Important - For Users of Direwolf20_1_5 Modpack - Urgent feedback needed.

Discussion in 'Feed the Beast News' started by slowpoke, Aug 4, 2013.


Which Method Should we take to fix the pack

  1. Band Aid Fix and try to preserve existing worlds

  2. Full fix which may require a restart.

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  1. NJM1564

    NJM1564 New Member

    Considering that as far as I know we'll have to make new worlds for .6 the band aid fix shouldn't cause an long term problems.
  2. Thecheatgamer1

    Thecheatgamer1 New Member

    A program like that already exists but it is very fatal to do that
  3. Hawklight

    Hawklight New Member

    A Full fix is best. In some cases it may be a pain, but for the most part it is for the best.
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  4. GeorgieMah64

    GeorgieMah64 New Member

    I would have to say I would prefer to keep my present world so a band aid for me would be ideal. I understand the need for a full fix going forward but would be disappointed to lose the data I have now. Can I revert back to the previous version? Is this something that can be integrated into the launcher at some point in the future for all mod packs for when issues like this occur in the future? Obviously had I known there was an issue I would not have updated today. It seems the problem was initially reported much earlier than I updated today (approx 11:00 am US ET) and I wonder why the update was not pulled until the issue had been identified (to minimize the number of affected users). I chose to update so the fault is mine but after so many error free updates in the past one tends to get complacent.

    That said, I would like to thank the FTB team for all of the hard work they have put into this project and I do enjoy playing Feed the Beast.

    I will look into mIDas.

    Also, how far out are the 1.6 updates (since this will require a world restart)? How many updates to the DW20 mod pack are expected before the 1.6 update is ready? How about a band aid fix for those that prefer to keep their worlds intact (and no further updates to be made) and a new option with the full fix for those that are willing to reset?
  5. Werner Figueiredo

    Werner Figueiredo New Member

    Build a single boiler? I have 6 boilers with 6 turbines, about 20 electric engines and a battery system with 6 MFSU and 6 redstone energy cells. All thaumcraft researchs and Applied Energystics with 20 16k storage (full).
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  6. VozValden

    VozValden New Member

    Full fix! If your gonna do it, do it right, right? Later down the road it will only make things better/easier.
  7. eawages3

    eawages3 New Member

    You Should release both the fixes with one on a copy pack so that people won't need to have to restart their survival.
  8. DREVL

    DREVL Well-Known Member

    yeah, I kinda wish i understood what is going with any of this lol.
  9. GeorgieMah64

    GeorgieMah64 New Member

    I did a quick review of the instructions for mIDas and it appears as though anyone who has already updated to the 1.1.2 version of DW20 pack is SOL since the instructions note one must access NEI. Can you provide additional information on how this would work with the currently hosed IDs? Thank you!
  10. shinra2121

    shinra2121 New Member

    I would be okay with a full fix as long as I dont have to start over once again when 1.6 finally hits the modpack I am an avid player of the dw20 pack but the constant restarts are starting to get a bit tedious (just restarted when 1.5 came out and only a week before that restarted again)
  11. DREVL

    DREVL Well-Known Member

    oh you will have to start over whenever you go with 1.6 either way.
  12. danyo

    danyo New Member

    Depends for me, if 1.6 isn't that far away, use the band aid and fix it for 1.6, if 1.6 is not in sight ( like within a month or so ) apply the fix.
  13. i_st4ndalon3

    i_st4ndalon3 New Member

    A full update would be way better, a Band-Aid fix more problems could be found in the future and set things back even further :/
  14. Micah Mindemann

    Micah Mindemann New Member

    Is this just Dw20? Because Unleashed is totally unplayable for me, within 30sec from logging in, im lagging so bad I can barely move (and I haven't even built anything yet), within 15 more seconds, the game locks up. (I voted for the full fix by the way)
  15. PiggyWhiskey

    PiggyWhiskey New Member

    A full fix would make it easier in the future.
    Mistakes happen. No harm done.
    After all... It's only 1's and 0's
  16. Sertas

    Sertas New Member

    A full fix is always better for the long run.
  17. PureEvil

    PureEvil New Member

    In my opinion, you should do Full Fix. In the long term, I think that it is a better choice because of compatibility between configs and possible mod updates. I would also love to have newest mod versions possible and I would not mind to have my world deleted.
  18. Jadedcat

    Jadedcat New Member

    Basically if the full fix is done, you could take a mod from any of the three 1.5 packs and drop it and the config into one of the others and have it work with no conflicts.
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  19. funman69

    funman69 New Member

    Well I just messed up some bee breeding and I was thinking about a restart anyway. I lost a full industrious princess. That was the first time I ever got that far. I was pretty upset 4 days just down the drain.
  20. KnightOwl

    KnightOwl New Member

    seems like the majority has decided.. when do we get the new version? we have a village we need to rebuild :)
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