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Discussion in 'Modpack Creation' started by Golrith, Jul 2, 2018.

  1. Golrith

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    Modpack exists! Curse page:

    Playthrough by @Anakardian


    Following a Factorio discussion with @Drbretto @ShneekeyTheLost and @KingTriaxx my one brain cell got itching about replicating Factorio style progression in Minecraft.

    I've worked out how to do a research tree using a quest book and item stages, combined with the EFab mod which can provide more functionality as a result of the multi-block crafter.

    Like Factorio, the idea is that you'll be automating all the things, with a hell of a lot of resource gathering. Within a few minutes you should have a simple quarry and transportation.

    Currently the modpack is very light, only 40 mods in total so far (and that includes some fluff stuff) but naturally uses Immersive Engineering & Petrolium as the starter tech, then advancing to Mekanism & other mods. There's no way to rush to "end game" mods due to it all being locked behind research.

    Like Factorio, you'll need a lot of resources, and autocrafters constantly churning out stuff.

    This is pretty much a "total conversion" on how you play and many recipes will be drastically different.

    I'm hoping to get to a point "fairly quickly" where you can create and use red & green science packs (aka the early tier) and see how it plays out.
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  2. KingTriaxx

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    Sounds like an interesting thing to give a shot too.
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  3. Golrith

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    Tier 1 furnace is the vanilla furnace
    Tier 2 is the Advanced Blast Furnace. Cooks ingots at double speed of vanilla furnace, and can also make Steel at vanilla furnace speed. The normal blast furnace will not exist (straight to the automated version)
    Tier 3 is Tier 2 with the Preheaters, which doubles the speed again.

    I've adjusted the fuels, coal can be used in the Blast Furnace, and can cook 8 items, and Coal Coke doubles the cooking power of coal. Charcoal is an option too (tree farms!).
    Making steel is just like Factorio, you need 5 iron. The whole process is faster, but is going to eat your iron (so a crusher may be vital).
  4. ShneekeyTheLost

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    You might use the Arc Furnace as the Tier 3 furnace, since the Advanced Blast Furnace, even with Preheaters, still runs on coal, it just uses energy to go *faster*.

    Also, if you want to get some Bobs/Angels action, you need a crusher and a sorting system to separate out the crushed rock and the two potential types of ores you get from crushing. And Bobs would naturally give you an overhauled circuit system which seems much better suited to Minecraft, because unlike in vanilla Factorio, minecrafters assume a Tree Farm is required, and it would be such a shame to disappoint them.

    You'll also want to find a way to significantly increase minecarts if you want to implement trains as being more beneficial than belts. I mean, as it stands, running and jumping on ice is faster than a minecart, so you'll definitely want to find a way to boost its speed.
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  5. Golrith

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    Had that thought too. With the Preheaters, that's an offshoot tier 2.5 solution.

    IE has an Item Router which gives early sorting, it's almost like an Filter Inserter.

    Not at all familiar with the modded Factorio action, I'll base everything on Vanilla Factorio and adjust accordingly. With more modded toys available there's options to expand on ideas. For gears, I've kept the default 5 ingot recipe (vs the 2 ingots in Factorio), but added an option for 2 plates to a gear with a stamper. Likewise the belts has either 2 ingots and a gear recipe, or a plate and gear recipe, so including a stamping setup will reduce your iron usage.

    Really need Railcraft, not just for the extra functionality with minecarts, but also the steam power. Seems to be a lack of early steam power options.

    Here's the initial Science Pack 1, using Thermal Foundation coins. Craft the first coin in a normal EFab, then chuck it through the "non automated" powered EFab (aka Lab) to turn it into Tier 1 research points spent in the tech tree.
    This allows you to load up a stack at a time. (yes, mekanism is included as an advanced end game tech option)
    The vanilla crafting table has been removed, and replaced with the EFab. Every recipe takes 5 seconds of crafting time, so it's better to get to more advanced crafting blocks like the IE assembler which will craft faster.

    I'm also going to add a quest option that gives a startup shortcut, for something like a plank of wood you are given an iron pickaxe, generator and basic quarry. If you ignore this option, then it's a case of starting out like normal, mining the resources manually to build them.

    All in all, these first steps are going well.
  6. KingTriaxx

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    You'd mentioned needing to limit Multiblocks? SkySomm has a mod specifically to do that. It's called Multiblock Stages.

    He's also working on a mod called Transport that's inspired by Railcraft without being Railcraft. Still just in the carts and loaders phase, but...
  7. Golrith

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    Can I kiss you?

    Pucker up....

    Great! I was going to do clunky work around with the different individual components, but no more!
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  8. KingTriaxx

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    You're welcome.
  9. Golrith

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    Some questbook work:
    2018-07-03_14.06.15.png 2018-07-03_14.06.24.png

    Introduction has the shortcut to give you starting items, as well as repeatable single science pack quests for lootbox rewards. The red science pack basically gives you the instructions on how to generate research points (note to self, just noticed that this quest is using science packs and not research points).
    It seems that the requirements for solar panels being on a different tab stop this item from showing in the quest book in normal mode. I may have to ensure that every tab has a starting tech to force show the following items, otherwise you won't be able to plan your research.

    All seems to be going well, first time making a quest book with Better Questing.
  10. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    Golrith, dunno if it helps (and I haven't read the whole thread) but its very simple to add in custom items (Such as Research if you like) via a mod such as ContentTweaker.
  11. Golrith

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    Yep. I've used Thermal Foundation Coins as with the mods I'm using they are useless items, so a simple retexture, and CraftTweaker to rename them, and tada, new items without adding another mod.

    I'm debating about adding a new "hardended stone" resource instead of using vanilla stone. Makes it a resource that you have to find instead of it being basically everywhere.
    Also need something that isn't a hopper that can extract items from chests, unfortunately IE doesn't have an extractor item.

    Regarding rails mentioned earlier, I am using Metal Chests mod, that adds them as Minecart variations. So, a Diamond Chest Minecart would be very useful for long distance transport, but still needs a way to automatically load and unload onto it.

    Really getting excited with this pack now. Just discovered a mod called TechGuns that basically handles the weapons, armour & turrets. It's a nice real smooth mod plus some new machine options (they are apparently CraftTweaker supported, but no documentation yet :( )

    I've installed and removed MagneticCraft a load of times, but now I've decided to include it purely for a few blocks. It's belts and inserters.
    IE has a shortfall of no dedicated block to extract items (you have to use hoppers) and items are floating entities and if a container fills, items will spill everywhere.
    MagneticCraft has an inserter that can place onto both it's belts and IEs, it just cannot take from IE belts, but the advantage of it's belts it that items queue up just like in Factorio, but each stacks up to 64 items. They are basically mini-containers, and I don't think the items are classed as entities.
    So, I'm including both :D
    • Start with IE belts, then upgrade to MC.
    • Start with MC inserter, with update to IE sorting block.
    • MC doesn't have any logistics yet, so use MC for transport, and IE for basic logistics. A combination of both systems.
    • After that is a true pipe/duct system

    All in all, really really impressed at what all these modders have achieved and continuously produce. Great job guys n gals!
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  12. Golrith

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    That time again, everything is going really well.
    • I've decided to add a Hardened Stone resource which matches Factorio's Stone, and associated recipes are being adjusted.
    • Scattered among the hardened stone might be redstone (1 in 100 chance). Since some early recipes require redstone this gives you a way to progress without waiting for a quarry to hit the lower levels, or having to mine manually.
    • Likewise Copper Veins have a 1 in 100 chance of having gold, and Iron has a 1 in 100 chance of Tin. Stuff you might need for the extra tech that is available.
    • Standardising machine outputs, cleaning JEI and removing duplicated/unneeded items is a big ongoing job.
    • I'm going to use the Staged Mobs so at game start there is nothing hostile, you need the breathing space to get used to changes and to explore. As you progress through the tech tree more mobs will be unlocked.
    • The Efab will be the Tier 1 Autocrafter, but to achieve this I'm going to have to make alternative efab recipes that use RF but are quicker to craft. This will be restricted to the key components for the progression. Tier 2 Autocrafter will be the IE assembler
    • By default, I've used my 32x texture pack for the world and key items. It closely matches vanilla so nothing will look of place.
    • I'm also looking at RF powered lights (no stick+coal torches) hence another reason for a mob free start.

    I've discovered that Hoppers interact with a chest+minecart (to my amazement) so combined with a "diamond chest" on a minecart, gives a massive amount of storage. This storage counters the need for fast carts, and I assume a comparator can also read the content level of the cart for some redstone magic to send the cart on the way (this is where Railcraft excels).

    I've also discovered that the Inserter can insert direct into a IE Item Router, so this gives some Logistic item sorting to using MagneticCraft belts. I think the Item Router will be about same as Filter Inserter in Factorio tech tree.

    Still being puzzled over dealing with Steam and generating power from it. That's the key power source and the biggest hole atm (again, Railcraft would have filled this hole).
  13. Drbretto

    Drbretto Popular Member

    Haven't had time to read the whole thread yet, but I wholeheartedly endorse this project!

    Edit: Now that I've read it, I endorse it even more!

    Is there any thought going into combat as well? Specifically turrets but personal use as well?
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  14. Golrith

    Golrith Over-Achiever Trusted User

    Regarding combat, that's where TechGuns comes in. It's got a whole raft of amazing weapons, all of which can be fitted to a turret plus a whole load of armour options.
    It also spawns special zombies (and other mobs) that can also use guns, so ranged combat is a must. I'm also hoping that it'll play nicely with zombie awareness, so you get hordes swarming you.
    Mobs will be controlled by stages, since Minecraft mob spawning is totally different from Factorio. This is how SevTech works, giving you a fairly easy peaceful start, but as you progress, more nasties spawn.
    What's even more amazing is the mod adds "Monster Holes", which are spawners that only spawn a few mobs then vanish. I could get these to spawn in clusters around the map, giving a representation of "Biter Nests". You don't want to get close to those early on.

    Have encountered an issue, found that Efab recipes cannot currently work with NBT, and by sods law, the IE belts use NBT to define their different variations.
    I'm seriously humming and aaahhing about using the Efab for the Tier 1 autocrafting solution, it's really making things "clunky". It's perfect for using as a research lab. Just means I need to find other autocrafting solutions. Something to ponder on.

    Apart from that and putting more quests in the quest book, Red/Green tier gameplay is nearly complete. Be interesting to build something up (creatively) and just see how the resources flow and what issues are encountered on ratio's & recipes.

    Regarding crafting, discovered that I can make recipes for Thermal Expansions autocrafters for different tiers with automatic augments, plus discovered how highly configurable the mod is. I think this is going to be the solution to autocrafting.
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  15. Golrith

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    Now I'm not stuck in a rut with the autocrafting, I thought it's time for a screenshot. Here's a single Lab doing Red Science research

    (I need to adjust the research icon (the atom))

    Each additional tier of science pack needs more RF/t, so you have to adjust your Efab build to meet the requirement (otherwise it won't craft). Likewise, additional processors will speed up the craft, but for more power.
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  16. Golrith

    Golrith Over-Achiever Trusted User

    Another update, nothing major today, been too hot for my personal comfort here in the UK.

    Been experimenting with Rails, found a mod called Better Railroads which adds a nice Launcher rail. I've also discovered that the Metal Chests Minecart variations have insane travel distance vs normal carts. Normal cart travels about 12 blocks, while the Metal Chest Minecart travels about 8.5 chunks in about 16 seconds.

    The only issue now is loading and unloading from the cart, as it seems only hoppers can interact (using the base tech in the pack) and they are slooooow.

    Found a mod that adds steam boilers (unable to get them to work atm), so am wondering if I gave steam a "fuel" value, you could pump it into the Diesel Generator from IE and gain your starting power.
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  17. Henry Link

    Henry Link Popular Member

    So I'm interested in this pack. But is there going to any issues with chunk loading?
  18. Drbretto

    Drbretto Popular Member

    Ha, that pic looks so Factorio! I can't wait.

    That's a good point about chunk loading, though. Doesn't railcraft have a chunk loading cart or something like that, though? Would that be enough?
  19. Golrith

    Golrith Over-Achiever Trusted User

    There's no Railcraft (unfortunately), so you'll have to place chunkloaders.
  20. Golrith

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    Today mods have been driving me nuts :D

    I've found there's no way to interact with a Minechest + Cart unless you use a Hopper. So while you can transport vast amounts of items this way, loading and unload the Cart is the bottleneck. @KingTriaxx has just made me aware of a mod that might be the solution (Fingers crossed).
    Better Boiler mod doesn't seem to interact nicely with IE Liquid Pipes nor Mechanism Fluid Pipes, but it does work with Thermal Dynamics + Servos to force the steam out. Was hoping just to have the nice industrial/chunky IE liquid pipes with Mekansim as late game option. I may have to go down the route of just TD ducts.

    But good news, adding a Fuel to the Steam produced means it can "Burn" in the IE Diesel Generator. Setting it to less efficient fuel then BioDiesel or Diesel so you have upgrade options (in addition to going over to Solar)

    Behold, the Steam Power system:
    Just imagine early game a coal line going to the boiler(s) and basic generator (to power the pump) which later on would get removed by a direct power line from the Diesel Generator.
    More expensive then Factorio to setup, but should last longer before needing to add more boilers or generators, so balances out.

    Big THANK YOU to @KingTriaxx for pointing me at the Transport Mod. Provides an Item Loader/Unloader (depending on how you configure it) that will load carts a stack at a time, and it's holding rail gives such a massive speed boost, that on the faster rails it covers those 16 chunks in about 3 seconds.
    (and yes, I tried it while riding the cart too....)
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