest

    A friend and I found a way to create pseudo-flight in the 1.9 version of the PSI mod using Elytra wings. This is the basic spell achievable at the level 5 vectors but recommended to have much more Psions than at that level:

    {spellName:"Psuedo Flight",uuidMost:1548760256474728522L,validSpell:1b,spellList:[0:{data:{key:"selectorCaster"},x:0,y:0},1:{data:{params:{_direction:4,_speed:2,_target:1},key:"trickAddMotion"},x:0,y:1},2:{data:{key:"constantNumber",constantValue:"1.5"},x:0,y:2},3:{data:{params:{_target:3},key:"operatorEntityMotion"},x:1,y:0},4:{data:{params:{_vector3:0,_vector2:4,_vector1:1},key:"operatorVectorSum"},x:1,y:1},5:{data:{key:"constantNumber",constantValue:"0"},x:2,y:0},6:{data:{params:{_x:1,_y:4,_z:2},key:"operatorVectorConstruct"},x:2,y:1},7:{data:{key:"constantNumber",constantValue:"0"},x:2,y:2},8:{data:{key:"constantNumber",constantValue:"30"},x:3,y:1}],uuidLeast:-8426046978899843884L}

    This loopcasting spell, as it is, can carry a player up 15 blocks with half the cap Psions (2500 Psions ATM) and ~60+ blocks at 5000 Psions. This does not include the Elytra wings. And this is with the most basic CAD: Iron CAD and all basic modules. Better CAD=Better height.

    With the Elytra wings, it is possible to alter the constant value of "1.5" to as low as "0.5" and perpetuate flight. however it is recomended that the value is above "1" as anything below "1" causes a much slower acceleration upwards. It is very important to note that you cannot change the number "30", increasing it has no effect and decreasing it causes the spell to break. *Insert thousands of face faults here* ouch. The two "0"s cannot be changed either because they would send you in a fix direction. you could change it but just don't.

    In order to have almost perfect flight; Open your Elytra wings then activate the spell on loopcast. It does not matter how high you are when you activate the wings so long as you can open them and activate the spell before you hit the ground.
    You will then be sent up in the air, the acceleration changing based on the constant number for "trickAddMotion".
    To stop going upwards and start flying around, simply de-active the spell. Just be careful to not fall to your death... or facewall...
    Also, if you do not reset your velocity to zero while falling or you will take damage as if you have fallen from the start of your fall no matter how slow you are going.

    That's about it... I think... Have fun!
  18. Midnite Oil

    Midnite Oil Guest

    I think I may have discovered a bug. I was going through Direwolf's psi mod spotlight and after getting psi metal infusion crafted a new psi metal cad. I then crafted an upgraded cad core for it and put the cad along with the core in the cad assembler and went to craft the cad socket but realized I needed more psi metal. I had already removed my infusion bullet from my old cad so I removed the new cad from the cad assembler and put the old on in.
    After infusing the psi metal and crafting the new socket I put the new cad in the cad assembler but instead of going in the slot in the lower right that would allow me to add the socket it went straight to the slot in the upper left. The cad has zero bandwidth and zero sockets so I can't use it at all and adding the socket the cad assembler does not change the status. So I essentially have a worthless hunk of metal. The same thing happened with the very first cad I crafted. Why can't I modify/upgrade existing cads. Why would a cad get stuck in a useless state?
    Either this is a bug or gross user error and I if the latter I'd really like to know what I'm doing wrong.


    -Midnite OIl

    2016-05-21_09.31.33.png 2016-05-21_09.31.37.png
  19. RagedEclipse

    RagedEclipse Guest

    If your gun no modifications to it (you just put the Gun part into the CAD assembly and nothing else) you can revert it into a part by placing it into a normal crafting window. Unfortunately, you did put a core in so that gun is basically useless. Its not so much a bug as it is a limitation of the Mod itself because their is no way to turn a fully built or partially built CAD back to its parts.

    EDIT: you are actually supposed to built your first CAD without any modifications to it and just shoot the redstone into psimetal dust. Once you have the materials to craft the other parts, you revert it into the CAD part and rebuild it with the new parts included. However, it is impossible to upgrade a built CAD with the cores/sockets/anything else already put into it.
  20. Midnite Oil

    Midnite Oil Guest

    I guess a take issue of a non-functional (useless) cad being designated a "built" cad. As a software engineer I would consider that a pretty serious design flaw. The cad interface should simply return the component parts if you didn't complete a functional cad or at least warn the user that they are about to ruin their cad by removing it without all the required components.

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