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just so people are aware, I do read these, just some days I forget. Nov 9, 2012

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Aug 24, 2018
    1. SasafrasYT
      Resumed vvv I now know that that is not the max size and I was wondering if there is a way either I can have the server owner tweak this parameter or if the mod pack creator of Continuum could. it would also be nice if we could talk about it via discord not forums. Thank you for taking the time to view this post. <3
    2. SasafrasYT
      I'm in a bit of a pickle on a friends Continuum server and would like some help if you can provide it. Un aware that you tweaked the mod (for which the reason too, I am quite curious) I built a 30 by 30 by 46 (technically 32 by 32 by 48) Extreme Reactor. Continued ^^^
    3. fingin
      don't know if you read this, but here you go wanting to spend the next 2 years on making a mod where would be a good start and yes i do need the idea
    4. ScikoticButcher
      is there a .PNG file available for Revelations artwork? We have a group staring a SMP server and would like it for opening credits. Thanks in advance.
    5. alexanderplayz
      do you know what modpack ssundee played in 2013 i relly want to play it if you know can you send me the name of it to my email witch is [email protected]
    6. schazer
      Your ad choice is playing every 30 second impossible to watch videos fix this
    7. Nuclear_Creeper0
      Best Pokemon 10/10
    8. Nuclear_Creeper0
    9. Preminence
      Can I use the transparent buttons from your FTB modpacks in my modpack? I will be distributing the modpack to various launchers, but no profit will be made from the pack. If I also may ask, who made the menu backgrounds and/or icons for the FTB packs?
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    10. AsrielGaming10
      when I try to go into my world, I get sent back to the main menu, please help :( I have the feeling my world was corrupted but I hope it is not, if it is, PLEASE HELP :(
    11. iTzKekkoTNT
      hi i reviuw the server, but now how i can take solar panel in skyfactory 2.5 ?
    12. HoneyMoobadger
      I have downloaded the mod pack FTBTrident and everytime i open the game it comes up with this. Do you know any way of fixing this? Ive looked through the mod pack files and i have exactly what my friends have.

      Forge mod loader has found a problem with your minecraft installation
      You have mod sources that are duplicate within your system
      mod ID:file name
    13. Hettemåka
    14. thechief5456
      Hey quick question, I am looking to make a post regarding gathering people to start a new ftb server(s) community, the server has to be created from the ground up (it doesnt exist yet). Its been years since I have made a post on these forums since the last time I ran a server 4+ years ago. What is the appropriate area to make such a post/ is it allowed in the forums. Thanks in advance!
    15. Markus jansson kurt
      Markus jansson kurt
      i have some big proplems i can start FTB at all so Fast i start nothing happening and i have tried all the compatibility and still nothing happen i have even tried to uninstal and install again but still no plz help ;(
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      2. Markus jansson kurt
        Markus jansson kurt
        its working now i fixt it i needed to instal java again even my pc had it
        Sep 2, 2016
      3. Bigdbigd03
        Slowpoke doesn't come often, maybe consider asking @Watchful11. I think he has something to do with FTB launcher.
        Sep 4, 2016
      4. Bigdbigd03
        Oh nevermind sorry.
        Sep 4, 2016
    16. collenisme
      canI be staff too?
      1. Bigdbigd03
        You can't just by asking.
        Jul 13, 2016
    17. Bigdbigd03
      slow, slow, slow... You know the rest of that Pokemon song *Drops mic while running away*
    18. sue49
      hi slow have tryed to get in but its telling me timed out
    19. adameg2305
      Hey slowpoke i have found a dupe glitch in your FTB utilities mod. it is quite a huge and easy bug to do
    20. mikel213
      fix a recepi for lzh condesators not how to craft them but how to charge/cool them down
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