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Whitelist Server *NEW WORLD* ComplexCraft | DireWolf20 1.0.23| WhiteList | 24/7 | No Lag | Very Friendly | No Bans |

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by BerryDillon, Feb 1, 2014.

  1. BerryDillon

    BerryDillon New Member



    IP : s46.hosthorde.com:25882
    No Bans
    Professional Staff
    Hard Difficulty
    6 Gig
    100 Slots
    RaidCall Voice server - http://www.raidcall.com/go.php?sid=8879918
    Statue of the goddess recipe has been disabled, it must be spawned in.
    DONATIONS! - https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_donations&business=T6JKLRTDT55C4&lc=US&item_name=ComplexCraft&currency_code=USD&bn=PP-DonationsBF:btn_donateCC_LG.gif:NonHosted
    Thanks very much if you help out!!

    No Griefing
    No Stealing
    No Cheating
    No Glitching
    No Quarries in the Overworld - Quarry age only
    use only ender pumps in the nether
    use buildcraft quarries only until you have resources for ender quarry
    Dont Abuse Exploits
    No 3rd Party Programs
    No Advertising
    Dont Use Explosives
    PVP With Respect - At Least Warn Them To Go Away First If You Dont Want To Fight
    Dont Mess Up The Terrain
    No Explosions
    Auto-Spawners/Breeders/Anything that can spawn something-
    Can only be run while online and with care
    Ex: No loading the chunk and leaving the auto spawner on,
    no pumping items directly into a breeder.

    Essentials: For /home /warps, chat, nicks, etc.

    GroupManager : For Permissions

    Prism : For event logging and grief discovery
    Griefing is an instant ban. No questions asked!!!!

    Multi-verse : multi world tools.

    Factions : for teaming up, grief prevention, ect.

    World Borders : Obvious
    Overworld : 4000 blocks
    Nether : 4000 blocks
    Quarry : 1500 blocks
    End : 1000 blocks


    IGN : Obviously
    Age : Nice to know
    Minecraft Expertice : :)
    Why you want to join : Just trying to see who you are​
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  2. Doomadness

    Doomadness New Member

    Hey i want to join the Server.
    My Name is Lars. Ingame my name is Doomadness.
    Im 23 Years old living in germany. Im playing Minecraft since 1.8 beta, feed the beast first mindcrack then DW20.
    I respect the rules (but everyone is telling that to you) and im realy mature.
    Im not annyoing my only problem is speaking english. I understand the most
    i think my english writing is understandable but speaking is realy terrible.
  3. BerryDillon

    BerryDillon New Member

    Added to the list Welcome!
  4. ZorbinHard

    ZorbinHard New Member

    IGN: maplepies
    Minecraft Experience: ive played since vanilla but ive only played mods for about the last 2 years
    Why I want to join: I would like to join because I was looking for a generally new server that hasn't been to touched that way im not limited to where someone wants me to build. Thanks! hope you accept me!
  5. BerryDillon

    BerryDillon New Member

    Added welcome!!
  6. WildStarOrion

    WildStarOrion New Member

    IGN : WildStarOrion
    Age : 40
    Minecraft Expertise: Been playing ftb since it first came out.
    Why you want to join : Just want to make some new friends and have fun building up :)
  7. BerryDillon

    BerryDillon New Member

    Added Welcome!
  8. FallenWrath11

    FallenWrath11 New Member

    IGN : wheaget1210
    Age : 17
    Minecraft Expertise : Everything from playing with mods to making my own, play this probably too much, but who cares. main expertise has got to be my builds.
    Why you want to join : Love playing FTB and want to meet others that like playing too, hopefully get some new cool people to play with more often.
  9. BerryDillon

    BerryDillon New Member

    Added Welcome!
  10. nonhuman

    nonhuman New Member

    IGN : nonhuman
    Age : 18
    Minecraft Expertice I have been playing Direwolf for about 3 months know more than half of the mods
    Why you want to join : Just trying to get a server with a community and also has good uptime :D
  11. BerryDillon

    BerryDillon New Member

    Added Welcome to the server!
  12. FrozenFirebat

    FrozenFirebat New Member

    IGN : FrozenFirebat
    Age : 28
    Minecraft Expertice: I love big builds, engineering feats, and automation
    Why you want to join : Looking for a server that isn't going to rollback every day like my last server did.
  13. BerryDillon

    BerryDillon New Member

    Your added, Welcome!!
  14. jskh1999

    jskh1999 New Member

    IGN: jskh1999
    Age: 15
    Minecraft Expertice: Mostly a builder and explorer. I tend to be laidback and relaxed -3-
    Why I want to join: Wanted to enjoy a server community without the annoyance of griefers :3

    And I promise I won't try to annoy others :3
  15. digidude13

    digidude13 New Member

    You're added welcome!
  16. BerryDillon

    BerryDillon New Member

    Added, Welcome and have fun.
  17. Lunatite

    Lunatite New Member

    IGN :mapleminecrafter
    Age :15
    Minecraft Expertice fairly new to direwolf20 i've played unleashed and horizon though
    Why you want to join : im just looking for a nice server with a nice and active community
    hope people will help me because im fairly new to dw20 pack :p
  18. I_Am_MsTron

    I_Am_MsTron New Member

    IGN :MsTron
    Age :25
    Minecraft Expertise: New-ish to DireWolf20, but ive played the crap out of vanilla, FTB unleached, tekkit, and hexxit. would love to join a WhiteList server! i enjoy the small communities.
  19. BerryDillon

    BerryDillon New Member

    Added Welcome!![DOUBLEPOST=1391285150][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Added, Welcome!!
  20. kuroikaen

    kuroikaen New Member

    IGN is kuroikaen
    Age is 16
    I am expirienced with a bunch of mods. No specialty, but I know more general knowledge, and I can make fairly compact areas.
    I want to join because playing alone is terrible, and I want to find a friendly group.

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