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Crash Landing, help, venting and discussion!

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by madnewmy, Aug 30, 2014.

  1. ShneekeyTheLost

    ShneekeyTheLost Too Much Free Time

    Protip: Keep a close eye on your heat levels when doing various things, especially when you are near hot things. You might be surprised what can cause you to start going through your water a LOT more than usual...
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  2. darkeshrine

    darkeshrine New Member

    I'm actually having the opposite issue. Standing right next to lava my temp ups and if i'm underground at night in water my temp drops, but regardless I still use .15% hydration/second.
  3. Raveb

    Raveb New Member

    City Exploration Part 4: Alien Architecture

    Crash Landing has several different types of buildings scattered throughout the cities. Each has a predefined layout, and chests and spawners will only ever show up in certain spots. There will not always be a chest or spawner at those spots however. In all cases the danger level of a building goes up if there are other buildings very close to each other or at night and can go down if there are no spawners that are active during the day. Spawners in buildings are often hidden under bookshelves and in walls in the middle of rooms. Chests can be hidden under walls and bookcases.

    First we will cover the basic buildings.

    -The Office Building: Moderate Danger/High Reward Potential. This is a rectangular three story tall building that is very common in cities. There are up to 2 spawners on each floor and I have seen up to 4-5 chests on the top two floors, although 1-3 chests per floor is common. The top floors are also fairly cluttered, which can make it dangerous to engage mobs. This building features OpenBlocks elevators for scavenging.

    -The Large Office Building: Very High Danger/High Reward Potential. This is a more circular looking three story building with a domed roof. There are up to 2 spawners on each floor and like the office building I have seen up to 5 chests on the middle floor, but that is not common. The top floor is fairly small and easy to deal with, but the middle and bottom floor have area of low light that mobs can spawn in at any time. The middle level is also very cluttered and hard to navigate. It is strongly advised that this building only be attacked from the top down and extreme care should be taken.

    -The Small Apartments: Very High Danger/Low-Moderate Reward Potential. This is a 2 story building attached to a 4 story building both of which are still fairly short. The bottom two floors can have up to 4 spawners and the top to floors can have up to 2 spawners. Each of the 12 rooms in the building can have a chest, although it is highly unlikely that there would be more then 1-2 chests per floor. The confined spaces and large potential number of spawners make this one of the least desirable buildings to go after, though it does contain a good amount of wool blocks and decorative items.

    -Large Apartment Building: Moderate Danger/Moderate Reward Potential. This is a very tall set of two towers, one 4 stories tall, the other 6 stories tall. The towers are linked between them and have domed roofs. Each floor of each tower can have up to 2 spawners and 1-3 chests. This building is actually fairly easy to assault, with a fairly open floor plan and a good amount of space between spawners. Very easy to glide into after scouting a safe floor to enter from. Be aware that there is an elevator shaft open between the two towers at each floor. This can be used to your advantage by keeping mobs from the far section from getting to you.

    -Fancy Office: Moderate Danger/Moderate Reward Potential. This is a more uncommon building. It is 3 stories tall with each story getting smaller as you go up. It also has dry rubber leaves out front, and a semi-hidden elevator system. The top floor can have up to two spawners and 1-2 chests. The middle floor seems to have spawners and chests in the outer rooms. I have found at most one of each in either room. The ground floor can have up to two spawners and a variable number of chests. The elevators make retreat much easier if needed and the open floor plan favors you and your gun. This building is not found in all cities.

    -Library/Subway Station: Moderate Danger/Low Reward Potential for the library, but EXTREME Danger/Moderate to High Reward Potential for the subway. This is two "buildings" in one that, like the fancy office, is not found in all cities. On the surface you have a two story library with a subway station located outside. I have only found 1 spawner and one chest in here so far. It is another building that is fairly easy to clear. The subway is another animal altogether. It is dark, full of spawners and laid out like a giant maze. This is also the only location I've found with Blizz spawners. There are many chests hidden in the maze, but the extreme level of mobs in a very confined space makes tackling this area very difficult. I would advise blocking off the entrance to the subway to keep the mobs in and forgetting it exists. For those brave enough to go for it, good luck!

    Aside from the basic buildings there are a few special buildings that contain specific blocks and item loot that is hard to create, or not craftable.

    -PneumaticCraft Building: Moderate Danger/High Reward Potential. This is an L-shaped building with a second story on one half and a single smokestack on the other. The top floor can have 1 spawner and a chest and the ground floor will have two spawners, one hidden in a broken down machine. In this building you will find various items from pneumaticcraft that can greatly speed up progression through that mod, though none of these items are uncraftable without raiding this location. It is also possible to find TE energy cells in these buildings. They are not charged, but are an excellent find and well worth collecting.

    -Tinkers' Construct Building: Moderate Danger/High Reward Potential with items that can only be found in this building. This is another L-shaped building, this one with two smokestacks one of which is 2x2 blocks thick. Otherwise is identical to the PC building from the outside. This building is the only place to find the parts to build a TiC smeltery. In fact a complete smeltery can be built from the parts scavenged from one of these buildings. Also present are the parts to build a High Oven, and a chest or two that can contain seared and or scorched bricks to further build up your smeltery and/or high end tool parts. Finally, a pair of filing cabinets can be found on the second floor. Four spawners can be found in the building, one in the broken high oven, and one located upstairs. the other two are on the ends of the first floor.

    -Big Reactors Building: Very High Danger/High reward potential in the form of hard to craft and uncraftable items. This large, circular building is impossible to miss, though it is fairly rare and does not spawn in all cities. Inside this building you will find leaking pyrotheum, blazes running free, and other random mobs, sometimes including creepers that like to dive into the pyrotheum. Its fun! You will definitely want to start at the top of this building, and a jetpack will be very helpful here. The trick is to locate the blaze spawners through the glass on top, then pick through the walls next to them and take them out from the outside. This is very easy with a jetpack, but can be done by building a staircase down to the level of the spawners and making a ring around the outside of the building to walk around and take them out. After they are gone head back up to the roof and break enough of the darkened glass so that mobs will stop spawning during the day. Then run away and let everything despawn. When you come back things will be much easier. On the second approach you can head in from the ground floor, being watchful for any lingering mobs. Once the pyrotheum is blocked off, or better still entirely gotten rid of, you can collect the valuable reactor parts. The reactor controller and turbine controller in particular are not craftable and must be scavenged. This building can be very hard to find, and it may take exploring several cities to find one.

    If there any any buildings I've missed, or if anyone has found higher amounts of spawners or chests in certain buildings let me know and I will update as needed!

    Next Part: Advanced Strategies and Tactics!
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  4. Yoshi667

    Yoshi667 New Member

    Hahaha, getting mad at people trying to help is a bad idea man. You can't tell people they aren't reading when you haven't done any research yourself. If you are having a problem with one of the machines, check the mods wiki, or a spotlight, it is a major help. Oh btw, blue is primary input. Yellow is primary output. Red is secondary output and orange is primary and secondary output.

    In short, your problem is that you have it set to fill AND you have it set to secondary output. To fix it, click the bucket under the waterdrop icon. Then go into the output GUI and click on the left side until it is yellow.
  5. madnewmy

    madnewmy New Member

    Justhave one of each and bonemeal them :p
    A sickle with silk touch enchant gives you the leaves ;)
    Or justget thatharvester up....

    There is nothing other thenshears early game...
  6. Tylor

    Tylor Well-Known Member

    Which things are usual suspects for causing dehydration? Torches? Furnaces? Road lights? What if they are in chest? Is there a list?
  7. ratchet freak

    ratchet freak Well-Known Member

    TE machines (even when inactive) light sources, lava (even in inventory)
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  8. RollDawg

    RollDawg New Member

    Great tip mid-game:
    - You can use the machine inventory manager (from steves factory manager) for early auto-crafting for those hassle recipes, ie PCR express cards, machine casings, transistors and etc. I have mine setup such that it checks an inventory. If all recipes are present for that specific item, craft that item. But before crafting, It checks a chest to see if it has atleast 1 of that item to be crafted on it, if not, craft it. It always keeps it stocked. :)
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  9. Tylor

    Tylor Well-Known Member

    All light sources? So, I should remove most of roadlights in ship right away?
  10. ratchet freak

    ratchet freak Well-Known Member

    meh don't go overboard, just keep enough to stop mob spawns and you'll be fine
  11. schpeelah

    schpeelah New Member

    Road lights and glowstone do not raise temperature. The road lights in the ship are definitely not a problem. Torches raise temp by a small amount, glowstone nooks are preferred but torches will not cause significant problems either. Furnaces raise temp when active, but slab furnaces don't. You primarily want to stay away from lava and fire, as well as smelteries, high ovens, and machines - by the time you have those, you should be able to build additional buildings away from the ship. If you'd expect something to be really hot IRL, it's probably hot.
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  12. Pip69

    Pip69 New Member

    Glow stone doesn't produce heat. Use covers or nooks.
  13. Tylor

    Tylor Well-Known Member

    How do I make covers and nooks?

    Also, I'm not sure, but I think I was overheated by having many torches in inventory...
  14. ratchet freak

    ratchet freak Well-Known Member

    a saw made with wood and stone stick and flint/iron/diamond
  15. Avatar

    Avatar New Member

    If your 3rd question hasnt been properly answered/you still havent done it you need to do 2 things
    1 change it so the transposer is in the state that it is trying to take water out of something (e.g a water bucket in the top with the water droplet icon facing the tank interface)
    and secondly you need to make it so the right output (the red thing) is yellow, as that is the output of the transposer.
    Screenshot_1.png Screenshot_2.png

    EDIT: has anyone else had a problem where they've lit up and area but mobs still spawn?!
  16. Yoshi667

    Yoshi667 New Member

    Yeah he might see yours instead of mine because you give pictures lol.

    As for the mobs spawning in lit areas. A few people have had the same issue including myself and I did quite a few tests. I noticed it when I had cleared out the inside of my ship and re-attached the engine. So it is now 11x11 to the outer walls. I have had zombies spawning in my ship a few times even though it is fully lit up (like a damn artificial sun). F7 shows no crosses and F3 shows the light level is fine (even while jumping).

    While testing I found that if you sleep or are sitting in a chair and the sun comes up the suns damage can trigger the zombies reinforce mechanic. For some reason this means they can ignore the light level and spawn. I did the tests because I had died twice when I went afk sitting in a chair and came back with three zombies standing around my corpse. The other three times I was at my computer after sleeping and was able to fight them off. One time being a giant zombie spawning followed by two brutish in full enchanted armour/weapons.

    My accidental fix was putting nooks of glowstone along the roof (I originally did it to light it up even more). I now realise that while nooks look like they only take up the corner of a block, they actually take up an entire block. This means that zombies cannot find a valid area 3 high that they can spawn in. I worked it out when I did it and zombies stopped magically popping up. I didn't realise it until I took the nooks down to do renovations and it suddenly happened again.

    I'm not sure why the suns damage causes the reinforce mechanic to happen after you have slept or while sitting in a chair. The only thing I can think of is that the damage is being passed onto you as the entity it originated from. Whether this is because when you sleep you bring on the sun artifically or because when you are in a chair you are classed as a world entity I have no idea.
  17. Mr_Turing

    Mr_Turing New Member

    Are zombies spawning? if so, that's because of vanilla mechanics, once you hit one it'll call in friends that can spawn 1 block away from you despite light levels.

    I've died several times because of that...

    BIG TIP: Make sure your sync shell constructor is in a safe place! Ideally a closed off small room with a power cell/generator and chest with supplies. You never know when your base will be overrun!
  18. LostBMe

    LostBMe New Member

    There is the axe with silky. Does the same thing only cheaper:p
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  19. Mr_Turing

    Mr_Turing New Member

    Scythe takes more resources and infrastruture, but the area effect is invaluable, plus it's really easy to level it by using it a bit in a mob trap.
  20. LostBMe

    LostBMe New Member

    It also requires a tool forge, I think? Which requires a trip to the city. I tend to delay this as long as possible with every excuse I can think of. Current excuse is - I need a brewing station.:p

    Or I guess you could melt pebbles in a crucible - though I think it was mentioned this would be removed? Not sure on this one.

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