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Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Vazkii, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. Wraithflay

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    And so releases one of the few mods I'm interested in updating to 1.8.9 for, along with perhaps Intangible and maybe TC5 (though I don't see much change in versions there). You're makin' it harder to stay in 1.7.10 Vazkii... but that's okay, I'm looking forward to playing in a version that runs better (or so I hear!). Looking forward to messing around with this later!
  2. DeathOfTime

    DeathOfTime New Member

    I am having trouble wrapping my mind around the new things I need to learn for this mod. It has been nice. I managed to cast lightning bolt using a projectile that hit the ground ?10? blocks in front of me. The lightning bolt hit my Psi research house in the town ?16? blocks behind me. I died while putting out the fire. Finally figured out that dirt works the better then slapping the fire around. I don't think it damaged any of the rest of the town. Though it was trying to spread to the nearby buildings.

    The only issue I have ran into so far is the ?symbol? selection menu in the programmer's interface. The level of transparency, colors, and symbols arranged in such a cluttered way make it hard to read and use.
  3. thephoenixlodge

    thephoenixlodge New Member

    Would it be possible to get an expanded Random operator that with inputs for both bounds of the range? As far as I can tell, at the moment it can only be used to get either a positive output or a negative one but doesn't have the option to produce either one from the same iteration, since 0 is always one of the bounds.

    Alternatively, a randomized passthrough operator/connector would allow the same effect, and more (along the lines of can receive up to 3 inputs and randomly selects one of those 3 to pass to its output on a casting).

    Really enjoying playing with this so far, and I even have an idea about possibly achieving psuedo flight with it later.
  4. shepherdsam

    shepherdsam Guest

    I was running into the same trouble but adding some more components I was able to make a spell that did a decent amount of damage (2 shots most mobs, 1 shot most animals) just with the basic tier items. Here it is in action: and here is how I made it:
  5. Noiro

    Noiro New Member

    Is there a way we can go back and read through previous chapters? I got to the blocks chapter and tried to make something, it registered I did it and leveled me up, but I completely bombed breaking blocks. I think I used a projectile bullet, used the bullet's landing point as the start point, for the 'direction' I just made a 0,1,0 vector (pointing straight up assuming y is the second parem) and set 8 distance to the break stream. Unfortunately...that didn't work ;_; (Also, using the break block stream at 8 length has a cost higher than you can afford regardless of if I could get it to work)
  6. jhamm

    jhamm New Member

    Hey Vazkii I have really enjoyed using this mod and I have come up with some suggestions. They are not really what you would call cool, but more the quality of life kind of improvements. When I have played around with it some more, maybe I'll write down some cool suggestions xD but here I go:

    Quality of life suggestions:

    Please make it possible to hold down the delete button to delete the name faster, this was one of the first things I noticed, you have to spam click to delete the names in the spell programmer.

    Make some categories in the spell programmer, it's just a big mess right now . I would suggest to at least make: Trick Category, Vector category and Selector category. Also some better icons would be nice, but I have read you already want some new ones.

    Well this one is only me, but I would like to have a book instead of pressing C, it could have all it has now, but also have recipes and pictures of spells you can try out. You're one of the best mod makers at making books after all :D

    I would like to be able to put new bullets in and out of the cad without having to run to the nearest CAD assembler, it makes it one step quicker to update a bullet and test it out.

    A drag and drop function would be awesome when programming spells. I don't know if it is possible, can't remember seeing it done in a mod before...

    Being able to not only copy spell drive to spell drive, but also being able to copy spell bullet to spell drive. I had a problem where I didn't remember to copy my spell to a spell drive before deleting it.

    A button that empties the spell programmer.


    And that's about it. I have only completed making a few spells, but I'm already having fun, the first spell I struggled with making was a explode nearby enemy spell. When I finished it I was very happy and it worked great, not only did the enemies explode they also flew into the air and fell down and took fall damage. Most enemies were already dead by then, but who doesn't love seeing dead creepers fly into the air like firework!
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  7. Noiro

    Noiro New Member

    Oh yeah, can we please be able to click and drag tiles from one location to the next instead of delete/remake? Too many times I've gotten halfway into a complex spell and realized, "Ugh, I completely forgot about bandwidth, have to reorganize for it to work."

    Additionally, can we please have tricks (or anything else, really) take more than one parameter from the same side? Specifically in the 'construct x/y/z' where I just wanted to have two 0's and a value for only one of the variables, why can't I put a 0 on one side and a value on the other and tell x and Z to look to the same side for the 0, and y for the value?

    For blink, I'm kind of sad that only mass exodus allows me to enter a vector as a parem for WHERE to teleport to instead of 'teleport x blocks in y direction'. Can we please change that to "teleport <target> to <vector>" and scale up the intensity/cost based on how far away the vector location is from the caster? That would give me WAAAAAY more precise control over spells and some really neat shenanigans when I'm casting. "But Noiro, what if the player uses a projectile bullet and says to blink to focal point of the bullet and the distance kills them because they shot too far?" Their choice :p
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  8. cloud_prince

    cloud_prince Guest

    Loving Psi so far, Vazkii. One feature request, maybe a Smelting trick? Would love to be able to equip a basic smelt-spell into my shovel or pick to instantly get glass from sand or auto-smelt ores on the fly, using Psi energy instead of fuel in a furnace. Or maybe a trick that smelts item entities instead? Almost like how infusion works?
  9. Do you plan on making more types of CADs like in Mahōka how they have braclets as CADs for utility puruposes
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  10. Xalabar

    Xalabar Guest

    Keeping with the recent theme of suggestions, may I suggest that a new part similar in ability to the Error Suppressor be implemented that either suppresses or disables the destructiveness of Trick: Explode and Trick: Smite? What this would then do is cause these tricks to cause damage without killing the world.
  11. Unata

    Unata New Member

    I play with the music off on any game I play, it's a hearing issue, gaia battle isn't affected by by the music slider but need the sound the gaia makes moving around and can't separate those sounds
  12. Vazkii

    Vazkii New Member

    Gaia Guardian music is affected by the record slider.
  13. LandKingdom

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  14. BitHorder

    BitHorder New Member

    I'm having fun with the mod, and have a few questions.

    Are loopcast bullets supposed to work with the pickaxe? I have gotten a few simple loopcast spells to work with the PSI, but loopcast spells only seem to run once on the pickaxe.

    I seem to use unit vectors quite a lot (mostly up and down), and they end up taking quite a bit of space.
    Would it be possible to get the 6 unit vectors as separate pieces. Or maybe just 3 pieces (one for each axis) that take a number (n 0 0), (0 n 0) and (0 0 n).

    .. running beta-11 (FTB unstable).
  15. Noiro

    Noiro New Member

    Okay, so me and a few friends tested Psi a bit more heavily today. Here's a bit of the feedback we've got:
    • Teach ignite before explosion (have them switch places on when they're learned), ignite cost less, explosion cost more
    • Placing/Breaking blocks with 32 range is cool, but a bit OP given how early you get into Psi. Maybe force some tricks off until you at least get to greater infusion. Same with infinite mining with iron-level tool.
    • Forcing blink so it MUST always blink facing forward of the entity it applies on is very limited. Please allow a 'direction' of blink for both blink and mass blink. And have it take a number with a maximum (similar to break block sequence). Hell, make it not go through walls if you don't want to break it with me mass-blinking mobs 3 blocks under, suffocating, and me getting their stuff xD
    • Please add a 'empty' entity list you can add to and reference.
    • Create separate pages relating to specific things and sort them that way as opposed to massive icon confusion it is now. Have each page have a label on the top like "Entities", "Calculations", "Tricks", etc.
    • See previous suggestions of being able to drag cubes from one place to another to move them instead of remaking them (save position of where they look for inputs so I can drag those over as well)
    • When will loopcast not murdur you? At least have it halt casting when you run out of Psi for that one as a nicety.
    • Nearby Players entity list? Or look for players that arn't you for the entity section? Saying "all living things" + "find closest" is a little clunky.
    • Costs for longer durations/intensities on wither are too high. Slowness cost is MUCH too high for increasing to a feasible intensity.
    • Add-Movement is unreliable on how much force gets applied to a target. 4 sometimes applies a lot, sometimes I don't even move. Various factors between if I'm in the air, moving, not moving, etc. 2->4 doesn't feel like I"m going twice as fast or twice as far.
    • Server anti-cheat protection will sometimes try to force players who blink backwards if they arn't op'd.
    • Placing blocks explanation is clunky and may need a little better handling to make sense for players in terms of how to add the castRay look vector to the axial-look.
    • For potion-effect or eidos tricks, consider having a way to unlock them doing things ingame that arn't related to the tutorial to promote doing something other than grinding Psi spells and mining for materials to progress. Nether materials, perhaps? Currently, the mod rewards you most quickly for grinding out the spells and mining for materials to keep grinding.
    • The jump from requiring diamonds to make psimetal (which is only needed if you want better stuff for the psimetal cad, otherwise you start when you get gold) -> requiring The End for the final tier seems like a steep jump. Maybe something in the middle or maybe reel the requirement back to nether materials for crafting?
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  16. SpitefulFox

    SpitefulFox New Member

    Basically. :p
  17. Azzanine

    Azzanine New Member

    This mod is going to be a PITA to balance. Even though it's early days it seems to have the same drawback ComputerCraft has where it's balanced around skill and knowledge more then materials and infrastructure.
    I can also see a lot of clever mo foes creating broken super spells that pwn anything.

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  18. Xalabar

    Xalabar Guest

    You don't say? I guess I'll put away my spell that 3 shots Withers and decimates Dragons. E.D. Special, fair well!

    [EDIT] Forgot a comma. :p oops.
  19. Noiro

    Noiro New Member

    Why do I feel like a strength V is in order?
  20. Xalabar

    Xalabar Guest

    You would be correct, what makes it better is that it can hit anything within 500 blocks of me.

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