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Whitelist Server *NEW WORLD* ComplexCraft | DireWolf20 1.0.23| WhiteList | 24/7 | No Lag | Very Friendly | No Bans |

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by BerryDillon, Feb 1, 2014.

  1. shinari

    shinari New Member

    IGN : shinnari
    Age : 18
    Minecraft Expertice: I have been playing minecraft vanilla over 3 years and ftb for almost a year.
    Why you want to join :Well I like minecraft alot and the direwolf pack makes it alot more interesting then vanilla.
    I also rather play with people and make some friends while I am at it then playing alone.
  2. BerryDillon

    BerryDillon New Member

    Added, Welcome
  3. Lunatite

    Lunatite New Member

    it says im not whitelisted
  4. BerryDillon

    BerryDillon New Member

    Added Welcome!![DOUBLEPOST=1391287425][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Appologies, fixed
  5. Frankiejoh

    Frankiejoh New Member

    IGN : Frankiejoh
    Age : 16
    Minecraft Expertise: I am experienced in very little in this mod-pack but buildcraft.
    Why you want to join : I want to join to have fun experiences with the people around me.

    My friend would like to send in an app as well :D

    IGN :Vortex2122
    Age : 16
    Minecraft Expertice: I am not very experinced i just want to learn about this pack and have fun.
    Why you want to join :I would like to join to have fun with others and enjoy some time with my friend.
  6. PixelBlocker

    PixelBlocker New Member

    IGN : PixelBlocker
    Age : 16
    I have played minecraft end alpha/beginning beta. Started playing mods far before Tekkit. I have not played minecraft for a while because it got a little boring. But after about half a year I would like to start playing again.
    Why you want to join : I'd like to have some fun in my spare time thus I am looking for a good minecraft server to join. I am looking for a server with decent active and nice people to play with.
  7. BerryDillon

    BerryDillon New Member

    Added Welcome!

    Added Welcome!
  8. MainFrame0651

    MainFrame0651 New Member

    IGN : MainFrame0651
    Age : 25
    Minecraft Expertice: I love to build and have recently taken up learning AM2
    Why you want to join : My wife (MsTron) and I are looking for a good whitelist server for DW20 that we can call home. A place away from the griefers, idiots, and lowlifes. Also, the less lag the better.
  9. BerryDillon

    BerryDillon New Member

    Added Welcome !

    MrsTron has been added already...
  10. Odane

    Odane New Member

    IGN : Odane8713
    Age : 28
    Minecraft Expertice: Been playing since Alpha and FTB for some time.
    Why you want to join : Looking for a server to play with other and enjoy others creation away from griefers.
  11. digidude13

    digidude13 New Member

    Added Welcome!
  12. MrWye

    MrWye New Member

    IGN : MrWye
    Age : 33
    Minecraft Expertice: Played vanilla for about 2 years, FTB 3-4 months
    Why you want to join : Looking for a server with less lag, low downtime and to make new friends to play mc with, i cant stand playing singleplayer, its pointless and lonely.
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2014
  13. BerryDillon

    BerryDillon New Member

    Welcome, Added
  14. digidude13

    digidude13 New Member

    We upgraded the server so hopefully we'll get a lot more people on and playing. :)
  15. Jordo2727

    Jordo2727 New Member

    What version of Minecraft is this server?

  16. digidude13

    digidude13 New Member

    Were on Minecraft Version 1.6.4 with the recommended build of direwolf.
  17. OmegaStarAlpha

    OmegaStarAlpha New Member

    IGN : OmegaStarAlpha
    Age : 37
    Minecraft Expertise: All phases for years.
    Why you want to join : Looking for a regular server that doesnt have lame pay to play models or ridiculous banned items and cool friendly people.
  18. digidude13

    digidude13 New Member

    Added Welcome!
  19. digidude13

    digidude13 New Member

    Theres still plenty of space keep on putting in those apps! :)
  20. Cartak

    Cartak New Member

    IGN : Cartak
    Age : 26
    Minecraft Expertice : been playing for a few years, enjoy doing crazy things with ftb mods
    Why you want to join : Looking for a server to play on. Half the fun is showing otheres what i build, and i dont get that in SP

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