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    hi slow have tryed to get in but its telling me timed out
    Hey slowpoke i have found a dupe glitch in your FTB utilities mod. it is quite a huge and easy bug to do
    fix a recepi for lzh condesators not how to craft them but how to charge/cool them down
    is something wrong with ftb on mac. because it worked yesterday but now when i press launch on ftb unleashed the screen just goes black.

    ik im not the only one having this problem.
    Hey I want to play the modpack Blast Off but I can't find it on the launcher... I am told that it is though... I just don't see it. Help would be nice
    slowpoke ur the keeeewlest!
    before the comment I just wanna say that I don't want to be hateful in any way. what I need is my account back. I loaded it up one day and just like my galactic science world a week or so before, it was completely as if I never made it. this is a glitch that I would ask to be fixed and if it is I wanna say thx
    im sorry for being annoying but I still need my account back
    hello Slowpoke

    i would like to bring to your attention a server on the infintiy pack which is selling items for real life money, these items being player anchors and AE2 items which break terms and conditions they have been shut down twice for selling items and the server is called sernedipity

    thank you for your time

    Andy Henson
    As a modpack creator myself, I thought I would pass it along that I seem to see quite a few reposts of FTB packs over on the TechnicPack site. Most notably Direwolf20's packs, and FTB Inifinity. Maybe they are posting the older versions, but not sure if that's correct for them to do. I know I wouldn't want to see my packs reposted and have someone else claim credit for them. Thank you for your time.
    I apparently need an admin to fix my birth date but the conversation feature thought I was trying to send you spam. Can you help me? If another staff member that can fix this sees this that would be great too I just wasn't sure who exactly to contact.
    hey so a couple of days ago i downloaded ftb infinity and then decided to uninstall it and now it crashes.
    what do i do ?
    Heyo slowpoke I'm making a modpack that i will publish on FTB and i was wondeing if you or anyone else could help me fix some bugs :)
    Hi. My name is Carol & I'm PsudoSage's mum. It is with great sadness that I am letting you know that Edd passed away suddenly on 18th Feb 2015. He did not suffer in anyway as a result of a fatal hemorrhage . This has come as a huge shock to his family and we're only just getting around to letting his online friends know. If anyone would like more info, they are free to contact me on [email protected] Thank you x
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