[LISTED][1.7.10]BlastOff! [Hardcore/EasyCore, HQM][170++Quests] version 1.3.3STABLE

Discussion in 'Public Packs' started by karmarcharger, Dec 3, 2014.

  1. karmarcharger

    karmarcharger New Member

    Davylamp is used to tell you if there are dangerous gases in the area, however gases are NOT implemented yet as i find it "unstable" so currently davy lamp is just a decoration feature.
  2. tetshio

    tetshio New Member

    One question, can you make more of those meteor shields or only 1 is given from the rewards? I checked NEI, no recipe popping out :( Those kitty comets killed my 2nd base (must be my luck with 3 of them coming one after another)

    EDIT: Nvm, found answers from backreading. There is only 1 home sweet home :D
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  3. bsaksida

    bsaksida New Member

    Noo, my death bringer. I went AFK. When i got back i was greeted with this:


    So much blood, what to do with it. Why did death bringers got in
  4. RehabOholic

    RehabOholic New Member

    Well that's no fun. My pick leveled 1st was silk touch(not great for this pack), 2nd was smite! I thought ok, but it killed my pick! It now has no mining speed/attack, and will not mine anything. How is that an upgrade:) Seems like a downgrade.

    Also, Why do I have a slowness 2 debuff? I'm not over wait.
  5. NoxVindicta

    NoxVindicta New Member

    I think you can eat blood. You need to dry it first though I believe
  6. NoxVindicta

    NoxVindicta New Member

    How would I be able to show the builds? I would like to attempt it's just that I have no idea how to show you and if it's good give it to you.
  7. The_Anthro_Fox

    The_Anthro_Fox New Member

    No, at the time it wasn't and I was choosing the axe. But after getting off for awhile and sleeping for the night, it decided to work in that time and let me claim it as soon as I got back on.
  8. karmarcharger

    karmarcharger New Member

    Just send me the link of your save file that you upload to googledrive/mediafire and tell me the Coords :D

    Progress rate: 7 buildings completed
  9. Tsuke13

    Tsuke13 New Member

    Just noticed you reduced the opacity of the speed+ particles from the MyFit. T H A N K Y O U
    I can play with particles turned back on :)
  10. Saelack

    Saelack New Member

    Well, I am about reaching my frustration point with this pack - which is sad - I had some rather high hopes for it.

    I can't seem to get past the "Grind Mobs (manually) until you drop dead... potentially literally." part of the tech tree, as it were.

    I tried setting up a darkroom mob spawner, that I can farm from, both high in the sky and underground in a spot where mobs were known to spawn at night. Neither spawned anything.

    I tried using Steve's Carts to fight mobs, as it seems is the desired route to take, but I found I rapidly ran outta arrows. Alright, let's make more... Flint, sure, Sticks, please I have tons of wood, Feather... Feather... crap. No good way to get feathers, save hunt the dungeons, for a potential few. Well that's no good, is there a way to get chickens, or even eggs so you could hope to get lucky and spawn a chicken? Not that I can find.

    I have, HAVE to be missing something, probably elemental at this point. Anyone able to clue me in?
  11. Doskan

    Doskan New Member

    Has anybody a bottle of mineral gas? tried air pumps (with a tank besides) from mariculture in gas leaks, both right clicking for 5 mins and using tons of RF to make it work, but got nothing, probably doing something wrong.
  12. Doskan

    Doskan New Member

    AFAIK there is no way to get feathers (wich piss me off so much, as i needed them for botania air runes, as well as sugar canes [yeah they are in dungeons, whatever, was looking for them with mi pneumaticcraft helmet in like 25+ dungeons]) you can use spider eggs to make cakes, thats the only thing.

    EDIT: however, for the mob grinder, i got cursed earth and it works great, but if you havent, i recall reading something in the some posts in this thread about that, you have to make it in Y:128? probably i readed it wrong.
  13. Inngrimsch

    Inngrimsch New Member

    you can get feathers from fish so if you need a large quantity you will have to breed fish...
  14. NoxVindicta

    NoxVindicta New Member

    Just found another purpose for blood,makes pig iron which occasionally drops bacon.
  15. Saelack

    Saelack New Member

    Yeah, that was a conversation Etho and I had here about trying to get it to work. I seen the pic he uploaded - I know it's legit. But I am afraid that as the game gets later, and I have more automation in my base, more meteors crashed in the world (and the fires they spawn), I think the entity count might be too high - I have been able to stay outside at my base repeatedly and never see a mob. I was hoping going high (mob spawner base is at 193, the actually spawner levels start at about 220 and go up a ways, and didn't spawn a thing). It's why I said I also went father away, where I had seen mobs spawning, in case my base was causing issues with all it's buildcraft pipes and botania flowers and mana gatherers etc. But that didn't spawn anything either.

    Guess I will have to try and find out how to do the Mariculture route, and find out what roadblocks it is going to throw at me.
  16. RHSean

    RHSean New Member

    Hey I'm having problems understanding how to upgrade and level up my pick. I put a zombie head on my bone pick so now I can mine copper and coal but how do I upgrade it more....
  17. karmarcharger

    karmarcharger New Member

    Sugar cane => Smash Triple compressed dirt!
    Feather=> dungeons
    Mine copper, Make a copper pick, upgrade it, mine iron, make an iron pick upgrade it, mine bronze... etc etc, i recomend completing the obsidian pick quest asap
  18. karmarcharger

    karmarcharger New Member

    Go to 128 blocks above ground, dark room spawners will work there
  19. tetshio

    tetshio New Member

    There's a quest (the glider) that gives you obsidian pickaxe head. You can use that to upgrade the bone pickaxe (must be fully repaired to replace) then level it up to ardite level. You can get almost anything in the spires with it. Obsidian can be obtained from putting lava into a stone barrel, then pour water on top of the stone barrel and can pick it up to use to repair that obsidian pickaxe.
  20. RHSean

    RHSean New Member

    I wanted to do that but then it only had 72 durability and need like 512xp to upgrade

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