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Discussion in 'Modpack Creation' started by Golrith, Jul 2, 2018.

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    Thank you, really appreciate!
  2. Golrith

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    Fixed my derp with that quest stage, well spotted!

    Will also fix the Redstone Probe Connector recipe and add it as part of the redstone wiring rewards.
    Edit: Is there anyway to read the strength of the signal in the wire/redstone probe connector?
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  4. Golrith

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    Version 0.8 has been submitted to Curse, awaiting approval

    This is a pretty big update, completing the core of launching a rocket and going into space (Factorio's "end game" goal).

    New Mods:
    Added Signals, PollutantPump and Pollution of the Realms

    New Feature:
    Pollution - Pollution is now an issue in your factory. It will cause poor quality air causing various effects to the player and entities, a respirator will help with visiting these chunks. Pollution can be cleaned with with a pollution pump and filters. Dense pollution will cause shadows on the ground, making it dark enough for mobs to spawn.
    Note: Many mods are not supported by PotR, so some items you expect to produce a lot of pollution will not, and some items will constantly produce pollution even if not in use. I hope this will be refined in later updates.

    Fixed M011 quest reward error
    Safety Last research moved earlier up the tech chain
    Tweaked mob spawning, they should follow the rules now
    Increased Mob X-Ray, they will be more aware of your presence (note, turrets use the same AI, if they start shooting the ground, there's a mob nearby underground)
    Added additional oil related options
    The core research line of Space is complete, up to Mk1 blocks (this took waaaay to long), Mk2+ and side space research options to be implemented
    New textures for moons/planets
    New designed solar systems
    New visual guide chapters to various Modular Machinery machines
    More tweaks/fixes then I can remember

    Tech Notes:
    Remember to reload the questbook with /bq_admin default load
    For existing game worlds, go into your save folder, loaded Advanced Rocketry folder and delete everything in there (this should cause 2 moons to appear in the sky)

    As always, big shoutout to everyone providing feedback, you guys/gals rocks.
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  5. Golrith

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    The Pollution system is causing some issues, seems if there's no where for the pollution exhaust to go, pressure builds up and blocks go boom. Realistic and unexpected.
    I'm looking into some non-destructive options.
  6. Golrith

    Golrith Over-Achiever Trusted User


    No more grass growth as a result of pollution - keep those lawns under control!
    Boilers only produce pollution from the controller
    Boiler production drastically reduced, no more exploding boilers
    Burner Drills and Electric Drills will now produce pollution
    Overall pollution generation rate reduced by 50%
    Turret requirement removed from turret recipe (no other way to craft this outside the Assemblers)
    Concrete recipes changed to use the Carpenter, stop that naughty Efab eating the buckets!
    Added a recipe for Phosphor
    Quest book adjustment - dummy quests added to the guide chapters, so the image guide can now be viewed
    Quest book adjustment - dummy requirement added to Advanced Crystal Processing so it doesn't auto-unlock
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    Click on the arrow which appears on the right to the image link - then choose "Get share links", then choose one which is labeled "BBCode (forums)" and insert it into your message entirely.

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    Ahh, thx
  9. Cosroe

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    Hey I started playing the pack today and I'm really enjoying it so far. Except that I've gotten stuck at the part where I have to produce red science from red science packs.
    I'm pretty sure I've figured out what the problem is though. The laboratory needs 140rf/t to make science and the only way of generating power at the moment for me is coal generator which produces 40rf/t. So there's basically no way I can generate enough rf/t required for the laboratory. I tried many different techniques but since you can't store rf yet and you can't transport rf either, I don't think there is anyway to go past this point without cheating. Please let me know if I've missed something.
    Oh and btw I'm playing on version 0.81 of the modpack on the Twitch launcher.
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  10. Golrith

    Golrith Over-Achiever Trusted User

    Hey there!

    Red science should be 80 RF/t, I'm sure I reduced that to make entry science easier, but I'll double check.
    Build multiple coal generators (so, should only need 2), and link them all with LV wires, relays and connectors. Get steel researched, and then proceed with building the boiler and diesel generator combo (it'll "burn" steam). You can get many of these components crafted while waiting for the initial research. You'll need a little bit of steel for the generator.

    Once that boiler and generator is up and running, you'll be good for power for quite a while.
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  11. Anakardian

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    Just be careful about walking into the wires, they will tickle you to death
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  12. Cosroe

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    Got it to work! Thanks a lot for your help. Keep up the awesome work. The pack is amazing so far! :)
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  13. Golrith

    Golrith Over-Achiever Trusted User

    Version 0.82 has been uploaded to Curse, pending approval. This features a lot of changes regarding mobs and general gameplay. I hope I've not derped things up in the process!

    VERSION 0.82
    (Remember to reload the questbook with /bq_admin default load)

    You must remove the Dynamic Surroundings coremod from your mods/1.12.2 folder of your Minecraft instance. If you don't your client will crash (only applies to existing installations).

    Added Immersive Tech and fully integrated in to the research tree
    Zombies have now been to school, they will no longer shoot through blocks, but normal zombies and husks can place blocks and dig
    Turrets no longer shoot through blocks
    Oil Refinery now produces pollution
    Revised recipe for Production Science Packs (Purple)
    Added an industrial recipe for Blaze Powder
    Added an assembly recipe for Assault Magazines
    New textures for the various Conveyor Belts, to add to the Factorio vibe
    Ongoing work to the Nanotech chapter

    New Mod: Polluted Earth - As pollution goes out of control, blocks of Polluted Earth will spawn. Polluted Earth can spawn mobs and very slowly spread. Keep that pollution under control!

    IMPORTANT:You can no longer sleep through the nights, beds will set your spawn point only.
  14. Dano6655

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    So I did some playing on lan with version .82 of this pack with a couple friends and we found a couple things.

    1) unless you update advanced rocketry you cannot play multiplayer. The players who join get auto disconnected

    2) you can still sleep if you try hard enough. (there's a couple other mods to prevent sleep that i know work if you need to switch) Honestly we don't care about the night the only reason we want to sleep is to stop the rain lol

    3) The aliens have a super high probability of just suffocating in the sand when they spawn

    Also do you have some server files? My friends who actually have control of the server are too lazy to make them -.-

    Love the pack so far though. Pollution is just annoying enough to make it matter which i think is good despite how much i hate it lol
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  15. Golrith

    Golrith Over-Achiever Trusted User

    1) Thanks for the heads up about Advanced Rocketry.

    2) Really? How have you found a way to sleep? Gah, rain. Hate how that's tied into sleep.

    3) Still? Gah, thought I'd fixed all that with InControl.

    No server files, but it's a case of installing a forge server, then copy across the mods, scripts and config folders.
  16. Dano6655

    Dano6655 Active Member

    So sleeping just involves spamming the bed from all sort of angles until it lets you sleep. And as annoying as it is we made sure to do it because the rain when the area is polluted is what causes the polluted earth
  17. Golrith

    Golrith Over-Achiever Trusted User

    Aww, polluted earth just wants to be your friend and spread joy and hugs everywhere :D

    Need to find some way of clearing weather that's not tied into sleep. There is as tech solution at the moment, as Forestry is included, and IIRC there is a block there that dissapates rain.
  18. Golrith

    Golrith Over-Achiever Trusted User

    Version 0.83 has been submitted to curse, pending approval

    Version 0.83
    • Disabled Mods Transport and BASE due to duplicated content with Signals. Quest book updated accordingly. Minecraft will report missing items/blocks in existing worlds - this is fine
    • Updated Advanced Rocketry to latest version - fixes an issue with players connecting to servers
    • Various mods updated to latest version
    • Added SDrones mod, providing access to a small robot that can pick up dropped items
    • Rebalance of the IE Arc Furnace, to make it functionally more useful for this pack
    • Glass can now be smelted in the Electric Furnace
    • Reinstated correct tick times for blast furnace recipes
    • Removed XRay vision from Skeletons
    • Polluted Earth is now the correct, more dangerous Polluted Earth
    • Added a new MM, the Recycler
    Plus also added a recipe for the dissapation charge to stop rainfall using Forestry's Rainmaker - missed that from the curse changelog.
  19. Golrith

    Golrith Over-Achiever Trusted User

    Version 0.84 has been submitted to curse, pending approval

    Version 0.84:

    Pollution Update:
    • This update tames pollution which will help at all levels of the game. I'm looking at possible enhancements to the system.
    • Pollution can now be recycled for a chance of useful items
    • Sulfur pollution only generates from any tech that burns/processes fossil fuels, or from the Miner Drills

    Uranium Update:
    • Uranium process/system updated to match Factorio, taking advantage of Assemblers. Missed them when Modular Machinery introduced
    • Added a Reprocessor to recycle waste fuel cells and enrich Uranium

    Other Updates:
    • Simple 3x3 expensive recipe added for the Turret, allowing for earlier access
    • Research requirements reduced for Turret, allowing for earlier access
    • Research requirements for Concrete drastically reduced
    • IE Distillation Tower now pushed to a later research option, new Oil Refinery MM machine added
    • Vanilla concrete added to "Concrete", Concrete powder disabled. All concrete types available via Chisel
    • Many quest stages now indicate the RF/t required or generated, and also pollution produced
    • Lots of progress on the Nanotech stage, Mekanism nearly fully integrated!
    • Disabled tech (flagged as XXXXX) now have their shaped recipes removed, to tidy up JEI searches
    • Added a research option under Science to teach players about Pollution Pumps
    • Added a research option under Science to teach players about the Rainmaker
    • Added an alternative Basic Circuit recipe, cheaper on redstone, more expensive to craft.
    • Sulfuric Acid usage multiplied by 10 in many recipes
  20. Golrith

    Golrith Over-Achiever Trusted User

    Version 0.85 pending approval on Curse

    Pollution update:
    Polluted Earth generates from Sulfuric Pollution when it rains - default rule
    Starting at 0%, every 30 days the chance for polluted earth to spread itself increases by 1% to a maximum of 5%
    Starting at 0%, every 15 days the chance for polluted earth to spawn a mob increases by 1% to a maximum of 25%
    Sulfuric Pollution generates from Oil Drilling/Refining/Processing and Resource Drilling, all other machines/processes generate carbon pollution only.
    Some additional machines now generate pollution
    Some machines now only generate pollution when actively processing
    Lava produces carbon pollution

    These values may change based on feedback, but provide a grace period to get established.

    Other changes:
    New recipes for Yellow, Black and Purple research
    Slightly tweaked recipe for production module
    Tree seed drop rate decreased
    Tree death rate increased slightly
    No energy loss from wires
    Pre-Heaters use more power
    Metal presses are faster, but use more power
    AE2 access moved to Logistics from Nanotech to make it available midgame instead of endgame
    Crystal Processing moved to Processing from Nanotech - it's a requirement for AE2
    Introduced additional challenges, not yet implemented
    New world gen feature added, Hardened Stone and Obsidian Dykes
    Concrete can now also be made inefficiently from Hardened Stone
    InControl no longer affects Alien Spawners, they now behave as default MC spawners (affected by light level)
    Removed conveyors from Auto-Workbench plans, causes a game crash

    As usual, do the /bq_admin default load to refresh your questbook layout

    Slowly getting close to being a full release instead of beta!

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