Important - For Users of Direwolf20_1_5 Modpack - Urgent feedback needed.

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Which Method Should we take to fix the pack

  1. Band Aid Fix and try to preserve existing worlds

  2. Full fix which may require a restart.

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  1. Darkphoenix260

    Darkphoenix260 New Member

    Will I only have to change the config files shown in order to keep my servers world or am I going to have to change the config on all 95 mods?.
  2. Darkphoenix260

    Darkphoenix260 New Member

    Wait... will I be able to update to the fixed version without any problem if I haven't updated to 1.1.2. My server is still using version 1.0.0 since when the modpack was first available there were many problems with it.
  3. Mini_Squatch

    Mini_Squatch New Member

    My old world for the 1.4.7 direwolf gets annihilated if i try to transfer it over (hopefully this is already being worked on, as it falls under a similar category) but i'll just restart a new game to get refamiliarized with the new pack, and i don't mind losing a test world if i can get my old world synced to the new pack.
  4. SuperLuigi10

    SuperLuigi10 New Member

    Will the config after the fix have the same IDs as the current 1.1.2 version?
  5. Powersthatbe85

    Powersthatbe85 New Member


    I just loaded my direwolf20 1.1.1 server world into Unleashed 1.1.2 and besides some AE items missing and a few block id changes(i suddenly have 148 enderchests in my me system) all our buildings look fine and I just opped and fixed the ME cables and crafting system. But ill let you know if i see any other major problems.
  6. Molten

    Molten New Member

    Bite the bullet.
    Just lets get it done without further delay....
    Allthough it's nice to be asked, imo An executive decision should be made one way or the other when situations like this arise in the shortest possible time. Instead the delay just means endless internet speculation and uncertainty that does the FTB brand and it's users no favours at all.

    Mistakes happen. That's life.
    The important thing is how quickly you recover from them.
  7. Droideka30

    Droideka30 New Member

    Personally, I wouldn't care about a world restart, as my "main survival world" is still in the punching trees phase. I intentionally avoided making progress with the new packs because I figured they'd be buggy and my stuff might get messed up.
  8. wolfpax181

    wolfpax181 New Member

    Just do it. Do it now, do it quickly. I would much rather lose my progress now than get a few weeks down the line and lose that much more when it hits the point that there's no option but to do a full fix due to something like a new mod being added.
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  9. joshfeb06

    joshfeb06 New Member

    Full fix plz..... like wolfpax181 said

    So i just got my quarry running on magmatic engines... also my nether portal leads straight inside a nether fortress.... its a shame but i guess risks have to be taken. I'll stop playing DW20 for a bit until the full fix is done...

    EDIT: also '... backdating relevant mods...' just puts me off as the whole idea of getting DW20 1.5 was because of the updated stuff....
  10. Soloun

    Soloun New Member

    Full Fix Pls, and as to it happening in the first place, no biggy, shit happens, move along, thanks for making the packs and letting us use them for free.
  11. Werner Figueiredo

    Werner Figueiredo New Member

    Maybe tomorrow we play?
  12. Arkados

    Arkados New Member

    is it possible to throw a band aid on there while doing a full fix? Since a full fix could possibly take a while.
  13. revmaillet

    revmaillet New Member

    I know my voice in this vote wont matter but I play minecraft/FTB 6-10 hrs a stretch...I would rather make a new world than have problems later on down the road... Bandaids dont solve the problem... so please full fix for me
  14. HiddenTruth2012

    HiddenTruth2012 New Member

    I believe a full fix would be the better choice. In my case it wouldn't affect much. I just started my DW20 and Unleashed as is... so nice catch guys. We all make mistakes. Full fix now; no hassles later. :)
  15. Jadedcat

    Jadedcat New Member

    The full fix and the band-aid are both in testing.
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  16. Velocikitty

    Velocikitty New Member

    If there is a band aid fix, why not put out a download for the band aid configs, that way people who don't want to deal with a world reset can use those; while people who don't care, can then use the pack directly?
  17. Hero_of_OLD96

    Hero_of_OLD96 New Member

    Full fix is, in my opinion, a better option because instead of just going halfway by un-syncing the two currently used updated packs. While you might lose World Data, it wont be that difficult to recover from. Plus, it can always give you a challenging edge to start over.
  18. HoratioXXIV

    HoratioXXIV New Member

    If a full fix were undertaken would the be an estimate on how long it would take (I don't want to get too involved in my world build otherwise)
  19. codyiverson64

    codyiverson64 New Member

    we should not do a full reset. people have world on servers already
  20. Camerous

    Camerous New Member

    Do a full fix and get it over with so more things don't go wrong later that make us have to restart anyway but with even more progress lost.
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