[LISTED][1.7.10]BlastOff! [Hardcore/EasyCore, HQM][170++Quests] version 1.3.3STABLE

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    Credits to @lLLEGAL for helping out with the 1.1.18 update & trailer.

    The old map played by the yogcast...ClickV

    IF your computer is slow and lags Remove battlemusic/mobdisemb/itemphys/damageindicator/statuseffect/smartmoving/Renderplayerapi/weather2, see if doing that helps

    Official Host, Click me V

    Follow for pack updates/sneek peeks!: https://player.me/karmarcharger


    --z*SENDING HISTORY*z-- In the year 2120 the earth has been practically drained of all its resources, global warming was at its peak. Technology was power hungry, and hence the BioTNuclear plant was started deep underground. However, soon after a massive earthquake struck the facility and caused the highly unstable fuel rods to meltdown. The meltdown was barely contained, but a single fuel rod was blasted and lodged into the world's largest Nuke and TBioCells facility unnoticed. It was a ticking time-bomb for humanity, fortunately the NASA Space program was completed and most of humanity migrated across the solar system. You were almost on the ship out of earth when the fuel rod exploded and triggered the lock-down, and as per safety procedure after a world wide nuclear catastrophe, you was placed in suspense animation until sensors indicate that the radiation level was safe enough to tolerate. However, it seems that most of the greenery and ores has been corroded to hardened clay, the weather is much more violent with snowstorm and tornadoes. Luckily i have a guide on NASA ships on me, it is time for you to wake and gather materials to join humanity in space!

    • 4-Space by Mattparks ( Completes the solar system!)
    • Resonate Induction by Calavica (Awesome ultra realistic ore processing/grinding)
    Version1.0.0 Pack launched!
    - Quest fix #turboaxe
    - Quest fix, Lore fix!
    - Mod added MORE PLANETS, no new quests on those though kappa xD
    - Added 1 torch in center
    - Quest buff added torch reward for first quest!
    -NERFED WITCHES and MAGMACUBES in the latest update! They wont be 100% OP anymore!
    - zombie piggies in the nether will be 100% infernal, so be sure to get a jet pack before blasting off!
    -ONLY zombies and spiders got xray vision on you now! mobs other mobs shouldnt stalk you like a ninja anymore =)!

    - Enabled bone tools
    - Updated Botania
    - Updated Weather2
    - Created AE quest line
    - First Spatial rewards added! more to come for the late game quests soon!

    - Admin reupload of 1.0.2 to include the save files

    - Added version number to title screen
    - Tinkered with some starting quest rewards! A little easier to survive now!
    - Nerfed spice of life
    - Removed alchemist/poison effects from infernal mobs in 1.0.4, witches can NEVER be infernal in 1.0.4.
    - Updated Botania to 1.40
    - Updated Environmine to 1.3.60
    - Added AromaCore & Backup
    - Added Inventorytweak
    - Added KwastiBustcreaturemod
    - Added SmartMoving/Playerapi/PlayerRenderApi
    - Quest fix

    Version 1.0.5 Update
    - Disabled Air quality and Gas on environmine
    - Disabled CaveWorld in environmine
    - Tweaked Water recipes in the crucible
    - 8 Sapplings 1 bucket
    - 25 Leaves 1 bucket
    - 2 Snow Blocks 1 bucket
    - Smelt Grout in crucible for Half a seared brick!
    - Copper,Tin,Iron,Gold,Aluminum can be smelted in a crucible for 1.5 of an ingot!
    - Casting table recipe changed to NORMAL bricks
    - Seared Faucet changed recipe to NORMAL bricks and one glass in middle (Conflict with flowerPot)
    - Fixed Chisel Smashing rock recipe, Now requires 8 Exnihlo stone around a glass bottle, Its like an AOE hammer that converts Stone->cobble->sand->Gravel
    - Fixed Open Blocks Block breaker recipe
    - Fixed Extra Utilities World interaction upgrade recipe
    - Fixed Hardcore EE scorching pick recipe
    - Fixed Steve factory manager Block gate recipe
    - Disabled crafting of Galacticraft canned food! Because they weren't affected by Spice Of Life! (i liked using those though :()
    - Sleeping enabled! zzzzzzzz
    - Poison non-Deadly
    - Poison effect on infernal mobs enabled
    - Alchemist effect on infernal mobs enabled
    - Updated Hardcore Ender Expansion to 1.6.6
    - Updated Botania r1.3-141
    - Linked Tools quest to the second quest rather then the slay skeleton quest

    Version 1.1.9
    - Added MyFit Server version ( YAYAYAYAY) You need to right click the item on the ground to register it to your player before wearing it!
    - Tweaked MyFit configs :p
    - Fixed broken recipes
    - Added Cake recipe
    - Added CustomMainMenu
    - Remade main menu!
    - Updated Pneumaticraft to version 49
    - Updated Walia to 57A
    - Fixed all quest! NO MORE UNCLAIMED rewards :D ( took me an entire morning lol)
    - Added a redundant reputation for mob slay quests
    - Disabled Smeltery and mariculture crucible snow ice snowball -> water thingys
    - Updated IguanaTinkerTweaks to v 11
    - Downgraded Adventurebackpack to v72 to make it server compatible
    - Changed abit of button textures :c

    Version 1.1.0
    - ExtraCells2 added
    - Falling Meteors mod added
    - Customstuff2 mod added
    - HQM Reskinned, Completion sound also has been changed
    - New starting map to incoorperate ME SPATIAL thingy inside
    - Some quests now has Spatial rewards
    - New ore generation, its now ores from the mod called Ores which i made specifically for this map
    - All stone spires replaced with hardened clay
    - Obtain stone Via smashing hardened gravel with exnilo hammers
    - Smashing meteor stone from fallen meteors with exnilo hammers have a chance of obtaining Smashed ores!(except cobalt and ardite)
    - Near spires, no more walking 500 blocks just to get some ores! everything is around you as it should be!
    - Lava heat source in bunker, so that u wont freeze so easily
    - Fixed steam shovel pickaxe saw quest too!

    Version 1.1.3
    - Grammar fixes (Thx to lLLEGAL)
    - Made the Shell Constructor quest easier! ( 8 copper 8 coal 16 rotten flesh)
    - Added reward Meteor shield to meteor quest
    - Removed nearby spawners to reduce lag

    Version 1.1.4
    - Kawaiii 5 new cool food added
    - Primitivemobs mod added
    - StatusHud mod added
    - Updated buildcraft 6.2.6
    - Enabled Air quality ( environmine)
    - Fixed Piggy quest
    - Fixed Wolfie quest
    - Disabled naughty mariculture food >;3
    - Added all vanilla saplings and leaves to crucible melt to water list
    - Get blue slime from slime sappling and leaves
    - Added Air quality quest

    Version 1.1.5
    - Removed Journey map ( Performance issue)
    - Xaero's minimap added
    - Enabled sound by default ( Hopefully)
    - Reconfigured environmine bar positions (Hopefully)

    Version 1.1.6
    - Updated EnderExpansion 1.6.7
    - Downgraded Primitive mob mod to 1.0C
    - Added MyFitmod
    - Tweaked Pneumaticraft configs
    - Changed Magnetism toggle key to [
    - Changed MyFitmod toggle key to ;
    - Moved minimap to bottom left
    - Added quest to get MyFit item
    - Added Ezcore map AKA map not on hardcore mode, for people who dont want to rip their hairs out, or get a heart attack when a YOLO rocket creeper attacks them.
    - Made Stirling generator usable! Complete the new quest to get a capacitor upgrade to boost the generator!
    - Added quest reward which gives you a choice of a Support creeper or a Spider steed! ( part of generator quest)
    - Fastleafdecay added to make farming trees more fun and less boring!

    - Updated Botania
    - Updated Fallen Meteors
    - Fixed all spatial quests

    Version 1.1.8
    - Added MultiMine . No more block breaking reset when a mob hits you while you are breaking a block! #teamwork
    - Added Adventure backpack... Whats adventuring without a backpack?
    - Added ResourceLoader. Prettify stuff
    - Updated Environmine to build 73 Sainty increases slowly during daytime now!
    - Removed saplings/leaves/snow -> water recipes from crucible
    - Added Mashed leaves recipe, Saplings/leaves around 1 leather
    - Added frying pan recipe 1 stick 3 stone
    - Added Snow-> water bottles recipe in frying pan
    - Added Mashed leaves -> water bottles recipe in frying pan
    - Redid quest alignments, aka moved certain quest forward, harder quest behind!
    - Changed hydration quest to require frying pan instead!
    - Changed paper sword reward to iced sword
    - Removed Useless ores from meteor hammering drops
    - Added diamond emerald redstone to meteor hammering drops
    - Changed iron spikes recipe to use Compressed iron
    - Fixed Galgadorian metal recipe

    Version 1.1.10
    - Quest book bug fix(Natural Gas Quest)
    - Added Server quests to fix spatial drives when playing on servers (Spatial drives links to one dimension, so it wont work on a server with multiple teams)
    - Updated Adventurebackpack v0.74B
    - Updated MyFit to 1.64
    - Updated NEI to V73
    - Updated Tinker Tooltip V1.2
    - Updated Botania V148
    - Updated Chisel2 2.2.1
    - Updated OpenBlocks & OpenBlocks library! LastStand2 Will actually protect you from everything now!
    - Nerfed Wandering villager spawn rates! 60%->1%
    - Increased Mimic Chest spawn rates( i think by 10%)
    - Made ores recipe shapeless ( screw crafting tables)
    - Reduce Eye of galgador required for Galgador ingots
    - Updated map, NO RESET needed, just cosmetic changes! aka, basement below your base is lighted up with torches! :D, and the random galacticraft spires has been nuked! Added afew more energy cell for the spatial drives too!

    Version 1.1.11
    -Admin Reupload

    Version 1.1.12
    - Fixed Modtweaker recipes

    Version 1.1.13
    - Fixed pneumacticraft seed crash.

    Version 1.1.14 The Food and Solar System update
    - Removed MorePlanets mod
    - Added the food update 16++ food added
    - grilledrottenflesh
    - Added 4-Space
    - Added Venus, Mercury, Jupiter's Moon IO & Europa, Pluto Quest lines
    - Added "Ruined Base" which spawns randomly with the same % chance as diamond spires.... Go to my player me to see a screenshot of it! too lazy to put that here its 12midnight x3
    - Updated Botania to 148
    - Updated Walia to 1.58A
    - Updated environmine to V80
    - Updated NEI to .40
    - Updated ForgeMultipart 320
    - Added Logistic pipes :3 ( WILL KEEP A CLOSE EYE ON DIS :p)
    - Cleaned up the Ezcore and hardcore worlds basically Asthetics NO RESETS REQUIRED!
    - Tweaked MyFit abit ( Hope the author gets a fix by Tmr)
    - Updated GalaticraftCore to V250
    - Updated GalatcicraftPlanets to V250
    - Updated MicDoddleCore to V250
    - Disabled environmine Mineshafts
    - Added Titatnium nuggets to hardened limestone smashing chance
    - Tweaked some end game recipes

    Version 1.1.15
    - Added COFHcore
    - Disabled Mariculture books screw the crashes!
    - Added Smashing triple compressed dirt for exnilo dirt & sand sieveing products!
    - Tweaked meteor ore drop rates
    - Changed Stone torches to Obsidian glowsticks
    - Changed Stone torches recipe
    - Changed stone torches texture
    - Disabled Mariculture food .... Big derp here
    - Fixed the buildcraft config file, was using a wrong one
    - Fixed Fishing quest fishing rod
    - Testing new splash art for quest book
    - Updated MyFit to 1.7.3 you dont lose it when you die anymore, New Healthboost effect! (Like heart canisters!)
    - You get 2 torches from stick + woodplank recipe
    - You get 2 ENDERIO CAPACITOR per recipe now :D
    - You get 4 Obsidian Glowstick per recipe
    - You get 3 gold/diamond spikes per recipe
    - You get 4 Wood spikes per recipe
    - You get 4 Item Nodes per recipe
    - You get 4 liquid Nodes per recipe
    - Added Gravel dunes, screw spires XD
    - Reduced frequency of Rougelike dungeons From 342 -> 10 ( Reduce lag when exploring?)
    - No More infernal mimic chest
    - No More infernal Treasure Slimes
    - No More infernal support creepers

    Version 1.1.17
    - Downgraded MyFit
    - Updated environmine to v83
    - Enabled environmine gases
    - Disabled choke on infernal mobs :3
    - Overhauled water production, snow cooking now has only 1 cooking tick now, but produces less water, Mashed leaves has 4 cooking ticks now but makes 8 bottles!
    - Changed Endertank and Enderchest crafting recipes to need Steamcraft Brass plates rather then blaze rods!
    - Updated splash arts and Icons
    - Best update.... DISABLED ITEM STACK RESTRICTIONS ON ITEMS :D ( Blocks are still restricted though)
    - Fixed respawning with 0 hunger

    Update 1.1.18, it may show up as 1.1.19 on the launcher but when you look in game its 1.1.18....
    -Added Mod enhanced Inv
    -Moved HQM textures to resourcepack
    -Updated Environmine V93
    -Updated Falling meteorsmod
    -Updated Realistic Pain 1.3.1 fixes memory leak issues
    -Updated Mariculture
    -Updated Forge version to V 1291
    -Updated chickenchunklib,nei etc
    -Updated Ruinedbases
    -Introduced Ravines
    -Wither bosses has been buffed like crap do not attempt unless you think you can kill a hardcore enderexpansion ender dragon
    -Secondary recipe for Galgorian Eye
    -Secondary recipe for Pneumaticraft PCB
    -Buildcraft questline added
    -Tons of buildcraft recipe changes
    -Botania flowers, Sun, Water, night will die after 4 days.
    -Infinite water enabled
    -Get hydration Via fresh water/ leaves cider DRINKABLE ONLY WHEN YOU ARE HUNGRY, or you can put the fresh water in the camel pack to drink... Leaves cider makes the camel pack dirty so NONONONO PLEASE BE REMINDED FRESH WATER AND LEAVES CIDER ARE STACKABLE IN STACKS OF 64 so if anyone is complaining about how i nerfed camel packs...
    -You get hardened ores from crafting flaxbeard smashed ores, the hardened ores can be smelted in the crucible.... still
    -furnace recipes for ingots has been enabled :3

    Version 1.1.20
    - Updated storage drawers ( No more voided stuff)
    - UpdatedEnderio (yay)
    - Lowered crafting cost drastically (logisticpipes)
    - Fixed my server version derp :3
    - Updated carpenter blocks ( Garage doors)

    Version 1.2.0
    -Disabled enderIO ME cables(Crashbug)
    -Disabled Adventurebackpack hose thingy ( Crashbug)
    -Disabled torch burnout ( SORRY MY BAD)
    -Updated Buildcraft6.3.4
    -Updated Environmine96 ( Uses less memory)
    -Updated Botania154
    -Updated Pneumaticraft
    -Enabled striped pipes
    -Put leaves cider in crafting bench to get a cider which is drinkable even at full hunger!
    -Changed description at front (Thanks @@Eunomiac )

    Version 1.2.2
    - Fixed environmine jar
    - Added ingots quests that tells you how to make ingots
    - changed starter items... @parcel31u
    - Added OPEN TO LAN ENABLE CHEATS at title screen....
    - changed food eating time to 0
    - Added Blacksmith anvil quest... some people dont know how to use them....
    - Changed Obsidian pick head to bronze pick head
    - Fixed chips recipe
    - Random machine loots at the bottom of the ruined bases :)

    Version 1.2.3
    - Sigh..... Leaves cider duration changed to 100000 Millisecond....
    - Leaves cider hydration nuked....
    - Snow to drinkable water hydration buffed....
    - The drinkable when full drink is now called Fresh water and can be used to refill camel packs...
    - Adjusted rouglikes to make it less laggy
    - New recipe for slimy saplings...
    - you can smelt slimy leaves in vat for blueslime
    - Quest reward changes.... Turbo Axe and stabby stabber...
    - Fixed Anvil quest
    - Changed Meteors quests
    - Legendary stripped pipes quest will give you a legendary reward
    - Updated Flaxbeard

    Version 1.2.5
    - Ripped weather2 out from modtweaker.zs file
    - Updated Pneumaticraft
    - Updated EnderIO
    - Updated Botania
    - Added Special AI ( mob griefing disabled)
    - Reduced Demons and Blaze masters spawn rates
    - Messed with Zombie awareness configs
    - Disabled autoChisel
    - Removed realistic pain ( cause it was really painful)
    - Fixed Enderman quest
    - Fixed Server quests @sirloin
    - Some new Botania recipes/Quests changes
    - Added Krek Meteors
    - Added JAS
    - Added Fastcraft
    - Removed MobAmputation ( Yay can use scythe now!)
    - Fixed Sapling recipe
    - Minor texture changes to casting table
    - Updated buildcraft
    - Added OreDictionaryConverter
    - Disabled Sluice
    - Renamed the worlds accordingly

    Added Mytown2 to server files

    Version 1.2.6
    -Galgador changes....
    -Fixed some botania bugs
    -Smelting hardened ores get 1.5 ingots
    -Added Buildcraft addition
    -Added Eureka
    -Modtweaked Buildcraft addition into Flaxbeard
    -Removed JustAnotherSpawner (Fix some bugs)
    -Lowered Enderman slave's base health to 50 from 140
    -Lowered Skeleton base health to 20 from 60or80 cant rmb
    -Lowered Zombie base health to 20
    -Disabled Pigman Major 100% infernal
    -Enabled Pigman 100% infernal
    -Lowered Blaze master base health to 150~200
    -Mekanism quest fixes
    -New world (Aesthetics changes) , the spatial drives from the quest may not be able to use in old world... If you are on old world use server quests to get reward...
    - ____Sirlion___ Quest fixes again >_<
    -All vanilla food can only be cooked in vat
    -Lowered zombie aggro range to 20 blocks from 60 blocks
    -Updated Pnematicraft
    -Updated Galacticraft
    -Updated Botania
    -Enderman quest changed to enderman slaves :3
    -Updated chest mod, Doesnt insta break, compatible with the inv sort mod....
    -changed some modtweaker recipes
    -Fixed the lava pump quest
    -Fixed the Hardened clay -> hardener recipe...
    -Adjusted mekanism generators values....
    -Fixed some environmine configs :3
    -Changed machine frames to require Stabalized metal & Osmium .... ( because i broke the tech tree of galga D:)
    -Added Utility mobs :3
    -Reverted Mekanism power to mostly default values.... Solar generator outputs 3 times more power though
    -Added Skystone-> Silicon Recipe
    - Infernal mobs spawns 1/30 mobs from 1/15 ( basically they are rarer!)
    -Fixed Botania recipes
    -Obsidian pick is the same tier as copper now :p
    -Cake recipe now returns spider egg shell so that you can right click it on baby spider for new egg
    -Disabled Meteorite pick
    -Added diamond armor/tools -> diamonds recipe for the pneumaticraft pressure chamber
    -Added Utility mobs quests (repeatable)
    -Added 1-2 BCA quest
    -Changed Lore
    -Changed Lore's reader accordingly
    -Revamped Flaxbeard quest rewards
    -Steve carts quest move around
    -AE quests now can be started at any time
    Version 1.3.3
    -Updated Flaxbeard to fix stuff
    -Updated Pneumaticraft


    Alot! Such that mekanism/galacticraft/Steve factory manager are late game. Steve carts, Professor flaxbeard wondrous steam power mod is considered early game! Exnilho crucible can smelt ores! Gold can be mined with coal tiered pickaxe!


    PM me about dupe bugs, if they are not dupe bugs post it here!


    Above pictures are the configs of my 1 year old toaster!
    I recommend 2-3GB once you get alot of machines!
    If you get screenfreezes/lag after playing for awhile, just restart the client and it will be fixed.

    Iskail's Lets Play Series

    Generikb Lets Play

    Xolan's Lets Play Series

    Yogcast Duncan

    Browser's German Lets Play

      • Pickaxes can gain a mining level
      • Pickaxes gain xp for the mining level like they do for regular levelups
      • Pickaxes start with 1 harvest level less, therefore have to be "mining leveled up" to reach full effectiveness
      • MobHeads can be used as modifiers to instantly boost the mining level
      • Bone/flint level up ->Copper level up = Can mine iron!
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  2. xMythix

    xMythix New Member

    This looks great! No TE? :eek: Should be a challenge.
    With and without LAN, it says "you do not have permissions to use that command." when I typed /hqm quest or /hqm hardcore, etc.
  3. karmarcharger

    karmarcharger New Member

    Open to lan enable cheats.... type /hqm quest NOT /hqm hardcore because this pack is base on Sync lives, Sync doesnt work with /hqm hardcore... Didnt have TE & MFR cause i find them too mainstream, almost every modpack has them making progression abit boring imo :c
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2014
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  4. CryptoHue

    CryptoHue New Member

    erm.. i died from hypothermia and i was stuck at the tree section... hehehhehehe sorry Am a newbie..
  5. karmarcharger

    karmarcharger New Member

    You need torches to keep yourselves warm lol, You can mine some stone from the nearby spires to make a furnace then cook some wood, or if u can find the coal spires then u can just mine the coal and make torches =)
  6. enarkay

    enarkay New Member

    So happy I found this on my routine check-up for new modpacks!
    Gonna have to try out for a couple of days to properly see the fun and potential of the pack but it does look promising:D

    I just have some questions/suggestions/reports though- (Q:question / S:suggestion / R:report)

    Q) Any particular reason why the map isn't set to allow commands in the first place? I mean, having to open to LAN and turn on cheats isn't hard but annoying work (for this reason I just edited the level.dat with the NBT Explorer to allow commands). If there is a reason, I'd be interested in hearing it and if not, maybe you can have the commands allowed in the next update?

    S) Could you give the quest book as starting inventory? When I first spawned, I didn't notice the 'dark' ethereal glass, as this was my first time ever seeing one (this was implemented with the 1.7.X version of MC no?) so was kind of lost and didn't know what to do. So I just broke the dark glass and jumped down:D Maybe a quest book can be given upon initial spawn and inform players to jump down through ethereal glass instead of breaking down through glass like me?

    S) I'm guessing that there's no LPs or spotlights of sort for the pack, so could you perhaps add in a bit more screenshots to deliver a better 'feel' of what the pack is going to be like?

    R) This is really trivial but I found some errors in the story text/voice.

    "you was placed in suspense animation until sensors indicate that the radiation level was safe enough to tolerate."
    (that's supposed to be a 'were', no?)

    "However, it seems that most of the greenery and ores has been corroded to hardened clay,"
    (the text reads 'hardened clay' but I'm pretty certain I heard the voice say 'gravel' instead. I will check again though :D)

    BTW, I was first disappointed that you took out thermal expansion but seeing that you have mekanism included, I think I can live with that^^
    Gonna have to try out and see if I can handle the absence of MFR though :D

    All in all, looks like good work mate^^
  7. xMythix

    xMythix New Member

    Ahh, thanks! Got it to work now!
    Maybe a bug, though: I had already looted the bow and sword, and when I enabled the quest mode, it wouldn't recognize the sword. It did recognize the bow. I started up a new world, enabled quest mode, looted sword and bow, and both were recognized.

    Maybe I'm just a noob, too, but how can you mine the spires without a pickaxe since the wooden ones are disabled? It takes about 1 minute in game before you start dying of hypothermia. Not enough time to really get a foothold, im(noobish)o.
  8. karmarcharger

    karmarcharger New Member

    Ans1: I generated the world on hardcore mode so commands are disabled xD.
    Ans2: If you used the pregenerated map, you would have spawned at the basement beside the "/hqm quest" sign xP
    Ans3: Sure thing ill work on more screenshots =) thanks for the feedback
    Ans4: ahh i forgot to change the sound file... the alpha version of the map was a gravel world which kinda lag alot so i converted it to hardened clay.

    Thanks for the detailed feed back! ill fix some stuff up in the next update, hopefully including the "coming soon Mods" those mods werent included due to the bugs with GC

    With regards to the hypothermia thingy, Ill send out an update asap to include some torches =3 In the mean time spawn in 1 torch to save yourself if you cant get the coal in time :D
  9. xMythix

    xMythix New Member

    But how can we make a pickaxe? Consider enabling the tico wooden ones. As of now, the tico pickaxe head stencil only allows stone, flint, netherrack and obsidian. And we have no way to get stone and I didn't see any gravel about.
  10. karmarcharger

    karmarcharger New Member

    I have implemented a hotfix, which might be getting uploaded soon, it adds a simple torch recipe ( stick + wood plank)... hehe this map, Hardened clay, Gravel, Obsidian,Lava... Or you can just wander around the map and hope for a gravel dune! =P... you can use bone tools too if you managed to harvest enough skeletons
  11. Erik3003

    Erik3003 New Member

    Looks preety good, but I'll have to tell you that 4Space won't be updated...
  12. karmarcharger

    karmarcharger New Member

    http://mattparks.webatu.com/ =)

    Also added [​IMG] to screenshot tab... will make a starting guide soon... Or if someone wants to they can make a simple guide and post it here *winks
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2014
  13. gukliuyk

    gukliuyk New Member

    tfw "turbo axe" cant actually axe anything
    Also skeleton with regenability and 240 hp is camping on top of the base guess im screwed
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2014
  14. karmarcharger

    karmarcharger New Member

    doesnt the sun kill the skeleton? Also there are 4 exits to the base for a reason...
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2014
  15. busterdude

    busterdude New Member

    how do we get the ores the pickaxes you can make with Tinkers can only mine stone
    to mine ores you need iron Tinkers pick to get them ?
  16. busterdude

    busterdude New Member

    and the bone tools can not be made the Tinkers add on do not let you do that
  17. karmarcharger

    karmarcharger New Member

    Yes bone tools works, Flint tools works

    UPDATE 1.0.1 is coming soon, already posted to admins to update it!
    - Quest fix #turboaxe
    - Quest fix, Lore fix!
    - Mod added MORE PLANETS, no new quests on those though kappa xD
    - Added 1 torch in center
    - Quest buff added torch reward for first quest!
    -NERFED WITCHES and MAGMACUBES in the latest update! They wont be 100% OP anymore!
    - zombie piggies in the nether will be 100% infernal, so be sure to get a jet pack before blasting off!
    -ONLY zombies and spiders got xray vision on you now! mobs other mobs shouldnt stalk you like a ninja anymore =)!
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2014
  18. gukliuyk

    gukliuyk New Member

    well the skellys take 1 dmg at a time and regens way more than that
    problem is that they follow you even though you are underground so escape is futile
    getting gravel for flint is near impossible since gravel can only be found on top of spiders and some smartass placed magma cube spawners all over it
    im even unsure you can get flint from it without a machine such as a sagmill or a sieve due to that funky item drop mod.
    also requireing smelted iron thats alot of steps before the heat gets to you 3 bottles would last much better in a camel pack but wait a minute that is what im doing that quest for.
    died about 8 times so far and have never passed that quest xD
    Found gravel in creative mode underground deep underground so in theory you could punch your way there, Also NEI seems to lack a recipe for the sieve
    Sorry also for being so harsh early on through creative unclocking ive discovered several of the first quest havent even got any proper rewards and only place holders (although 128 brass for 4 blocks a bit steep) so yea very early, early alpha build i guess :3
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2014
  19. CryptoHue

    CryptoHue New Member

    Like what the others have highlighted. There was no way to mine anything from the spires. Plus the insane amount of special mobs spawning the moment you go near the spire.

    Maybe you could highlight that in the quest book that torches can help you fight off hypothermia so that noobs like me won't be confused. I'm glad to see that you have added 1 torch with the update.

    How about fighting off insanity? I went to the spire n fought off the mobs, ran away... And went insane. Lol

    Maybe you should state that this is not a pack for noobs.
  20. k9officer09

    k9officer09 New Member

    when will additional quests be coming out. This Seems to have major potential to be a great pack

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