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Whitelist Server *NEW WORLD* ComplexCraft | DireWolf20 1.0.23| WhiteList | 24/7 | No Lag | Very Friendly | No Bans |

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by BerryDillon, Feb 1, 2014.

  1. BerryDillon

    BerryDillon New Member

    Added welcome
    Added Welcome
  2. Morendo

    Morendo New Member

    IGN : Morenderp
    Age : 19
    Experience : I've been playing minecraft for around 4 years now, the past 1 1\2 have been heavy with mods.
    Why I want to join : I love the communal aspect of advertised servers and hope to meet many new people.
  3. Darc

    Darc New Member

    Accepted welcome
  4. IrishStevo

    IrishStevo Active Member

    IGN : IrishStevo
    Age : 39
    Minecraft Expertice : Lots of vanilla MC, Tekkit, FTB (Unleashed/Monster/direwolf20)
    Why you want to join : I'm looking for a friendly, mature, chilled out group of people to play with.
  5. DragondDev

    DragondDev New Member

    IGN - DragondDev
    Age - 24
    Expertise - Bulding complex machines / automation / mining
    Why I want to join - looks like a nice server.
  6. 28meters

    28meters New Member

    Berry, no vanilla hostile mobs are spawning. only ars magica mobs. and its verry little. could you take a look into it please?
  7. FrostStorm

    FrostStorm New Member

    IGN : _FrostStorm_
    Age : 16
    Minecraft Expertice : i play minecraft for about 2years now and iv been doing alot of ftb
    Why you want to join : all i needed was a whitelisted server with nice players and make some new friends.
  8. VitrioDragon

    VitrioDragon New Member

    My IGN is VitrioDragon, Age being 16.
    I am very skilled with all of the mods in the Direwolf20 1.6.4 pack, (Excluding Forestry). I can construct some very advanced and nifty contraptions with the modpack.
    And I'm looking for a new server to enjoy company on, seeing as the old server I was on got shutdown. And if needed I could provide help to anyone who needs it.
    I have also been playing minecraft since very early alpha, so I am rather knowledgable.
  9. neoandrew

    neoandrew New Member

    IGN : neoandrew
    Age : 28
    Minecraft Expertice : Been playing Direwolf20 modpack since forever and know pretty much all mods, took a break for like 3 months and trying to get back in action
    Why you want to join : I love Minecraft and i'm sick of other games... trying to build some neat stuff and meet some new friends :)
  10. Darc

    Darc New Member

    Accepted welcome all
  11. IOwnTheInternet

    IOwnTheInternet New Member

    IGN : Reverb239
    Age : 14
    Minecraft Expertice : Played minecraft since 1.6 and a little bit of FTB
    Why you want to join: I enjoy watching youtube videos of FTB and want to get my hands on it myself PS IOwnTheInternet is my older brother.
  12. Darc

    Darc New Member

    Accepted welcome
  13. Darc

    Darc New Member

    well server is down
  14. TylerTeH

    TylerTeH New Member

    Can we still apply? if so here is mine:
    IGN : zZzTeHzZz
    Age : 15
    Minecraft Expertice : Played since 1.2.5 Played Ftb since 1.2.5 too.
    Why you want to join : I love to play on servers that i know are reliable and will not get griefed or even just killed on th spot
  15. Darc

    Darc New Member

    #1 yes #2 you will have to wait till i can get on and #3 Ftb wasnt around for 1.2.5 they just made a 1.2.5 modpack[DOUBLEPOST=1402626106][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Accepted welcome
  16. lekous

    lekous New Member

    IGN : Lekous
    Age : 24
    Minecraft Expertice : 4 years now, give or take little
    Why you want to join : friends and I are looking for a fun direwolf server to play on :D
  17. Corrupted_Fiend

    Corrupted_Fiend New Member

    IGN : Corrupted_fiend
    Age : 17
    Minecraft Expertice : Been playing modded minecraft a little before 1.2.5
    Why you want to join : A server died that I was playing on so I need to find a new one, hopefully this is the one. Haven't played for a few weeks now and I need to fill the craving!
  18. mohammadmahdi

    mohammadmahdi New Member

    IGN : nik_xyz
    Age : 18
    Minecraft Expertice : 3years play mincraft only with direwolf20
    Why you want to join : im just looking for good server without lag and nice community im a student a travel between iran and brazil
  19. Butlerdart

    Butlerdart New Member

    IGN : My in-game name is butlerdart, if I am accepted just make sure that the "b" is lowercase. Thanks.
    Age : I am currently 14 and a half if you want to be specific.
    Minecraft Expertice : I have been playing vanilla minecraft since 2011 and I started Feed The Beast in 2013. I love to use Mystcraft and Thaumcraft, for the magic and different worlds in MC. I am helpful to the players who need help, and I am respectful to all.
    Why you want to join : I like white-listed servers because they are the safest servers to play on and they also get rid of the rule breakers.
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2014
  20. EpiicRaider

    EpiicRaider New Member

    IGN : EpiicRaider
    Age : 15
    Minecraft Expertice : I have been playing minecraft since the beta. I know everything there is in the game of minecraft and would like to learn about this specific mod pack. I have played tekkit in the past and was pretty good at it. Thank You!

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