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Whitelist Server *NEW WORLD* ComplexCraft | DireWolf20 1.0.23| WhiteList | 24/7 | No Lag | Very Friendly | No Bans |

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by BerryDillon, Feb 1, 2014.

  1. Pure_eyes16

    Pure_eyes16 New Member

    Age :16
    I am a really "pro" with mods i have played seens tekkit and i have got a full understaing of all the mods even wrote some progrems with cc.I am just lokking for a server to play with good envirmant instead of only playing in my own server with 1 friend(and its also a pain to run it).Also does chunk loaders are restricted and if there is any posebility to add extra bees?And last is thier is a workshop,or you mind im building it?
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  2. Tom Gringauz

    Tom Gringauz New Member

    IGN - tomgrin10
    Age - 16
    Minecraft Expertise - I'm really good with mods, played with mods since 1.2.5 . I'll play in the server with my friend Pure_eyes.
    Why you want to join - I want to play with my friend with more people than just us, with a good and reliable community.
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  3. OmegaStarAlpha

    OmegaStarAlpha New Member

    Well first you may want to get your facts straight calling me a player who never played is beyond false. I had logged more than a hundred hours(sorry wasnt counting) but was more than this on your server in the 2 weeks I played. Main reason for my gripe about loosing all of that which I did. Like 5.6million xp juice in my tank, how does one get that not playing. Slaying every twilight boss, just finishing a nice ae autocrafting setup. Etc, I can go on and on. Sorry if you believe that I didnt play much because I didnt stand out in my presence enough for you to notice, I was unaware.

    And dont call someone a liar if they have not spewed one ounce of false information. To bury there post with your own false statements.

    True never joined your TS to gossip with yall not my thing, true true. My apologies that I dont want to be best friends only play Minecraft with light social interaction, which in game chat suffices. And not go on TS and kiss up as some do. I dont know if thats how things go down on your TS but I have seen enough of that in my time to know its way to common and not for me. Chose not to even find out. Sorry I didnt realize your are a nobody unless your go there, my fault.

    I am not complaining so much just one post proclaiming that I quit basically, with slight negative reason why. And as you yourself have stated the wipe was not necessary it was wanted by a couple of the in crowd there the ones on TS, which is totally your right but all I asked for was consideration of the whole not the loud. And all of the 20 or so users werent notified except after the fact here(dont know how many knew but I'm certain, I'm not alone). I spent 4hrs on the server last night and a few more earlier that morning, and not one word was said to warn of this. Try to log in late last night or today, server is down, hmm so I wait and wait. I assume its due to 1.0.14 showing as recommended finally now, so you must be slowly updating. Then today check here and wow back to old host server, updated and wiped, thanks for the heads up.

    So in you estimation since I didnt pay to play I have no right to say a word at all. Then why have any one play with you king dillon(I dont really mean that but if you can exaggerate about the unknown so can I). I have a right and a factual obligation to tell the truth from which I am speaking that is all. Sorry if it bruises your ego or isnt something you want to hear I cant say that would be 100% true for all your potential future players. I dont care if other server admins read this, I am not fully blasting you or being overly too harsh. I actually wish for them to read this and if it offends them aswell I am certain I wouldnt want to play on there server if thaey cant comprehend or have any empathy for a situations as such. This is all true I didnt want to hate on your server nor do I hate it or you at all. I just question alot of the choices leading up to my post. And fear any future play there would be an additional waste so I have chosen to cut my loses here.

    Right from the get go I join and inquire to why you arent on 1.0.14(which is more stable than 1.0.12). Was told that it is the recommend build. I rebut that its do to them not being 100% up to date with whats recommended because just ask the FTB team they would say run 1.0.14. Not the biggest deal because you will update eventually(would have never started if I knew that ment a wipe 2 weeks in and 4weeks for server life). Old original server was quite laggy and reason you decided to change. Wow your realized the new one was just as bad and maybe worse. Of which I dont think that the servers are bad just not good enough for what your were attempting. Cant expect a beater car to perform like a Ferrari, you typically get what you pay for and or work for it. Wasnt always laggy but at times it was pretty bad but far from unplayable. Not the reason for my gripes, mostly again how things were approached and handled. We can agree far from perfect, but who is in this category not many(still dont really blame you).

    This will be my last post here unless you try to defame, attack, threatin or bully me with a harsh response again. I wont be defaming or talking bad about you or your server in the future, because it aint that bad. But I will strongly defend my opinions and right to have them. Without using false or misleading information.

    I thank you for having a server and letting me and others play on it. I did have some fun there and still wish you the best of luck with it no hard feelings, truely. I do appreciate the hard work you must do to run a server i have a bit of experience in this myself I ran a much larger tekkit server than yours here in the past and its not easy. So if I am vocal enough to have an opinion here if you cant take that then you may want to train thicker skin or get out of this dim lime light publicizing servers. And I really didnt want this to get so big and blown up but it happens. Its just hard not to come off harsh or cold in these situations from both sides. Your Welcome, Thanks and good luck.
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  4. MrWye

    MrWye New Member

    What is this wall of text covered with rant, blame and sarcasm, dude, give it a rest, did he fire you and took away your pension? World got reset, its minecraft, live with it or go play on singleplayer.
    Better yet, go host your own and offer to others for free, maintain it as you wish with your professionalism i am sure you will keep every person like yourself very happy.
  5. TilionDC

    TilionDC New Member

    Actually i thought this would be a good server first but when it took days to get a reply from admin who was acceped and he doesn't even add those who wasn't accepted so they could get notice about it at least is just rude.
    Also i totally agree on the world reset. Now this server just seems really bad, considering you could just use the opis mod to find out where the lagg is comming from. Its even really simple to use.

    Also you can find servers for a lot cheaper than that. I managed to get a server 4 slots for only 4 dollar a month without lagg. 6 slots = 6 dollars etc.
  6. TimLampen

    TimLampen New Member

    IGN : TimLampen
    Age : 18
    Minecraft Expertice: I am a current vanillla server owner, so I have a vast knowledge of plugins. I have watched almost every single DW20 video, because I love how you can automate and micro manage your base.
    Why you want to join : I would like to join because I want to be apart of a small, trusted community. Aswell, if you join almost any open server, the next day you would be griefed which is not fun.
  7. BerryDillon

    BerryDillon New Member

    Added, Welcome!!![DOUBLEPOST=1392577549][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Sorry i dont bend to your will, sorry for not jumping when you said jump. I have real life going on as well it turns out, if you could read, joining teamspeak expedites the porocess. Had you joined and just said he can u look at my app, as tim did this morning, i would have taken care of it....
  8. ceddj

    ceddj New Member

    IGN : Ceddj
    Age : 17
    Minecraft Expertice: i have played minecraft and some of the FTB modpacks like direwolf20 pack for maby... 3 years... dont realy remember :/
    Why you want to join : well i want a friendly and fun server to blay on :)
  9. BerryDillon

    BerryDillon New Member

    Added Welcome!!![DOUBLEPOST=1392578514][/DOUBLEPOST]
    You do not meet the requirements.
  10. Pure_eyes16

    Pure_eyes16 New Member

    What about me and tomgrin10 are we dont meet the requirements?
  11. BerryDillon

    BerryDillon New Member

    Both added, i apologize, some immature individuals had to post some ridiculous things that kind of covered up your posts and i missed them.
  12. ipkandskill

    ipkandskill New Member

    [DOUBLEPOST=1392690395][/DOUBLEPOST]IGN : chicagocubs1
    Age : 19
    Minecraft Expertice: being a boss since 2004
    Why you want to join : To play with mr_diablo, on his island of inferno!
  13. BerryDillon

    BerryDillon New Member

    You've been added for quite some time lol
  14. ipkandskill

    ipkandskill New Member

    It says I wasn't whitelisted and it didn't let me log in.[DOUBLEPOST=1392690769][/DOUBLEPOST] upload_2014-2-17_20-27-11.png
  15. MikeJWho

    MikeJWho New Member

    Hello there.
    IGN : MikeJWho
    Age : 27
    Minecraft Expertice : Very good at natural landscapes, and pretty decent at building almost anything else, I have a pretty good understanding of FTB & the mods that are included
    Why you want to join : Looking for a whitelisted FTB server to hopefully avoid the griefers, and really just looking for a server where a buddy & I can hang out and play some FTB.
  16. BerryDillon

    BerryDillon New Member

    Try now
  17. ipkandskill

    ipkandskill New Member

  18. Head

    Head New Member

    IGN: Headgear83
    Age: 30
    Expertice. Building farms, Caving, Hoarding
    Why do I want to join. Whitelisted usually means less griefing, looking for somewhere to play some FTB.
  19. Bryan_Zuk

    Bryan_Zuk New Member

    IGN: Bryan_Zuk
    Age: 22
    Mr_Diablo recommended me to this sever. The sever sounds great and would like to give it a shot.
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  20. BerryDillon

    BerryDillon New Member

    Added, Welcome![DOUBLEPOST=1392694173][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Welcome aboard

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