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Whitelist Server *NEW WORLD* ComplexCraft | DireWolf20 1.0.23| WhiteList | 24/7 | No Lag | Very Friendly | No Bans |

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by BerryDillon, Feb 1, 2014.

  1. GrammarrFTW

    GrammarrFTW New Member

    IGN : GrammarrFTW
    Age : 14
    Minecraft Expertice : I have played minecraft since 1.2.4 not much FTB experience but I want to start looking more into it I have watched many youtube videos on it so. Also I have owned many servers and have been regular staff on others
    Why you want to join: I want to join because I want to try new things on minecraft instead of the same old thing and want to have some more fun!
  2. iStevy

    iStevy New Member

    Hey berry I would like to get whitelisted again

    Minecraft Expertice: Pro
    Why you want to join: I got someone to play with so I'm happy to come back to the game :)

    And my girlfriend's app:

    Minecraft Expertice: Pro
    Why you want to join: I want to play mineraft with my boyfriend
  3. Darc

    Darc New Member

    Added Welcome[DOUBLEPOST=1402783767][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Accepted Welcome[DOUBLEPOST=1402783819][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Accepted both Welcome
  4. Darc

    Darc New Member

    Sorry you need more experience with the mods and I need to see who all will be on so feel free to reapply later
  5. TestSub

    TestSub New Member

    IGN : TestSubjectFour
    Age : 18
    Minecraft Expertice : I've played vanilla for a few years and know mostly everything about it. I'm sufficiently experienced with Direwolf20 and other FTB mod packs.
    Why you want to join : I've been looking for a good Direwolf server with a small community and this one looks perfect.
  6. Darc

    Darc New Member

    Accepted welcome
  7. Oraia

    Oraia New Member

    IGN : GuillaumeDeleu
    Age : 14 , but I'm mature don't worry ;)

    Minecraft Experience : I play MC since 2 years now . I'm very good at redstone and Command Block in Vanilla . I discovered FTB few months ago , and I love it ! I play a lot with the Direwolf pack because I love Magic mods and industrial mods . I know a lot about IC2 , MineFactory and others industrial mods .

    Why do you want to join : I search for a whitelisted server , with mature and friendly people to play with . I played on plublic server before , but this isn't funny , too many griefers , etc...
  8. BerryDillon

    BerryDillon New Member

    Guys I wont be continuing the server on the 25th. If anyone wants to take it over it is $25/Month for unlimited resources. I'm sorry I've just lost interest in the game and want to spend the money on other things. Thanks to all the players who stuck around through everything.
  9. Darc

    Darc New Member

    Aw berry man you were a great owner and I would pay but since Im 14 I have no money
  10. Darc

    Darc New Member

    ok guys Im thinking about paying for the server if i can get 5 people to pay 5 a month or 10 people to pay 2.50 ill be able to keep it running
  11. Darc

    Darc New Member

    Berry if you read this 1.7 it out in the unstable pack and it was great playing here, never was I ever respected as as I was one here then any other server that I was a higher rank at
  12. dalex

    dalex New Member

    Ill take over man
  13. dalex

    dalex New Member

    Ill take over if its not to late
  14. Darc

    Darc New Member

    Too late...server info is gone...berry wont reply or look at the forums even that day he posted that he didnt read it
  15. dalex

    dalex New Member

    Sucks man I was willing to keep it on :/ oh time to look for a new sever
  16. LoggBR

    LoggBR New Member

    Well, too too late...

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