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Whitelist Server *NEW WORLD* ComplexCraft | DireWolf20 1.0.23| WhiteList | 24/7 | No Lag | Very Friendly | No Bans |

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by BerryDillon, Feb 1, 2014.

  1. 64Bit

    64Bit New Member

    Added to the list. Welcome!
  2. IGN_ScrollsKing

    IGN_ScrollsKing New Member

    IGN : ScrollsKing
    Age : 18 And A Half
    Minecraft Expertice : Im Very good with (Thermal Expansion - Buildcraft - IC2 - Forestry - TiC - Pretty Much 56 Of The Mods In Dires Pack)
    Why you want to join : I love the sound of it - Its better than any server ive heard of - And i want to play with friendly people
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2014
  3. 64Bit

    64Bit New Member

  4. IGN_ScrollsKing

    IGN_ScrollsKing New Member

    Hey Its Saying Im Not Whitelisted My IGN Is ScrollsKing
    It Should Be Working
  5. 64Bit

    64Bit New Member

    try again
  6. IGN_ScrollsKing

    IGN_ScrollsKing New Member

    no its not working
  7. 64Bit

    64Bit New Member

    join the TS server please
  8. IGN_ScrollsKing

    IGN_ScrollsKing New Member

    Gime Me A Minute
  9. ProjectEpicGaming

    ProjectEpicGaming New Member

    IGN : pooman685
    Age : 16
    Minecraft Expertice: I have been playing vanilla minecraft since INDEV and as such quickly grew bored of this format around the time of the full release, it was here i started playing modpacks and as such have only played modded minecraft ever since. However recently I have had a breif hiatus as the release of Dayz standalone tore me away from minecraft for some time and I am now looking for a friendly server to join and refamiliarise myself with the mods and their workings :) .
    Why you want to join : I suppose i kinda outlined it above, alas never mind, to find a friendly community of fellow players and to work and build together and generally have a great time :D

    P.s I do have a ban on record from BUXVILLE, whereby i was banned without any real reason and i am blocked from disputing it, so I kinda have to live with it, I'd rather just be honest with you guys, P.s.s Hope i get in :)
  10. BerryDillon

    BerryDillon New Member

    Added and welcome. Thanks for the honesty!
  11. affaan

    affaan New Member

    IGN : xXxnipolianxXx
    Age : 19
    Minecraft Expertice= been playing ftb for 1-2 years now and im very familiar with all/most of the mods
    Why you want to join : I just want to settle on a server that is good and doesnt have like 100 people on it XD. plus... i feel lonely playing in my single player world.... :'(
  12. 64Bit

    64Bit New Member

    Added to the list!
  13. Kamaru79

    Kamaru79 New Member

    GN : Kamaru79
    Age : 34
    Minecraft Expertice: Years, been playing with mods for a long time. Coming back to mine craft after a bit of a break so not 100 percent current but still know the basics well. :)
    Why you want to join : I like to build useful things for the server, like to play somewhere where I dont need to worry about getting griefed every time I login.
  14. 64Bit

    64Bit New Member

    Welcome to the server!
  15. Exhilr8

    Exhilr8 New Member

    IGN : pattycakes51
    Age : 16
    Minecraft Expertice: I had alot of Thaumcraft 2 knowledge, as well as alot of cool things to do in computer craft
    Why you want to join : Just looking for a server to play on, i've been on a bit of a hiatus on minecraft for about a year now.
  16. 64Bit

    64Bit New Member

    Added to the whitelist. Welcome!
  17. andrewmaples

    andrewmaples New Member

    IGN : andrewmaples
    Age : 20
    Minecraft Expertice: Been playing vanilla since early alpha days, modded for ~2 years i'd say. Love the DW20 pack.
    Why you want to join : I've never been part of a feed the beast server before, only vanilla ones, so I'm looking to give it a shot.
  18. 64Bit

    64Bit New Member

    Added to the list. Join TS to chat with us if you need help.
  19. ~Mipp

    ~Mipp New Member

    IGN: Gunreaper
    Age: 15 nearly 16 :3
    I've been playing minecraft about 2 years, only just came back from playing another game and I like building mazes :p
    I used to play ftb a few months ago, and I became obsessed with the bees, wanted to give that and a few more mods a try.
  20. 64Bit

    64Bit New Member

    Added to the list.

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