Important - For Users of Direwolf20_1_5 Modpack - Urgent feedback needed.

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Which Method Should we take to fix the pack

  1. Band Aid Fix and try to preserve existing worlds

  2. Full fix which may require a restart.

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  1. FuRiouSOne

    FuRiouSOne New Member

    Is the private pack DW20 the same pack as Iwanttorestartmyworld? My server is currently using the Iwanttorestartmyworld version so if i update to 1.1.3 my world should be fine correct? That part is a bit confusing as i read there is a new private pack and nothing mentioned about the old Iwanttorestartmyworld private pack.

    I read the Iwanttorestartmyworld was basically the 1.1.3 official pack just not released as recommended yet. Just want to make sure this is correct before i update to 1.1.3
  2. Bytestorm

    Bytestorm New Member

    Unfortunately, there is no way they can guarantee that.

    However, if you do not have Biomes O'Plenty enabled, then the conflicting ID's will still be there, but not loaded in world, so I would think you should be fine.

    If you do have it enabled, all bets are off.

    Edit:: 1.1.3 is out! I had not enabled Biomes O'Plenty, so my world did not get reset. I did lose most of my AE blocks, and all my ender storage things. Still taking stock.
  3. Vauthil

    Vauthil New Member

    The DW20 private pack is the pre-Iwanttorestartmyworld version.
  4. FuRiouSOne

    FuRiouSOne New Member

    After comparing all the configs from my current DW20 Iwanttorestartmyworld private pack with the new 1.1.3 i found them all to be basically the same so ignore my last question as i answered it myself. I have even updated my client to 1.1.3 from launcher and was able to log into my server thats running the Iwanttorestartmyworld private pack.

    Hopefully 1.1.4 will release soon to fix some of the kinks that are currently in 1.1.3 still. Thanks for the update guys, now i can tell my new users they can use recommended build and not have to walk them through how to add a private pack to their launcher. Only flaw i still see is BoP is still disabled by default but its working just fine, why not enable it for everyone by default?
  5. seattleda

    seattleda New Member

    Now that 1.1.3 and 1.1.4 are available in the launcher for DW20 1.5.2, how do I tell my players to continue playing with the 1.1.2 setting? It is not in the launcher anymore - it was yesterday.
  6. Jadedcat

    Jadedcat New Member

    The iwanttorestartmyworld pack is now the 1.1.3 public DW20 pack. If you were using the iwanttorestartmyworld just swap to the public recommended version of dw20. people running 1.1.2 or earlier packs that do not want to update and restart their worlds will need to use the DW20 private pack code "DW20" . The private pack will not be updated and still has all the bugs from 1.1.2. The solution to fixing the bugs is to update to the public recommended pack, which will probably require a restart.
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