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Crash Landing, help, venting and discussion!

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by madnewmy, Aug 30, 2014.

  1. stentninja

    stentninja New Member

    Is there any servers up to play this mod pack? Because it would be great to play with others

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  2. Shane2482

    Shane2482 New Member

    This is what i was talking about in this Post if you think it would be helpfull then i can get pics of each setup
  3. Raveb

    Raveb New Member

    Thank you very much! I plan to keep this updated as new buildings come out in future versions, and plan to keep the guide as up to date as I can in general.

    As far as the aesthetics go I have to say I'm impressed with what has been done so far. It really feels like a post-apocalyptic city that has been beaten down for years. The randomized layout of the buildings really adds to the feeling that these were once places that people lived and had been built up over time. I have read the plan to have more specialized cities and am fully behind that plan. That is how things end up being laid out in real life and will make exploring a more mentally rewarding experience. Variations on the existing buildings and a few new ones will flesh things out quite a bit. One thing that would be a nice addition to the building options might be non-buildings. Things like statues and other decorative fixtures, or telephone/power poles along the highways. Not sure how possible that would be, but it would definitely add to the feeling of "This place used to be something other then a deathtrap." As for specific buildings goes, maybe some smaller buildings? Maybe one story 1-3 room buildings that could work as storefronts.

    I also like the idea of burying the buildings somewhat, from a design point of view. Again, it will make things look more wasteland apocalypse. From a play balance standpoint though, I don't know if it will be a good idea. If you have read my city guides you will note that half the strategy involves blocking off the bottom floors, or doing everything from the roof down. Maybe have only part of the buildings buried? Like the wind blows in from the north so there is dust piled up against the north side of each building? This would also have the effect of creating some red spawning zones that could actually up the difficulty a bit.
  4. Shane2482

    Shane2482 New Member

    First off the store idea is something iv been tring to figure out from the beginning the prob im running into is decoration, cause block rotation in the mods is mest up best examples are the beds in the appts i cant use normal beds because when the building gets rotated the bed dont. So for stores id want some chest, biblocraft shelves and bookshelves but they are like beds in that they can be rotated so they wont work but im still tring, the statues idea will work ill just need to come up with some.

    And as to burying the buildings yes this will let you take them from the top down easier but rember this will also make the bottom compleat dark thus more mobs to fight best example the factories some will have the entire bottom floor burried so there will be mobs galor in them, yes there will be ways to get around this but i dont think that there will be a way to make the buildings compleatly foolproof
  5. Raveb

    Raveb New Member

    Do microblocks have the same issues with rotation? Either way you can always use slabs as shelves on the walls. Another idea that might be easier would be a restaurant. I know tables and chairs work together since those are also used in the large apartment buildings.

    As to the buried buildings, fair point. There are pros and cons to any design decision, just throwing my 2 cents out there :)
  6. Shane2482

    Shane2482 New Member

    Micro blocks have a unique ID that wont work with the mods. Now a restaurant that i think i can pull off keep watch and i will post pics as i get them. Tnks for the ideas
  7. stentninja

    stentninja New Member

    Is there another thread where you post your ideas/ updates? I would like to follow that progress :)

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  8. Raveb

    Raveb New Member

    City Exploration Part 6: The Armory, or What Does the Well Dressed Commando Wear to the Party?

    Now that we've talked about the tricks, lets talk about the most important part of not dying. When all else fails and you are backed into a corner and everything is trying to eat your face, what is the best weapon to have on hand and hat to have on your head? There really is no right and wrong answer here, so instead we will touch on a bit of everything and you can choose the item that fits you best. We will be running through this on a "by mod" basis.

    -The bow is really the only weapon left functional from vanilla. Its not a bad option in a pinch, and it is easy to repair or replace with skeletons constantly dropping theirs. Arrows are also plentiful.
    -Every vanilla melee weapon has had its durability reduced to 1, rendering them effectively useless.
    -Leather Armor has both minimal armor value and minimal heat gain. Its not bad if you have nothing else, and you can wear up to two pieces at once without adding to your heat, so it does make decent "everyday wear" so you aren't completely defenseless in your base.
    -Iron Armor offers good protection, but very high heat gain. Even one piece of iron armor will drive up your heat.
    -Golden Armor offers less protection then iron, and even greater heat gain. Not recommended.
    -Diamond Armor offers the best protection available, and will actually lower your heat levels! This is the best armor option available.

    Minefactory Reloaded:
    -The needlegun is the first weapon you are given, and it is a workhorse! It has range, decent damage, and is very easy to get ammo for. Each cartridge you have can be reloaded as many times as you want, and takes only 6 arrows and 2 gunpowder in exchange for 12 shots from the gun. I find the alternate ammo choices less useful then the basic ammo, but that is ok. The basic ammo is great. As an added bonus there is a LOT of extra ammo to find in cities. The only thing to watch out for is loosing ejected cartridges. Early on loosing too many can cripple this weapon, but in the long run it becomes a non-issue. A great weapon early game that stays useful throughout the game.
    -The SPAMR Launcher is a good crowd control weapon, but overall is of limited usefulness. Rockets are not cheap to produce and deal significant terrain damage. Use this for long distance spawner destruction over direct mob engagement.
    -The Precision Sledgehammer is better than swinging your bare hands around, so it has that going for it, which is nice.
    -The Safari Net Launcher is a very underrated, very useful weapon in this pack. It can fire single-use and reusable safari nets, and is effectively a one shot kill on any mob.
    -Plastic Boots offer limited protection and no heat gain, but are essential equipment if you plan to make use of MFR conveyor belts. Otherwise you will never need to craft these.

    Thermal Expansion/Redstone Arsenal/Simply Jetpacks:
    -The Crescent Hammer is also better than trying to punch a zombie!
    -The Invar Battlewrench is a significant upgrade to your crescent hammer. I would recommend upgrading to this item when possible as it can save your life if you are attacked while working on your machines, and makes a fair backup weapon. The one drawback is that unlike the hammer this guy does take durability damage, and will break eventually.
    -Invar Tools are about as effective as there vanilla iron counterparts, but with higher durability. They are enchantable, unlike TiC equipment, but that is random as to what you will end up with. There are better options.
    -Flux-Infused Tools are actually able to compete with TiC gear for the top slot here. They are powerful, and enchantable, and when activated get bonus armor piercing damage. They are also run on RF power, which means they do not break, just run out of power. With a flux capacitor or two or more you can keep your gear up and running for a LONG time before needing to recharge things. If you have a good power network these might be the way to go.
    -Invar Armor offers good protection and no heat gain, although that will most likely change in future versions of the game. For right now this is a good alternative to iron armor. Crafting Invar requires a completed smeltery or an AE Grindstone.
    -Jetpacks of any type offer amazing maneuverability making them very useful while exploring. They do add to your heat, but only when using them to fly. They are also not cheap to craft, but are typically worth the cost. (edit do to major derp on my part: no armored jet packs in this pack.)

    Applied Energistics:
    -The Matter Cannon can be a very effective weapon. It is capable of storing large amounts or ammo and can juggle enemies in the air as you shoot them. It does require having at least something of an AE system up and running and can only be recharged in an ME chest or IO Port, both of which require power, and the Cannon needs power also, on top of its ammo. This one is fun to play around with, but is not always the most practical choice.

    -The Vortex Cannon is actually fairly useful in certain situations. No damage is inflicted by the cannon, but it has an extremely large push back effect. It can push mobs far enough away to loose aggro, allowing you to switch to another ranged weapon and take the enemy out from a safe distance. Worth having but not as a primary weapon.
    -The Pneumatic Helmet is amazing. With this helmet you can track mobs, spawners and chests, and even see what items are located in chests without having to get near them. For the purposes of city exploration it is perhaps the single most useful piece of gear in the game. It is a powered item, which means it will eventually run out of power, so you will need to head home to recharge every so often, but simply removing the helm when you don't need it will extend the life dramatically. Also in order to get it to do anything you will need to install upgrades but these are minor issues compared to what this will do for you. In short, get this ASAP and abuse the heck out of it!

    Extra Utilities:
    -All of the weapons and tools from Extra Utilities are indestructible. They can also kill you just crafting them if you aren't fast enough. If you take the safe route crafting them they are fairly expensive to craft. The best option in the group is the Axe, but that has more to do with its secondary effect. As far as damage output versus cost to craft these are generally not worth it.
    -The Sonar Goggles are a very interesting item, that can aid you in searching for hidden items in buildings. They are however very difficult to craft, and not as effective as the PC helmet.

    Ex Nihilo/Ex Aquilo:
    -Hammers and some crooks can be used as weapons in a pinch, but typically have lower durability and damage when compared to other weapons and should not be used at a primary weapon.

    Pam's Harvestcraft: (Bet you didn't expect to see this mod on this list!)
    -Hardened Leather Armor is far superior to vanilla leather armor, having the same protection value and durability as Iron Armor. It does not currently increase your heat rating. Crafting this armor requires a large amount of candleberries which is not that difficult once you find your first seed.

    Tinkers' Construct/Tinkers' Steelworks:
    The various materials you can create these weapons out of influence the damage they can do and their durability. Depending on the material various special properties can also be added to the tool. What material any part can be made out of can be seen by hovering over the pattern used to create it. Typically any metal that can be melted down in the smeltery can be used in any parts cast. Bone is notably useable for axe, shovel and pick heads as well as pans, making it a very good choice for early material crafting.
    -The Shovel, Hatchet and Broadsword match up very well against the vanilla shovel, axe and sword. Like the standard sword, the broadsword is capable of blocking incoming damage and makes a fair weapon.
    -The Mattock is a cross between the axe, shovel and hoe. It is a great tool to have on hand from the beginning of the game, and deals fairly substantial damage as well. A good option for an initial weapon
    -The Longswords lunge ability is very useful, but can take practice to use reliably. It also requires you to move towards an enemy and replaces the block ability. Can be a good weapon depending on your play style.
    -The Rapier is almost the inverse of the longsword. The right-click ability allows you to hop backwards, away from your enemies. It also has the ability to bypass armor. I find the combination of tactical mobility and ignoring armor make the rapier superior to the longsword in most situations.
    -The Dagger has low damage output, but can double as a ranged weapon. The fact that daggers do not stack however limits the usefulness of this ability. It doesn't make much sense to toss your only weapon at an enemy and leave yourself empty handed. I would advise against using the dagger despite a quest that requires you to make the parts for it.
    -The Frying Pan is another great multipurpose tool in the early game. It is easy to craft and can be used to cook food before you get a furnace. It can also be used to block like a broadsword and has a large knockback effect. It also tends to get more knockback at it levels up. It can usually knock creepers far enough back to cancel out there explosion. The tradeoff is less damage then a sword or even a mattock. Another good option for a starting weapon.
    -The Battlesign...just...no.
    -The Hammer is a great weapon against undead enemies, but against other mobs it actually has lower damage then the mattock. This tool does boast huge durability. With the lack of mining required in this pack this weapon is probably not the best use of resources.
    -The Lumberaxe and Battleaxe are both useful against trees, but are less useful in a fight. The battleaxe has the same damage as the mattock, and the lumber axe has lower output, but by the time you can craft either there are better options for killing.
    -The Scythe is a pretty good weapon, capable of area-of-effect attacks against mobs in front of you. This can be useful if you find yourself surrounded or overrun. It is also capable of cutting down vegetation in the same area. The damage is a bit below average, however. This is a descent potential main weapon as you work your way through the world.
    -The cleaver is another higher-end TiC weapon. The base damage output is ridiculously high, but this is offset by the fact that it is also the slowest weapon. Even with that flaw you will find yourself one-shoting most mobs you find yourself up against. This sword also has a blocking ability, for the guys you can't take out in one hit and to help get closer to archers.
    -The Sabre is a great option for a high end TiC weapon, and my personal favorite. Its damage is between the scythe and cleaver and when you block a hit it gives you a brief speed buff.
    -The Shortbow is a better option then the vanilla bow if you want to take up archery. You gain all of the TiC modifier options and material based damage upgrades. Plus, the arrows, which are crafted separately, add to the overall damage of the bow. The arrows can also be recovered after use. This makes a good backup for your needlegun.
    -Steel Armor is another option that is more effective then iron armor but is not as effective as diamond, and certainly does not help you stay cool.

    Invest in Diamond Armor and find the weapons that you are able to handle the best. Don't be afraid to swap out your camel pack for chest armor when you need to and always be aware of what is moving around you. Don't hesitate to run away and try again later. Always remember that while the monsters have numbers, you are smarter then they are. If you follow these simple rules...you might just survive the cities!

    As always, let me know if I've forgotten anything you think should be in here.

    To be continued in 1.1.3

    Edited due to a derp on my part forgetting an early way to get invar (thank you @madnewmy !), and to somewhat answer a request from @ratchet freak.
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  9. ratchet freak

    ratchet freak Well-Known Member

    could you add which TiCo weapons can be constructed out of the early game mats? for example the pan can be made out of bone but others need the smelter
  10. yoda64

    yoda64 New Member

    Can't say I've seen anyone mention this before but Tinker's Steelworks adds a new enhancement called "Vacuous" which turns your tool into a hand held vacuum. Helps when farming Dust, stops cobble from being lost in lava when using a manual cobblegen and can pull items out of a Pressure Chamber prior to getting the Pressure Chamber Interface (won't screw up progress as far as I can tell as the chamber walls block the items from leaving the chamber, meaning you still have to break a block to get the items out but if they get stuck you would have to break a second block in order to move in range of them).

    The following video shows it in action but things have changed since it was made:

    Also TIL scorched bricks can break Glowstone and glass :)

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  11. stentninja

    stentninja New Member

    How do you harvest squid plant seeds because I bone meal them and it squits out a squid but gives on 1 seed in return

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  12. Keldin42

    Keldin42 New Member

    Use bonemeal only twice on the planted seed. Then break it.
  13. Drawde

    Drawde New Member

    Actually sitting just removes your VIEW of the hunger bar. You still get hungry while sitting.

    And Raveb, you can use the AE Grindstone to grind two iron ingots and one ferrous ingot (once you've gotten gravel or sand to get it), combine all three together to get three invar blend, then smelt those for three invar ingots. So you can get Invar gear long before you get a smeltery going.

    This even works with bronze (three copper one tin) if you want to make a good TiC melee weapon with it before heading to a city.
  14. Shevron

    Shevron Well-Known Member

    I have set up a crash landing server for a couple of friends to play on.

    Nobody has OP permissions (obviously), so they're unable to obtain the quest book with the /hqm quest command, since it appears an OP only command.

    Is there any way around it, without handing out admin to anyone?
  15. madnewmy

    madnewmy New Member

    @Raveb you can get invar by using the ae grindstone for pre smeltery invar
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  16. stentninja

    stentninja New Member

    Thank you good sir

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  17. Taiine

    Taiine New Member

    Need more room? Make a basement!

    You can dig out the underside of your ship! Make a wood pickaxe (only has two uses!) and dig out the one block beside the lock box on the left side of the ship (left is facing the cockpit) make ladders to get down and then dig out following the pattern of the ship above. If you need light below and not yet gotten glowstone nooks, make a few more wooden pickaxes and move the road lights into the floor, that way they serve as light for above and below in your new basement.

    Want wan auto kill zone for your undead? Make some consecrated Earth! Mix dirt with flesh and bonemeal then cook it. This soulsand like block will cause damage to any undead that walk on it. It don't effect other mobs but I find it handy to make a dark room with the stuff with a hopper to pick items up to farm flesh and bones for water and food growth, with some kill windows to take out the creepers and spiders by hand.

    Is it good to use the ender peril for a vacuum hopper, or best save them for the transfer nodes? Enderman seem to be an insane rare spawn for me. To the point it took several days before I could get "Night fight" done, and the quest making a killing has everything but enderman. It's a TAD bit frustrating.
  18. ratchet freak

    ratchet freak Well-Known Member

    you can make transfer nodes with redstone blocks as well
  19. Mr_Turing

    Mr_Turing New Member

    Making wooden pickaxes is such a waste! to make a tinkers pick you need a bit under 4 logs and 2 bonemeal! that'll give you the 3 tables, the 2 patterns required, and some for binding and a stick for handle.
  20. madnewmy

    madnewmy New Member

    You will need a pick in the long run, why not make a bone one? (Using bonemeal duh)

    Make 2nd question depends on how much transfer node you use! Some people use one for cobble gen and use sfm for the rest and the other just use nodes everywhere :p i personnaly don't like vaccum hopper so i would go for the nodes

    And btw, you get tons of pearl when you make your grinder. Another choice is the city with enderman spawner or if you are nutz like me, in the upper level chest of buildings

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